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  1. I apologize for replying to you so late.yes, that is real piece, the figure and bicycle from Masterbox. Thank you for your long long long comment
  2. It’s been 20 years since it was destroyed......
  3. Hello my friend, please tell me the story what you imagined. Thank you so much
  4. Time has destroyed everything including this steel monster, except for the human spirit. This scene does not exist, he did not live to the present. Time has destroyed everything including this steel monster, except for the human spirit. This scene does not exist, he did not live to the present.
  5. When I finished this diorama, I cried.so sad.
  6. It’s like you don’t want him to talk to you.
  7. After the bombing of the Air Force, the Israeli army immediately entered Lebanon. A new Merkava tank was parked on a small basketball court. The tank crews chatted in the shadow of the tank and waited for the next order. After a while, two children came, and the red boy pointed at the basketball stand and yelled at the tank crew: "This is our basketball court!!!” The little boy behind him clung to his "weapons" - an steel stick, trying to show a strong look. The older soldiers were not worried about this. He was still sweating with a handkerchief, while the other was curiously watching the two little boys do the next step. Finally, the young soldiers responded loudly: " go away!!!!!” 1/35 diorama Merkava mk1 In the process of making this Merkava, I have been thinking about how to make a diorama. I have always disliked the scene of fighting, so I decided to make this non-combat scene but also the scene of conflict between the two sides. I chose children because only children can get close to Israeli soldiers. I didn't hesitate too much in the choice of location, I loved sports when I was a child, but I was very thin,our basketball court was often occupied by adults. At the beginning, I planned to build a football field, but then I thought that the football goal frame was not tall enough, so I changed to a basketball court. The forward-facing basket was in front of the tank and seemed to be blocking the advancement of the tank. The steel stick in the hands of the children contrasted with the huge new tank, just like 20 years ago when I was standing next to a strong adult on the court.... Thanks for watching and thanks to Google Translate. Shi Zheng END
  8. I cant closed my mouth after watching this ......nice job
  9. i like you said 'human interest', that s what i want to talk with this diorama,I don't like the scene of killing.
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