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  1. Just got the book and while not bad expected better, I have a few Airframe and Miniatures books and a couple of Airframe Albums and while generally very good found more errors than I expected in this book, first thing that jumped out at me was the narrative for the cover artwork, RAAF Spitfire Vc over Darwin , unfortunately the text said the action took place over Shoal Bay NSW, not Shoal Bay Darwin NT, Shoal Bay is Newcastle NSW 4000km away , the Information and Schemes/marking for RAAF Spitfires was average to say the least, and tech data on Mk VIII's was wrong as noted above, if you want good info on Australian Spitfires get the books by Peter Malone on Aussie Spitfires by Eduard. Good book but too many mistakes in it in this day and age with access to information, for this to be a "Bible" needed to really have the information spot on , particularly on the Spitfire of all aircraft.
  2. If you want to do a Boston III/IIIA, A-20C, P-70 I'd go with a version of the Revell kit , nice enough model externally with little internal detail , but quite adequate for most collections and a straight fwd model.
  3. The Revell A-20C/P-70 kits are an old kit , the Revell A-20J/Boston IV is the MPM kit, in my collection the Old Revell, High Planes, Frog , Airfix and Matchbox kits will never be build, to old , Rare , inaccurate, or to much work (High Planes), I only use all the MPM versions now, DB-7B Boston III, A-20C/Boston IIIA, A-20B, A-20G and A-20J/Boston IV, they have assy problems but far superior to the others.
  4. MPM's are the best 1/72 whether its DB-7B Boston III, Boston IIIA/A-20C, Boston IV/A-20J or A-20G, though as said difficult to build, the A-20G is the easiest, the glass nose versions don't have the best nose fit. I think I have about 20+ A-20/Boston kits , Airfix, High Planes, Frog , Revell, Matchbox and all the MPM , and the 1/48's AMT and Italeri .
  5. Sydhuey

    SAAF Sunderland V

    It seems at least in the early days they still had full capability, they kept the upper turret long after the RAF and RNZAF removed theirs, some photo's show dope patches over the fixed cheek gun positions, and it wouldn't take long to fit the full complement of .303's and .50's if needed .
  6. Both though usually US bombs, all the photo's I looked at of 112 and 3 Sqn Mustangs just about all had US 500 and 1000 Ib bombs but found a shot each of a 112 Mustang III and a 3 Sqn Mustang IVA with British 500 Ib bombs.
  7. Good news for Australia, they own half the E-7 as it was build to Australian req and Australia paid the development cost (didn't that make the news here for years!) they are now getting a return , Turkey, Korea and now the UK, goes some way to recouping the Billions spent.
  8. Yep an amazing man , Battle ops over France then , then instructing in Iraq, Blenheim ops over North Africa and Greece with 84 Sqn, then to Malaya on Blenheim's with 84 (His Blenheim IV was called Queen of Shaibah), escaped from Java in a sail boat and sailed for 47 days to Australia with CO of 84 an a dozen other personnel of 84 (Boat called the Scorpion), back to UK , instructing, then Boston Ops , took over 18 Sqn , he must have had a huge ops tally over the course of the war in the hundreds, DFC and Bar, Greek DFC , Queens Commendation , survive all of that to be lost in a B-29 being returned to the US in 1954.
  9. Std bomb racks , just 250 Ib DC's from early 1942 onwards.
  10. Wing Commander Passmore was an instructor at Shaibah hence the name Queen of Shaibah III, he served in Greece , Iraq, Malaya/Java and Italy with 18 Sqn awarded DFC and Bar and Greek DFC. Was lost after the war when an RAF B-29 Washington went down in 1954 , he was the Sqn commander of 35 Sqn B-29's.
  11. Mate that looks superb , outstanding Boston III , with the correct later red Sqn codes and roundels and fin flash for the time period, I can see no fault with it as all. Only point AL 275 was a Boeing build machine, the AL batch was in 2 groups, AL263 to AL500 Nov 41 till May delivery and Douglas Build AL668 to AL907 delivery Oct41 till May 42
  12. I believe the schemes and markings for this re release are the same as on DK decals sheets for Havoc night fighters 72065 and night intruders 72068, DK has another sheet of UK based Boston's 72062 with D-day Boston IIIA . I have all the Boston kits available and the MPM kits (Later Revell) are the best by far but not the easiest to make .
  13. as has been said you will need to ID the actual aircraft you want and its time period as even within the same unit the marking size will be different.
  14. Ed got mine from the US for $150 USD , very happy at that price.
  15. Scott with you doing the Canadian machine in 1944 , as I mentioned for some reason Special Hobby's (as a lot of another makers as well) are fixated on early war depth bombs and early depth chargers , you will need a couple of sets of aftermarket 250Ib depth charges, EMK or Brassin or even Special Hobby make them (they make the correct ordinance and fit the wrong ordinance to the model).
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