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  1. So did you just spray over the top of the old paint or did you strip it off or sand it down somehow?
  2. SandyBay

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Ouch for the rib, but the Canberra is looking tasty.
  3. That looks beautiful, you’ve made a fantastic job of building those. Thank you for posting all the photos and build details.
  4. SandyBay

    Mission Impossible? - Aldi Gnat

    Your contract is with the retailer Paul so I would expect your normal consumer rights to apply. It would then be down to the retailer (Aldi) to take the matter up with their supplier if they wished to.
  5. Oh my goodness, that painting is fantastic
  6. SandyBay

    Hercules help please

    I was and I’ve been trying to decide which scheme I like best. I’m coming down in favour of grey/green as after I left lyneham I still had lots of interactions with Hercs and that’s the scheme I remember best.
  7. SandyBay

    Hercules help please

    I was brand new, wet behind the ears and as gullible as they come so I didn’t need much ‘setting up’.
  8. SandyBay

    Brief guide to using Flickr

    Quick check https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry3eltw9xh1xpqv/File 12-07-2016%2C 16 58 58.jpeg?dl=1 nope
  9. Beautiful work and thank you for posting the details, it’s a very enjoyable read.
  10. SandyBay

    Hercules help please

    72 modeller you are correct, it IS an awesome forum. thanks both you and Lord riot for the links, I’ll have a good read up now. I remember the first time I was sent out to marshall one backing out of one of the bays over by ‘A’ line which had to reverse out. I ‘stupidly’ stood directly in front of the aircraft just like normal marshalling. I could see the pilots waving to me and thought they wanted me to check it was safe to go. Eventually they shrugged their shoulders, laughed, flashed the lights to start and as I marshalled them backwards...........the prop wash left me leaning forward at 45 dog and powerless to move my bats at all. That was when I realised they had the ramp down and the loadie was talking them backwards anyway.
  11. SandyBay

    Hercules help please

    This is VERY embarrassing, but I’m modelling a C130 Hercules from RAF Lyneham which was the first aircraft I ever worked on as a new engine mechanic. I started on CHF in October 1973 and a year or so later moved onto ‘B’ Line and stayed there until 1978 when I went off on my fitters course. The thing is, for the life of me I can’t remember what colour the Hercs were when I was there. I’m hoping there is an expert out there on britmodeller who will know whether they were grey and green with a light grey underside or brown and sand with a black underside. I was only there for five years and went all round the world and must have worked on and flown in every Herc at Lyneham but can’t remember the colour....told you it was embarrassing. Thank you in anticipation bob
  12. What he said ^^^^^^^ I’ll follow this build please
  13. SandyBay

    Kinetic F-16I Sufa - 1/48

    Nice to see this back on the bench, there’s some exquisite work going into this model.
  14. SandyBay

    Revell (Frog) Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    1968? A mere child compared to us proper old folks. Now, off you go, toilet, teeth and bed.