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  1. I now have the decals on and I'm waiting for my LHS to re-stock their Tamiya paint range so I can put on a top coat of semi-gloss. There appears to be quite a shortage of paint these days. I settled on using the kit decals as the white in the aftermarket ones I had was more a cream and did not match well with topside of the camouflage. I'm wishing the roundel blue was darker but maybe my spares box can accomodate that. In the meantime I've been working on folding the rotors and building the rear trestle support. The hinge on the outermost rotors will be covered by a
  2. Thanks AW. It’s a great colour combination and will look smart alongside my Wessex and Iroquois in the same scheme. Looking forward to getting the decals on and removing the masking.
  3. It's blue! This took quite a while but I've finally put on the two-tone paint for a late-scheme Sycamore. The deciding factor was that I already had an earlier silver one (the older Glencoe kit) and this would make a nice complement to that. It's hard to make out due to the dark colour but the preparation work included fitting the step below the winch door, replacing the broken front steps with 0.5mm plastic rod, fitting the exhaust protector to the rear starboard undercarriage support leg, fitting a simulated rubber boot to the leg on the port side and repairing the front undercarriage which
  4. Two steps forward, one step back ... A bit of trouble with the forward undercarriage. The leg snapped when I cut it off the sprue, so I manufactured a replacement, but when I drilled out a hole to fit the diameter of the new support it forced up the cabin floor which hadn't glued itself well enough to the lower fuselage. It also resulted in some plastic shavings inside the cabin glass which had to be removed. So off came the front of the cabin to remove the shavings, re-glue the cabin floor, re-fit the door masking and drill a more secure mounting point for the undercarriage. Now t
  5. That’s some seam that you’ve conquered Ced. Can I ask what type of clamps they are. I’ve not seen them before.
  6. I've now closed up the cabin. The fit is very good and only a little bit of sanding and shaving has been required. I should say that this is the second attempt - the first time I forgot to glue the instrument panel to the front console so I had to prise it open, install the IP and then close it up again. I'll spray some NATO black over the cabin to ensure none of the outside colour is visible through the transparent sides. Next I'll attach the various bit and pieces to the fuselage, give it an undercoat to check fit and finish.
  7. Thanks for sharing your build Ced. Very nice work. I have the HO3S-1 awaiting my attention and you're giving me a good idea of what's coming. Andrew
  8. Today I finally glued the cabin to the rear fuselage. Next I epoxied a piece of lead sheet underneath the cabin floor to ensure the helicopter is not tail heavy. After taking this photo I added the rotor blades to the rear fuselage and decided to add just a bit more weight - all up it would be less than 10g I think. Then came the cabin sides. I elected to glue the sides on individually rather than building up the forward cabin separately and gluing it on as a whole. This enabled me to ensure a nice match with the rear fuselage. I'm hoping only a little sanding is requi
  9. Nice one Paul. The exhaust pipes are very distinctive and really add to the build. Andrew
  10. Looking good Ray. And thanks for the "gunk" tip. I can see myself using that in future builds.
  11. That’s a really good looking build Ray. I can hear those turboprops starting up just looking at it. Well done. Andrew
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