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  1. Hobbyboss P-61B

    when I said wrong scale I meant it should be 48 both the Monogram and Great Wall kits have their "issues" hmmm....I wonder if they could be combined to fix the others mistakes ???
  2. Hobbyboss P-61B

    pity it is in the wrong scale.
  3. F-3A Havoc info sought

    Historical Aviation Album volume XV 1977 indicates the YF-3 had T3A cameras in lieu of bombs American Aviation Historical Society Journal vol 35 no 1 Spring 1990 indicates : "The XF-3 , YF-3 and F-3A were modified production A-20 used as photo-reconnnaissance aircraft. cameras replaces guns in the nose and more cameras plus photo-flash bombs were carried in the bomb bay. 51 were modified and most were A-20J's and A-20K's" (F-3A) Douglas Havoc and Boston The DB-7 and A-20 series by Scott Thompson (Crowood Aviation Series) pg 59 "the turtledeck covering between the cockpit and gunner's compartment was partially replaced by a six-panel skylight and a fuselage window was added aft of the camera compartment. pg 60 (F-3A)"These aircraft for K-19B camera or an alternate installation of K-17 or K-22 cameras. Most F-3A's were assigned to operational units in the Ninth Air Force. known F-3A serials include 43-9876, 43-21457,21461,21581 and 43-22091/22093 and A-20K 44-71/72,44-194/198,44-342/347,44-365/370, 44-707/711 44-719/728 and 44-733/734 ** and no photos or drawings of any of this sorry if this couldn't be of more help to you , Larry but, at least it is something, Sincerely, Paul
  4. Excellent ! well done ! I think it looks good enough to be in the movies
  5. Decal required

    Sorry, I seem to have many ,but none for that unit
  6. Decal required

    I have several aftermarket decals for 1/48 scale Airacobras - let me look through them and I will let you know if I have any.
  7. Hawker Typhoon Pulverizer II- markings query

    is that by any chance the Monogram kit? I have one release of this kit and it has those markings.
  8. Raf type a cammo 1/48 plan view template

    Thank You SimonT ! you found what I was looking for. @ Lawzer I have used these on a couple of Spitfires (MK Vb,VIII,IX) with good results. (sorry no photos currently available)
  9. Raf type a cammo 1/48 plan view template

    I do know of one in .PDF format but cannot seem to find it on my computer or the link on the net.
  10. Airfix 1/48 P-40 landing light question

    yeah , I don't know how any model kit manufacturer can miss it ???
  11. DF loops on CBI Mustangs; suggestions (1/48)?

    for my models of "Carol's Daddy" and "Mrs. Virginia" I am planning on stealing them from P-40 kits. looks like the angle of the spine might be close enough. but, I haven't actually done it yet so I can't guarantee it will work
  12. Tamiya paints for B-17G

    tell me about it ! I much prefer the original (1981?) British miniseries for HHGTTG instead of the new movie version ; the movie deviated too much from the book series.
  13. Models from the Past

    nice job on those kits. and Thank You for building these for veterans , that is a very nice touch
  14. Confused About Yellow Leading Edge Stripes

    thank you for that link , JWM ! there are some good photos there, one I would like to colorize.
  15. one other thing the others might not be considering... if viewing this on a modern HD computer monitor it's capable of a degree of brightness that was impossible in the 1940's filters were used in the 40's - they were for anti-glare purposes and were available in red or green if you really want to start a war start a new topic "Interpreting Soviet WWII colors from black-and-white photos" that will surely light a raging bonfire