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  1. Its moving on... what mk are you doing again ... Bit confused since it's camo with a radar dome.
  2. Not sure but there is a big box of bits marked sea king regeneration at VL,and it's on the heliops website. Wonder what colour they will be. Will be up at Me PT which is also sk support authority so will let you know on here
  3. fairly hot of the press...but the german navy (said this before) require extra sea king for training so they are getting a number of ex RN sk mk5s . Heliops will be operating them out of the former MCA hangar at Portland which of course is on the site of RNAS Portlands hardstanding. Fear god honour the king
  4. It's alright comrade May will sort him politics just female persuasion
  5. Purely temporary....don't forget the dummy deck with the mighty Shar taxied by chock'eads....nostrous manibus tuti and all that ....cuse spelling it's alright chock'eads can't spell
  6. Ooh over a hundred aircraft at one air station hmmm yep Yeovilton is just like that.....mind you that is most of the FAA atm unless you count the peoples republic of kernow (that's Cornwall in English:-P)or the massive numbers of the quite good F35s that the RAF...oops sorry the Navy are going to get lolsorry couldn't resist it when I saw the 100 a/c bit ....back to basket weaving for me
  7. Well scupper meit was retired and I wasnt aware al5hough having used a well known search engine I kinda remembered something.Anyway the aeronautical museum in Belgrade have got one or at least the remains.the museum building looks neat as well. Must be worth a romantic long weekend with a visit to the museum😉
  8. Looks like dirty smoky engines to me lmao
  9. If it's what I think you are on about they are exhausts for the rear avionics bay I seem to recall
  10. Cool I like the AV8Bs and those two new gash barges the RAN have do have ramps . Perhaps they could do a deal on the old NSW a/c in the boneyard
  11. looking forward to greenham 83 was that the phantom celebration one?
  12. Even sader for lt cdr murton
  13. Cool pics of the Cornish airstation
  14. I would concur the top 1000Iber looks right to me i guess it depend what tail it is supposed to represent...parachute or selwyn knows.118 parachute? As for the drop tank 100 gall...hasegawa again. Looking good
  15. Sorry I didn't mean to be pretentious.I apologise.