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  1. Red Arrow 3 down.

    The saddest part of this, at least to myself is that the post office released a set of stamps today commemorating the 100th anniversary of the RAF. In addition to the six stamps in the presentation pack there are four further stamps also featuring the Red Arrows. Fate can be so unkind. Perhaps the post office will make a contribution to the RAF Benevolent fund if their not already doing so.
  2. Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    Someone must have got to Hornchurch today?
  3. Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    As we only came from Addlestone we travelled Saturday morning, but it depends on where the traders come from.
  4. Not Action man.....

    Blimey lads(operative LADS). All I recall was those Swoppet figures of the 50's/60's. My grandfather had a shop in North Camp and my brother and I were presented with one when we visited(if we'd been good).
  5. Wirral Scale Model Show

    Is that each way or a round trip!!
  6. A question from the shelf of dom

    David Sorry if I'm somewhat puzzled but I can't understand this type of thread. You obviously bought it for a good reason, do you think it's worth the cockpit set or are you throwing good money after bad?. If some of the panel lines are recessed then you won't have to rescribe those(bonus). At the end of the day it's your thoughts on the merits of the kit that count, as long as it's enjoyable. Best Chris
  7. 1/72 Canberra wheels

    Actually John I'm beginning to doubt myself now. Inluded in my box is the T17 conversion(DB61). The B2 conversion(DB63) only mentions the white metal front u/c & wheels. The resin main wheels only have 4 nut locations, nothing like the Aeroclub items. Strange. Just had a look at the S&M B2 and the wheels look like the DB offering!!
  8. 1/72 Canberra wheels

    I've got the original DB conversion for the B2 in the stash and that includes a full set of wheels. The Aeroclub B2 conversion I have doesn't. Just saying.
  9. Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    Sorry to come back into this thread, having been warned off by the mods for fanning the flames, but the thread had nothing to do with comparing the Fujimi and Airfix offerings as I read it. It seemed to be a comparison of a photograph of the real thing with the nose shape of Fujimi's 30 year old offering, which in view of the information available then seems a very reasonable kit. I'd better shut up now before I earn a 60 day holiday.
  10. Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    Got to agree, when I saw this thread last night I thought the rivet counters have emerged already, not enough in their lives to think about!!. Still on the bright side think of all those cheap Fujimi Phantoms coming out of stashes.
  11. Diabetic frustration

    I have type 2 diabetes and control it by taking a daily tablet and monitoring my daily carbohydrate intake, most of the data which is found on the foods available. The diabetes Association have been very helpful with info and from a high of 15 following my heart attack, I'm now down to 4.7 - 5.0.
  12. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Here we go again, Northumbria verses Mercia. Good job Wessex was there to sort it all out.
  13. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    I picked up Canberra's from Mel at Banstead and enquired about the Hastings. Apparently there is a problem with the canopy casting which needs resolving, so no fresh supplies at the moment. Chris
  14. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    If you think that's pricey you can fondle the one in his own stash, which apparently's in better nick. He's hoping to get closer to 1 grand if he can bear to part with it.
  15. The Model Market - Sunday 4th Feb 2018

    That's me Hope it's a good one