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  1. That certainly looks like a Brit to me . Smashing job!
  2. Fantastic peak over the fence Paul. I find the "quality " of photo lends itself to the nostalgic feel of the time,a little like black and white images from many years ago. Keep up the good work. I will try and join in with some myself later if I may. The potential to peek into other people's photo albums is amazing isn't it.
  3. Fantastic build, well done and no mention of rivets from anyone. Could it be that Airfix got it right?
  4. Very clever way to hang a test bed radar. Thats a nice build with bags of character.
  5. Built this years ago and must have taken the most weight that I ever put in a model! What you have so far looks great and I look forward to your progress.
  6. Anyone near Margate wishing to grab a cheap Airfix Harrier from the Hornby shop? Bagged and labeled £2, FIFTY PENCE at the counter! Got one this morning and there may have been a dozen left.
  7. I thought the idea of belly markings was to advertise the airline. I don't think that maple leaf of red on black is going to show up too well at ten thousand feet let alone thirty. I think the rouge scheme is far more representative of a Canadian national carrier.
  8. Has anyone seen one?
  9. Check the spinner on the second aircraft.....
  10. Is that with chocolate?
  11. Really nice Brits there. I am afraid to say that I bottled on the Airways Britannia even though I have built vac forms before. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Do we know anything about the Bf108 in the background?
  13. Good work skyfan, and yes one of the best schemes about. I am a bit worried about thinners in a beer bottle though!
  14. That's brilliant, thank you for sharing.
  15. That's a slick ship isn't it! Thanks for sharing.