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  1. Turns out that I needed another drink! PS I don't normally go about exposing my helmet to just anyone Cheers from the top of the world!
  2. Cheers mate! I tried using Flickr but could only seem to manage to copy the text - not the photo. I'll have to have another go when I'm sober! MZ
  3. Well being completely new I thought I'd scare you all to death by adding a mugshot. https://www.flickr.com/photos/manixzero/52205749984/in/dateposted-public/ Well, no mug - just a link to a mug................. How can photos be added to posts on this forum? IMaybe there is or should be a sticky for us newbies? Cheers MZ
  4. Please allow me to introduce myself........... When I was much, much younger I used to build model aeroplanes, ships and whatnot. I built quite a few and probably very badly. I also became a bit of a plane spotter! Then I grew up! Then, a couple of years ago I found myself laid up, due to injury, for a couple of months and got bored! So I bought a model aeroplane ( A Saab Gripen) and breaking all of the rule of accuracy, built it and even painted it! I used the old Humbrol enamels and a paint brush and was quite proud of my achievement. So I bought another etc. So here I am a year or so after building my Saab (I have a soft spot for the brand!) introducing myself to a world of, from what I have realised, very accomplished and serious model making folk. I'm completely humbled by the skills and dedication to detail that I've seen on this site and I've realised that I'll never get to that level of competence! But hey, who cares? As long as we enjoy what we do? Nothing else matters........... I might, one day, dare to darken your site with images of my attemps! Untill then Cheers MZ
  5. Sorry for jumping in on this post 6 months or more too late! I have recently come back to the hobby and I'm currently building an F-4D and I have the LN decal sheet. I bought a bottle of MRP-390 which is SAC Bomber Green (FS34159) and I believed this was the actual colour that the Lakenheath F-4s were painted for thier tripple green camo. I tried it and it looks perhaps a bit dark so I stumped fpr MRP-415 Hairyokushoku (Greenish Gray) which looks better but not right either! Now Tim! You have nailed it! So mor MRP paints for me! or just go with one of the other greens! Anyway whatever I choose, one thing for sure - I won't get anything like your standard of finish!! What an awesome looking model! - I realy do have quite a journey ahead of me! Cheers MZ
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