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  1. What a gorgeous model, I was an engine man on Nimrods at Kinloss, St Mawgan and on 51 Sqn at Wyton and you’ve made a brilliant representation of an aircraft which has many many happy memories for me.
  2. Hopefully this one is in focus.
  3. That was a really enjoyable read and made me laugh. It’s nice to know that even people who aren’t allowed out in public unsupervised can find ways to occupy their time. I am surprised that you seem to have unfettered access to sharp knives though.
  4. Oh no, I wasn’t complaining about the photos you’ve posted, they’re perfect for a build log. Just suggesting a series of “professional” photos of the finished model for framing and hanging on the wall.
  5. That really is a “First Class”. (did you see what I did there? ) model. I do hope you intend to get it photographed properly with suitable backgrounds when it’s finally completed.
  6. Awesome. It wasn’t until I noticed the blue tac that I realised the photos were of your model engine and not example pictures of the real thing. It is unbelievably good.
  7. I’m impressed with your determination, skill and desire for accuracy, you’ll wind up with a superb model.
  8. Good save with the windscreen although when you said you’d used the old (too wide one) as a master I half expected you to show us a new (also too wide) one at the end. One question if I may, what paint did you use on the undercarriage. It perfectly matches the undercarriages of my days in the RAF.
  9. Just read this from the beginning and they look like amazing models.
  10. Fantastic modelling and the bendy light stand is a stroke of genius.
  11. Wow, that looks fantastic. You are a very skilled modeller.
  12. Cheers John, Just 100 Sqn for my Canberra, I’ve also got a Jaguar, Nimrod, Harrier, Sentry and Hercules to build from my RAF Career.
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