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  1. Tamiya XF2 flat white. I used the AV medium chipping.
  2. you are right. About this blue board, I weathered the entire tank and certainly would not have forgotten it. I want to leave a little light color and a contrast of the entire dark tank. It is also highly probable that he will get a piece of remaining metal sheet on the construction site. This smog is very necessary because it implies that someone is active inside. This will echo the girl outside. But I have no way to find better materials to make this smoke. I like to hear praise, but also like to listen to the criticism written by thinking, which is very helpful to me. Some people give me a comment: "There is no abandoned tiger like this" "The dog won't climb there" Like this I will ignore it directly, they think their brain is the whole world. And I hope my bad English level doesn't bother you.
  3. Thank you guys. No animals were harmed in the making of this diorama and in the process I fed a myriad of mosquitoes. There are ADGZ and Type 94.
  4. 1937,China 南京保卫战 Following the outbreak of war between Japan and China in July 1937, the Japanese government at first attempted to contain the fighting and sought a negotiated settlement to the war. However, after victory in the Battle of Shanghai expansionists prevailed within the Japanese military and on December 1 a campaign to capture Nanking was officially authorized. The task of occupying Nanking was given to General Iwane Matsui, the commander of Japan's Central China Area Army, who believed that the capture of Nanking would force China to surrender and thus end the war. Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek ultimately decided to defend the city and appointed Tang Shengzhi to command the Nanking Garrison Force, a hastily assembled army of local conscripts and the remnants of the Chinese units who had fought in Shanghai. Japanese soldiers marched from Shanghai to Nanking at a breakneck pace, rapidly defeating pockets of Chinese resistance. By December 9 they had reached the last line of defense, the Fukuo Line, behind which lay Nanking's fortified walls. On December 10 Matsui ordered an all-out attack on Nanking, and after less than two days of intense fighting Chiang decided to abandon the city. Before fleeing, Tang ordered his men to launch a concerted breakout of the Japanese siege, but by this time Nanking was largely surrounded and its defenses were at the breaking point. Most of Tang's units simply collapsed, their soldiers often casting off their weapons and uniforms in the streets in the hopes of hiding among the city's civilian population. Following the capture of the city Japanese soldiers massacred Chinese prisoners of war, murdered civilians, and committed acts of looting and rape in an event known as the Nanking Massacre. Though Japan's military victory excited and emboldened them, the subsequent massacre tarnished their reputation in the eyes of the world. Contrary to Matsui's expectations, China did not surrender and the Second Sino-Japanese War continued for another eight years. My latest work, finished last night, I hope you like it.
  5. Good point,a dark colour is better
  6. good question. In fact, I made a little fade effect. How high is the temperature there? 100 degree? .
  7. Just need a Tiger and 150mm steel plate, easy.
  8. Sure. It's easy, you only need one Tiger and 150mm steel plate to do one.
  9. Thank you, I am very happy that you like it
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