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  1. There was a time long ago when Hasegawa would lead the way in both subject choice and quality, but apart from the rare new products it all seems to be reboxes. Also I will stick my neck right out here and suggest that although there airliners are lovely kits,why not 1/144th along with the majority of the airliner model world?
  2. Thank you for posting, it's a marvellous what if ,though a tad cosy inside I would suspect! Are the copies of your decal sheet intend for sharing by those that might want to use them? If so , I think it is a great idea. That is a lovely finish you have there, thanks again.
  3. Just got back to my bench only find the Humbrol matt varnish has turned white on one of the Brits! The others are ok. More later.
  4. I don't think the full potential was ever realised with the Belfast. During my time with them at Manston we at Invicta were at one time on the cusp of operating them for Euro Latin the owners. Make a nice what if....
  5. Yes it was Haydon Bailey,s although I think it is the one that nearly killed Spencer Flack.
  6. Only the Sea Fury and Varsity from this lot flew. The B24 was recieving attention including a nice paint job before flying on to the States. I am so sorry about the mish mash ,but I will learn!
  7. My first air show with camera. I have cleaned them up as much possible without much help from the original image! A bit iffy but interesting to some I hope.
  8. So inspiring! Where am I going to find the time to raid my stash and finish what's on the bench?
  9. Very nice indeed! Being a biplane it will be one of Matchboxes better offering ' s.
  10. What a waste of effort and what ifs to boot!
  11. Thank you for the compliment. They are Roden kits and very good they are too . I have an F-RESIN Brit as well but on comparison whith the Roden I have decided to standardise with the latter. The only way that I could think of doing these schemes is because thankfully Ray at 26 decals has provided a nice range of decals. However, the wingless one will have to be hand painted as no decals exist at the moment. I am keen to do this as my father and I painted the real thing many years ago and I helped sign write it as well. It will I hope become All Cargo Airlines 5y-ayr.
  12. Lovely result really nice. The rings at the rear of the engines are silencers l think ar they not?
  13. As the title suggests, this was "simply " a test to put an image on site and think about the text later. As I have said it is the Valom Saro Cloud but what I meant to say also is that is NOT for the beginner! It was a joy to build and now and again I don't think it hurts to do a little extra for something special.
  14. As promised, images of my production line. I shall try and refine the method and photography, meanwhile I hope this is OK.
  15. This is the Valom Saro Cloud and it is quite a nice kit although it most definitely for the beginner.