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  1. Qatar Buys 24 Typhoon

    Belgium next then ...not sure how the Austrians are doing though....they have had some issues but its gone quiet recently some maybe the problems have been ironed out
  2. kit (& bits?) for a Belgian Sea King 48 in 1/72.

    could you not use the airfix ones? Also not sure what blades the Belgiums have fitted I presume they have composite rather than metal blades but you never know
  3. Westland Sea King HU5

    Flying the pants off it aparently .....behaves just like a sea king should...not like them nasty merlins😀
  4. Westland Sea King HU5

    Thats what junglies did....its not a question you ask the present day crop....but since merlin has got longer legs then.....
  5. HRH's big chopper

    Depending how much you are bothered but I believe that the pic above is pre MTADs ...all uk Apache are MTADs as per US picture...never worked Pre mod aircraft so i could not say for sure but that doesnt look familar
  6. Japan aircraft photos 2017

    Cool stuff so thats what a supported air arm looks like
  7. Phew do you actually work at all Dave ? That is some number of builds ,I particularly like the QE2 in the grey whale scheme I thought it looked quite good when it was like that. Goodness knows what she is like now .....laid up in some middle eastern state
  8. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Fat fingers or small keys Dave ....told you a book of words would be good
  9. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Hmm reading through this tread I thought 'what a lot of 'precious' people then I got the dictionary/lexicon out and realised how wrong I was.....something tells me windows spell check is on overtime and it has not been made AI yet.
  10. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Sea fury hoorah and Merlins (boo)
  11. Lynx Helicopter AH-7 Afghanistan Armament

    Ah you are thinking about ALQ 144 disco lights.....the infra red jammmer. Mx15 is the e/o camera.....very good we had it on Sea King 4 which arguably was the better platform for it. If you google(other search egines are available) those terms you will find the pics no snags
  12. Lynx Helicopter AH-7 Afghanistan Armament

    Dont forget mx15 laurie
  13. Lynx Helicopter AH-7 Afghanistan Armament

    Thats Iraq but good pic. Im not even sure that sevens were in Afg ....pretty sure squadrons were rotating using 9A but i maybe mistaken....i will ask 847 tomorrow.....certainly at the end it was 9A
  14. Norway SAR AW101 accident

    Well looking at the brightside ....depending on liability ....more money for Leonardo....therefore continued employment