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  1. Its nice to see an old kit looking so good ICM do a set of female mechanics in 1:24 to go with their model t, with a bit of reworking they would make wonderful WAAFs Wiley
  2. When Toyota introduced a small car into the American market they wanted to call it a Toyolet Wiley
  3. Quite a few years ago at a family gathering my rather snobby concert pianist cousin told me she had just bought a house on the village green in Clarm. Clarm? Where's that ? I said Oh it's in London ,she replied, you go through Chelsea, across the bridge into Batarseer then up the hill to Clarm. We find it's very handy as we work in Saint Reatham. After a few moments the penny dropped So you live on Clapham common, I said , emphasizing the word 'common; and you work in Streatham. She avoided me for the rest of the evening = result!! Wiley Batarseer me stumped for a while then it clicked - Battersea!
  4. Very tasty I love Roadrunners.... I just don't seem to be able to catch them!! (Sorry) Wiley
  5. The Works book/craft shop sell an oil paint tube squeezer which has a corrugated Roller and bed for about a quid I used this to make the ironwork for my 1:35th Anderson shelter from litho plate but on later projects I have used the bottom of foil takeaway containers which bends a little easier I don't know how accurate it is but to my eye it looks right Hope this helps Wiley
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