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  1. I haven’t done much modelling in the last few years but have finally set aside some time to ease my way back into it. First thing is to tidy up a few of my unfinished builds. So after much sanding and undercoating I’ve finally gotten the camouflage onto my Firefly. I used Tamiya Sky and a 2:1 mix of Gunze EDSG and Dark Sea Grey. I’ve now got some tidying up and detailing to do before decals, undercarriage, propeller and removing the canopy masking. So pleased this one is on the move again.
  2. Looks great. Especially like the runway shots. Well done.
  3. Wonderful build. The weathering and paint chipping is masterfully done. Andrew
  4. Thanks @Smithyand @TallBlondJohn. I’ll certainly take care with fitting and construction. I’m ok with fettling and fiddling. I’ll also take particular care with the decals.
  5. Hi Stuart, so might I. Any advice or encouragement is most welcome.
  6. For my next build I’m trying something a little different, a WW1 biplane, but still keeping with my Australian Fleet Air Arm theme. I’ll be building the Rodin 1/72 Sopwith 2F1 “Ship’s Camel” and the subject will be N-6823 from HMAS Sydney, 1918. I find the use of these aircraft quite intriguing as by all accounts they were single use, taking off from a short runway on top of a gun turret and then ditching beside the ship for recovery. The first step is to make the end-opening box into top-opening! Then here’s the contents. And the current state
  7. Very, very nicely done. I really enjoyed looking through the photos. Andrew
  8. Thanks, this is my 3rd trainer in silver finish too. I really like the finish and especially the contrast with the yellow training bands and decals. It’s Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver from a can which goes on beautifully. I then applied a clear coat over the decals of Tamiya X-22 gloss mixed with a little Tamiya flat base to cut the sheen. Thank you Beggsy. Thanks Pete.
  9. Thanks Simon, it’s an A3 photo print inside a light tent. Thanks Stuart. Thank you CJP. Thanks Baldy.
  10. RFI now posted. Thanks for looking in on my build. Cheers, Andrew
  11. The Royal Australian Navy operated Wirraway trainers from HMAS Albatross, Nowra from 1948 through the 1950's. This is the Special Hobby "First Blood over Rabaul" kit with the "Boring Old Silver" decal set from Red Roo Models. It's basically out of the box apart from scratch-built undercarriage doors (the originals being rather thick). This is my first completed model in well over a year.
  12. Very nicely thanks Ed, apart from my comment about the “NAVY” lettering needing careful handling. It’s wonderful to have access to such a variety of decals for Australian subjects. When I was a boy there was no such thing!
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