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  1. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    I am in a similar situation, after several e-mails and promises that it has been posted.
  2. Mirage 2000P 1/48

    Very nice indeed and well done with the camo scheme. That is an awful lots of bombs to put on.
  3. Mirage F1CR ER 2/33 Operation Daguet 1991

    Very nice indeed. What problems did you have with the Carpena decal sheet? I know that when I have used them in the past on one side of model I would be able to apply the decal fine, whilst the corresponding decal on the other side would break apart and I would have t work to get it together again correctly.
  4. Three Mirage F1s

    Nice work with the blu-tack, those camo schemes look really good. The decals bring them all to life.
  5. Mirage F1CK

    Thanks Wez, the rebuke was only meant in jest.
  6. Academy 1/72nd F-15C

    Good old hairy stick every time. I don't know how to use one of these new fangled air brush things.
  7. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    Two very good models that are so similar, but so different. Well done.
  8. Mirage IIIC. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    That looks very good indeed, well done.
  9. Mirage F1CK

    I am now calling this one finished although to be honest it has been this way for a month or so waiting for a certain part from a certain person if he can find it. When he does it the part will be added to the model. It has been on display at a few shows now and has bought favourable comments. It is a very good kit to build, but is not a shake and bake one with some care and attention required with certain parts.
  10. Gallery

    This is a Special Hobby Mirage F1 made as a Kuwaiti Air Force aircraft from the 1991 Gulf War using Carpena decals.
  11. Academy 1/72nd F-15C

    I am using the Hakata USAF Aggressor Sqn Paint Set No2 (Red Label), which covers all the colours that I am using and to be honest some paints cover the model very good (The light Blue) while others (The Dark Blue especially) do not. But they are slowly getting the job done.
  12. Polish MiG-29

    Thank you for your comments very encouraging. Having been away I have now got back to building this one. I have sprayed the model with a matt varnish and added the U/C plus the underwing pylons. I had a bit of fun with the main wheels as I could not get the flat spot to touch the ground correctly, they would either be up at the front or back. With a bit of swopping I got one side to fit correctly so with the nose wheels fitted I fitted the inner hub to the main U/C leg that I just could not get right after removing the tyre location spigot. I then fitted the tyre, sat the model on the ground, rotated the tyre so that it sat correctly, glued in position and then fitted the outer hub. will hopefully get the canopy painted, and then start to fit the U/C doors, once I have fitted the lights. Not that much to do but it just seems to be taking a long time to do it.
  13. Academy 1/72nd F-15C

    Thank you. After a break with myself being on holiday I am now back with this one. I have finally finished the painting which yet again took a while with the paint on the nose cone. Tonight I have started to apply the decals with the ones on that tail and I will have more photos soon.
  14. Bovington Tank Museum 11th February Model Expo

    Well it official as I got an e-mail today saying thanks for attending the show on Saturday and that I will hopefully be attending the shows on 10-11 Feb and 13-14 Oct 2018, with info about the shows in the not too distant future.
  15. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    I think that SAM Publications were meant to have a table at Tankmod this weekend, but no-one was ever there. Still nowt in the post.