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  1. You could try the Ray's. (1.)26 decals, (2.) Fantasy Printshop. cheers Chris
  2. Aerofix Try googling AnarchyModels, in my travels I picked up a generic set of mini digi camo stencils which may help you out. The sheet number I have is 0019 and I was hopeful one day of using it on a Mil 17 the Peruvian AF took delivery of(since been crashed). The sheet is primarily intended for use with air brushing. hth cheers Chris
  3. Politically orientated statement; hardly in keeping with the empathy towards the victims and relatives. Speculation at this stage, lets wait until all the victims have been recovered. I'm just thankful it's not me in the building doing that job.
  4. Don't worry Beardie, I probably wouldn't notice if you had. Pigeon post might be slower but there's more meat on the bone.
  5. Yes I got that one as well. luckily I haven't had the incorrect ID. I thought it was something I said.
  6. Probably something to do with supply & demand, alternatively it may be the profit margins expected from some outlets for carrying these cottage industry items.
  7. Wot!! only three, you cuttin back or somefing.
  8. Great show, picked up the new AZ Chipmunk, and several decal sheets for the stash. Almost forgot, nice selection of cake available.
  9. I don't know how to break this to you, but the portion of cake I picked up for you at Gloucester show started to go a bit dry, so I did the decent thing and eat it.
  10. Haven't seen much on this show, but it's normally worth a punt, so whose going. Apart from moi of course.
  11. Buy one of the New AZ 1/72nd scale kits, plant in compost in corner of garden and water heavily. And hope. Look for you next Saturday!
  12. Congrats to you both and I hope for your wife's sake it's a quiet journey. cheers Chris
  13. There's actually an Almark sheet S10 on "that" auction site at the moment, unfortunately its coming from the colonies to the West of us and the postage is the same price as the sheet!!.
  14. Hi Just to clarify and possibly help out, Modeldecal sheet 117 was for South East Asia command roundels. Neither sheet 109 or 110, their two Gulf sheets had this a/c as an option. The only sheet I can see with this a/c on is the Almark sheet S10. hth cheers Chris
  15. One of the Czech traders in Hall 3 at last years Nats had several RVHP kits on their stall and from conversation I gathered they are producing again. Chris