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  1. in the case of the Hellcat ; the Hasegawa (F6F-5) is very nice , but so is the ARII (F6F-3) for the Thunderbolt ...TAMIYA ; miles better than any other kit of the t-bolt. (if you want to do a late model P-47 (D-30,D-35,D-40) you will have to buy the P-47M kit) Lightning ? I agree with Jessica ; Academy or Hasegawa
  2. I have 2 copies of Tamiya's PR IV / B IV kit and I am not using the rockets from them. you are welcome to them if you want them. they are what is shown in this photo :
  3. ... you forgot "Impatient Virgin"
  4. if you had one of the early issues of the ICM Yak-9 or Yak-7 it was necessary to get rid of the thick , heavy brown mold release agent the kits were bathed in. paint just didn't stick to it ; sometimes glue didn't either.
  5. I was able to log in (after many attempts to remember my password ) maybe send Massimo an email ? or try registering a new username/password ???
  6. P-40D is 4 wing guns Kittyhawk Mk 1 P-40E is 6 wing guns Kittyhawk Mk 1A ( just pointing out a typo)
  7. Thanks for that link 72modeler ! lots of great images there , I will have to go back later when I have more time so see all of them.
  8. whatever one better represents (dark) Olive Drab # 41
  9. at the present time I happen to be working on a pair of 1989 re-issues of the MONOGRAM P-40C. one for the RAF and another for the AVG. I have built (or am building again) several of these classic 1/48th WWII planes over the years. 2 P-61's ,2 B-26 Marauders ,B-25J ,F4U-4N,Avenger,SBD,2 Hellcats,a Mustang,Spitfire IIA,2 bubbletop Thunderbolts,3 razorback Thunderbolts 2 P-38's ,3 Hurricanes 2 Typhoons and 5 P-39 Airaobras.
  10. here is the correct link :
  11. Thank You ,I found it useful even if no-one else did. and these photos prove that DFS was painted onto them before delivery to No.601 SQDN
  12. Thank You for that link ; there are lots of photos there-many I have not seen before :thumbup:
  13. A P-40B is a Tomahawk the name Warhawk wasn't used till the P-40D came out.
  14. ...and I notice that it does not mention the switch to ANA 603/612/613. if memory serves correctly it was A-20G-20 when it happened (will have to check a book when I get back home) so if your machine is one of these later ones be advised you will also need ANA 612 Medium Green blotches at the leading and trailing edges of the main wing , tailplane and fin/rudder. the exact pattern of these blotches was not standardized. edit : it was actually the A-20G-5 USAAF #42-53785 and all later machines
  15. looking forward to see the results of your build. there isn't much for the VVS and even less in 1/48 (I have 3 of the HiPm models - still working on the first )