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  1. Revell 1/72 EC-135 ADAC https://t.co/h4Mz8RpkEO

  2. Hello boys and girls. Progress is steady on the build, I need to get my finger out as it is supposed to be done before the 15th of December! Anyway here is the latest work on it. I masked up the canopy and put a wash on the pilot: IMG_0779 by Neal, on Flickr Unfortunately (for him) the pilot was to tall, the problem of taller younger generations vs the shorter older pilots. So I scheduled him for some surgery: IMG_0780 by Neal, on Flickr After the orthopaedic surgery he settled in nicely to his office: IMG_0782 by Neal, on Flickr Also got the 30mm Aden pods in place: IMG_0783 by Neal, on Flickr And then popped the front part of the canopy into place: IMG_0784 by Neal, on Flickr And started getting all the little bits and bobs ready for primer, first of sanded the seams and then placed them on cocktail sticks on in pegs ready for the primer: IMG_0785 by Neal, on Flickr Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Next I will get the main canopy tacked in position and then give the kit a coat of primer, but that will be for the next update. Neal
  3. Matchbox Hurricane MKii

    That is a nice looking Hurricane!! The Matchbox kit is a joy to build, I built one as a MkI Trop and enjoyed every minute of it! Good effort!.
  4. @RAFBF here are some photos of the 1/72 Airfix BAE Hawk in the RAFBF special marking that I built a couple of years… https://t.co/c0qOuzGiQB

  5. I may be wrong but I though that the Airfix SHAR and RAF Harriers were different toolings. I also have the SHAR FRS.1 & FA.2 in the stash. Buddy build at some point maybe?
  6. So a long overdue update on this one.I buttoned up the fuselage:Untitled by Neal, on FlickrUntitled by Neal, on FlickrThe seams needed some work afterwards, probably cause more by me than the kit. So i filled them with superglue mixed with talc and then sanded them smooth.I then got the air intakes and the wing on:IMG_0765 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0763 by Neal, on FlickrThe wing root gap under the wing was filled with thinned down perfect plastic putty and then sanded.The vertical stab did not fit well at first so had to cut away some plastic to get a nice fit:IMG_0766 by Neal, on FlickrAnd here she is pretty much ready for primer:Untitled by Neal, on FlickrUntitled by Neal, on FlickrI'm going to need to check the seams once primer is on, it looks a bit dodgy but feels nice and smooth.Finally I've made a start on the stores and the nozzles, they all need a bit of sanding:Untitled by Neal, on FlickrSo that is where I am up to at present.
  7. Here is my Scale Model World 2017 & November 2017 Update. https://t.co/HlY6zzB1cF via @YouTube

  8. 1/72 - Grumman F-14D Tomcat by Great Wall Hobby

    Does anybody know anything about this one, I haven't even heard or seen anything on social media. It would be great if they do make one, seeing what their F-15E looks like I'd think they would be able to do a decent job of the Tomcat.
  9. F-16AM and BM Romanian Air Force

    That is a rather cool looking Falcon, nice to see a different camo scheme!
  10. How to achieve FS colors with Tamiya acrylics

    This really useful chart from IPMS Stockholm may help you. http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_fs.htm
  11. 1/72 Hobby Boss P-51C Mustang 617sqn

    I use science putty or silly putty, it is pretty much the same thing as Panzer putty but a lot cheaper. You can find it on Amazon or Ebay quite easily. If you do use it take it off asap after praying as it will continue to self level and creep over the paint you have just sprayed. Milk chocolate? I don't get it.
  12. MRP modern RAF colours.

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if you can guide me on something. I have been perusing the MRP colour chart and they do seem to cover WWII RAF colours quite nicely however there does not seem to be anything in the range to cover more modern aircraft. I was wondering what people did for Light Aircraft Grey and Camouflage Grey (Barley Grey)? I'd like to replace my Mr Hobby when they run out and was thinking about picking up some paint at Telford therefore wing my research now. Thanks for your help. Neal
  13. 1/72 Hobby Boss P-51C Mustang 617sqn

    So I got a bit more done on the Mustang.First of all I sprayed the landing gear with some Tamiya Flat Aluminium:IMG_1294 by Neal, on FlickrThen got masking for the second camo colour Tamiya XF81 RAF Dark Green:IMG_1273 by Neal, on FlickrThen got the bird in the spray booth, it is really difficult to get a good photo as the LED lights are blue (if anyone know if you can change these please let me know):IMG_1275 by Neal, on FlickrAnd here is the end result, quite happy with it, the colours certainly look right, I've used a little artistic license on the exact camo, but references are not the best anyway:IMG_1291 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1293 by Neal, on FlickrNext step is to remove the masking from underneath the wings, mask up the yellow bands on the leading edge of the wing, spray those then mask up for the invasion strips.Neal
  14. Right then lets get this build started:IMG_1234 2 by Neal, on FlickrFirst parts of the sprues:IMG_1235 by Neal, on FlickrAnd first bit of filling and sanding of the joys of ejector pin marks!!:IMG_1236 by Neal, on FlickrAnd inside the air intake too! Come on airfix you could do a bit better:IMG_1240 by Neal, on FlickrI then broke out the airbrush and painted the cockpit and its sub assemblies, then got a oil based wash on the parts. This is where I have got to.The fan blade painted with Tamiya Aluminium:IMG_1266 by Neal, on FlickrThe air intakes mocked up checking fro ejector pin marks:IMG_1265 by Neal, on FlickrThe driver, painted with Vallejo Model Colour and Citadel, washed with Citadel Shades:IMG_1286 by Neal, on FlickrThe cockpit, wheel well and air intakes, painted with Mr Hobby LAG & DSG, washed with oil pin wash:IMG_1264 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1262 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1261 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1283 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_1281 by Neal, on FlickrThe bang seat, painted with Mr Hobby DSG and Vallejo Model Colour:IMG_1280 by Neal, on FlickrThe airbrake well, painted with Mr Hobby LAG and then oil washed:IMG_1284 by Neal, on FlickrAnd the inside of the airbrake painted as above:IMG_1290 by Neal, on FlickrThat brings you up to date, next I will dry fit the fuselage and get it buttoned up.
  15. Thank you for the offer but I really like the idea of the "First & Last" Harriers.