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  1. This is a bit late - sorry! If you legs are not strong enough to hold the heavy model with all the additions there are brass legs available: https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/lockheed-sr-71-a-blackbird
  2. What is the size of the model? I was not able to find a drawing or length/span. Thanks, Frank
  3. A very wise decision! I really like what you are doing here. Cheers, Frank
  4. My pictures were taken with a Micro Four Thirds Lumix and two tripods. Since I do not know your Samsung I can't answer. You have to try it out for yourself.
  5. Great pictures in this thread! Oh yes, the natural light is great so I try also outdoor picture for my finished models. Here some examples: Sopwith Camel (Eduard 1/48) More here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235105971-sopwith-camel-eduard-148-new-tool-hinchliffes-donner-wetter/ Fokker D.V (Special Hobby 1/48) More here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085302-fokker-dv-special-hobby-148/ Cheers, Frank
  6. Thank you very much! But masterpiece? Not bad, but I think my recently completed Airco DH.2 (also shown here) is a little higher level. After all, we want to get better and learn with every model, don't we? Cheers, Frank
  7. Just a hint: many of the DH.2 uses a RAF Wire rigging, so no turnbuckles! That are streamlined flat steel rods instead of ropes, sitting in terminals at the ends. And yes, GasPatch Models has also a nice solution for that. See here, how it can look like (this is in 1/48): Cheers, Frank
  8. Some serious nice work so far! Cheers, Frank
  9. Thank you very much! Interestingly this was built and tested as 3 or 4 machines, mostly in France, but this one in GB. There are more to come! I will do also a Nieuport 10 as Triplane. There is a book "The Fighting Triplanes" in my library with more interesting types. In Germany are still those x.99€ prices, so the Cents are still in use. And for reference: yes, 1 Cent is smaller compared to 2 Cent and 5 Cent Thank you Dave, what a praise! Cheers, Frank
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback and all the likes! Today I tried a new b/w picture with view, angle and light of the known ref pic: Original (source media.iwm.org.uk) Fake: And again in color: Cheers, Frank
  11. Some more detail pictures ... Cockpit: Tail skid made of real wood and metal: The conversion struts: My wooden ones: I tried to replicate the complicated undercarriage. A oil tank scratched, painted in copper. With rotary engine:
  12. For a change, something less beautiful (to avoid swear words). By that I mean the original. Nieuport 17 Triplane The Nieuport 17 was also disfigured with three wings and even built or converted in several copies. This one was the A6686, which was tested in 1916. With the result that the pilot had almost no view of the runway, and ground visibility was equally poor. Therefore not a candidate for series production! The original: BRITISH AIRCRAFT TYPES 1918 - 1939. © IWM (Q 68931) IWM Non Commercial Licens My forgery: The model in 1/48 is based on the Nieuport 17 from Eduard with the help of a conversion kit from SPIN Model, which mainly contains the wings and struts made of resin. The struts were rather resin lumps, so I made them from wood, also the propeller and tail skid are made from wood again. Some other parts, like the landing gear, have been replaced by metal parts. Other accessories were a rotary engine from Small Stuff, which is rotatably mounted under a turned cowling made of aluminium. The Vickers MG and the turnbuckles for the rigging are from Gaspatch Models. The painting was done with Alclad, Gunze and oil paints for a light weathering. The conversion kit did not include decals, so the cockades and tail unit were masked and painted with Drooling Bulldog paints. However, I did not manage to cut masks for the fine white frames of the serial numbers with my cutting plotter, nor did I find a suitable replacement. So the project was on hold and the DH-2 boarded the workbench. In the end, Peddinghaus Decals helped out and made the serial number for me. My replica turned out to be a nice model, but not a masterpiece - therefore not suitable for macro or contests. See for yourself: Happy modeling! Cheers, Frank
  13. Thank you Colin! It took me almost two months, but I've put a lot of time into it. Cheers, Frank
  14. Thank you very much, but I like to add that the base was a very nice Eduard kit Cheers, Frank
  15. After I showed the stripdown DH-2 on an exhibition some years ago (see the last pictures) someone told me a joke. There is a test of a correctly rigged DH-2: A mechanic releases a bird inside. If this does not find its way out, the rigging is ok. Cheers, Frank
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