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  1. Good to see this back on the front page again and it is looking great - nice to see that Tracker lurking in the background CJP
  2. WESTLAND WYVERN S4 VZ749 272/E 813 Squadron HMS EAGLE circa 1958 I have got to the point with this build where I think I can call it done so here is my RFI - link to WIP below http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235021066-trumpeter-wyvern/&tab=comments#comment-2716271 Kit 1/48 Trumpeter Westland Wyvern late model Cockpit by Wolfpack Design CMR main wheels Wing fold break detail scratch built using kit aerofoil parts D14 -D17 Decals a mixture of kit, Xtradecal roundels and home made serials/codes Camouflage colours Humbrol enamel 123EDSG and 90SKY Flightpath etched Royal Navy chocks Base a bit of grey painted MDF Photos taken on an iPhone and colours have varied under different lighting conditions The first three photos reproduce the colours accurately Below - Wyvern next to the dainty Sea Hawk - both from 1/48 Trumpeter kits CJP
  3. A final couple of photos for WIP - ejection seat installed and canopy painted and fitted. . A little bit of exhaust staining done with Tamiya weathering set using a cotton bud and a spray with Microflat clear finish. Next step will be the fiddly job to hook the wing hinge points, sway braces and hydraulic lines and wiring lines without damaging the parts - if I have not forgotten anything it should be completed at last - all going well there will be an RFI soon
  4. Amazing detail on those Ejection seats especially when you shrink the photo of them down to 1/72 size - the Buccaneer is progressing along nicely & the Gannet is a pleasant surprise - I have a COD4 & AEW3 using Novo Gannets/Aeroclub/Airwaves as the basis made about 14 years ago before those nice Trumpeter/Revel/CMR kits came along. CJP
  5. That's a nice Buccaneer and some interesting tips on the build - thanks
  6. Thanks Martian that's good news - I will have to be patient then CJP
  7. Lovely work scratch building the interior as usual on your models - this one is going to be a beauty - can I ask as an avid follower of your S2A and SH34 build what is happening with them? CJP
  8. Decals on & most of the decaling went ok - the kit decals went on well and the stencilling is clear & readable - one of the ejection seat triangles rolled up and broke apart when I tried to unravel it but I found that the Wyvern early version kit in my stash had two sets of the ejection seat triangles on the decal sheet so was able to knock one off to save the day - I only had a couple of failures with my home printed serials/codes when the ink bled a bit but had printed spares to allow for that - I had stored the sliding canopy safely away in a little plastic box for safe keeping and overlooked painting it so need to do that and have another look at the paint job on the ejection seat - the 813 Squadron badge on the fin was from Modelart sheet 48-002 that was in a Dynavector Wyvern vacform kit (still unbuilt) and looked a bit neater to me that the one on the kit decal sheet. Once I seal the decals with a flat coat I will add some light exhaust staining on the fuselage behind the wing and fit the jet exhausts - then a final check to see what I have forgot and fit the wings in place.
  9. Nice! - really like the job you've done on this one
  10. Looks like Photobucket has struck again - last time I looked at your post I could see pictures so assume they have only disappeared in last day or so? - your work has plenty of admirers so how about restoring the pictures with different image host?- a lot of work I know but we would love to see them all again. CJP
  11. FAA Golden age photo's.

    Great photos and thank you - I've often thought there must be lots of these photos of interest to us modellers out there - the more they are shared on BM the better CJP
  12. Thanks for that information Crisp - I'm happy to see these discussions on BM from all you modellers in the know - I have saved your pictures to my PC for future reference - I agree that there seems to be some hints of red in the shadows of that Sea Vixen wing fold too - I have seen photos of RAN Gannets with wing fold painted red but I'm getting off track here
  13. Great modellers photo - I love the way these great photos turn up on BritModeller - was the red colour at the wingfold break common on the Sea Vixen, I have not seen one with this colour before?
  14. Nice one - do they make a single seater with 5 blade propeller?
  15. Noel that Photobucket thing is a real pain and annoying when you want to look at the work modellers have done - I have restored some of my photo links with Postimage but it is time consuming - shame to see the S2G Tracker disappear from view though.