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  1. Amazing work tracing out the nozzles and the vents. Also good job filling and redoing that NACA on the roundel. This looks like shes gonna be a stunner
  2. Wowsers. Nice job buddy. Finally understood the comb teeth method now with your pics. Coming along stellar.
  3. Heheh can’t blame me for trying Eh. Oops hope I don’t get booted by admins for bein a jacka&&
  4. Yes its very inaccurate. Horrible kit. Dont waste your time. As a fellow modeller on humanitatian grounds ill help buy it off you.
  5. Elbow grease. Get her going. Cantbwait to see her finished. In fact im so in love with the Scimitar that once the world opens up again We shoild bring all the Scimitars to a model show and place them together for a photo shoot.
  6. Thanks but it was Dynavector that made it so easy and inspiration from our fab admin's gorgeous build 10 years ago.
  7. She surely was a Big Aeroplane. That Voodoo is huge in 48 and she almost matches the size. Can only imagine the ingenuity and nightmares the RN boffins and Pilots went through to fly her off the smallish RN Carriers.
  8. Found this Dummy (?) missile on the starbd pylon of a Scimitar landing on HMS Ark Royal. Port side not Visible so i took the liberty of making up a scenario where they allotted Just one Missile for firing at the range per pilot and fitted the dummy on the other side for symmetry. Anyone with real facts please elaborate on the Orange AIM9B.
  9. So would be safe to model the four tank with Refuelling pods to have inner gun ports blanked ?
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