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  1. thank you for that link , JWM ! there are some good photos there, one I would like to colorize.
  2. one other thing the others might not be considering... if viewing this on a modern HD computer monitor it's capable of a degree of brightness that was impossible in the 1940's filters were used in the 40's - they were for anti-glare purposes and were available in red or green if you really want to start a war start a new topic "Interpreting Soviet WWII colors from black-and-white photos" that will surely light a raging bonfire
  3. nice vid , thanks for the tip (downloaded that one and part 2 !)
  4. in the case of the Hellcat ; the Hasegawa (F6F-5) is very nice , but so is the ARII (F6F-3) for the Thunderbolt ...TAMIYA ; miles better than any other kit of the t-bolt. (if you want to do a late model P-47 (D-30,D-35,D-40) you will have to buy the P-47M kit) Lightning ? I agree with Jessica ; Academy or Hasegawa
  5. I have 2 copies of Tamiya's PR IV / B IV kit and I am not using the rockets from them. you are welcome to them if you want them. they are what is shown in this photo :
  6. ... you forgot "Impatient Virgin"
  7. if you had one of the early issues of the ICM Yak-9 or Yak-7 it was necessary to get rid of the thick , heavy brown mold release agent the kits were bathed in. paint just didn't stick to it ; sometimes glue didn't either.
  8. I was able to log in (after many attempts to remember my password ) maybe send Massimo an email ? or try registering a new username/password ???
  9. P-40D is 4 wing guns Kittyhawk Mk 1 P-40E is 6 wing guns Kittyhawk Mk 1A ( just pointing out a typo)
  10. Thanks for that link 72modeler ! lots of great images there , I will have to go back later when I have more time so see all of them.
  11. whatever one better represents (dark) Olive Drab # 41
  12. at the present time I happen to be working on a pair of 1989 re-issues of the MONOGRAM P-40C. one for the RAF and another for the AVG. I have built (or am building again) several of these classic 1/48th WWII planes over the years. 2 P-61's ,2 B-26 Marauders ,B-25J ,F4U-4N,Avenger,SBD,2 Hellcats,a Mustang,Spitfire IIA,2 bubbletop Thunderbolts,3 razorback Thunderbolts 2 P-38's ,3 Hurricanes 2 Typhoons and 5 P-39 Airaobras.
  13. here is the correct link :
  14. Thank You ,I found it useful even if no-one else did. and these photos prove that DFS was painted onto them before delivery to No.601 SQDN
  15. Thank You for that link ; there are lots of photos there-many I have not seen before :thumbup: