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  1. Probably a bit out of sequence but I looked at my reference photos and the 4+ Westland Wyvern book's drawing and notes on armament & equipment and decided the following antenna (B17, C33 & the moulded on AN/APS13 antenna) are not relevant to the later Wyvern I am modelling as they were removed from the airframe on later aircraft - the AN/APS13 was carefully scraped off either side of the fin and the BA aerial and IFF rod will not be fitted - the ZBX radio and VHF aerial under the right wing and VHF on the fuselage will be fitted using old discarded steel guitar string. Part E22 is the pitot tube to be fitted under the left wing.
  2. Thanks Martian - a way to go yet - I'll feel like I'm getting somewhere once I spray the sky and pull off the masking and see how accurate the masking was - might end up going around in circles as usual - I'm keenly following your S2A and SH34 builds too. Thanks Britman - The Trumpeter Wyvern looks a good representation of the Wyvern to me and I have not felt like making any major changes to it - quite a nice and easy build other than the wing fold and that's my own doing - adding aftermarket cockpit and wheels are optional.
  3. Progress on my Wyvern has been on the backburner for a while and now in to the laborious part of filling, sanding and looking for bits I have missed also added the secondary generator cooling intake for late versions which is not provided for in the kit Coated with Tamiya's spray can grey primer and then Humbrol 123 EDSG enamel I decided to revert to using Humbrol enamels for the Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky camouflage colours on this model as I had a battle with acrylic paint lifting with the masking when I pulled it off on my Seahawk model - I have now started masking so hopefully I wont have the same trouble on this one. The EDSG looks a lot bluer in this photo than it is really
  4. Wow I have never really been interested in modelling WW1 subjects but this is a very nice model
  5. Well Tony that sucks as I really like your models - I gave up on Photobucket and moved to Postimage so far with no problems CJP
  6. Your Tracker looks great and well photographed too
  7. A nice neat conversion Noel - I had problems with Photobucket and now use Postimage which I found more user friendly
  8. Glad your back Bill - looking forward to some serious S1 modelling
  9. Great model of the Typhoon - very nice and neat
  10. A very neatly done Intruder and I agree those figures are great - very realistically painted too! - so much so that the Intruder becomes the back drop to the figures - hope to see more of your work
  11. Nice one - very neat model like the paint job too
  12. Like others I have one of these in my stash so nice to see you produce a very nice Swordfish model from the Tamiya kit
  13. Any updates Noel?
  14. Some really useful information for models of the Buccaneer S1in that Flight article - thanks for sharing CJP