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  1. More 70,s Manston.

    More of the same if you like. T33 Alize Alize Alize KC135F C47 Nord 262 C130K C130 Hawk Hawk Jaguar.
  2. Buccanere boys.

    Yes I remember the Comet Steve,I have a picture somewhere. The runway is definitely impressive with some wonderful undulations which will be smoothed out when Manston reopens hopefully in 2019/20.
  3. Congratulations and well done on a fantastic build. Just one question though. ......are you tempted to load it?
  4. Buccanere boys.

    Yes it was Smudge , and yes we had some interesting arrivals. I have been trying to find the Buccs serial but have had no luck so far.
  5. Lets see if this works! Resident Cub and one of three Belfast here for certification. C118, location and provenance unknown. Maybe Manston but not sure. Oops, Meteor D16 possibly St Mawgan. CL44 UH 1 S2 Tracker, ex Italian air force/ navy. Yours truly trying to get the nose down! If you think the kits need a lot of weight then it would be just like the real thing. 9G-ACK on its first visit for maintenance . https://flic.kr/p/23mrh6b DC4 5T-RIF,my first effort with the tug. G-BLSC arrives in the UK. G-ANCF in happier times. Hope you like something.
  6. Buccanere boys.

    The belly tank took the brunt of it with very little damage elsewhere.
  7. SLIVERS...

    Found this and thought of you lot.
  8. Manston Hunters.

    Some visitors to Manston in the late seventies.
  9. Buccanere boys.

    Shall we say 1978/9? This dropped in on us on day having blown the hood it landed wheels up on a nice foam carpet. it was then deposited into "our" hangar at Invicta Aircraft Engineering at Manston. A working party came down from I presume Honington to prepare it for a gear down ferry back home. It stayed with us for three or four days and before it left dad and I "zapped" it just below the port intake with the white horse of Invicta! Now I have tried everywhere on the net to get the serial number of this beastie and drawn a blank, can anybody help?
  10. Meteors

    Pictures purchased from Flight magazine purchased by my father years ago. He was responsible for the codes when stationed in Germany so was pleased to get some nice pics that had previously been published in the magazine. Good comparisons of Mk9 and 10 Meteors.
  11. 26decals review?

    Get in and fill your boots! I have used many and will hopefully in the future. It is very easy and efficient to order . Posting my latest Britannia in the next couple days thanks to 26.
  12. Great builds going on here,well done. My thoughts on the old Frogs is to treat them like ready to assemble vac forms,how much you do to them is up to you. What you will end up with will be a reasonable replica.
  13. Javelin and Victor

    Thank you for sharing the wonders. So many gems tucked away unseen and even worse, junked when holder has "finished " with them. Can I suggest a big push from all to get more into the public domain. Quality I think should not be an issue.
  14. Lufthansa new scheme.