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  1. I have to check the Meng exhaust nozzles closely. Don't want to spend money, but the Reskit nozzles just look great. Dave...Could you do me a favour and make a photo of both nozzles next to each other. And maybe compare the size. Thanks!!!!!!
  2. ATFLIR AN/ASQ-228 is the pod you need and I know that the Meng kit includes one. No idea how good the Wolfpack set is. I can't imagine an aircraft serving as a fuel truck carrying bombs. It just wouldn't make sense. Alex
  3. Oh boy...don't say that. I have one Kinetic Hornet waiting for me
  4. Yeaaaah...that might be a little bit disturbing. Ask me how I know
  5. Wow...those are a lot of GBs you want to participate But knowing your speed I'm pretty sure you will finish them all.
  6. Looking good Dave! Exactly those seams are the issues I mean. You can see the age of Hasegawa's kits. They haven't produced anything in the last couple of years and one can see that Meng's kit are designed and produced with new technologies. Oh well, saying that I remembered that I have at least TWENTY Hase kits
  7. Forgot to answer your question So far the Meng kit is a dream. I only glued the cockpit and the wheel wells, but did dry fit the main fuselage parts and it seems to be a perfect fit.
  8. I'm pretty sure that the leading edge will crack. It's so thin that you don't even have enough material to sand it.
  9. I had the same issue with Phasehangar's intakes. I think they really did shrink more than Mike thought due to the very thin leading edge. Back then I bined the kit, but I have two more Hase Super Hornets and two intake sets. I don't know if I want to start them now that I can compare it with Meng's little gem.
  10. The cockpit really looks great Dave! Wish Quinta had a set for the Meng kit.
  11. I really considered using the Aires pit...the one for the Hase kit...but fortunately my brain was back online quickly
  12. Thanks Craig! That's exactly what I think...or what I hope
  13. Thanks Dave! It's Anti Slip paste (fine) from Ammo Mig. The LGB is leaning on the tube. I applied it with a piece of a sponge the Aires pits are packed in. Covered the tail and the head with tape and dabed the paste on the surface. Easy
  14. Didn't have much time lately, but at least managed to glue some parts, painted the intakes, primed the cockpit and the wheel wells. Tried something on one of the LGBs to get the thermal protection. I'm pretty happy how it turned out. Maybe a bit overdone, but I'm gonna wait how it looks with paint. That's it for now Alex
  15. Glad the airframe I'm building had the "normal" nozzles. Otherwise I would probably spend money again
  16. Wow...I didn't know that Who else is using the Type 2 nozzles? Guess the book needs an update. Thanks for the info Ray!
  17. I thought about buying that set too, but then I thought that something looked weird Take a look at the photos from Melampy's book. The trailing edge is straight and I have no idea where Reskit has that "kink" from!?!? Alex
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