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  1. Qatar to buy Typhoon

    With the Americans and Canadians at loggerheads over the C series, might we see a renewed Canadian interest in Typhoon? I hope May and co put the idea forward yesterday.
  2. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Is not blue and white not synonymous with Bavarian heraldry? Could be something to do with it maybe?
  3. Avro Shackleton MR1 nose radar scanner

    Was it part of the Strathallan (?) collection, and where is it now?
  4. 1:32 scale DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea)

    That's a lovely build and thank you for sharing with us. Must have been an interesting experience with a cross wind!
  5. Really nice, pink one next.?
  6. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Would the fabric have been primed first with an oxide red? This would probably have an effect on the finish. Anyway one looks at it , that Spitfire is a work of art and my fifty odd years of modeling will never come close! I will just have to be content with what I can achieve and trundle along in the slow lane. Just think , Picasso wouldn't have known where to start!
  7. 1/144 Boeing 727-200 & 757-200 for RNZAF builds.

    Good call Eric.
  8. Airfix winter Stuka

    Don't worry about the weathering, it looks great to me. Nice job and thank you for sharing.
  9. RAF bomber wreck discovered in the North Sea

    If that's a main wheel, then my money might be on a Hampden.
  10. Airfix Sea King HAR.3 into an HAS.1 or 2

    Thats what I call a pucka paint scheme!
  11. Tips for building 1:72 Pegasus biplanes?

    They are good for a basic model on which you can produce some very nice results. Good subjects if you don't mind a bit of scratching.
  12. Fabulous build and a wonderful high speed finish. Thank you for sharing, and another nod for a Venom.
  13. I have half a dozen and feel very lucky. But what makes them even more special is that my wife insists at birthdays and Christmas I indulge myself with "one of those kits from New Zealand " . For the record they include Dh9a PW, Snipe PW , Triplane, SE5 , RE8. (bakers half dozen )!
  14. BBMF Grounded

    Not to mention the pilots.