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  1. That scene made the entire theater explode. I then had to have an very uncomfortable conversation with my son. Please people, talk to your kids about 80's dancing before they find out about it from friends or movies.
  2. Nice paint job! It looks like a cross of an H and H-8 scheme.
  3. It's weird how colors look. In the first two pics the orange looks too red, but in 3 and 4 it looks just right. Even though its the same model. Funny. Black is a really tough color to photograph IMHO. Great model. I really like your Poe and BB8. Especially the BB8.
  4. Film help

    I remember that one! It was part of a weird wave of European movies from the late 70's and early 80's that tried to pass themselves off as American. At least that was how they were marketed here by the distributors. In the pre-internet age, they would try to get away with that kind of thing here all the time. Weird stuff all around. Devil Fish and Werewolf are examples of that era that aired on MST3K. Didn't it end with them all going back to ancient Tibet or something? I just really remember the weird generic Star Wars designs, like the evil triangle warships.
  5. I started my turkey day MST3K marathon off tonight with my absolute favorite, the Riftraxx Samurai Cop. We went to theaters and caught that one, still kicking myself for not driving to Tennessee to see it live. Then Miami Connection I finshed up with the best of the Netflix season Cry Wilderness, no trailer for it I'm afraid. Tomorrow we start with all the giant monster movies. The kids want to watch Godzilla vs Megalon first. I'm looking forward to the Giant Mantis and The Giant Spider Invasion.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Beyond jealousy.
  7. Film help

    I haven't seen that in years. It's going in the traditional Turkey Day viewing marathon this year! Thanks for the heads up.
  8. What have you purchased 9

    I know it's a tad unethical, but check around on torrent sites. I occasionally find quite a few old jems on there. I'm not a huge fan of cop shows myself, but I do enjoy some of the comedies and political stuff not available over here in the States.
  9. Hooters Thunderbird

    Great kit. Those early 10th generation Tbirds are really good looking IMHO.
  10. Marvel's 'The Defenders'

    Busy fighting the "Inhumans." I haven't started Punisher yet. I loathed the main actor in TWD, a very necessarily evil character. He has been a fantastic Punisher so far.
  11. What have you purchased 9

    Helping theBaron on his sex robot?
  12. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    All the ones I worked on had a flat silver look to them. Even when polished. Nothing at all like a NMF airplane. I would use whatever most people use for RAF 50's high speed silver. I would probably add a few drops of black to darken it up a tad. And don't forget the light grey crumple zones on the back and front, I used dark ghost gray for that. I used Testors silver, you know the ones in the tiny square bottles, on mine. I darkened it with a few drops of flat black. I used straight silver on the pipes that ran down the sides of the car. But unfortunately those are all enamels. And if you wanted something different, there where three painted Deloreans done up here in the US after they arrived State side by the dealers Yellow Red Black the black car was repainted blue by its new owner Edit: didn't realise it was for a BTTF car. So none of the painted stuff applies....
  13. What have you purchased 9

    That's exactly what someone building a sexbot would say!
  14. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    This is making the rounds here in the States, is it real? https://www.irishtimes.com/news/offbeat/man-finds-car-20-years-after-forgetting-where-he-parked-it-1.3295670?mode=amp
  15. What have you purchased 9

    No, she was definitely dying but she staggered away into the woods. And you don't want to go chasing a deer into another person's property a little south of midnight on a cold Alabama night unless you don't value your life very much. Plus I have a freezer with a few pounds of venison all ready. But now that you mentioned it, venision and vegetable stew is devine.