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  1. That is nice and unusual....where did you read about the luftwaffe wanting new builds in 1944.sounds like a interesting read. Wonder if they still have bucaneer jigs lol
  2. Lmfao
  3. I seem to remember M13 and M2.....if you remember that ...well it dates you
  4. sheet 110 £4.99 plus p&P Well know auction site ....looks like a good sheet
  5. I like but I am sure an unmanned vehicle is the way ahead
  6. a pleasure to join this forum. I have been watching for a while and decided to chuck my hat into the ring.........is that with or without corks lol.. I'll get me coat..... Nah welcome looking forward to seeing you on the forums.....I mainly stick to real aviation and wind up the RAF types since I'm from proper aviation I really should post some pics but it's such a bind....mind you I have done it before. See you on here soon
  7. There is a modeldecal sheet for gloucesters lynx ....that might help....mike silk? Used to put a load of info and pics with the decals.I would have to look up what sheet it is but no doubt someone will rattle it off. Then buy it from a well known auction site.....other sources are available
  8. Yep I concur but you going to get flak on here shipmate
  9. Hmm look ocean is old fact we are not as we were fact.Sentinal cannot do an awacs job fact. Ocean only had LCVPs and beside our ship amphib cap is better than fslklsnd era.Bay class albion bulwark two carriers eventuslly.No frigates or manpower and some challenging helicopters. Who said sentinal was being retired? IAW with what?
  10. They csnt take LC
  11. The O boat was built to civilian standards .....and boy they have got their monies worth but she is old .Its a great idea to keep her g9ing but expensive so a swing role ship the carriers will be. Im not going to go on about lit ops but you can bet the Q and the P boat will be a long way from shore More escorts are required....give me frigates
  12. Anyway its 0.7 % arouns 13 billion ,agree with you that there is wastage but not all afganistan and seiera leone are two places that recieve aid and why not 5 th richest nation and just two of my attendance gongs. But dont getvme started on distribution of assets it not allowed
  13. You would be suprised what that 0.07% actually does for defence....ake friends and influence people.....nothing especially defence should be done in isolation. Waving a big stick sometimes has consequences if you dont nation build afterwards.....the last 20 years have shown that ....you are allowed to disagree
  14. Im sure sentinal and P8 wont be able to cover E3 role.....its a completely different concept.
  15. Probably got more spares and they work better ....nice and dry but I'm just speculating