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  1. Hi Alun, and welcome. A Wessex 31B is a fine start and I think you’ll find quite a few admirers of that type in the forum and some excellent advice forthcoming. You would be interested in the Anzac group build currently underway. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Always good to think about a theme for your collection. You want to build RAF, but do you want to focus on a particular period or type of aircraft?
  3. Thanks for the tips. I must try that for some impossible-to-get ones I need.
  4. Nice choice. I stayed with a 486 Squadron Tempest pilot when I lived in NZ for a few months in 1981/2. I look forward to watching your build.
  5. Decals look very nice. Do you use an inkjet printer on transparency film?
  6. Lovely story about your grandfather. Enjoy the build and the fond memories.
  7. After quite a few hours sanding and some scribing it’s come to this.
  8. I'm now working on the tailplanes. Those on the S2-G are longer than the S2-A versions in the Revell/Hasegawa kit. I made a rough template based on the tailplane from the 1/48 Italeri/Kinetic kit and re-scaled it to 1/72. I cut an extension block from 1mm plastic (double layer to make 2mm thickness) and glued it to the end of each tailplane. After a bit of work with the razor saw it has come to this. I'll let the glue cure and harden overnight before attacking it with some coarse sandpaper to restore the shape.
  9. Thanks very much. Still a way to go yet.
  10. Progress has been slow this week. I thought therefore that it was high time to see a Tracker in person so I made a trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at HMAS Albatross, Nowra. It's a lovely drive down from Sydney through the Southern Highlands and Kangaroo Valley. Here's the real thing, S-2G N12-153582 / 859 in very nice condition, complete with the requisite folded wings. And a close up of the wing support struts and their location. Safely back home and suitably inspired I set to work once more. Here's where I'm now up to.
  11. Excellent work. The figures and aircraft details really bring it to Life.
  12. Beautiful work on both.
  13. Yes, it's been on my waiting list for ages as well. Here she is operating as a fire bomber out of the Snowy Range airstrip in early 1983. The red staining to the underside and top of the aircraft is Phos-Chek fire retardant. Quite a wild ride!
  14. Thanks for that. It’s funny but I was just looking at a Mach 2 Sqirrel.
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