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  1. Super hornet Adversaries

    There are some of the Fightertown F-18 adversary decal sheets at Spruebrothers, but the one that I think that you want are out of stock.
  2. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    what about What ifs? I have looked through this thread and I cannot find a yes or no. I am looking at doing a A-10 NAW that actually went into service with the USAFE being called A-10B. If they are not allowed I will be building something proper, just thought that I would ask.
  3. Revell 1/72 Tornado GR.1 - bombs

    You do realise that you have posted this in the Civil Aircraft area, not Military Aircraft.
  4. As far as I am aware there is no difference between the two as if I am right the FG1 was based on the F-4J.
  5. Australian Hornet

    I also asked there about this.
  6. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    On Xtradecals new FG1 sheet for the RAF there are many 43 Sqn schemes included
  7. Australian Hornet

    I am hoping that the Caracal sheet includes some aircraft from "Op Falconer" and is available 1/72nd scale.
  8. Concorde: Designing the Dream

    The Tornado trying to catch Concorde did make me laugh.
  9. Another Qatari Lynx question

    From what I read in the Air Power variant briefing on the Lynx you are correct in that the Qatari Lynxes were fitted with sand filters and uprated engines.
  10. Tornado in Snow Camouflage

    I have found 3 pictures of Tornado GR1As in winter camo schemes. They are in either "Tornado Multi-role combat aircraft" by Jon Lake and Mike Crutch and the Crowood book on the Tornado by Andy Evans. All the aircraft are part of the Marham wing with 2 being from No 2 (AC) Sqn, one being ZG592 coded "C" and the other I cannot see the reg but is coded "W". The other aircraft is from No13 Sqn and is ZG729 coded "M". Hope this is of some help.
  11. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    Sorry I should have mentioned that there is a colour picture of this aircraft with the spine markings in Dick Wards book on Phantom Sqns published in 1988, plus a black and white one without the spine markings.
  12. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    Although I cannot find evidence at the moment I am sure that 43 Sqn were told to remove the spine markings after either the Station Commander or another higher ranking officer saw the scheme. That is why it was short lived. I will keep on looking to find out more.
  13. Some help with English towns

  14. Some help with English towns

    I still count Greater Manchester, Merseyside and some parts of Cheshire as being part of Lancashire.
  15. 1/72 - CASA C-212 Aviocar - by Special Hobby

    Whereabouts in the Middle East was this aircraft?