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  1. I like that a lot! What a superb finish you have achieved, very convincing to my eye. (My myopic eye, as I've just realised that this model is in 1/72 scale- gor blimey, it's a cracker! )
  2. Lovely work, I like the restrained weathering, great quality paintwork. Well done!
  3. Thanks for your kind words Joachim, I'm not sure what has happened with the exhausts- some photography glitches or reflection perhaps? The exhaust were painted separately from the rest of the model- they received nato black for a base, and a bit of medium sea grey dry was dry brushed on to simulate the light coloured deposits I've seen in some pictures. I'll pay a bit more attention to them on my next Spit, which is on the bench now! Thanks for taking the time to reply, regards, Mark
  4. FAA Golden age photo's.

    I'm afraid not, that was all that I got to scan. Great shots though. But right click and save 'em as I have no idea how long Photobucket will keep them displayed!
  5. Just completed this example of Supermarine's finest- the Spitfire PRXI in USAAF colours. It's based on the 1/48 Hasegawa MkIX with the Aeroclub MkIX replacement fuselage rounded off with the Quickboost PRXI conversion set. Decals from Model Alliance. The underside, with the Quickboost pump fairings and Camera ports. How she was before paint, to give an impression of the component parts: I'm very pleased with this one, as it's turned out just how I wanted. I love the PRXI's chin. Thanks for looking. Troffa
  6. On the subject of Vixen wing fold colours- here's a shot from an old thread of mine- catch it while Photobucket still shows my pics! HMS Victorious. Here's the whole thread;
  7. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    I'm on the cusp of starting a Mk21 using the Airfix Mk22/24 wings and PRXIX Fuselage. Looking for confirmation that the rather prominent Tear-drop shaped fairing over the Wheel Well was there from the start, rather than a post war modification. The reason for asking is that having studied the several poor quality pictures of Mk21's on line and in my meager references, the fairing in question doesn't seem that prominent. Cheers, Troffski.
  8. Dunkirk

    Saw it this afternoon, loved it. Very powerful film, very little dialog, some great acting, some great aerial action scenes, some harrowing scenes of warfare. I will try to see it again, preferably on IMAX as I suspect it would be an astonishing experience. Hans Zimmer's score is excellent, a whirling dervish of a score, racking up the tension, and on occasion threatening to break into, but never quite does, "Nimrod" from the enigma variations. Brilliant stuff. (Two things that my internal modeller said: "Wrong Harness!" and "Crowbar?" )
  9. Spitfire PRXI USAAF venturi fit?

    Thanks for the image Alex, beyond my skills- I've been looking at PRXI's for a while now and all of them that I have seen photo's of have the headrest installed, but this unidentified PRXI is the only one I've noted with a venturi visible. Just interested in the reason for this presumably rare fit.
  10. Is it a Rudder Bar?
  11. Spitfire PRXI USAAF venturi fit?

    At the 6 Minute 17 Seconds mark in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie3SrjLlcUY there is a shot of a small Sperry type venturi tube installed to starboard side of a USAAF PRXI, just aft of the wing trailing edge, below the star and bar. Not something I've seen before on the Spitfire, of any mark. I've searched BM and the net in general, and had a quick flip through my go-to spitfire references to no avail. Anyone have any further detail on this installation? Do watch the video all the way through, its a superb bit of documentary film making. Cheers, Troffa
  12. US Navy approves Block III Super Hornets

    Upgrade to existing in-service airframes, over the next five years, with the first Upgraded aircraft back in service in 2019. A midlife update program similar to the GR1/ GR4 Tornado that the RAF got. Of course, once the technical integration of the new Avionics and Airframe changes are designed and produced, Boeing could offer the Block III Standard aircraft as a new build to any future customers cleared for the technology, or as a separate upgrade scheme for existing customers like the RAAF.
  13. Revell Tornado GR4

    No worries!
  14. Revell Tornado GR4

    OK, Caveats ahoy here: Assuming that the GR4 you are going to build is in the overall Medium Sea Grey (to British Standard BSC381 637) scheme, then it would appear that the closest paint in the Vallejo scheme is 70.870 Medium Sea Grey. Whilst this sounds great, Vallejo Medium Sea Grey is actually matched to the US Federal Standard 595 colour (or should that be color?) FS 26270 which is, according to the links below, is close, but not quite a match for the British version of the Colour. If it were me, it would probably be close enough for Jazz. Vallejo colour charts here: http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/downloads Handy paint standard comparison web page here: http://www.e-paint.co.uk/Colour_alternatives.asp?cRange=BS 381C&cRef=BS381 637&cDescription=Medium sea grey Topic on britmodeller discussing the GR4 Colour scheme: Happy modelling! Cheers, Troffa
  15. Hasegawa MFG1 F-104G, 1/48

    That is an absolutely spectacular model, superb build, excellent paint finish, realistic weathering. Awe inspiring. Show stopper. Cheers, Troffa. Off to put his airbrush up for sale. :-)