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  1. Hi guys, Here is the next part in my 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.3 that I am building for Martin's "Hawker Harrier... https://t.co/A8o10KQmO4

  2. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    Evening chaps,I have forgotten a few photos that I took prior to putting the Tonka into primer, so here they are:IMG_1549 by Neal, on FlickrI can't believe that Italeri/Tamiya could not pt these ejector pins somewhere else?!? Oh well filler and sanding it is then.IMG_1550 by Neal, on FlickrGiving myself some options for the fuel tanks, I haven't made my mind up yet as to which ones to hang under the wings. IMG_1551 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1552 by Neal, on FlickrHere she is masked up and all ready for primer application which you will have been able to see in the above video.Thanks for all you feedback it is appreciated.Neal
  3. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    Hello one and all,I've been carrying some work on the Tonka and have got her into primer. Here is the video of that step. I'll get some detail photos soon and post them as well.Neal
  4. Continuing with the 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3 here is part 3 of the video build. In this step we get the kit into... https://t.co/camcpiVtQT

  5. Tamiya Paint Retarder my thoughts.

    I did not know that W&N flow improver worked well with Tamiya paints!! I'll give it a go next time, well if I ever finish my bottle of Tamiya retarder. Neal
  6. Hi here is one of my ongoing builds, the 1/72 @Airfix Harrier GR.3 https://t.co/67vNErD8ER https://t.co/OA6T1wngqx

  7. Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon 1/72

    Well I must say that you have transformed a poor kit into a decent looking model! I like the way you have got subtle tone variation on the wings. You should try the Revell old tool Typhoon and see what you could do with that.
  8. Tamiya Paint Retarder my thoughts.

    Hi guys, So seeing that the link to the video review of the Tamiya Paint Retarder has been removed for the reasons stated in the link bit above. I though that I ought to give you a written report instead. I have started to use the Pain Retarder when I brush paint Tamiya's acrylics, I'm not sure by which magic it works but basically transforms the very brush unfriendly paint into a nice and easy paint for the hairy stick. It does not require more than a brusque or two mixed into the pain on a palette to get the desired effect. It then allows a nice smooth brush stroke free application. There are a couple of downside to its use, the first one is that is not easily available in the uk (but your favourite online auction site can solved that). The second issue is that can really slow the syringe time and to some uses that can be a pain. But overall I would recommend the product and now would not be without it. Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Neal
  9. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    I'd say go for it, the kit needs a little work but it is enjoyable so far. I also like the lines of the ADV Tornado, just looks a bit more racy. Whereas the GR version looks more of a brute. The type 42 was so dinky really, I remember seeing the docked at Portsmouth when I got the Ferry, I really liked the Type 22 which made the destroyer look tiny!
  10. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    Hey chaps and chapesses, I got my second video uploaded and here it is ready for your viewing. Thanks for looking, Neal
  11. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    Well it is staring to put up a fight, the fuselage seem has got a step on the starboard side, I must have missed that when dry fitting. I did correct the port side by putting in a shim or two before buttoning up the Tonka.
  12. Here is the second part of my entry into the #twinbrit group build that is currently running on British Aviation... https://t.co/kJAsLb0eab

  13. 1/72 Tamiya Tornado F3

    Hi everyone,I've been carrying the work on this kit and I have some photos for you to look at. I am also currently uploading a video update to Youtube, once it is up I'll get a link on here for you.So from where I left it last I have finished dressing up the cockpit and I put an oil wash on in there too. Then I got it to sit in the lower fuselage half. I also put the nose weight in before forgetting it!20180207-01 by Neal, on FlickrI then turned my attention to some of the other bit such as the horizontal stabilisers:20180207-02 by Neal, on FlickrThe air intakes:20180207-04 by Neal, on FlickrThe vertical stabiliser:20180207-05 by Neal, on FlickrThe wing pylons:20180207-06 by Neal, on FlickrAnd the wings themselves:20180207-07 by Neal, on FlickrI then carried on the build on camera, that video as I said above is currently uploading but in the meanwhile here a few shots of where the build has got to tonight:A couple of different views into the cockpit now that the fuselage is buttoned up:20180208-01 by Neal, on Flickr20180208-02 by Neal, on Flickr20180208-03 by Neal, on FlickrA top view of the buttoned up Tonka:20180208-04 by Neal, on FlickrAnd a bottom view too:20180208-05 by Neal, on FlickrAnd I've nicked a couple of "Hindenburger" tanks off a Revell GR.1, I'm not sure if I'll use these of these smaller tanks that came with the kit:20180208-06 by Neal, on FlickrThat is all for tonight, once again thanks for looking and I hope to have the video up in the morning.Neal
  14. Looking very nice indeed!! I followed your wit and was quite impressed with the patchy paintwork on this build. You are going to have quite a collection by the time you have finished. Neal
  15. 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.3

    I don't think that there is one option that is better than the other really. I probably would not use normal household filler, I would use modelling filler like squadron putty or perfect plastic putty from deluxe materials, I also use home made sprue goo (dissolved plastic sprue in tamiya extra thin glue, I also use my CA and talc putty. each one of these have advantages and disadvantages, there are plenty of videos available on Youtube that talk about fillers youtube search here. I hope this helps you. Neal