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  1. My technique for releasing delicate rods and levers from Miniart sprues is to apply a very thin film of EMA plastic weld to the required part, wait for it to evaporate then remove it with a surgical cauterising tool (a hot blade will also work) leaving a small attachment point. This stops the part snapping under pressure, and the attachment points are easily removed with a pair of fine sprue cutters Hope this helps Martin.
  2. Its nice to see an old kit looking so good ICM do a set of female mechanics in 1:24 to go with their model t, with a bit of reworking they would make wonderful WAAFs Wiley
  3. Very tasty I love Roadrunners.... I just don't seem to be able to catch them!! (Sorry) Wiley
  4. The Works book/craft shop sell an oil paint tube squeezer which has a corrugated Roller and bed for about a quid I used this to make the ironwork for my 1:35th Anderson shelter from litho plate but on later projects I have used the bottom of foil takeaway containers which bends a little easier I don't know how accurate it is but to my eye it looks right Hope this helps Wiley
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