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  1. Very nice indeed and if I remember correctly Chris Gannon of Pegasus models fame produced the engines for M&E. Keith
  2. Just to bolster the conference of any have a go modeller my first vacform was the 72nd Rareplanes Vulcan! It turned out really well except the vacform process doesn't lend itself to undercarriages. It did get WOC when that wonderful Airfix kit came out first time around. Keith
  3. Very impressive and nicely weathered. Thank you for sharing. Keith
  4. It's funny isn't it, I have been looking at Mosquito kits and images for over fifty years and never considered the difference in the rear bombay shape! I sometimes think ignorance is bliss, but I am intrigued to investigate it now. Every day is a school day as they say. Keith
  5. Just jogged my memory with this subject as to the size of the Belfast jack's that turned up at Manston years ago. Being used to our Britannia jack's the Belfast jobbies were towering . Keith
  6. The Wasp G-RIMM is now based at Manston apparently. Do not quote me though! Keith
  7. A Westland Wasp! What a surprise, and it landed at my local airfield, Manston. Keith
  8. Does anybody know of a Starship kit? I am well aware that it is changing almost by the week, but a baseline model could be useful. Keith
  9. Very nice indeed. The Heller Hurricane kit was always my go to kit for many years. Keith
  10. You misunderstood my humour. Keith
  11. And ironically the Israeli armed forces are now one of the more flamboyant in the air. Consider , so many years where unit markings were almost always sensored! Keith
  12. I have enjoyed this build very much and look forward to your Blackburn Blackburn! Your patience and skills are incredible. Thank you again for sharing your projects. Keith
  13. Would be a great opportunity for Airfix with their new design skills. Just keep it smooth and simple. Keith
  14. I suspected the seats would be a problem with day to day access but as you explain regular access was or should not have been necessary . Keith
  15. Lovely work with nice weathering. Thank you for sharing. Keith
  16. Aircraft is looking good Steve well done to all. As you suggested I do have a question. How was all that gubbins under the rear canopy serviced? Keith
  17. Britman

    Sopwith Camel

    Roden for me every time. Keith
  18. Very nice job indeed. My friend built this Hunter and used the decal sheet stripes which he said went on like a dream. He was reluctant at first to use them as they have a lot of shapes to get over . Keith
  19. Is the plywood filled and smooth?
  20. Looking at the model in the link it seems like the undercarriage is not loaded with the weight of the aircraft. Keith
  21. That's a Sopwith Salamander! Thanks for sharing and the warning. Keith
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