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  1. Great work, always good to see an RNZAF machine.
  2. Meatbox8 similar, but the Blunties were originally painted in UK equivalent colours then repainted after major servicing the FS colours used by the Skyhawks. The best way to tell which colours were used is by the demarcation line between the light grey and the top surfaces. If it is wavy it is UK, if straight it is FS. Probably to much information, sorry.
  3. Steve, that was my reasoning as well, I normally build 1/48th but the size of a Freighter or and Andover in 1/48th is scary, even if the kits were available. I guess flying from NZ up to Singapore of further north at 150mph would be a trial
  4. Thanks guys, I have just seen the angle of the forward loop is wrong, I only spotted it on the photo not on the real thing!!
  5. This is my latest foray into the world of 1/144th. It is the recently released Oz Models Bristol Mk 31 Freighter, in the guise of NZ5910 of the RNZAF The kit is limited run so needs a good amount of cleaning up, though the fit is generally very good indeed. I had to make the D/F loops and the aerials from scrap. The real NZ5910 was sold to a Canadian company and after another 10 years service was finally put to rest in a museum. Thanks for looking
  6. ooooooh another treat in store methinks. Watching with interest.
  7. Lovely work on both, my favourite is the Rapide though.
  8. I echo every word you have said about the kit, I built a Mk I a few years back and am still in recovery. Yours is simply superb.
  9. Hi

    Brilliant news, I am so pleased for you all. It's been dull here without you but you seem t o have used your time in a very productive way
  10. Great work as always mate and I do hope the back gets better with a bit of rest.
  11. Beautiful work and an excellent setting. I understand the model has its assembly issues but yours looks great.
  12. Lovely work Tony, glad to see you building again. Hope your health has improved.
  13. Growing up between Leeds and Bradford meant some happy hunting grounds for the teenage Fox. The ones that spring t mind re the Merrion St Model Centre in Leeds, plus the shop that became Beatties when Beatties were great. Lots of Monogram, Frog, Revell, and Tamiya, things I couldn't get in my home town, though there was plenty of Airfix.. Carters in Bradford was where I got my first Frog boxed Hasegawa, an F-100D and a SAAB Viggen IIRC. Every other shop seemed to have kits in and there was of course the many branches of Woolworths. However my favourite was a shop in Horsforth, which combined wargaming, figures and plastic kits. Sadly I can't remember the names but the lady who ran it was lovely and her husband had flown Blenhiems against the Japanese.
  14. Another cracker y0ung sir.
  15. Brilliant work.