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  1. As in golf..... not Gulf....ignore us gents and the few ladies ....it helps me get through my OU end of course assignment
  2. Ah Mike McEvoy .....I wonder if is son ever continued modelling.where n't his articles called tailpiece
  3. NFW! your one of those.....don't recognise the name so Cornish air station?
  4. Talk about opening yourself up......typical fish'ead always carping on .....sorry couldn't resist that....
  5. What an interesting drip session and.....I have to concur with most points. I rarely buy magazines anymore but I will agree that the airfix mag is the one which seems to be more balanced in favour of modellers of different skill be it beginner or 'master craftsman'.Which is a savvy move since I imagine most young modellers start with airfix kits and ohhh what do you know a magazine with the same name.I know that when I was say 13 or so I was getting Airfix mag back then and only progressed to SAM later. I still have my 1978-1980 airfix and they are great likewise for Sam from 81-to around 84.....aftere that had other things to do. Call me old fashioned but too much jazzy (in context people) pictures aren't my thing maybe it works for others .Adverts well even the old mags had them .....some of them were distinctly non pc SS support groups and the like????. I imagine the the cost to produce ain't cheap so if the content isn't up to much then I can see some go by the wayside.As for the ones that are stuffed with adverts I am sure they get plenty of money for those but give little thought to the potential reader....I.e it's purely for profit and continue until it's no longer worth it....sadly a microcosm of UK society today.....just saying!
  6. BBMF Grounded

    Aw thanks XV107 I do appreciate the like. It's what matelots do ....wonder where darbs is?
  7. BBMF Grounded

    Ah welcome to the RNHF world of no flying although in the Roger Nigels case its down to funding as it is a charity and not a public purse thing like the BBMF and the Crimson Crabs ....fair enough that is what they chose to spend the PR budget on....whilst the RN waste it (standfast Victory) on the hysterical dockyard and pay some consultants vast amounts of money to let them syphon of the overally huge amounts of money collected from the public....but that's just my opinion and I digress.....slightly. Still this gives me something to investigate at work tomorrow I'll phone up my tame crab at Coningsgrad and get the gen. Seriously it is not a good situation but as long as it prevents them stoving in to the deck then this a good thing for both airframe and the sloppy link and hopefully temporary. Per astra satellite or something
  8. Man thats brills looking forward to seeing stingray. Always thought that clarence pier in portsmouth is actually wasp headquarters....dont take my word for it google the pics.....im not wrong
  9. Yes but very nice ....Carol wouldn't have said that....think I need some D and I training now
  10. Does she model ???....Clearly she reads this diatribe lol
  11. No such thing as tiffs all skilled technicians ! I was upset that the BEEB didn't mention the SEA KING leading the pack .....gggrrrrrh
  12. Greedy leave its two but a couple of brace of frigates .....and enthusiastic manpower!
  13. HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth

    Hmm very good anyone notice how empty the dockyard Naval base was one Type 45 down by the victory gate end (that place has got a name but I can't remember)....anyway that made me a bit sad but hopefully this is the start of something good. Anyone think it can get down the KIEL CANNEL....that crew needs a good run ashore Hamburg is as good as any
  14. RAF Posieden squadrons named

    Yep range speed is a problem but its all that is available atm. 819 were there to sweep the clyde approaches prior to arrival or departure of a bomber
  15. RAF Posieden squadrons named

    was it ever considered to base some RN Merlins at Lossie? - or is that a crazy idea!? Not as crazy as having ASW Sea kings at the Scottish air station.....personal got lost for years up there!