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  1. I built the High Planes Sea Vixen as a FAW1 a couple of years ago and was happy with the end result CJP
  2. I love the way these older posts pop up now & then as I had not seen this beauty before - you made it look the equal of any of modern kit CJP
  3. Nice Mossies Ray - they look really good displayed together like that - really look like they are moving CJP
  4. Another engrossing update - going to be an inspiring model of a Sea Vixen CJP
  5. Breathtaking work - I look forward to every update on your Firefly CJP
  6. Hi all - I'm not detracting from The Spadgents great work on his ejection seats but I noticed these 1/32 AMS resin Sea Venom ejection seats and wheels on Sprue brothers website - I bought both & they look nice castings. https://spruebrothers.com/search-results-page?q=1%2F32+sea+venom+resin CJP
  7. I was just reading through your RFI again enjoying the summary of your Buccaneer build and was horrified to read this postscript - you wonder how this could have happened - I look forward to seeing her emerge again from rebuilding so please post us some photos when done. CJP
  8. Awesome neat work - I cant believe I'm looking at a model - hang on yes I can I've seen all your other builds here on BM CJP
  9. Hi Simon - can you advised if the 79 Sqdn Hunters ever flew with the four under wing fuel tanks - I can only find photos of them with the tanks on the inner pylons? Also what are the red fittings on the pylons? Thanks CJP
  10. Wow your Hunter looks great and very nicely photographed too - thanks for adding the interesting background story too - I have this kit in the stash with a 79 SQDN decal sheet so your model is inspiring me to move it up the to do list. CJP
  11. Nice work and interesting to read your comments as I have a Tamiya Skyray of similar vintage to do one day CJP
  12. Hi Pete - I have some old drawings from a 30 odd year old model magazine that may be of help - if interested send me a PM with your email & I will scan and attach for you CJP
  13. Great result and what an excuse to have a few beers
  14. Beautiful work - I bet Navy870 is happy seeing a model of his Firefly materialise from your workshop
  15. Hi Wellsprops - further to your research on the tanks I looked in the book Scimitar by David Gibbings and JA Gorman and the chapter on 800B squadron it says a small number of Scimitars were fitted with 3x 200 gallon tanks and a FR Buddy pod which would fit in with your thinking. Whether that configuration was a standard fit in the tanker role or just 800B I don't know - I have also seen a photo of a Scimitar with a Buddy pod, tank on the other side inner pylon and nothing on the outer pylons other than what I think are adapters for sidewinders - no doubt a few different configurations we could model - I wonder if anyone knows if there are any ex Scimitar maintainers/Pilots out there who could enlighten us? CJP
  16. the plan view of a Sea Vixen with the wings spread is nice to behold - you've really captured the character of the aircraft with this build CJP
  17. All good I can see the Flickr photos and very nice job on the Baron too
  18. I don't seem to be able to load the photos just get a black screen with a little square - any tips anyone?
  19. Fabulous work on a very old kit - wing fold detail looks great - FYI Falcon make a Vacform canopy set No19 which has a nice clear Gannet canopy CJP
  20. Glad you didn't bin it - you've made a really nice Buccaneer
  21. Really enjoying the progress on the Firefly - maybe someone on BM still has some contacts - I know NAVY870 has an ex RAN Griffon Firefly in his private collection so maybe he might be worth contacting for info. CJP
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