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  1. Magna provided two options, Central African Airways & 728 Sq Royal Navy. Chris
  2. Rushton Target Towing Winch

    Right gentlemen, I've checked out my bits & bobs and have two off winch sets left. As I don't require anything for them but your both stuck in the colonies. If I post the sets to one of you could that person forward a set onward. If you can sort out the details and let me have the initial address. cheers Chris
  3. Rushton Target Towing Winch

    I think I have a couple of the Magna Models 1/72nd Rushton winches kicking around still. I'll PM you when I've had a look around.
  4. What have you purchased 9

    Zvezda 1/72 Mig 29 SMT from Avon. Now where did I hide that Trumpeter one?
  5. Oxford Directions

    goggle is your friend. I know I've just looked at it. from Cowley to high st is 3.1 miles, but don't worry it's mainly flat.hth cheers Chris
  6. Maintrack Project X

    Strangely enough I came into possession of some Esoteric masters and some Maintrack sheets recently( HP 115. HP88, Fairey FD1), am now waiting to see what else turns up.
  7. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    I take it West Middlesex are up for a table at this show then. You'd better talk to Gundylunch. I'll treat you to a cup of tea with your cake.
  8. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    Down boy, don't get all excited. Rob's mum kindly stepped in at the last minute and made the cakes for the show this year.
  9. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    Make sure you have an early chat with Rob's mum.
  10. Whats on your want list?

    There is actually a members wishlist at the end of the General Discussion section. hth cheers Chris
  11. Maintrack Project X

    I thought that Colin at Freightdog picked up most of Peter Lockharts range, Pegasus, Blue Max, Maintrack. Might be worth checking with Colin
  12. Belgian F-16AM, 75 years of 350 squadron.

    Don't know if anything's been done yet but Daco or Syhart might be worth a shout, looks like their sort of thing. hth cheers Chris
  13. Asian Air Arms SIG

    That's the trouble with us Brits, think the world still revolves to GMT.
  14. Interesting point, begs the question if some of the other manufacturers cut back on the OTT weapon sprues would the prices come back to more reasonable levels?
  15. Contact for IPMS Brampton show

    Hi Sean Have you tried to raise Alec on alleycatmodels@outlook.com or www.alleycat models.co.uk I saw Pat today and he confirmed there is a show scheduled. cheers Chris