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  1. Brilliant work.
  2. concur with ringing them. I have always found them helpful when called directly.
  3. Thanks for the comments chaps
  4. That's a really well executed model, the assembly and finishing are top class. It is a difficult kit to get right, ask me how I know, and you have!
  5. I bought this kit on a whim at an RAF Waddington Air Show about 4 years ago and it has languished in my stash ever since. Discussions with my SIG members have led us to agree to display at Telford this year so our theme may well be New Zealand in 1/144th. My first entry is XH562 as zapped by the RNZAF when at Ohakea on a visit from its base in Cyprus. Nothing subtle about the the rather large Kiwi Roundels on the sides. The kit is by Great Wall Hobbies as is an absolute joy to work with, everything fits and I had to use absolutely no filler at all, which must be a first for me. The whole thing only took about a week with the longest part being masking the camouflage pattern on the top. I used asset of Fundekkals as all the necessary marking are included as are markings for another 20+ Vulcans. The instructions for the decals are downloaded from their site and are excellent, there is an awful lot more data than you would expect on a set of decal instructions and even surpass the old Modeldecal sheets. My only issue is that I think the nose wheel leg is too long giving the finished model as curious nose up attitude. I must remember to peel the window masking off !
  6. Far too much time on your hands. A lovely piece of work Ian.
  7. Far too much time on your hands, Ian. Lovely work once again
  8. Lovely work. The rigging looks really good. I read of your loss in the Dh91 Thread and add my condolences and hope all goes as well as possible in the circumstances.
  9. Another of my military vehicles in 1/48th. This is the Italeri Opel Blitz, which I believe to be a different kit to the Tamiya offering in the same scale. Tamiya have re-boxed some Italeri kits but I don't believe this to be the case. It is a nice kit a bit more fiddly than the Tamiya offerings but he main drawback is the rubber tyres. I've teamed it with a previous built Tamiya 20mm flak gun to represent a Luftwaffe AA unit in Russian in 1941
  10. I think they were by Ray Lamb?. Lovely to see them and they are really well presented.
  11. Too Much Time On Your Hands, young sir. Lovely work and very interesting review of the qualities of the decals.
  12. Lovely work and it is nice to actually see a completed Tante Ju
  13. Something different in our village today, a cream Morris 1100 estate on an E plate. I can't remember ever seeing one back in the day. It was road worthy and had obviously been driven recently. Just sorry I couldn't get a photo.
  14. Adrian, I often go to the model club meetings at the South Yorkshire Aircraft museum( 2nd Wednesday of the month, but I'm away working this week), so that's my plan. A few of my models are on display including my Aeroclub T7. As to the nose gear door letter, I'm pretty confident they did but I have a shot of a formation of five machines taken from slightly below and some did and some didn't so I await confirmation on 474. SteveR219 the doors were fitted before I joined the fuselage halves and they were an ok-ish fit.