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  1. Thank you James. If you want to make interior lights and motors you must seperate the lights from the motor wires with different electrical circuit with two energy sources if you "ll use batteries. That because the motors want more power so the if there is only one circuit may be not the lights turn on. If you dont want to make electrical motors and only lights one circuit and one electrical source is enough. Cheers.
  2. It closed and there are interior and exterior leds for lights .
  3. For anyone who wants to construct this aircraft I have identified these problems. The right fuselage part has shorter lenght for the 2nd interior seperating part 1cm than the left, so you must scratch second base 1 cm longer to stay correct the seperator. The ceiling must cut to fix correct with the second seperator. The ceiling must cut from one side because the positions to fix with the side of fuselage cannot be able to contact when you try to close the fuselage. You can see the cut place of ceilling in fotos. One side must be straight cut and dont follow the manual of construction. The floor must be cut from the two sides in front to fix correct with the parts of fuselage. The decals quality is nt good. The table of nose observer must cut for 2 mm. The cockpit floor must cut to 2 mm to fix with the first seperator and stay correct on the bases. The fuselage has no good contact between each other part, pieces have not good fitting.
  4. There is big problem to assembly the pieces of fuselage and the interior part ceiling, floor, pilot appartment and seperator parts of accommodation Roden has big designing problem .
  5. So I 'll put and the electric generator in that appartment
  6. The problem solved. The left side has lenght 3,5 cm. The right 2,5 cm. An added small piece 1 cm of elastic silicone will solve the problem
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