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  1. TVs best characters

    Bill & Ben Knock spots of these also rans
  2. Alpha jet Dorsal fin extension

    Having a quick look on Google the only one I could see was the Bahraini Alpha Jet MS2. hth cheers Chris
  3. R.I.P

    Sorry and surprised to hear of Keith Chegwin's passing aged only 60
  4. Bangladesh A.F. AN-32

    Huge thanks to Britjet who came to the rescue and supplied the required decals, not just the info requested. Cheers for that Steve.
  5. 2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    Don't tell him he doesn't count, he won't luv you for that. Judging from his show site he's probably one of the two largest second hand dealers in the UK
  6. 2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    You have got my old oppo Collectakit in Addlestone, he's on line and sends out lists on request. He attends model shows most weekends.
  7. Bangladesh A.F. AN-32

    Can anyone help me out with info on the national marking(roundels) sizes on this aircraft and the B.A.F titles on the fuselage, also looking at Google there seems to be a squadron name(Unicorns) on the nose(both sides). Many thanks Chris
  8. Some help with English towns

    Well as the Antonine wall basically crumbled as it was constructed I was thinking more of Hadrians effort. Anyway when did we Sassenachs differentiate between different Scots!!
  9. Some help with English towns

    I'm hoping the next referendum held North of the border, will also allow us Sassenachs to have a say, then we can rebuild that Roman defence
  10. Some help with English towns

    I blame Alfred for all this confusion. If he hadn't had this vision of Englaland we would still have Cornwalem, Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia, Wales and the others. So much more civilised.
  11. Do we need an army?

    An army is generally a good idea, even in fairly peaceful times, i.e terrorist attacks. Situations can always change though.
  12. What have you purchased 9

  13. Plastic Winter Bratislava - November 25, 2017 (Pictures)

    I just can't imagine who your thinking of. Then again on second glance!!
  14. What have you purchased 9

    That gave me a chuckle CedB, Kent to Salisbury 2hrs, 52 min film, Salisbury back to Kent during rush hour 3.5 hrs. I think Mrs Beard might take some convincing, even allowing for the reduced journey time now they've upgraded the M3 from Farnborough Airport junction( the site of London's next runway) to the M25.
  15. Plastic Winter Bratislava - November 25, 2017 (Pictures)

    Strangely enough for me, I'm taken with that head on the stand, great shading.