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  1. Airfix 2018

    If you read the first-half accounts, they are strongly cashflow-negative and they are making heavy losses purely at the operating level, i.e. before depreciation and amortisation. Pages 6 and 7 of this statement are the proof of that. http://otp.investis.com/Utilities/PDFDownload.aspx?Newsid=951012
  2. P51b Question

    For the criteria that are important to you, as you outlined above, the Academy is the best kit. But their decals are often somewhat stroppy, so I might change my mind if you want to use kit decals.
  3. 1/48 scale Me 262

    I really like that. The Monogram 262 is going on my list.
  4. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    Medway Aircraft Preservation Society did the work. I'll ask them in case they did for some reason change the cowl, but will phrase it carefully as it may offend them quite seriously if I use the wrong words. The cowling was all intact when it went in for its restoration. In comparison to what the flying warbird community refer to as restorations wasn't a restoration at all - it was a completely different kind of exercise, a preservation exercise. Given that the aeroplane is always going to be a non-flier, there's absoutely no reason for them to have made something new, (let alone something new and inaccurate when they had an intact original specimen in front of them) and discard the actual historic artefact. In fact that would have been drectly contrary to the purpose of the exercise.
  5. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    I am someone who said, and believed, the last thing the world needs is another 1/48 G-6. The engineering of that kit has changed my mind.
  6. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    I think the Defiant may have a broader-shouldered nose than that one photo suggests. After all, the shape of the content of that cowling is well known and its contours have to be accommodated. The tops of the rocker covers are broadly splayed and the overall engine package is basically flat on top. In this photo (sorry about the size) the flattish cowl top and rocker cover accents to me look more like the kit
  7. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    ... which as far as I know the rival oufits didn't when they were tooling theirs.
  8. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    There seems reason to reckon the Airfix kit is *probably* better than the MPM, but that's based on other people's opinions as I have not had the 1/72 MPM kit. TBH I have not seen any serious criticism of the new Airfix kit. Some earlier comparative discussion here: ... and an informative build thread, showing some exercise of modelling skills being required, for the MPM here. Fortunately the modeller concerned was replete with the skills needed! I know this wasn't your question, but one thing that build thread abundantly shows is that because the turret is the natural visual focal point when you look at a Defiant model, the investment in a set of Master Model brass gun barrels is highly worthwhile.
  9. Sea Hurricane

    Hard to see how that accounts for the notion of there being 4-cannon Sea Hurris on Pedestal. Not a 20mm in sight. The original (spurious) tale is an extremely hardy and pervasive little information-virus, a sort of Japanese Knotweed of aviation history. It involves serious numbers of aeroplanes. It's still today declared to be the case on Wikipedia and several other internet sites claiming a degree of authority. e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Hurricane_variants#Sea_Hurricanes "Sea Hurricane Mk IC "Hurricane Mk I[15] version equipped with catapult spools, an arrester hook and the four-cannon wing. From February 1942, 400 aircraft were converted. The Sea Hurricane IC used during Operation Pedestal had their Merlin III engines modified to accept 16 lb boost, and could generate more than 1400 hp at low altitude.[16][17] Lt. R. J. Cork was credited with 5 kills while flying a Sea Hurricane IC during Operation Pedestal.[18]"
  10. Airfix 2018

    Fair point. Given Airfix's apparent lack of desire to cater for that market nowadays, the smaller 1/72 kits I generally recommend to kids as starters in what you and I would recognise as plastic modelling are Revell re-pops of the classic Matchbox kits - really easy to build, even the biplanes - and the simpler Hobby Boss kits. Of course as a step before even that level, the Airfix quick-build range are pretty much foolproof, look great when put together, and come in a child-pleasing array of subjects https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/by-brand/quick-build.html
  11. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Ignore them. There's no way they're going to be visible inside such a busy 1/72 interior through canopy parts. If you decide to do a massive cutaway then maybe fill them.
  12. Airfix 2018

    The '70s 1/48 Hurricane, Spitfire Vb, Stuka and 109F are absolutly perfect kits for beginners, and extremely cheap from shows these days.
  13. 1/48 scale Me 262

    The Monogram 1/48 Me262 is actually a really nice kit too, and you can find them very cheap sometimes second-hand. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933281-148-monogram-me262-finished/
  14. P-51D canopy mirrors

  15. Bf me109 fuselage center line

    The line with a sharp 2h pencil is my favoured approach for all sorts of unobtrusive panel lines, and if it ges wrong you can rub it out and do over. Do it over a flat clearcoat and then final coat with whatever is appropriate for the aeroplane being modelled. Use something like Dymo tape as a guide.