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  1. I've used some of the German WWI set (airbrush), and they worked very well. The little brush painting that I had to do was also successful although I didn't have to cover any real area.
  2. Bugger it mate - looks near enough to me, and if you enjoyed building it and the m-in-l enjoyed receiving it, then what else matters?
  3. jckspratt1

    1:72 Eduard MiG-15UTI Soviet Union

    Very nice - it's a lovely little kit, too. I normally don't build this scale, but was drawn to the single-seater and very much enjoyed it. Lovely detail for such a small thing. I wonder if there is an inherent flaw (or, more likely, just a trickier than usual bit!) with the intake on this family of Ed kits because I struggled to fit mine too.
  4. jckspratt1

    WNW/Cartograf Decals and setting solutions

    Thanks Gary - I use Micro-Sol/Set too, and would have thought it would be ideal for exactly the use you put it to - I've previously used it for lozenges on 1?48 with great results. I wonder why WNW make the suggestion they do - but regardless, thanks for putting my mind at ease. It's going to be about 40C here for the next couple of days, and air-conditioning sometimes impacts on decal setting, so I'll tackle the Pfalz in a couple of days. SAS
  5. jckspratt1

    WNW/Cartograf Decals and setting solutions

    Thanks guys - my thoughts exactly. Cartograf has always worked brilliantly with Micro Sol and Set (some decals are too delicate for Set, but not Cartograf), so I am curious as to why WNW warn specifically against using solutions. BTW GrzeM, the detail on that PZL wing is great (particularly if it's for a 1/72, which is Arma's scale I believe), and yes, the decaling has conformed precisely.
  6. jckspratt1


    These look wonderful, and full credit to you for all of the work you've put in. From your sprue shots, these look like very nicely detailed kits, particularly for the scale - which is unfortunately too small for me. if you ever scale up, I'd be very keen on this kit.
  7. Just trying to plumb the experience of some more experienced modellers here: I'm currently approaching the decaling stage of a WNW Pfalz DIIIa, my first. I figured this one would be a gentle start rather than attempt the other dozen WNW kits which I have gathering dust in my ever expanding stash, and I was correct - it's gone together very nicely (and any and all mistakes are solely my own!). My question is this: I realise that WNW themselves advise against using any setting solutions in favour of using a hair-dryer, but is that entirely necessary? I used Micro- family solutions for the smaller decals - cockpit etc. - without any adverse effects (so as a very limited test there seems to be no issue), and I have never found Cartograf decals to be anything but tolerant of these solutions (with aircraft of other eras). Frankly I'd feel more comfortable using these solutions instead of risking using a hair-dryer (risk being relative, but I've never used the WNW recommended method before). Has anyone else gone rogue and used my proposed technique, or will it all end in tears if I push on? Any suggestions or cautionary tales are eagerly sought. SAS
  8. jckspratt1

    WNW Dolphin

    Dolphins will fight sharks if they have to - I've seen a pod go a Great White.
  9. jckspratt1

    WNW Dolphin

    Thanks for the heads up GrahamB - I probably wouldn't haven't considered even checking out the WNW site until the new year, and would have missed this until then. Now, I should have one before Christmas.
  10. jckspratt1

    Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    robgizlu: I'm currently building the old Academy Blazer with the roller. The kit roller is pretty basic, so I'm using the Def Model IDF KMT-4 Mine Roller wheel set (DM35036), which is much better - but it uses the kit arms/mounts/whatever, so is probably useless to you. I'll be watching you with interest (I have the HB Doghouse II, yet to be built, which I bought for precisely the same reason as you did yours, it seems).
  11. jckspratt1

    Su-85 from miniart 1/35

    Mate, I'm not a fan of Soviet armour, but by God I'm a fan of this! You are doing incredible work here, and I'm watching with interest.
  12. jckspratt1

    Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Then he is being flexible with the truth - 'WD' = 'water damaged". WNW were quite forthcoming about the reason for sale. Under our local consumer law, I'd be quite happy to pursue him for misrepresentation.
  13. jckspratt1

    Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Yeah Beardie - whopping great 'WD' scrawled across the box. I bought an AEG G.IV (Late) and even the box was only slightly damaged - enough to be noticeable, but not enough to affect even the integrity of the box itself. I took a punt on the fact that WNW stuff is so well packaged and sealed internally that there was little chance of any real damage - and I was right for a change. Anyone selling this stock on eBay is a crook though - are they warranting the quality of the contents, or just selling 'as is' without specifics? I should probably also say that I actually think that WNW kits are worth the retail price anyway, but I personally wasn't quite prepared to pay full tote for this particular kit because I know that it will probably take years - if ever - to be built. If I never get around to it, so what?
  14. jckspratt1

    Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    I love watching you guys in fits over this subject. The whole area bemuses me - we pay nothing extra here in Oz - but I must agree that it seems somewhat extortionate to me. Every now and then some pollie declares that he/she wants to levy the GST (same as VAT) on imports, but even then the mooted lower limit tends to be higher than the value of any model kit. Frankly, I wouldn't like to pay GST on goods that weren't even provided in this country, but would accept the imposition. I don't really follow the PF angle - Australia Post has it's own parcel delivery arm, and foreign post is included under that and under the auspices of various international agreements AP has with foreign postal services. As an example, the British firm The Book Depository (now Amazon owned, I know) has long earned the particular ire of various local pollies by using aspects of those agreements to 'compel' AP to deliver their books for free.
  15. I remember as a schoolkid visiting Parafield Airport in the mid-80s to see the flight-worthy replica being built (that now lives up in Qld). Very impressive - as is your somewhat smaller scale replica!