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  1. As an experiment I painted the interior of one of my 72nd Spitfires with the base colours of cockpit green and black. With a little dry brushing and a dab of satin varnish on the instruments and some seat belts from masking tape that was it. I have done one with just a black interior , seat belts and closed it up. With the hood closed there really was nothing to be seen. Keith
  2. Lovely pictures, thank you. It is great to see so many wonderful classic aircraft in such wonderful condition. Keith
  3. Nice to see the Aztec and other light aircraft being given a chance. I think 3d printing lends itself to this kind of subject. I am on my first 3d model only I am giving myself a challenge with a Fairey III. As for internal colours I think you can choose as you like, who's going to tell you that it's wrong. Keith
  4. With the demise of two of your chosen subjects I would hope it is safe to build another! Here's to your next project. Keith
  5. Very nice Lightningboy. Interesting how the F16 spawned a couple of derivatives and more if the arrow wing delta is figured in. Might I suggest you choose carefully your next project! Keith
  6. Excellent coverage, thank you for sharing with us. That Swedish jet trio reminds me of the British heritage display flight.... Keith
  7. On this subject of far east Lancaster's I have never seen a model Lancaster with the saddle tank that I believe would have been used. Keith
  8. I think you have captured the Hurricane just right there Bruce,and I do like your exhaust staining ! Keith
  9. One thing is for sure, the national markings are in keeping with the size of the aircraft. Reference the RAF! Keith
  10. I always wondered how that Jordanian fin flash got out of the paint shop. What happened to line of flight? I don't recall seeing other Jordanian aircraft with such sloppy application. And yes you may recall my consternation at the RAF Hawk T2 fin flashes. Keith
  11. This is my first printed model project and I will be treading carefully! I am chuffed to bits with the parts provided by Ben and hope to do his work and skills justice. I have removed most parts from the trees and gave them a gentle wash. After a bit of research via the Phillip Jarrett book on the Fairy III F I will crack on. Stay tuned. Keith.
  12. I suppose a folding mod would take about three years and some daft amount of money to do. Does the Seahawk fold down to the size of a Lynx or Wildcat? Keith
  13. Marvelous job on a quiet basic kit. Did you have to put a spar through the fuselage? I seem to remember the wing joints were a bit sloppy and not too strong. My local airfield Manston used to get these in almost weekly sometimes daily so it seemed at the time and on leaving one could hear them droning away for ages. Thank you for sharing and jogging the memory card Keith
  14. Airbus flew over here,East Kent about an hour ago in what I would imagine a preliminary scheme of overall white with just vertical stripes on the fin. Keith
  15. Still got it,as they say. Very nice. Keith
  16. Thank you Steve. If it is a good kit to begin with it makes it easier and can be very rewarding. Keith
  17. Ngantek thank you for your kind words. I will investigate colourcoats but I am unaware of them. Keith
  18. What a wonderful collection. I have always had a soft spot for any Finnish subject. I can't help myself here but you haven't FINNISHED yet. Keith
  19. Thank you Graham. I think the gent responsible moved back to his native Japan and ceased production, such a shame. I know others on here know more and may well correct me if I am wrong. Keith
  20. After a gestation period of some twenty five years my Dynavector Sea Hornet has finally hit the deck. It was a very satisfying build once I got stuck in. Paints are Humbrol enamel and could be one of the last using such as my stocks are running low. I don`t know what I will end up using but I having used them for over fifty odd years I am not looking forward to finding a replacement! Suggestions welcome bearing in mind I use a hairy stick. Enough of that, I hope you like my efforts. That`s all folks! Keith
  21. How about a Skyraider with a de rated T56 engine. Tandem two seater as well with a stretched bubble hood. Sounds like a WIF! Keith
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