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  1. Thanks Tony, the kit does go together quite well, the cowling attachment being the main puzzle to solve. The buckmasterfamily web page diagrams really help, especially with the cockpit framing. I need to paint the canopy framing black before the reveal and also add a few yellow stripes underwing. The Nowra Museum is brilliant, although they may not have a Wirraway on display. Been a while since I last visited. Oh, and I’m in Canberra this weekend too visiting my son and it was certainly 40C on Saturday! What a small world. Thanks, There’s been a few hiccups but I’m getting there. The silver does look great doesn’t it, especially with some yellow stripes and contrasting black framing.
  2. They look great. Well done for finishing them off.
  3. Thanks, yes it takes so long to get there but it’s worth it in the end! Thanks Ed. It’s scrubbed up quite well. Thanks CJP, i wonder if there’s nothing you can’t do with that stuff! it removed the goo without fogging the plastic.
  4. Heading for 40C (104F) at home today so I touched up the undercoat and got the top coat on this morning before it got too hot. I used AS12 Tamiya Bare metal silver from the can. Nice and simple.
  5. A bit more progress. The engine is mounted and the cowl is on, attached to the fuselage by the air cleaner. I’ve brush painted some silver around the more inaccessible bits that might not receive spray from the main paint coat. Obviously the exhausts will need re-painting once the main coat goes on. I fashioned some crude landing lights from plastic discs, Aluminium foil and a drop of micro Krystal clear for a lens and glued on the covers. These will need touching up and masking when set. Masking the canopy proved an interesting experience. I used a Montex mask (which I’ve used many times in other builds) and everything looked good until I re-positioned a panel and noticed the mask adhesive was not releasing cleanly from the canopy plastic. Sure enough after removing a few other panels the canopy was a mess of sticky adhesive. The photo below gives an idea of what I was left with. I’ve never experienced this with Montex before so I’m at a loss for what went wrong. I tested a few cleaning agents on a spare canopy (detergent, Windex, etc) but finally settled on a shot of WD-40. I rinsed and re-masked the canopy by cutting Tamiya tape to size. This will be tidied up a little when the canopy is set. The rear canopy is next, and the undercarriage legs etc, and then an undercoat. I’ll need to paint early in the day as it’s pretty hot over here at present.
  6. I’m happy with the new intake and have attached the air cleaner. The cowl will be attached to the main body by the air cleaner which is rather precarious but functional. There’s lots of fettling and filling needed to get the cowl to line up correctly. Once that’s done I’ll touch up the cockpit, attach and mask the canopy, Install and mask the landing lights and lenses, mask the engine and exhausts and give it all an undercoat.
  7. Thank you Stuart. Only minor mishaps so far! Thanks Martin, there is very nice detail and it fits together pretty well.
  8. abat

    1/72 Tiger Moth

    Simply beautiful.
  9. abat

    Airfix Seafury Painting

    Very nice finish. I’ve not seen this scheme in a Sea Fury before.
  10. Checked the mail and the stickers have arrived! They look very nice too.
  11. As usual, it pays to check references and photos before reaching for the knife and glue bottle. I discovered this afternoon that I’d fitted the wrong panel behind the engine cowl and so I cut and leveraged off the one I’d already glued and replaced it with the one below. I don’t believe that the guns were fitted but the two prominent bulges appear in photos forward of the cockpit. As for the cowling itself, I need the one with the additional starboard air intake. This is a finely moulded resin piece in the SH kit, but very difficult to remove as the pour block is moulded against the intake. Of course I damaged the inlet in the process of sawing it off! I’ve therefore resorted to fashioning one in the additional plastic cowl that’s provided for other versions. I’ll fit some vanes and see how it looks. As a last resort I could request a replacement from Special Hobby but that may take months to arrive. I also confirmed the correct air cleaner under the cowling is the one shown below. Off to make some dinner so that’s all for today.
  12. Thanks Steve. This site (http://dbdesignbureau.buckmasterfamily.id.au/tech_info_cac_wirraway.htm) has a wealth of information on the CAC Wirraway. The cockpit diagrams helped immensely with constructing the cage.
  13. I’ve not built a kit or posted to the forum for quite a while now, having been pre-occupied by work, study and associated activities. I decided to make amends over Christmas holidays and made a start on the latest of my Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm collection. This time it’s a post-war Wirraway, most likely A20-168 (972) from HMAS Albatross as depicted in these Red Roo decals. There’s only a few photos I can find of RAN Wirraways online and markings and paint schemes are all different and ambiguous as to whether yellow training stripes on the rear fuselage and top wings were carried over from RAAF service, or over-painted with aluminium paint. I’m using the Special Hobby 1/72 First Blood over Rabaul kit. It’s been going together quite well, albeit with the usual checking and fettling in order to get the parts to fit nicely. I noted conflicting references about the cockpit interior colour and decided to go with a metal finish, rather than interior green. All pictures I see of Wirraways on the ground show the elevators slightly dropped so I cut these in order to give depict this in the build. Otherwise, it’s pretty much out of the box. The wing roots needed a fair bit of filling with plastic strip and putty and a moderate degree of fettling to sit properly around the wheel wells, and there was a bit of work tidying up the landing light recesses, but it’s looking very much like a Wirraway. One issue I’m yet to resolve is mounting the engine cowling as it appears to have nothing to physically connect it to the fuselage. Perhaps the trick is to mount it first to the engine and then mount the engine onto the fuselage. No pressure yet as that and the engine will go on after I’ve painted the fuselage and wings.
  14. abat

    1/72 Sea Venom FAW. 21 CMR

    Very nicely done!
  15. abat

    A-4K Skyhawk

    I stand corrected.