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  1. I put some thought into this and i decided this was a good clip to introduce you to mobile suit combat. This is from the most recent series Gundam Thunderbolt. It's the story of two rival pilots, both love music, and how they are both being systematically destroyed by non stop combat. The traditional good guys, the Earth Federation's Io Flemming is slowly losing his mind from PTSD. The traditional bad guys, the Zeon's Living Dead squadron are slowly destroying their bodies fighting with obsolete mobile suits. This is their 2nd or 3rd combat meeting. By this point in the war their are few experiences soldiers left so both sides have had to get "creative" to remain combat effective. The Zeon are deploying crippled old veterans and wonder weapons. The Federals are deploying young teens with mass produced weapons. This particular series is soul crushing and bleak.
  2. First off, Gundam is a little weird for western audiences. ( but if I'm honest it's really no weirder than any other foreign sci fi series. Every nation has its weird little ways of telling a story with tropes and cliches that makes it a little odd to foreigners ) But it is really one of the best franchises on the planet. I could recommend a few shows if you are interested. But I'll answer the questions to the best of my ability. A "Master Grade" kit is often a Gundam robot, called mobile suits in the fiction, that are scaled at 1/100. This scales out, on most kits, between 9 to 12 inches. IMHO they are the finest kits made by any manufacturer. There is little to no flash, there are hardly any seams to fill, and the articulation is unreal. They aren't perfect, sometimes the plastic is wonky and the decals are more often than not terrible. The closest I've ever seen to a MS grade Gundam is Meng's new P-51. The 1/144 scale kits (which is what I mostly build BTW.) are really nice, just not as good or as well detailed as a MS grade kit. I can't recommend them enough. If you want to try out the series at a cheaper price point, I would recommend a HG 1/144 kit. They can be found easily on Amazon, with quite a few under $10 USD. As for the suit, that's the lastest in a long line of anti-Newtype mobile suits. The orginal Universe of Gundam revolves around the newtype, they are Gundams version of a Jedi. The Unicorn Gundam is meant for regular pilots to be able to engage a newtype for short periods of time. I wouldn't recommend starting watching Unicorn first, it's kind of like a Gundam version of Dr Who's Day of the Doctor. It's really great but if your not a fan, a lot of the references and nostalgia will be lost on you. If you have any other questions, let me know. I could talk this stuff all day!
  3. Thanks for all the help! @ Neal, I've never heard of scalemates before. I wasted way too many hours after it's discovery! I ordered some aftermarket decals from Amazon. I could only find orginal "A" models, but hopefully I can piece some numbers together. Thanks for the offer, but I live in the States. Shipping would probably be incredibly expensive. I'm on a roll so I want to get this finished, before I get the yips!
  4. Good lord! That's incredibly well done. You've really captured the imposing look she had. Hands down my all time favorite Batmobile.
  5. I had to look that up, what a cool looking little truck!
  6. Does anyone know if a manufacture makes decals for a regular ol' line bird for this kit? Every decal set I can find is for a show bird. I accidentally ordered the wrong kit, but it's too nice not to build. Please and thank you!
  7. Sorry for the rough day , but still. ..
  8. That paint work..... Words fail me. Lovely.
  9. That car looks fantastic. I can never decide if I like these or Jensen Interceptors more.
  10. We have a white one of these running around here, not my taste but it is a lovely car. Great model, I'm usually not a fan of silver, but your work here is exceptional.
  11. These two look amazing. I read a article about the these Spitfires years ago. Every thing about those events was tragic.
  12. My first Airfix was a 1/72 P-40B in the mid 90s. Awful, awful kit. Nothing at all like the second Airfix I purchased, the A-4B from a few years ago. A utterly fantastic kit.
  13. I didn't like the blue at first, but it looks fantastic now. All these Yamato kits are inspiring lately.
  14. I thought you where joking about the exorcism. Not so much now. When is your birthday? Mine is the 15th.