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  1. Great work Dave. Would also like to know about the wash as when ever I have tried this stuff it either never comes off or ends up under decals and the such like even though I have applied at least 2 coats of Klear.
  2. Some really nice work with the engines. I know what you mean with getting the upper and lower fuselage parts together. I had a similar issue, plus the shim that I can't remember having on other Hasegawa F-111s that I have built. Well done in getting them together
  3. Thanks, the paint is applied with hairy stick.
  4. As others have already said health is definitely more important than a model. Take care with your recovery and I really do hope that all goes well with the IGG treatment. It has been nice to see this build especially with all the differences between the B's themselves let alone with other types of F-111s, I only thought that it was a short nose and long wings. I do hope that this is completed to its logical conclusion.
  5. I am going to cut and shunt the numbers onto some clear decal sheet and then stick the whole lot onto the model. Thanks for pointing that out I forgot about that until you mentioned it. The main reason I am going to try and do 722 is because I have photographic evidence in the weapons load that I am planning to do, which I do not have for 727. Another reason that I have got another decal sheet is because I have used some Carpena sheet before and had some trouble with some of the decals splitting after being placed in water and trying to piece them back together on the model was not really my idea of fun. So the newer decal sheet is a bit of insurance incase this happens and I can not get the decal back together again, plus it has arrived.
  6. An impressive list, hope all goes well with these builds.
  7. Camo scheme now painted. I still have a few parts to paint like the green aerials here and there, plus the part where the outer wing folds into the inner wing. Once these areas have been painted I will apply a coat of Klear and start decaling.
  8. I think that we have all been there, thinking that the kit has provided one thing when it should have been another, only to find out just in time when looking at something completely different that the kit was actually correct. Hopefully you will be able to get this one finished in the 4 days that you have left.
  9. A very good job with the masking and painting.
  10. Yep, very nice indeed. Well done.
  11. Strange it has been a while since I have done a Kuwaiti aircraft, even though I have had plans for quite a while now.
  12. I have missed this a little over the past few weeks or so, but the catch up is very impressive especially the camo scheme. Really very nice Craig.
  13. I have just looked through the Wings of Fame edition on the Bucc and although it says that it could use the BL755 there are no pictures of any aircraft carrying them. Will carry on looking though.
  14. This is my entry for this GB. It will be a Mirage F1CK of the Kuwaiti Air Force that managed to escape from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia as the Iraqis invaded in 1990 and fought during the 1991 conflict. I will be using the Carpena decals for this build, which actually only has decals for a two seater aircraft. I have ordered another set of these decals so that I can do a bit of cut and shunting with the Serial No to get a single seat aircraft. I am not sure which colour scheme I will be doing at the moment, but I am looking towards the blue/grey one as the numbers that I can make with the decal sheet will be from this range and that the length of these aircraft was the same as a probed aircraft so I would not have to loose a bit off the nose to make it. From pictures that I have available I have found that some of these aircraft were fitted with Mk82 retarded bombs beneath the fuselage and ECM pods on the wings, whilst the desert coloured ones only have the Super 530Fs beneath the wings. The kit The decals Some info A picture taken at Ali Al Salem in 2003 when I was part of Op Telic. There were a few stories of why they were left in this state.
  15. Very impressive and certainly different.