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  1. WNW Dolphin

    Dolphins will fight sharks if they have to - I've seen a pod go a Great White.
  2. WNW Dolphin

    Thanks for the heads up GrahamB - I probably wouldn't haven't considered even checking out the WNW site until the new year, and would have missed this until then. Now, I should have one before Christmas.
  3. Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    robgizlu: I'm currently building the old Academy Blazer with the roller. The kit roller is pretty basic, so I'm using the Def Model IDF KMT-4 Mine Roller wheel set (DM35036), which is much better - but it uses the kit arms/mounts/whatever, so is probably useless to you. I'll be watching you with interest (I have the HB Doghouse II, yet to be built, which I bought for precisely the same reason as you did yours, it seems).
  4. Su-85 from miniart 1/35

    Mate, I'm not a fan of Soviet armour, but by God I'm a fan of this! You are doing incredible work here, and I'm watching with interest.
  5. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Then he is being flexible with the truth - 'WD' = 'water damaged". WNW were quite forthcoming about the reason for sale. Under our local consumer law, I'd be quite happy to pursue him for misrepresentation.
  6. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Yeah Beardie - whopping great 'WD' scrawled across the box. I bought an AEG G.IV (Late) and even the box was only slightly damaged - enough to be noticeable, but not enough to affect even the integrity of the box itself. I took a punt on the fact that WNW stuff is so well packaged and sealed internally that there was little chance of any real damage - and I was right for a change. Anyone selling this stock on eBay is a crook though - are they warranting the quality of the contents, or just selling 'as is' without specifics? I should probably also say that I actually think that WNW kits are worth the retail price anyway, but I personally wasn't quite prepared to pay full tote for this particular kit because I know that it will probably take years - if ever - to be built. If I never get around to it, so what?
  7. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    I love watching you guys in fits over this subject. The whole area bemuses me - we pay nothing extra here in Oz - but I must agree that it seems somewhat extortionate to me. Every now and then some pollie declares that he/she wants to levy the GST (same as VAT) on imports, but even then the mooted lower limit tends to be higher than the value of any model kit. Frankly, I wouldn't like to pay GST on goods that weren't even provided in this country, but would accept the imposition. I don't really follow the PF angle - Australia Post has it's own parcel delivery arm, and foreign post is included under that and under the auspices of various international agreements AP has with foreign postal services. As an example, the British firm The Book Depository (now Amazon owned, I know) has long earned the particular ire of various local pollies by using aspects of those agreements to 'compel' AP to deliver their books for free.
  8. I remember as a schoolkid visiting Parafield Airport in the mid-80s to see the flight-worthy replica being built (that now lives up in Qld). Very impressive - as is your somewhat smaller scale replica!
  9. WNW Roland C.II questions

    I can't access any resources at the moment, but from memory the FK shoots through a window in the floor (perhaps being mounted on the port side facing down).
  10. Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b closed cowling fit

    Pretty sure that I paid at least 25 pounds for the Pike decals when I bought them, so it's no surprise. I've just checked fantasyprintshop.co.uk, and did a search showing 'only in stock' - looks like you/we are in luck, as they have both Pike and Croc. They are the same OH brand as the Pike's I already have, which appear to be good quality.
  11. Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b closed cowling fit

    Beardie: I've just managed to dig the kit and decals out, and can confirm that they are OH - and that I bought them through an outfit called Littlecars (not Smallcars, but I was close!). Littlecars' service was excellent, albeit unintelligible on the phone! My recollection is that I managed to grab the last 1/32 Pike that they had at the time. If you can confirm that the Croc scheme is available in 1/32, please let me know - I have the Eduard 1/48 version sitting here, but rather like the idea of using the WnW kit instead. I have built the Ed kit in the Pike scheme, and am fairly happy with it but still want to upscale, which will happen one day. Thanks for your tips on building the WnW Bristol - always nice to slipstream on someone else's experiences, and your WnW builds on here give you a lot of cred in this area. The Ed kit is actually pretty good (from memory - it's been a while), and the undercarriage was fairly well done in the scale but I seem to recall having to shave the wheel struts to get them to fit through the wings correctly. I've also done the Roden 1/72 in AFC livery, and that was pretty tricky. Like most Roden kits - in my experience - the decals were dodgy and it was over-engineered, particularly for the scale. I finished it cowls off, because although the donk was very finely detailed I just couldn't get everything to fit - and I'd spent so much effort putting the fiddly bloody engine together I really wanted to be able to see it.
  12. Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b closed cowling fit

    Oh, I'll build them - eventually - but thanks for your kind offer to rehome one of them! I purchased the initial one because I intend to do it in the pike scheme - someone has done decals in 32, and I have them, but it'd be a bit tricky to dig them out right now (maybe something like OH Decals?). I'll let you know within a couple days who produced them. I do recall that I got them via Smallcars (or something like that) in the UK, who had a pretty unfriendly website at the time, so I rang the from Oz to place the order. Accent hilarity ensued - I couldn't understand a word the guy who answered said (to my ear, his accent was bloody thick as) and he probably struggled with my accent. So I just kept repeating the name of the proprietor (who had asked me via email to ring through the order) until he was put on. Luckily we understood one another! Just to be crystal clear: their website was dodgy (primitive), but their service was excellent.
  13. Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b closed cowling fit

    Great I've got two - the wartime and post-war versions. I've been putting them off because - from previous experience in both 72 and 48 - I know what a pain the lower wing always is. Now I'll prevaricate a bit longer.
  14. WnW Green Tails have arrived!

    I realise that this is tantamount to teasing, but the WnW Albatros trio arrived at my doorstep at 10:00 this morning (I often work from home and got lucky). They were only posted two days ago! I'm glad I didn't bother paying twice as much for courier delivery! More to the point for those of you eagerly awaiting yours: very large box (about 36 x 52 x 9 cm), not as tightly packed as most WnW boxings, and all present and correct inside. That is: no shortcuts on quality as far as I can tell without tearing open bags.