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  1. Willkommen an Bord! You will definitely enjoy it over here. Not comparable with German forums. Absolutely great place. Servus und Grüße aus Erding Alex
  2. Congrats Dave! Another great one! You should slow your production rate for a while. It's easier to move houses when the kits are still in their boxes
  3. Looking great so far! Will definitely follow your build as I would love to build one. Alex
  4. Started that one a while ago, but then Covid hit me full force and at the end "normal life" killed my MOJO. Hope I can finish it one day...sooner than later My F/A-18F build
  5. And so do I, but I still use Future if I need to remove a seam line on modern canopies or if a canopy needs a coating. I did this on my Super Hornet build and it looks great.
  6. Great job Ray! Love all the mods you did I glued several clear parts with CA glue. All you need is a good ventilation...just keep blowing air across the gluing surface...or dip the clear parts in Future before you glue them. Give it a try...dip a spare part in future and hold it over CA glue. You won't see any fogging.
  7. Looking good Dave! But a lot of issues for such an expensive kit I think the Revell E is definitely the better option
  8. Fantastic looking aggressor!!!! Congratulations Craig
  9. The black looks great! Smooth and clean The MRP paints are awesome...and of course your paint job The pods are a nice colourful touch.
  10. I have no idea which colour is the correct one, but I like the 'British' Sky more Which paint...I guess MRP...did you use?
  11. Exactly and not on the Seafires or Sea Hurricanes either
  12. I would understand that procedure on the islands to avoid dirt build-up in the openings, but not on carriers.
  13. Wow...I never saw the shell ejection ports taped. I thought it was only done on the muzzles.
  14. You can really be happy with your job! It's a small aircraft with with tiny curves.
  15. Great job Craig! Love the details in the cockpit
  16. Moved from Berlin four years ago and we love it here. Unfortunately the Fliegerhorst is almost closed. Only some offices are still present. They even removed the F-104 gate guard
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