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  1. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Hmm some king air( in tandam),spitfire,lots of Typhoons.Plus a toom,Tonka F3 and a very smart lightning F3 in xxx colours.Not bad for a all expenses paid work holiday as I call it
  2. Qatar to buy Typhoon

    And the saudis aren't bad
  3. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    Maybe the type 31s will be E class....lots to choose from
  4. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    I think that since the Roger Nigel is a bit rubbish at PR then town class is suitable.....connect with the public etc. Mind you the way its going there will only be two white elephants left (atm)
  5. LPD

    Hmm getting rid of Albion and Bulwark....ah but the budget is increasing....what a load of old .........retoric. Rowing boat and white flag PT for me....contractor of course
  6. RAF/RN Wessex armament?

    Dont forget a brace of fwd firing gpmg
  7. Lovely,how did you do the intake ring
  8. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Reminds me when I was a young AEM went to pick up or drop of something at VL missile shop run by a big gruff beardy bombhead chief. Anyway they got me on a bite by allegedly spilling a tin of flexene. Clearly i hadnt spilt it,one they did earlier which had dried spilt if you know what I mean.....cue grumpy chief ....seriously worried young lad.....ooh what a laugh they had at my expense....you had to be there...ill get my coat...no idea why the missile shop did CBLS and ale40 panels
  9. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    PDR....Pilots display recorder..hardly notice it
  10. County Class

    Start a new thread
  11. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    Must admit I was suprised since the Crusier of the same is still knocking about. I hope the next two wont be so predictable so unimaginative....but if we dont the welsh will get upset followed by the daily mail readers. How about òh Swansea and umm.....Salisbury
  12. Kevin from somerset saying hello

    Oooh big models ....too much time on your hands shipmate
  13. Hi from the Wet Coast of Canada.

    Wow 1000 model stash.....you should leave off the e bay mate
  14. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Clearly spending your pension wisely in France somewhere...Orange maybe? Quite jealous bet you veg patch is awesome not sure about your raspberrys tho😃
  15. Naval gazing - Gannet tell you a story

    They are are homer instruments.....in fact SK4 had one up until the demise last year. Used for UHF/VHF homing which makes sense to me