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  1. Quick Walrus question

    I think the holes could be covered and uncovered as required,but not 100% certain.
  2. Sanger Hamilcar

    Hi everyone,does anyone have any experience with the Sanger Hamilcar glider,am thinking of adding one to the stash and any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Neil
  3. Good luck on your course Ian,☺
  4. Those wings look blooming awful 🙁,one of the reasons I like that aircraft is because of how streamlined it was,am a bit disappointed to be honest.Think am gonna hold off on this one until I've seen some reviews and builds.
  5. Any update on this,am getting withdrawal symptoms ☺
  6. supermarine spiteful canopy

    I think once the plastic has yellowed its pretty well had it.I would be inclined to try and crash mold a new one using the old one as a master.
  7. Most memorable film scenes..

    A Canterbury tail is my favorite film of all time.Am great fan of Powell and Pressburger.
  8. Most memorable film scenes..

    I have several,in no particular order.... 1,the returning of Excalibur to the lady of the lake in 'Excalibur', 2,the scene In 'In which we serve',HMS Torin is sinking and the gun crews are still at their posts shooting at the bombers as she goes down,that gets me every time I watch it. 3,The final gun fight in 'The Good the bad and the ugly' where they are standing facing each other for several minutes,i love the music at that moment 4,The hawk turning into a Spitfire at the beginning of 'A Canterbury tail' 5,The mosquito roaring over David Nivens head in 'A matter of life and death' I could go on and on and on.
  9. Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Hows this project going,any progress?
  10. Bugger,I had forgotten about those lol
  11. I have a set of aviation news plans that I used,they show the wings with a wider chord,I wonder which set of plans is closer.
  12. Nice,I have one my son had,ready to disassemble and rebuild,was wondering how much one would need to reduce the depth of the sides by to get a more accurate falcon,and how one would deal with the subsequent cockpit miss match is another thing altogether.
  13. Off to Hannants

    Oh yes,it has to be done,sadly,am off home tomorrow.😟
  14. Off to Hannants

    It was blooming freezing,but I loved every minute of it.wife said take your time,so I did,bought a big stash so she could put them away for my birthday in march. Went to a lovely second hand book shop in Aldeburgh today and picked up a fantastic book called moving bases by CDR David Hobbes MBE,all about Royal Navy maintenance carriers and monabs,its really good.oh and a copy of airfix magazine annual 3,well it would be rude not to.☺