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  1. So am I, and it is. More to follow. I have come across one tiny issue in that the attachment lug on the starboard boom has a slight kink in it which translates to an outward kick on the fin. I had not noticed this until later and in my efforts to straighten it to the vertical... It snapped. But all was not lost, it fixed the problem and with a little smear of filler all was well. I only know about the lug issue when delivering my friends set to him an going over my build with him. Examination of the starboard boom seemed to give the clue as to my issue. Keith
  2. I have to bump this again as it looks like I might finish it, ha ha.
  3. I can't even send the right pictures. I will attempt to keep you informed of my progress and try and sought out the duplicate image fiasco. It's just me! And fathoming 3D printing,ha ha! Keith
  4. That is phase one , as with my first build of this model I packed the nose cowling with lead chippings held in place with microclear. The lead under the floor is an addition this time so should be bomb proof! The new booms although solid are not appreciably heavier than the kit ones . Keith
  5. Glad to see them not being scrapped. Plenty of spares left to keep a small fleet going as well perhaps. Keith
  6. Thank you Mike, I probably saw it at the time and having nothing to share for a while it went out of my head. As you may have seen in work in progress I am still having finger trouble! Keith
  7. I have just taken delivery of some 3D printed Vampire booms and tail plane to enable a 48th scale F1 Vampire from the Airfix kit. Created by Ben { wellsprop}they are really very nice being my first experience of 3D. All cleaned up and ready for assembly. oops! !! I`ll get my coat. Extra lead added beneath the seat, a must. I give up!!! Keith.
  8. I have not used my laptop to view this site for a while as my phone is more than adequate for keeping in touch. However, I find that now I want to post some pictures with my laptop I cannot get in! I select member login and presented with my name is Britman and my password is there. I am requested to add @ to my site name. It doesn't work for me and I am pretty frustrated,has anything changed recently,have I been a naughty boy? Please help. Keith
  9. Excellent work and not an air brake in sight! I don't know if I will build one or not as the afterbuild storage has to be considered. I look forward to seeing more. Keith
  10. Airfix to release in 72nd scale a new Anson MK1 , and the Avro Lincoln. In 48th we will see a nice Firefly V. I HOPE! Looking forward to tomorrow. Keith
  11. It's a big world we live in , thank you for the enlightenment. Masking looks good , something I quite enjoy. Keith
  12. Lovely work, quite inspired. But "Thrasher"? Almost as bad as Relentless from Bell. What goes on in the minds of the American naming committee. Oh and Fighting Falcon, changed I believe after Dassault complained after the original Falcon name for the F16. Sorry for straying off topic. Keith
  13. Guys, this doesn't have to be a tail sitter! I filled the nose from the rear of the instrument panel with chips cut from lead sheet. I kept loading it and checking the fit of the nose cover . The good thing is this can be done standing on its gear until you get the balance right. I sealed the lead with crystal clear and glued the nose on at the same time. It will sit back but not unless I put it down. This kit is going to make Airfix a lot of money I hope as it is a little cracker. Keith
  14. Probably the most well designed ground attack aircraft ever. Thank you for sharing Sven. Keith
  15. A lovely paint job but as said before the panel lines although worthy of a wash perhaps a couple of tones down, especially given your dislike of the Airfix panel lines. I hope my critique is not too harsh. Keith
  16. I have a small sheet of code four lead that I cut into small chips that fitted under the nose cover and fixed with microclear. It will sit down on the tail if I put it there,so I don't! Keith.
  17. The Airfix seat does not do justice to the rest of the kit unfortunately. The kit is a joy but the seat almost looks like it was the last item in the design to get it out to production. Keith
  18. I started building this kit and had to stop myself! I couldn't put it down,it was such a pleasure. Life for in the way and I had to pause the build but it is by the bench ready to jump back in the queue. Keith
  19. 144th is great if you have multiple builds in mind and not so much storage for completed models. Regards the current offerings,they are still too expensive and I would hope a Zveda or Roden kit might be cheaper. Keith
  20. Britman


    Very interesting. But "is it safe"... Keith
  21. Long stroke undercarriage is included. I have just been decaling mine and I don't think it will be long before another will be needed. It goes together pretty well but don't expect it to build itself after all we are model makers. Keith
  22. My dad used to paint the real things and if one was on jack's with the wheels up he was always happy to get a shout from the airmen responsible. Keith
  23. Sounds like I got off lightly. My windshield had been bent over in the polythene bag that it arrived in,thus splintering the sprue attachment to the part. Airfix replaced it within a few days of letting them know. Keith
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