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  1. Ignore

    Today on Reddit an Aussie introduced me to Danger 5. It's either brilliant or impeccably insane. I know what I'm watching the next few weeks... I can't explain it but I must see this.
  2. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    According to the designer, it's supposed to be a development to counter the originals venerabliity against tow cables. That and, it's supposed to hunker down to shoot the giant gun on its back. IMHO it is weird looking.
  3. Ignore

    I didn't even take the test.....
  4. I love the long and lean look of this fighter.
  5. Ignore

    Nawww. I'm not upset that Panzer did better than me on the test...
  6. Weathering in Gunpla, the unanswerable equation. I understand the frustration, how much scratching and abuse would a one off machine like this get? I abandoned my last project, a Genoace, for the exact same reason. No matter how hard I tried, it just got too damaged during the building process. I hate acrylics. But all that aside, that is one sinister looking MS. The color contrasts are very effective. I know it's just pictures, but the damage doesn't look bad at all to me. It would be criminal not to finish.
  7. TIE Striker and friends

    It's almost comical how bad Rogue One messed up the cannon on its new vehicles. Still, nice work on the tanks.
  8. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    Your talking about the Visual Dictionary right? What a disaster that thing was. That's a I'm not touching. The general conscious is "let's hope Rebels sorts this out."
  9. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    According to the game sheet, that area is a small cargo hold. Similar to the one on the Bwing. Outstanding model of fantastic little ship. One of my favorite scenes. .. BTW my friends and I always get new Star Wars shirts when we all get together to watch a new release. My kids have finally gotten old enough to be included. Here is my youngest's shirt for this December. .
  10. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Nice models!
  11. Ignore

  12. Ignore

    That's a roundabout? We have one of those in my home town, and I've just been driving over it like a barbarian. A BARBARIAN!