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  1. I understand what you mean now Brian, I did paint all the parts for the ground type too but decided to display it in the FB mode as it just looks more impressive with the added bulk. I still have the cage to do but I’m planning to use it in a diorama of a hangar and hopefully I will get around to doing that sometime later this year, and I got the Sazabi ver ka for Christmas off my wife ( a very nice kit indeed) and this too will hopefully get done in the summer here’s the gp01 in ground type Pete
  2. Thank you Rock I wasn’t a huge fan of the design but I got the zaku for a really cheap price and have to admit that know I’ve done one it’s really grown on me and I have my eye on a few other ones now (psycho zaku in particular) I’m sorry but I don’t really have any knowledge of the Gundam universe beyond the models, not sure what G03 Is Pete
  3. I was very much of the same mind, and before I dipped my toes into the world of Gundam I just thought they were transformers lol, and thank you the kind words I very much appreciate them and honestly if you’ve not tried one before then have a go as they are a great way to reignite the old mojo if the flame goes out as they are so simple to do, just pick a design you like the look of and go to town with it using your own colours etc Pete
  4. Thank you, the kit has a very cleverly designed mechanism that allows you to unlock the hips and swing them forward and this allows them to move in a way that that when seated gives a very natural looking pose ( it gives the gundam a bottom to sit on lol ) but I can’t take any credit for this pose as I saw it in a picture online I don’t have the builders name to be able to credit but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so hopefully he won’t take it the wrong way if he sees my take on it Pete
  5. Thank you Hunter, the aile strike was a a joy and I felt it needed a bit of shading and weathering to try and bring out the lines of the suit, not sure I achieved the picture I had in my mind, but I am still very happy with how it came out in the end Pete Thank you sir, much appreciated Pete
  6. thank you Steve, I still very much feel that I’m finding my way with these kits in regard of how they should look and keep experimenting with every new build to see if I can find the balance between visually appealing and realistic but I’m finding it difficult as there obviously isn’t any real world reference to use and these are 1/60 scale so when weathering I have tried to keep scale in mind but it’s very difficult for me as I’m used to working in larger scale so tend to overdo things a tad ( I built aircraft exclusively in 1/32 for a long time) but these kits are very enjoyable to do as although complex are very simple to put together, and after years of planes and filling and scribing the seam between fuselage halves they almost feel like Lego in comparison I hope your son likes them Pete
  7. The panel effect you have achieved is really authentic (and very visually appealing too) really like what you’ve done with this and it’s very inspiring Fantastic work my friend Pete
  8. Bit of a jump here as when I’m painting these heads I get right into the zone and forget to take pictures, so this is now the finished result but I’ll do my best to explain what I did to get here the bottom edge of the eyelid had a black line painted on it to mimic lashes and I also added a tiny bit of red wash to the corners of the eyes and along the bottom edge. I didn’t paint eyelashes on there as frankly I’m parts at it (haha!) I find I get one eye looking good but then the other ends up looking like Bet Lynch ( if you’re young then ask your parents who that is lol) Pupils were added and for this I used archer decals then gave the whole eye a good few coats of clear gloss after the final Matt coat was sprayed on the beard was done with really thin dark grey acrylic and built up slowly over multiple coats then light grey dry brushed gently over, the moustache was done in a similar way but using a mix leaning toward black and the same was done on the eyebrows but in all honesty I’m not happy with how they came out but there wasn’t much in the way of sculpted detail on the brows so I feel it has a bit of a ‘greasepaint’ look, but in hand and to the naked eye it looks ok it’s just the close up pics that make it look worse I also added a few more imperfections here and there to the skin using my old faithful Vallejo washes and just kind of added tiny dots using a really fine pointed brush and then dabbing them with my finger to soften the look and I used a tiny bit of white on the bottom lip to highlight hair was given another coat of Vallejo black brown and had the hairlines tidied up, and at the roots at the forehead I really lightly dry brushed a touch of the skin colour to soften the transition
  9. This is the latest one that I completed and is a perfect grade Zaku, which is an older kit I believe but was still a great deal of fun and for this I kept things clean and added no weathering
  10. A couple of years ago after many years of building aircraft models, I discovered the world of Gundam and soon found myself sucked in as the engineering and simple push fit of these kits came as a breath of fresh air as not much in the way of seam filling or rescribing and accuracy isn’t even on the radar with these subjects so you are free to do whatever you like colour wise this is an aile strike gundam in 1/60 so around a foot tall and fully articulated, it has a detailed inner skeleton which I did paint but alas once the armour goes on is mostly hidden from view it was painted mainly in Tamiya and Gunze mr colour lacquers and I used a Pearl clear coat over the top and that gives it the metallic finish that is visible in the pictures (mainly on the darker colours )
  11. I gave the head a couple of thin coats of Tamiya lacquer Matt clear through the airbrush to seal the base colour and this allows any mistakes from the next stages to be easily erased with a cotton bud dipped in acrylic thinner without effecting the skin I use Vallejo washes for this part ( skin wash/ sepia, Umber and red) applied with a fine brush to the creases in the face to add spots and blemishes to the skin and around the eyes
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