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  1. E mailed first batch of phots let me know if ok so far
  2. Not quite flying but burning and turning two lovely shiny noggy merlins on the line at Westlands....did I just say lovely and merlin in the same sentence...
  3. Yep that's correct,basically because of the short availability of Aircraft due to aircraft upgrade programmes 5 mk6 (ASW) were converted by ripping out the pinger kit and modifying the wiring as cheaply as possible hence part of the Sonics station was left in with the compass repeater and the compass computer left in. New radio set up as well.....etc.Hence as it had to be cheap it was carried out as a Naval service modification house basically. As a junglie no observers are carried.two / one driver and an aircrewman
  4. Turns out it was an NSM Naval service modification so I'm on to the right place now ....will probably only be GA drawings.
  5. Ps . Please consider an Autumn show Bovy
  6. Got to say well done Bovy,as soon as I got to the car park overflow I knew it would be good. Wasn't disappointed .....and there is definitely room for more. Although it grates me to say so but I quite like the Museum appears to always change and obviously have some good sponsors.I remember when I was a kid and it was rubbish then I took boy a couple of years ago and boy what a transformation. Yeovilton take note and move away from those (only my opinion) theiving gits at the hysterical dockyard! BZ Bovington
  7. integrating PWIV wouldn't be that much of a stretch..integrating PWIV wouldn't be that much of a stretch.if only you knew.....Nothing repeat nothing is not much of a stretch anymore....Still life was much simpler in the old days ... Still put what you like on any pylon it's your modelling hobby and if it works for you then thats ok
  8. Ragtag, Im still on this just havent had an opportunity. The more I think about i think its just the console in the picture i said its been a while.The console contained radio kit and the compass repeater. Sorry cant be more help atm
  9. You see now I am trying to remember where the observers(as. was) compass repeater is....maybe it's on that rack just out of view....typically=-O I will be at the main site on Monday I will investigate....promise
  10. Good research funny what you forget ....I certainly didn't remember that lump but maybe that's because I was sat in the seat fiddling about with a compass snag....on the repeater
  11. Not yet
  12. Troublesome but useful temporary aircraft. No photos but I could ask some one for drawings if they are still on the system.. From what I remember the observers seat on the port side of the cabin was left together with the overhead console .it was left because of the compass repeater which if it was removed would have involved a lot of wiring modifications.As it happens it was ahead of its time as towards the end the mk4 had a specific crewmans seat in the back anyway. There was also a no2 battery stowage to the rear of the cabin door complete with very long nfc lead to connect the no2 battery to the external dc connector thus giving the mk6cr the ability to start in the field under it's own steam so to speak. The original mk6 only had one battery and I believe it could only use it to start in emergencys and then it was knackered
  13. Is that the one on flea bay last week ...shabby box?
  14. There's only two plus a spare tucked away ....500hours 18 months
  15. Think you will find in the first pic that is what you are looking for RE built pad with sand bags ....type 3 LS able to heavy aircraft up to chinook .It also has sandbags. Next door not in the pic (but I will go in the loft and try a dig out pics) are bloody great fuel b***ocks which the local kids used as trampolines. Dont mention it pal.