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  1. Hi The decals are as shown no idea of font best regards Paul
  2. Hi Paul


    I believe you printed a set of decals for the Airfix HP42 Heracles.  I have just completed this model and I wonder if it would be possible for you to print me a set.  If  so how much would it cost and to post same to Canvey.

    Many thanks in advance.


  3. Hi Yes they are available contact me on my email parkes682decals@aol.com Many thanks Paul
  4. Hi Phil yes ive still got some £8.00 plus £1,20 postage I do paypal Paul
  5. Hi I have reprinted these decals only 10 sets available on a first come first serve basis Regards Paul
  6. Hi These decals are for the chinook only in 1:72 scale hope this helps Paul
  7. Hi Paul, I don’t suppose you have any plans to print more Ruskin decals in 1/72nd scale? Regards, Colin

    1. Paul @ Parkes682Decals

      Paul @ Parkes682Decals

      Hi Colin

      Yes ive still got some  1:72 or 1:48 ?


      Come over to my email       parkes682decals@aol.com   and i will sort you out a set



  8. Hi Richard Im doing them. Ive got the following Typhoon,Puma,Canberra,Victor,Tucano. At the moment in 1:72 scale Paul
  9. Dear Paul,

    You have been recommended to me by fellow Britmodeller "Pete in Lincs" as someone who could help with decals for a 1:72 Dakota scheme that I would like to try and reproduce - Aden Airways VR-AAA.

    I'm not sure how much info you need at this very early stage, or what the likely cost or timescales would be, but if you were able to confirm that this is something that you might be able to help with/be interested in then I would be really grateful to hear from you.




    1. Paul @ Parkes682Decals

      Paul @ Parkes682Decals

      Hi Nick

      Can you send as many pictures over to my email       parkes682decals@aol.com

      I will have a look for you


  10. Hi All Civilian Helicopter Modellers Yes, i do civilian helicopters decals police,air ambulances etc Ive just done HH-3F Pelican for Italian SAR they are on ebay at the moment have a look Ive only got 3 sets left. Paul
  11. Hi Yes i still make the decals of the A400M Atlas in RAF Markings Paul
  12. Hi All It was not me first i know about it,after last email virius had my email antivirius beefed up and mail ware so its not me Just wanted to clear it up
  13. Hi Guy Due to the demand i will be fitting in some more soon. Paul
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