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  1. Not my house but two Dassult Rafale fighters landed at Cambridge this morning,scared the hell out of me as they arrived as I was walking between the hangers.I assume they are here for Duxford this weekend.
  2. Signed and shared on Facebook.
  3. Oakmere hobbies and crafts in Potter's Bar.i spent most of my pocket money in there in the late 70's and 80's.I went on to work there on a Saturday afternoon before i left to join BAe Hatfield.Happy days.
  4. Sorry to be a bit off topic,but I have seen models of seafires with red rocket warheads,in fact Airfix tell you to paint the rocket heads red in the fr47 kit.Is this a fleet air arm thing or bad research by Airfix.........Neil
  5. I was told that they were offered one but declined it,they are hoping for an American gun ship apparantly.
  6. And was the pilot who was going to fly the Miles M52
  7. Nice Spitfire,I never managed to get one of these kits so am allways hoping they will reissue it as it's like rocking horse doings.
  8. Thanks for sharing that.Am a great fan of powel and Pressburger films,a Canterbury tail being my favourite.
  9. I wonder how much the sunderland v will be?.
  10. Happy new year to you Fritag,any progress on your Hawks?........ fatalbert.
  11. Congratulations to you both ☺
  12. Silver mixed with light grey?
  13. They are an aluminium blade that has been an aluminium /greyish colour.