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  1. Brilliant work Tony, I'm late to your build but really enjoying your work. Andrew
  2. This is superb! The magnetic mount and twin propeller disk really add to build.
  3. Very impressive work. The mechanics of the wing fold are fantastic. Andrew
  4. What a great day and great pictures as well. Lovely to see and hear those historic aircraft flying. Andrew
  5. Thanks for sharing this one Bill. I really enjoyed reading through your build. A brilliant result. Andrew
  6. Yes, thanks. I enjoy the decal stage. You're lucky to be in Goulburn. Andrew
  7. In a burst of activity, and with some trepidation, I've finished airbrushing and unmasked the paint scheme. Close up, its not as smooth as I'd wish but decent airbrushing is a skill that eludes me. Looks like I now need a gloss coast and some decals before final assembly.
  8. Hi Bob, good to know about the new exhibit at Newark. It’s nice when you come across something you’ve worked in a museum setting. You’re right about the remove before flight tags. I’ve seen those before in 1/72 scale but don’t unfortunately have any myself. Andrew
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