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  1. Yes I've never seen that on any Wyvern photos before so maybe they ran out of Tamiya Masking tape CJP
  2. The Skywarrior has always been of interest to me and your model is excellent - the ECM Skywarrior (in 1/72) is on my to do list one day so yours has got me thinking about it again. CJP
  3. Good work on the tailplane Kallisti - nice to see your Sea Fury leave the shelf of doom behind CJP
  4. When I did my Wyvern S4 build I also found there was a distinct lack of S4 close up photos - I ended up not modelling the vents in question rather than model something incorrectly as I could not find out what they were - here are two photos of Wyverns - one with vents one without - maybe someone will come up with a close up photo one day - the colour photo of the Wyvern with the lower EDSG demarcation line shows a scheme I have never seen modelled and according to what I've read was applied in 1957 to WN324 WN325 & WN326 (4plus & From the Cockpit Wyvern publications) cjp
  5. Looking great Martian - cant wait for the transformation that decaling does to a model and brings it to life CJP
  6. Interesting piece of information Keith - thanks for sharing CJP
  7. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Peter you are clearly enjoying this build judging by the speed it is coming together - looking strong and neat CJP
  8. Looking really smart - there's something about the look of the lower EDSG demarcation scheme and the C1 roundels CJP
  9. Scimitar F1

    Always good to see models of the handsome Scimitar - congratulations on moving it off your shelf of doom & good work - I would like to see an accurate injection model in 1/48 too CJP
  10. Glad to hear of some progress on these two and looking forward to seeing pictures of them CJP
  11. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Really like the way you've got the fuselage coming together so quickly - I see the Lego blocks utilised where the square brass tubes intersect & wonder if soldering the joins where they cross would have been an option to add strength? CJP
  12. Fabulous
  13. Hasegawa's Orion is still a nice kit despite its age - yours is very nicely done
  14. Thanks Ex-FAAWAFU - very interesting information on those masks and the use of - certainly an option to consider in the future - learn something everyday CJP