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  1. Hello! Today I had the chance to do some outdoor pictures with light from my back on the balcony. I'm very limited on angles and picture section to not have modern structures on it but I like the colors. Cheers, Frank
  2. Thank you all I can show some additional shots, mostly from the build to show some more details: Nice resin engine as part of the Premium edition Metal exhausts also: New metal landing gear: The axles are moveable, but now in deflected position: Some scratched brass parts And built in: Gaspatch Vickers. Don't try that. Don't even think about! Inspection windows on wings. Scratched Synchronization gear for the Vickers Nice kit PE for radiators: Real wood struts Airscrew Cheers, Frank
  3. Only for reference, not as critics! That one looks very close: "Lewis MKI Stripped Half Heat Sinks 1/48". They have six or more Lewis variants. Source: gaspatchmodels.com Cheers, Frank
  4. Yep, to avoid searching: Your gun is great - and self made, but next time I will not follow you and buy a accessory gun instead, if the needed type is available Cheers, Frank
  5. Oh sorry, I have not seen your question?! I was regarding the size of the rigging thread? I guess I use the standard size. The spool has no label, and I still used the first one. I have concentrated the last days to finish my Sopwith Dolphin, which in now in the "Ready for inspection section" What a huge effort you spend for the gun Cheers, Frank
  6. Thank you all for your nice comments, highly appreciated! Wayne, as far as I know its sold out, but if you can find one take the Premium edition I recommend that one. The resin engine is also available standalone, but the metal exhausts are the hit! Cheers, Frank
  7. That is a very nice build! The nature of the short run kit is no more visible. I like it a lot But where the hell did you get this kit? Cheers, Frank
  8. Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin C3799 Capt. Irving Today I finished my third model this year: a Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin created from the fantastic Copper State Models 1/48 kit. This was a looong running project, started in 2018, but paused also due to participation of an Group Build. My entry (Fokker D.VII) was awarded with two sets of Pheon decals, so I changed my plan to the blue Dolphin C3799 of Capt. Irving. This was the Premium edition of the kit, so it has a resin engine and metal exhausts. Beside the Pheon decals I used RAF wire terminals, turnbuckles, Vickers and Lewis MGs from Gaspatch. The seat belts are done by HGW. Some wooden parts are scratched like airscrew, boxwood struts and tailskid. Also metal parts are added made from brass and nickel silver like fuel caps, a metal landing gear and more. Paints are used from Alclad, Mr. Paint, Gunze and oils. And now I'm curious about your opinions! Enough of the introductory words - now the pictures! A negative stagger wing. If not ugly, at least strange. Please not the thin outlets of the exhaust. This project was a lot of fun! Cheers Frank EDIT: Please scroll down for detail and outdoor pictures!
  9. A full build log is here. It mention all things I changed, e.g. strut positions, location of control horns and lacing on fuselage. Same pictures as on scalemates, but more explanation. And a lot of scratch building with wooden struts, brass parts, metal gear, opened wing inspection windows ... https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=9968.0 Yep, the Lewis depends on the specific aircraft. Cheers, Frank
  10. Yep, also the book Dolphin Aces show mostly gray and PC10 ones A lot of rigging done today, so I think it will be ready on next weekend. Cheers, Frank
  11. At the moment I'm rigging my CSM Premium Dolphin, a great kit but with some flaws. With references those can be fixed easily. Hope to have it in the "Ready for Inspection" section soon. It will be my 4th Sopwith in 1/48. Build report is on Scalemates and WW1Aircraftmodels.com forum. Looks like you cut the sprue between the upper wing halves already. I kept it until mounting, but managed to brake the middle frame Good luck Frank
  12. Recently I found this thread and was going to all that huge amount of pages here of your very impressive work! Well done in all aspects of modeling! Now I have to speak up: The printed curtain do not match the level of your other work. I don't like them. I think the main reason is, that they block the light completely while real curtains let some light through. Or is the back side black on real ones? May be it is a different story, if you print them in clear resin and paint afterwards. But I think real cloth would be better. HGW creates seatbelts on very thin fabric, but I don't know where to find that raw material. Cheers, Frank
  13. Olivier, you made a great work on this Nieuport! But with one part you're pulling our leg. You say a 0,1mm metal sheet on the window frame is to thin and 0.2mm has to be used. That is in 1/48 around 1cm thick aluminium! Have you ever tried to bend such a piece? That is much to thick on the real plane! On original plane I guess it is 1mm, or max 2mm. Cheers, Frank
  14. You are right, Jochen, that is also what I try to simulate: from above brighter ribs, from below darker ribs. Only if the upper side of the wing is painted (typically brit biplanes with PC10 on top and linen below), then is no light coming through and do I paint also brighter ribs below. Cheers, Frank
  15. Great work so far! You really put a lot of effort into that model, and this will pay back! Sorry to read about your accident with the black masks. They must be very old? As far as I know Eduard is using since years only the yellow Kabuki tape, looks like Tamiya tape. This are the masks, which I bought 2016 for my Nieuport 11 project: Cheers, Frank
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