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  1. Lovely shot, just right for when I do the Mikro Mir kit. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Very nice thank you for sharing.
  3. Lovely, thank you for sharing. Great to see "traditional " use of full colour roundels and serial numbers that one can read!
  4. Your right, l should have checked. I gave it some thought ,FR or PR and guess what?
  5. I will look again at the PR 9's although I am not hopeful.
  6. It would be interesting to know what happened to the T7's bookings after Shoreham. All this should have been well and truly dealt with after Don Bullocks infamous "accident " at Biggin Hill years ago,. Unfortunately I see jet operators getting a bad deal for bookings for the forseable future, I hope that I am wrong. It was a bit of a blow to lose F8 "Winston " to Australia some years ago and now yet again we are down to just one Meatbox, G-LOSM NF 11. Keith, very disappointed!
  7. I have said this on a previous post in that when inspected at Farnborough, my thoughts were that there is a lot of effort for such a small cabin.
  8. Found some more for you if you have the appetite.. Dutch VIP C47 Buckeburg 1952 BEA Dakota Buckeburg1952 Meteor PR9,s 2 sqn Buckburg 1952 Meteor NF 11 WD674 Buckeburg 1952 C119 RAF Celle 1951 RAF Dakota 24 sqn Celle 1952 C7 Celle 1951 C47 Celle 1951 RAF Dakota Celle 1950 Hope you like something.
  9. The Italians have a CSAR Merlin don't they? Job done, fits in with the fleet. I suppose it is not so simple, but it would be quicker and probably cheaper to go down that path than purchase and adapt Osprey?
  10. Nice model there,could help me with the one I picked up from the Hornby shop for 50p yesterday!
  11. I welcome these kits with open arms. However, I would like to see some aftermarket resin or ech prop blades for this kind of thing. The best multiblade props that have come across my bench were those in the Revell A400 (1/144th ) but a new line of supply would be helpful to turn to.
  12. A laps in dads memory it looks like. Definitely looks like RAO under the door.
  13. Some more.... Mosquitos, RAF Locking 1947. All burnt later. Spitfire 22. 2sqn RAF Dishforth 1949. Dad in the cockpit again! L5 Sentinel possibly Furstenfeldbruck 1951 Lincoln B2 Celle 1951.RF311? Hastings TG609 . Celle 1951 B26 Invader 434519 "Miss Lace" Celle 1951 Miss Lace. Vampire WA411 RCAF, "Red Indians". Vampire RAF Gutersloh 1951 Mosquito TH999 recovery.1951 Mosquito TH999 Mosquito TH999. Very apt. Harvard down near Celle 1951,serial not known. 3 Squadron Vampire recovery near Neankirchen,Verdun 1951. Serial not known. Mosquito ,serial not known. Celle 1951. Have fun!
  14. I remember the "lightweight affordable fighter competition " in the seventies. This sounds familiar.
  15. Who knows that it might be wrong? I do not think that scheme adheres to any strict pattern does it?