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  1. Hopefully it will be good but I'm not holding my breath as even though I've followed the series from the beginning I have to admit I didn't find the later couple of series as as enjoyable as the earlier ones, it does feel like the writers are running out of intersting things for the characters To do Pete
  2. Thank you Yes he does have that 'just stepped barefoot in the litter tray' look to him lol but as you say he doesn't have a lot to smile about given his experiences in the TV show. One thing I've noticed a lot in these 1/6 headsculpts is that they tend to have very neutral expressions, there are a few out there that show a bit more, I did a Jack Nicholson one from the Shining a while back and he was a bit more animated and also I've seen another Rick Grimes sculpt where he has a bit of a primal scream or war cry going on but most whilst having a good likeness are pretty dull but I'm guessing neutral means you can have the figure in lots of poses and the expression works with most of them ? Pete
  3. Cheers Will, its coming along nicely and I hope when it's finished it looks better than the previous one ( that came out ok but was a bit too clean I think ) ive also recently got a PG Astray red frame that I have an interesting idea for, but probably won't be getting around to that until next year Pete
  4. I think it will finish up at just over a foot tall once it's all together Pete Thank you Mike Pete
  5. I honestly didn't think there would be much interest in these so I only took a few pics during painting but next time I'm painting some heads I'll document it and post some pics and descriptions of what I did Pete
  6. thats Something he and I Have in common Lol ! Although I'm a bit thinner on top than he is these days too I believe the sculpt depicts Rick in series 2 ( looks like it to me from reference pics ) but I have a later series head to do soon and he has a full beard so I'm guessing will need a bit of grey Pete
  7. No special techniques or anything, just thin paint and a good quality sable brush Pete
  8. My son told me the other day that he'd seen a trailer for the Rick movie but it didn't really give much away and will be a cinema release ( I was hoping it would be on the telly ) Pete
  9. Cheers Jim, I really enjoy doing them and have plans to do a few more so I'll stick some pics up once I start chucKing the paint around again hahaha that's Mr Surfacer 1200 on my thumb and I'm trying to remember what I was priming when I took the picture but alas I can't for the life of me recall what it was as I've got a few things going on at the bench but it was possibly Gundam related Pete
  10. I didnt paint these heads completely but i was asked if i could add some paint to them to make them look a little more like the character in The Return of the Jedi film as they felt the factory paint job was lacking, so i repainted the eyes deepened the lines in his face a bit, yellowed the teeth and added some tones here and there to try and bring him a bit closer to the movie look here's what he looked like at the start i think the likeness is very nice but the eyes let it down a lot Pete Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr and after some extra paint touches Hot Toys Palpatine repaint completed by Brundle Donk, on Flickr Hot Toys Palpatine repaint completed by Brundle Donk, on Flickr Hot Toys Palpatine repaint completed by Brundle Donk, on Flickr Hot Toys Palpatine repaint completed by Brundle Donk, on Flickr
  11. thank you and i'm a big fan of the show too and very much looking forward to the standalone Rick movies Pete thank you kindly sir Pete
  12. the quality of the sculpt really helps with the realism i think and makes them much easier to paint Pete
  13. thanks Chris and although i may be able to paint then reasonably well in this scale, anything smaller doesnt seem to work for me lol and i just end up with a flesh coloured blob on a neck Pete
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