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  1. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    The Grey Green scheme did linger around- 43 Squadron's last Green/ grey Phantom never made it to the Lo Vis scheme, as XT861 "C" was lost over the North Sea in September 1987. ( after a mid air with another Phantom during some formation flying practice- luckily no one was injured).
  2. Spitfire Mk XII, Airfix 1/48

    I like that a lot, nicely done.
  3. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Thanks Troy, the italeri kit it is im afraid, but im going to plough on with it as my time for the hobby is so short I generally go with whats in the box and live with it. I havent built a hurricane in 1/48 and dont recall if i have an airfix example in the stash ( i have the revell rebox of the hasegawa mk2 and the hobbycraft tankbuster) but i will have a look tonight for any airfix lurking about. Cheers.
  4. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Quick Query- Hurricane Mk1 Serial P3386 was delivered to 43(F) Sqn in May 1940 and is described as the Squadron's "first Rotol Propeller Fitted Aircraft" (In Andy Saunder's Osprey book on The Fighting Cocks) Is this likely to have been a "Spitfire" Rotol type spinner/ prop or the specific Hurricane Rotol, that I understand was a later production item? (And would Quickboost 48447 be of any use in modelling this particular aircraft?) Cheers, Mark
  5. I was fortunate to spend some time on a job in Cuneo, Piedmont, North West Italy at the tail end of last year- we shared the apron with some interesting types: Cheers, Troffa
  6. Mariner1972

    I have had some trouble in the past with brush painting Tamiya Acrylics, I think it was down to not thoroughly stirring the paint to ensure the pigment and solvent are at their correct ratio for good performance. a bit of thinner and mixing it on a palette or small dish (I've got several ex-mince pie tin foil cases in use at the moment) Humbrol enamel is generally pretty good, but again, ensuring that it is well mixed is essential. As for the canopy colours- as the canopy are not clear plastic (I assume) then any approach is a compromise- I've seen black, blue or silver in use- have a look around the web and see what you like the look of- it's your model! Cheers, Troffa
  7. Mariner1972

    1/350th? Rather you than me mate! (I'm struggling at 1/48 scale!) I'm assuming you are painting aircraft for an Aircraft Carrier kit, or wargaming? Either way, I would go one of two routes. 1. For aircraft that have a "Blister" or Bubble/ Greenhouse Type canopy- like an F-18 or Grumman Avenger I'd be using the smallest brush I have (Size 0 or 00) with some very well thinned paint, of the colour of your choice- and an optivisor/ reading spectacles combination so I had a fighting chance of seeing where the paint is going. Build up the required finish over a number of coats, don't try and get it all on in a one-er. Any canopy frames can be carefully painted, or some decal strips can be applied- just apply a clear coat to seal them on. 2. For Aircraft with windows and portholes, like a Sea King or a Sky Warrior, I'd try some black decal (Buy a sheet of a solid colour or cut up some spare letters/ walkways etc.) and cut the window shapes out with a very sharp (careful now!) scalpel. Apply where desired and seal as above! Best of luck with your modelling!
  8. Very rare bird

    Thanks for the reminder! This one was operating last year at Lavaldigi, North West Italy fighting forest fires, it's one of the Erickson re-builds. Great guys too!
  9. Hurricane Mk1 Italeri 1/48

    Meanwhile, a Spitfire XIV waits while I pluck up the courage to do some weathering.
  10. Hurricane Mk1 Italeri 1/48

    Well, slowly but surely and all that- the Italeri Hurricane is getting some paint this weekend: Namely some Humbrol 23 "Duck Egg Blue" that is probably older than my sons. Those were the days! 19 new Pence!
  11. Mk III IFF used on Spitfire VIII?

    Hi Chuck, whilst I can't comment on the Spitfire Mk VIII Specifically, IFF Mark III was used in the Mediterranean Theatre, with the first ground stations and aircraft sets being introduced from April 1943. (10,000 Sets were delivered to the UK from the US between December 1942 and February 1943!) Source: Page 101, Military Library Research Service (MLRS) reprint of the RAF Air Historical Branch "Signals Volume V, Fighter Control and Interception" https://www.mlrsbooks.co.uk/bookstore/product/item862.html
  12. What the heck is this thing in the Lancaster's nose?

    The two "Z" Equipment were Infra Red lamps that were designed to identify the aircraft as Friendly to the "Village Inn" equipped Lancasters. Bit of detail here: http://www.49squadron.co.uk/assets/pdf/village_inn.pdf
  13. 1/32 Academy F-18 VMFA-232

    I suspect that you might be out of luck- "Two Bobs" did a set for VMFA 232 in 1/48 which have the Red/white shadow MARINES, but cant find anything at the usual suspects in 1/32. It might be worth asking Two Bobs to do a one-off run of the MARINES in the appropriate size? I'll have another look around the web for any further hits. Cheers, Troffa http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p665.html
  14. TVs best characters

    Coronation Street's Alf Roberts- Long suffering resident of the cobbles gets my vote- Mayor, Shopkeeper, widower- He liked to relax with a bit of plastic therapy.
  15. Hurricane Mk1 Italeri 1/48

    Pleased to report that my Italeri Hurricane is now at the stage where I spontaneously went for a spin around the kitchen whilst humming the theme from "Battle of Britain". Yes, the Missus is at work :-).