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  1. Happy new year to you Fritag,any progress on your Hawks?........ fatalbert.
  2. Congratulations to you both ☺
  3. Silver mixed with light grey?
  4. They are an aluminium blade that has been an aluminium /greyish colour.
  5. I wonder what would happen if we as customers demanded two types of identification from a bank worker before we pay any cash in,or pay a bill.or from a council worker or someone to read our meter lol.Or a police sorry officer,I can't accept the fine and points unless you show me your passport and a reacent utility sorry you're warrent card isn't policy.lololol
  6. I just showed those pictures to my wife (who loves huey's)and she had to ask if it was a model.that says it all realy ☺.
  7. I like the Airfix kit,the fuselage cross section is much better than the other kits.But it requires a lot of work as Ascoteer will attest.
  8. My local charity shops seem to price the kits as if they are new.There was an airfix bus that had a £22 price tag on it,another shop had an old airfix gnat gift set and they wanted £9 for it.Personally I think they are taking the P.😐
  9. I was considering getting the Revell kit,I shall now await the Airfix one.Nothing against Revell,I just like Airfix.
  10. Hi guys n gals,have just picked up the December issue of Airfix magazine that comes with a free calender and the June picture shows an AEW Shackleton. Looks like the Revell AEW kit will get some competition next year.
  11. I would hazard a guess that they would be anodised aluminium.
  12. I found a couple of these for £20 so am considering getting one.I was wondering by how much one would need to trim the side walls to get it more like the film model and suggestions on how onne would deal with the resulting cockpit adjustment.Any ideas chaps.☺
  13. King kit have one at £34 plus p&p