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  1. I think the pale blue in the Freightdog sheet does look a tad dark and the MA004 is closer - I ended up using a Model Alliance 72121 on my S1 after a lot of comparison of the colours in the sheets - I also had a Model Art sheet 72/033 which appears to have the same aircraft as your MA004 but the white part of the roundels was a creamy tone instead of white and just looked wrong - every decal sheet that I have has a different tone for the pale blue! CJP
  2. 1/48 KINETIC Mirage IIIE

    Nice modelling & great weathered finish CJP
  3. Iv'e been looking for some 1/72 Firestreak missiles to hang off my High Planes Sea Vixen FAW1 and found the BarraCuda Cast resin missile set BR72215 - the missiles are very fine castings as you would expect from Roy Sutherland and include decals - painted as yellow training rounds - the mounting adapters scratchbuilt from 60 thou square strip CJP
  4. I really like your Target Tug theme and those are three very smart models - roll on your Sea Venom TT CJP
  5. Hi Abat - I checked in the box & the 1/48 Special Hobby Griffon Firefly has a separate lower cowling and carby intake parts as in the photos below. (sorry about the sprue being in photo but I did not want to cut the part off and maybe lose it!) CJP
  6. Beautiful Lightning - there have been some very nice Lightning models on BM lately and yours maintains the high standard of finish - also like the photographs of your completed model - very well thought out CJP
  7. Found a similar circle cutting beastie on this link - http://shadowhobby.com/tlcc-000-thinnerline-circle-cutter.html CJP
  8. Some great Gannet photos have surfaced here that I've saved to my PC - good progress on the Gannet Perdu CJP
  9. Nice work so far Abat and it shows the value of your WIP in picking up on the shape of the nose cowling and lack of carby intake - I will have to get my 1/48 SH Firefly out of the stash now and see if it has the same issue CJP
  10. Inspirational work on that interior Crisp and your Telford acquisition looks very interesting CJP
  11. 1/32 Hunter Fga.9

    Nice model of a great aircraft - I have the Revel kit and those markings in the stash to do too - as already commented on love the pose on the pilot looking up at the camera CJP

    In my searches for Skyhawk information I came across a couple of very nice RAN A4G and TA4G Skyhawk builds by Mike Prince and Eric Galliers with some interesting construction information - links below for anyone interested http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/features/a4g32mp_1.htm http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11003&hilit=1%2F32+a4+skyhawk+trumpeter+skyhawk http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=51153 CJP
  13. Fabulous work on the interior - all of that work with the etches turned out very nicely CJP

    Progress on the cockpit area has been slow - I have had a search in my A4 books and in online resources but there is very little showing the the cockpit in a single seat A4 behind the ejection seat - I have modelled a few extra details behind the seat from the photos that I was able to locate - there are plenty of photos of the cockpit forward of the EJ seat but the area behind is usually in shadow in any photos - I added a bit of structure inside the opening canopy but apart from what I could glean from photos most of it is an educated guess and probably wont be too visible once painted matt black and fitted. All parts are only dry fitted and taped at this stage CJP I know I spelt instrument incorrectly but can't work out how to change it in MS Paint where I added the text