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  1. Very neatly done Hunter and great recommendation for this kit CJP
  2. The Skyray is a great looking aircraft and I really like your models in these two colour schemes - great work CJP
  3. Nice work - this is going to be one impressive Canberra model - the work on the flaps is very neat - waiting to see RFI post CJP
  4. Is this what you mean? - an impressive poor quality old picture of unknown origin from my Navy aviation scrapbook CJP
  5. Tamiya 1/100 Buccaneer CJP
  6. Wow what a great model and that cockpit is a work of art - also one of the best dioramas I have seen for a while
  7. Thanks heaps for that - link to my Sea Vixen post below
  8. A nice model of an impressive aircraft - pity the politicians of the day got involved & caused its demise - like the shot with the Valiant too CJP
  9. Nicely done Mossie & thanks for sharing your painting tips - will be invaluable when I do mine CJP
  10. HI Pat Mine was a lengthy build too with periods of inactivity along the way - but it will be worth it in the end - would be nice to see the kit reissued with a resin interior, clear resin canopy, airbrake detail etc - don't know if the Pavla resin cockpit will fit the HPM Sea Vixen as it seems to be for the Cyber Hobby kit?
  11. Thanks Pat - HPM Sea Vixen post here
  12. Thanks Jim - nothing in the pipeline right now but I have an old 1/32 Hasegawa A4 & Skybirds 86 Scimitar that need some TLC sometime - next will be a new build of a 1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern when I get motivated CJP
  13. Thanks guys - I think there are a lot of older models out there we have put a considerable amount of work into that would benefit from an update & rebirth - I would like to see some for sure - also great to hear other modellers experiences with finishes too CJP
  14. Great scratch building on the model that shows us we don't have to rely on resin/etched brass aftermarket to make a decent model - good to see these skills demonstrated here - looking forward to the RFI CJP