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  1. I'm starting the weathering on my 1/48 Airfix Mossie converted to a Tse Tse - I'm doing the oil pinwash prior to decaling so that I can do the pastel dusting after the first flat coat. We'll see how that works.
  2. Here's some new photo's of my progress on the Tsetse Mossie ... Progress is being made, slowly, Hope you like, Colin
  3. Show us your stash!?

    I'm afraid my stash has become somewhat of an embarrassment, but at my building rate, I'm good until I'm at least 140! Like I keep telling the wife, I have a plan for each and every one ... ... it's a sickness!
  4. I'm building an original issue 1/48 Airfix Mosquito into a 57mm Molins armed Tsetse. IMHO, while it's not on par with the Tamiya kits, the 38 year old Airfix kit still can build up rather nicely. I've busied up the cockpit a bit, added etched seatbelts, and a scratch built gun sight, and enclosed it with a Squadron "bulged" vac canopy (meant for the Tamiya - interesting making that fit!). I've also reduced the machine guns to 2, Molins barrel from brass tubing, added the breech covers from parts of a bomb, a missile nose and sheet plastic, and added the flap reinforcement from strip. Oh yes, I also rescribed the kit, reprofiled the prop blades, and reduced the spinner opening size. Well here it is so far ... breech by Colin Latta, on Flickr cockpit by Colin Latta, on Flickr As I said, I quite like how the Airfix builds up, here's an older build ...
  5. Junkers Ju88-C. Hobbycraft, 1/48.....some questions...

    IMHO, I think it can only be built as a "dirty little secret" kit - something you would never show anyone else! I had several, and for curiosity's sake, laid the parts on a Revell (Dragon) kit. My impression was that (from an accuracy point of view) you would be farther ahead hand carving something out of drift wood. (heavy scribing on one wing, almost none on the other, mis-shapen poorly size engines, Hershey bar wings, square fuselage etc) That being said, a "dirty little secret" kit can be fun, as you have limited expectations, and can be quite experimental. Build it as a fun, playtime project, and don't try to make it a work of art, and enjoy!
  6. Worst model quality?

    The worst kit I've ever managed to complete (and I still ask myself WHY ??) is the Arc 1/48 Hurricane. It seems to be poor copies of some parts of the Hasegawa Hurricane, the ancient Airfix kit, misshapen lumps apparently cast from clay, tons of flash, misaligned and offset moldings, and it featured fuselage pieces of different length, a 5 piece wing that was concave and anheadral when built, and that fit 1/8" below the fuselage when installed. The fact that I completed it is a tribute to Whiskey and Millput! Arc - should have been ACK!
  7. Vought O2SU Kingfisher....surely a dumb question

    Here's a good multi view I found on the net. It gives a good comparison of the 2 float types 3 view large by Colin Latta, on Flickr I've also cleaned up and enlarged the float section ... edo large2 by Colin Latta, on Flickr cheers, Colin
  8. Issues with pictures and spoiler tags

    test ... 3 view large by Colin Latta, on Flickr OK, The BBcode works for me, thank goodness!
  9. I apologise, but someone had to suggest it! Proc-tuka !
  10. 1/48 scale Me 262

    I finished the Monogram 262 recently, and it builds up very nicely. The raised panel lines aren't that big a deal as the real aircraft had the panel lines filled and sanded.
  11. Lance Wade, American in the R.A.F.

    FunDekals has decals and a write for Lance Wade's Spitfire. http://www.fundekals.com/spitfireLanceWade.html FunDekals are excellent, by the way. Colin
  12. Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    Jerry Crandall's "Eagle files #2" is about the restoration of that aircraft, and the sequence for the historically accurate repaint - excellent book, if you can find a copy.
  13. Classic Airframes Do17z tailplane correction

    When I built the Classics Airframes DO-17Z, I did the tail the hard way. The Do-17 had a trimable horizontal stab, which was completely absent. The stab was assembled, then cut off, along with the narrowing the mating surface on the fuselage. Brass wire provides the pivot point, and the center section hollowed out and attached. The elevators and balance tabs were cut of and repositioned, actuators made made for the tabs, and a subtle fabric effect scraped into the elevators, new lower covers fabricated from sheet plastic and milput, and everything positioned as seen in photo's.
  14. 1/48 Stuka recommendation

    Revell doesn't help with the confusion - they have their old 1/32 kit with the red snake markings, Monograms old 1/48 "G" model, and a rebox of Hasegawa's 1/48 B/R kit with red snake markings. Your next challenge is - was the snake red/white or camo/white, and was it on left side only, or both sides! Hubert Polz would be proud of the confusion he's caused with these markings!
  15. Here is my Dragon 1/35 Porsche type 205/2 "Maus". - Added Eduard photoetch grills, fuel tank bracket and straps, ladder etc. - Added wiring for headlights, plumbing for external fuel tank - Paint scheme from photographs of prototype - Added welding detail on hull top/side skirt joints - Added tow lugs on rear hull - Painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with pastels and oils Hope you like, Colin Here's an interesting size comparison, both 1/35 ... The Maus turret is actually larger than the Stuart! Cheers, Colin