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  1. Final electric test. Big problem the application of wings to fuselage. The design and the quality of plastic are very bad. I became surgeon to make them correct.
  2. The interior was glued after lights were placed on the entrance staircase, in the main compartments of the cockpit ammunition depot and a red backlight. Resistors have been installed at red lights to reduce load consumption so that all LEDs light up. From the placement of the LEDs, I understood that for everything to work together i.e. red, smd and common LEDs, resistors must be placed in the first two, otherwise they will not light up not all together. I think I will close the fuselage soon. It remains to make a connection for an SMD LED to the front wheel lights.
  3. I have too the same problem beefy with the stanctons as you say they are very fine
  4. The vehicles are 1/144 and are in the lsm kit. I loaded them with timber tubes, camouflage nets, generators, transformers, ammunition boxes, wire coils, and a homemade cannon. It did not make sense to be empty. There are also 3 Serman battle tanks but Greece has never had such. I exchange them with M-47 or M-48 ( in 1/144 scale) if anyone is interested.
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