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  1. Thank you unfortunately changes to Flickr mean that if they haven't already the pics on here will soon disappear into the ether, the irony is that if I'd left them alone then then they would have eventually shown up from Photobucket albeit with the "proudly hosted you watermark over them. But this time I won't be fixing them. The way Flickr are handling the change is much better than PB and the charges are very reasonable too but i won't be signing up as to be honest I'm not confident that in the future they won't start ramping up the fees and who knows how many images I may have hosted amd linked if that does happen . So for now I've deleted over 6000 images from my Flickr and left 50odd of the newest ones and this give me a bit of room for some new ones as there will soon be 1000 image limit in place of the 1tb on the free accounts, but in all honesty this has really sucked out my enthusiasm for posting online, and I can't help but wonder how many people will have made the switch to Facebook or Twitter etc instead of using online forums due to PB and Flickrs policy changes. its a shame but such is life Pete
  2. Thank you John I'm happy to hear my ramblings put a smile on your face Pete
  3. I like those a lot, very nicely done mate and the gold visors are a lovely touch Pete
  4. And with R2 who is a tad undersized compared to 3P0 but will be good enough for me once tarted up a bit
  5. this was just a cheap toy I picked up from the bargain bucket of a shop and thought it would be a good candidate for a repaint. He's also pretty close to scale with the Hasbro smart R2-D2 that I got a while back and felt they might look good displayed together on a base after a bit of a spruce up. All in all I think k it came out ok but the solid plastic between the inner elbow and pistons let's it down a bit, I did consider carving it out with a Dremel but didn't fancy dealing with the inevitable scratches that would occur on the arm and with a metal finish would have been a major pain to sand and polish out. here's what he looked like before with my meat hook in the pic to try and give an idea of size And after a bit of painting
  6. And that is that ! Thank you to everyone who followed along and for the kind comments , I'll post some finished pics in RFI in a bit Pete
  7. A bit of thinned out Vallejo sepia wash was used to add some grime and stains. the crease in the paper near the architrave is from a tiny Gap in the carpet tape that I'd didn't think would show I did consider ripping it off and doing it again but I think the imperfection adds to the realism so I'm leaving it as is ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol ) i was a bit stumped as to what to do to the floor as I couldn't find a clear pic of it in any of the screen grabs ( it just looks grey ) I'm guessing its Lino or a vinyl of some sort and my primer wasn't a million miles away in shade so I just oversprayed it with a slightly lighter grey here and there and then polished it smooth with micromesh. This gave it a kind of well used look so I went with it and then added some dirt up to the skirting
  8. I managed to get the wallpaper done. I started out by making a template out of a sheet of A4 copier paper as the lining paper wouldn't stay flat due to being on a roll so this way made it much easier My measurements were pretty close but I had to make a few corrections to get a really good fit I transferred the measurements to the wallpaper, cut it out and stuck it on with carpet tape i left left it oversized so I could trim it down at the end and it worked out pretty well. tiles being glued in place here
  9. thank you, it's turned out much better than I'd hoped for lol, cheers Will
  10. thank you kindly Cadman thanks Svedberg
  11. absolutely brilliant Will ! I honestly thought you would be using an expensive set up to get pictures in such a high quality. this is such an ingenious way to do it and one that I will be fully emulating as soon as I get a chance to get out and bag the required items. Thank you so much for showing that, you have saved me a few quid there my friend Pete
  12. And a close up of Jack looking suitably manic and sweaty ( I've sprayed the background behind his head since this was taken but it wasn't dry enough to take a pic with him in place ) Im very nearly done with this now and just need to do the wallpaper and the floor. I don't think the floor will be too bad but I'm not looking forward to cutting the paper as I reckon it's going to be a pain to get cut accurately so I'll wait until tomorrow and give it a go Pete
  13. Added a little more weathering to the door with Vallejo wash and also a bit on the architrave and skirting
  14. Masking off and here's the result. The texture on the plate looks heavy in the pic but to the eye the effect is quite pleasing so a happy accident methinks Hinges were done the same way ( sorry for the out of focus picture )
  15. Handle and hinges time and in the screen grabs it looks like a worn and tarnished brass. i used Alclad jet exhaust as the base colour Lightly over painted with aluminium ( there is texture on the flat plate from the primer but this kind of worked out to my advantage at the end ) And finally pale burnt metal which has a nice gold tone to it
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