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  1. Excellent job there,nice to see one finished. I have five on the go at the moment and although three are getting close its props props props! Comes with the territory.
  2. Right, brain re engaged and reading the post properly. ... I got the impression that the kit supplied decals were no good and that having taken the trouble to paint the aircraft I would be without the titles to finish it. The kit is going together quite well and my only problem so far has been the step through the middle of the flaps underside. I had to do a little thinning on the trailing edge of the lower wing and remove a little of the area on the top wing that it sits on.
  3. I suppose freedom of speech is the next thing!
  4. That's brilliant! How is it that nearly all Swedish military aircraft look like they have from Gerry Anderson's sketch book?
  5. Are we suggesting that if I make the effort to paint my Argosy ready for the AerTures decals as supplied I may up the creek without a decal?
  6. Smashing result there. That radiator bath looks like a work of genius compared with the Fury,although the Fury was probably a bit earlier. I think Aeroplane published some nice air to air photos some years ago, they may be available somewhere.
  7. Now they were real class. Have you seen the 100 squadron centenary Hawk? Ohhhhh!
  8. Very nice job,not sure I would fancy a "beat up" with the safety pilot flying!
  9. Lovely job on that ,really nice finish. I think asthetics must have been at the bottom of the list when in the design stage! Sir Sydney must have rolled in his grave when they rolled that out. I digress, I would build one just because its a Hawk.
  10. Very nice build, but what I can't understand is that you query the depth of the panel lines and then accentuate them?
  11. HR resin did a nice kit of the "LYNX" 504 . Having not built a resin kit before I found it very similar to an injection kit.
  12. I think it may be the same buyer as the T7.
  13. Very sad ,but it has always been a two way street. The thing that bothers me more is how many of our stock of airworthy jets that might be leaving us. If I am not mistaken both the T7 and NF11 are on their way to the state's.
  14. Brilliant, well done.
  15. Great result there Mr T. I have one in the stash that might now just creep closer to the top! It is by being a vacform a very basic kit but as you have demonstrated a very nice result can be achieved.