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  1. Great build and great looking Tornado Muzz!!! I have an Italeri F.3 and will rob the third 1500l tank from her and I think you're right about decals for the recce windows...much easier and I think they are also included in the Xtradecal stencil sheet. I will take a look later. Thanks for the offer for the template!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot for the photos John!!!! And thanks for the info Muzz!!! I will go through your build
  3. Great looking Vipers!!! Same question...How did you achieve the gold tint? And even better...only on the fwd portion of the canopy. Wow!!!
  4. Thanks a lot John!!!! That's the kind of info I was looking for If you have the time and possibility it would be great to see that control panel. Cheers, Alex
  5. Hi all even though I have a bunch of started kits waiting around to be finished and the job and family keeping me busy, I would love to start Revell's 1/48 Tornado. Talked to one of my colleagues a couple of days ago who used to work on German IDS and the Tornado fever got me. I have Shaun's great resin sets and a copy of a IRLS pod, but I'm still missing a couple of things like a good template for the SLIR windows or a third 1500l tank...by the way read somewhere that the tanks included are the wrong ones for a RAF aircraft!?!? Or info about differences between the regular GR1 cockpit and the 1A cockpit. I read through General Melchett's great build and would also love to build a RAFG Gr.1A. Does anybody know if it's the same as the Gr1's? Or are there any panels or controls...which would be noticeable in 1/48 for the recon equipment? I don't know if I will be able to start an online WIP or how long I will need to finish the kit...can't remember when I finished my last one...but with the kids now grown up a bit more I should have more time for a model :-) So...anyone with any info concerning the cockpit, a good drawing that I could use for the SLIR windows or the 1500l tanks? Thanks in advance!!!!!!! Alex
  6. A real beauty!!!
  7. What a shame you crashed that beauty Great idea with the intake!!!
  8. I guess my money is history. But on the other hand...it's only money. Hope he's doing well and we'll hear from him again
  9. I ordered my Phantom sheet in June last year...never heard from them/him since
  10. Love it! Great job!!!
  11. This is unbelievable!!! I love it!!! Много поздрави от Берлин
  12. Great build and great reference!!
  13. This is an incredible build!!!!
  14. And that`s exactly what I mean...another 25€ to have it looking like a SH. Plus the additional bits to fix the issues of the main kit. I think it could have been a good idea by Tarangus to at least add those required pods...otherwise it really looks like a rip off. Sorry, but that one is just not convincing me...again. Would have loved to have a Viggen, but that's a bit to expensive for me.Hopefully one of the mainstream will one day show up with a 1/48 Viggen.