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  1. I really like this model and the Aeronavale scheme - nice weathering too CJP
  2. A very nice and neat Sea Harrier Gareth CJP
  3. Great Buccaneering going on here Bill and very interesting to see that CMR/FROG fuselage comparison CJP
  4. You captured the raw power of the Lighting in your build of this model Johnny - great work CJP
  5. I've always liked the Bob Hoover Mustang in this colour scheme and you have made a beautiful model of it CJP
  6. Jurek - I think that the stripes, serial font and rudder "T" varied with replacement Sea Fury aircraft as airframes were damaged in deck landing accidents etc - the smaller T and 130 font look good on your model CJP
  7. Hi Jurek - I found this photo of Sea Fury 130/T on HMS Theseus in the From The Cockpit book No12 - it shows very heavy weathering on top of the wings but hard to see how the fuselage is weathered CJP
  8. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Hi Bill - one method I've used when you only want to highlight certain panel lines is to use a sharp 2H pencil or similar to trace around the panel groove - easy to remove with wet tissue if necessary CJP
  9. Hi Jurek - I just looked at your Sea Fury and this Firefly is of the same high standard finish - a great companion pair - very good work CJP
  10. Hi Jurek - From what I've read online the Trumpeter Sea Fury has a few short comings but you have turned this one into an impressive model - you see all sorts of weathering on models posted online and in the end I guess it is a personal choice how you weather it CJP
  11. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Hi Peter - what is happening with this wonderful build? CJP
  12. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Very nice & very neat Sea Fury - sounds like the kit has a few minor glitches but overall is very accurate CJP
  13. Tony thanks for sharing your experience with this kit - it looks like a nice model of the Sea Fury will be the result - some of the boxings of the kits seem to have small faults but nothing that cant be fixed I think Cheers CJP
  14. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Hi Jan - this looks like a great kit of the Sea Fury at last and nice for us to see a pair of skilled hands assembling it - I do have reservations about the shape of the spinner in the kit though but maybe someone like Barracudacast will sort that out - watching this with interest as it is on my purchase list. CJP