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  1. These series sure know how to punch you in the feels don't they? If you liked Try, I'd bet you'll like Divers. It's just a little bit further down the crazy train. It took a bit to get used to the avatars. They announced a new series yesterday, I think. It's gonna tie into the Gundam Breaker games. Which is pretty much a video game version of Build Fighters already. It's a game series where you build model kits and pilot them in battles.
  2. I agree. That's a tough color to nail down. Looks pretty good to me.
  3. I've got a soft spot for the old Lumina. I got to play with the early prototypes from GM. On top of the z-34s there was a 305 powered AWD car and an 350 rwd car. Neither of those saw production.
  4. I thought it was for quick id of friendly aircraft. Is that wrong?
  5. It's not that simple at all. Not even close. If you would listen to most media and social media today you can only fall into two camps on TLJ. Either SJWs or racists. Those are your only two choices. You liked it? Well your just one of those libertards who can't think for yourself. If you hate it? Your just some alt right racist who only likes non diversity in films. I really hope, heck i pray, that people here are a little more wise to the world than that. It's a movie. Your feelings aren't as black and white as all that. It's exhausting. IMHO it's a terrible movie. I can't get over the film's flaws, full stop. I couldn't care less about who played who or what ever. Or If some ideal of mine isnt meet. I prefer movies that challenge my ideals. If you liked it. I understand why you do. Again IMHO, there are some great stuff there. Especially with Rey and Luke. But Solo has absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Dispite having a great cast and a pretty good story, IMHO its getting dragged down with all the political crap from TLJ. Kk is Kathleen Kennedy. She currently runs Lucasfilms. She has said some pretty controversial and mean spirted stuff about the fanbase. If it offends you then that's your right to be upset. If it doesn't that's your right as well. IMHO her stuff is why Solo is faltering with fans. Which is ironic, because this film is more like the Original Trilogy than any they've done before. Same lame comedy, same cheesey one liners....etc. Did I mention that it's all so exhausting?
  6. Nice pics! They are pretty even if they are old.
  7. Oh most definitely I'm overanalyzing it! That's the fun part. It's all nonsense. But it's fun nonsense. At least to me.
  8. Nice build. We have one of these locally at the museum. I was shocked at how robustly it was constructed. Especially compared to the Sabre and Mig we have as well.
  9. Nice build. I've heard this kit is kind of a dog.
  10. Outstanding pics! These are bittersweet, I remember when these birds used to slash across the sky.
  11. I saw some rare cars this weekend, especially in the US. I met a real Scotsman on his way to or from a car show( I say real Scotsman because unlike Hollywood or BBC actors, both of our accents were so strong we could barely communicate. Hence the to or from. ) He had the unmistakable, and absolutely gorgeous, lines of a dark green Jaguar 340 on a trailer. Behind it he had a Rover P6 3500S from the late 60s or early 70s. Unfortunately it was in that awful brown that was so popular back then. He looked like he was about to smack me when I miss identified his Rover as a Toyota.
  12. One of Disney's lore people had an AMA on Reddit a few weeks ago. Somebody asked about the Sandtroopers and Snowtroopers being regular army instead of a variant of the Stormtrooper. I don't think they answered him. It was somebody on that AMA that compared them to Soviet troops. It was my idea to compare them to the US military. Based on the idea that you mostly see Stormtroopers on and around star ships. But that doesn't account for Rogue One. Unless she was in a naval prison, but that's kind of a stretch ain't it? Edit : I can't find it either. Maybe it was taken down?
  13. Great work. I've built this kit and it ain't easy! I've loved the La-5 and 7 since my flight sim days. They are incredibly fast little hot rods.
  14. Great work! That looks good. One question, shouldn't the effect be front to back? Not left to right? Or do you have a different resource than the pics I posted? It looks great no matter what.
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