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  1. bijou bumpette
  2. Looks like the turret fairings are fixed I can't see any parts for the lowered position..
  3. Lovely work, and a cracking finish. I built one last year and had problems with the fit of most of the camera windows, I wondered if this was corrected on the second boxing,?
  4. If true it doesn't seem sensible to cut down outlets that cater for the casual modeller. I have used Fenwicks a fair bit when working in in Newcastle and Winsor so that two less places to buy kits.
  5. Lovely work and I especially like the filth on the belly tank
  6. Watching this with great interest as I won a Heritage Bulldog in the Raffle at the Southwell show last year and have been tempted to start it.
  7. That's another beauty, remind me again who has too much time on their hands? I agree that the old Monogram kiis are great fun to build and are very good replicas, most of which have not been surpassed to this day.
  8. Looks like I'm going to have a stop over for a couple of day there fairly soon, so is there a good shop or museum I can just 'happen across' as the family will be in close attendance? Thank in advance. Andy
  9. Have they been spotted in the UK yet?
  10. This is my latest attempt, it is the Tamiya IIIN converted via the Belcher Bits conversion set to an early model. The set was a joy to work with all errors are mine. Just waiting to buy a commander figure, probably at Huddesfield in February. Thanks for looking.
  11. Already signed though only minutes before you posted and I too have met him and said thank you. Cherish them while we can
  12. Still no Hunter, nevermind, just the Stuka and Walrus for me, oh and a Camper Van and maybe another Defiant and a Sea Huricane. So nothing really. Oh wait that's half the defence budget spent already, blooming good job they didn't announce a Hunter.
  13. Blimey, I heard it had gone to Waitomo but didn't know that had happened. Maybe a stop on the next trip? Happy days.
  14. Beautiful Kahu. I like the war load and the pilot looks so natural.
  15. The 1/48th scale Alleycat Vampire is fabulous, if a little pricey.