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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks - I expected this, but nice to be sure.
  2. Just wondering if Sovereign enamel paints are compatible with Humbrol - for instance tinting Sovereign/WEM naval colours with Humbrol white? I'm still waiting for an order of the NARN range (here in NZ) so can't experiment yet. Cheers GrahamB
  3. Very good. Possibly in several issues or alternative parts as there were differences in inter-plane struts etc depending on manufacturer/series.
  4. Well, I think it is fantastic news. Going to sell some of my single-seaters now as I can't see them being built any time soon.
  5. Hello, this is a wild shot but I wondered if anyone could prepare and send a brush-out of the Royal Navy WW2 Sovereign colours (507 series, B5, MS series, 1943- B and G series). I simply cannot buy these in New Zealand even from the supposed "local" supplier in Australia (Creative Models) who do not stock the latest sets or updated/corrected range. Even then they will only post 3 or 4 tins at a time - at my own risk if they are intercepted. Also, I prefer to work with inks or acrylics now. If anyone can do this, so I can mix my own colours, I'm happy to pay postage and a small "fee" (PAYPAL). Please let me know via PM. Cheers GrahamB Almost finished a 1/350 Atlantic Models HMS Gorleston (ex US Coast Guard cutter) - a very fine-looking ship, but not a popular kit apparently, according to Peter Hall; (used the last of my old WEM AP507A and AP507C)
  6. I forgot to mention this great little bit of archive film of the DH.91 - including the prototypes/later mailpanes E2 and E3. Wonderful stuff, including that extinct clipped accent of the narrator! https://duckduckgo.com/?q=dh.91+de+havilland&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=6Q_zNrj0GpM
  7. Graham - yes, Prestwick not Preston.
  8. Hi Steve, here's the link - it was actually on Flikr. Could be Aluminium, could be Sky/proxies, not yellow undersides? NO roundels under the wings.
  9. Hi Giorgio, Ah yes, must have been thinking of something else!
  10. Nice photo on the wwiiarchives.net site of BJ-W/Franklin/AX904 from below. Underside darker than the yellow of roundel and similar to MSG (Sky had similar reflectance?); also good view of split flaps and the fuselage door behind the W code.
  11. Quite a discussion. I can except the possibility of yellow undersides for non-op aircraft flying in UK skies, but surely not for a military aircraft operating out of the UK and where the possibility of encountering Luftwaffe aircraft (e.g. from of Norway) was quite high. In the photos I would also say that the yellow of the fuselage roundel is quite brighter than the under-surfaces. As for timing, since 'Franklin' was impressed in September 1940 and lasted until 1942, this fits well with the introduction of Sky (or substitutes). - and time for repaints. Cheers GrahamB
  12. Thanks Dave, I probably go along with the DE/DG combination too - but have some patches showing repaints. Sky/"Duck-egg Green/blue" for the undersides too.
  13. Happy New Year! Finally couldn't resist ordering the VALOM DH.91 Albatros - such a beautiful aircraft. I'm wanting to do one of the mail-planes impressed into service with 271 Squadron RAF, ex G-AEVW 'Franklin", and used on the Preston-Iceland route. as BJ-W/AX904. The better of some images of this aircraft show it with a highly repainted/retouched scheme on upper surfaces, and with what I assume are Medium Sea Grey codes and the name Franklin still in the BOAC blue? More importantly, would this aircraft be in the Temperate Sea Scheme (Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey) with perhaps Sky (or a duck-egg blue-green substitute) as it was mostly flying over water, or did it retain a previous Temperate Land Scheme finish (Dark Earth/Dark Green)? Perhaps impossible to tell. Cheers GrahamB
  14. Hi, belated Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! having enjoyed the new film version of Journey's End so much I'm looking to get hold of a copy of the BBC 1988 version (e.g. Timothy Spall as Lt Trotter). There seem to be a few available on dodgy/malicious "torrent' sites but maybe there is a dvd version out there somewhere? Any help gratefully received. Cheers GrahamB
  15. Pale colour could be Light Stone, an army colour in widespread use in Middle East at the time.
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