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  1. Yep, that would be an interesting release, the 47th with their weird angled B-25J side gun pods on their A-20B's (Black Widder), 18 Sqn RAF borrowed one of these unique strafers, not liked by RAF crews , one crew couldn't get the hang of the angled guns and flew it into the ground.
  2. I just read the blurb from SH , there is this A-20B from the 84th BS 47th BG, an A-20A from the 89th BS 3rd BG and DB-7B A28-9 DU-K "She's Apples" from 22 Sqn RAAF, couple of errors popped up already , they have incorrectly drawn the single exhaust on the A-20B as fitted to the A-20A and DB-7B, the A-20B, A-20C and early A-20G all run the same exhaust system and engine cowls, also they talk about an RAAF Boston with 180+ missions unfortunately this is propaganda story from WW2 , the aircraft in Question "She's Apples" carried out 77 missions not 186 as the myth goes.
  3. Graham, I think you mean 459 Sqn , 457 was a fighter Sqn. 459 Sqn operated Baltimore's in the std TSS scheme with yellow codes.
  4. Interesting film , great can of worms material , comparing the Baltimore's to known colour photos the shades and pattern match a TLS scheme , the Maryland looks to have the same pattern ?? the colour contrast doesn't look as distinct as with Desert or TLS schemes, I'm leaning toward TSS over Azure Blue, code letter in yellow, the serial has been been masked over for a repaint and the upper and lower colour's have a clear demarcation , Marylands were old aircraft so would have generally be in pretty bad shape if not repainted. I'd like to hear Tony O'Tools and Steve Mackenzie opi
  5. DB-7A was a French ordered machine the 100 built all went to the RAF as Boston II's, 7.5 mm MG's were a French weapon and never fitted till delivery in France as they never got to France never got fitted. RAF used the Boston II in a variety of roles but not light bombers .
  6. Engine nacelle guns only fitted to A-20A and A-20B, RAF never operated these versions , 18 Sqn borrowed several A20Bs from the US 47th BG to help with transitioning from Blenheim to Boston III but this was the only case, RAF operated (Big Tails) DB-7B (Boston III), A-20C (Boston IIIA), A-20J (Boston IV) and A-20K (Boston V), 18 Sqn also operated 6 x A-20Gs for several mths borrowed from the 47th BG while they waited for their new Boston IVs, these were the only A-20Gs operated by the RAF. No nacelle guns on RAF operated Bostons.
  7. Nacelle guns fitted to A-20A and A-20B, removed almost as soon as they saw action, good in theory but didn't work , extra weight, maintenance etc. Models operated by RAF never had the facility for Nacelle guns , Boston III's operated by RAAF had mg's added to extreme tail of 8 aircraft when they went into action in NG at the end of 1942, proved a failure and removed within 6 mths.
  8. Depends if they are Douglas or Boeing build aircraft , Douglas used Fuller paints and Boeing Du Pont , you would notice a tonal difference on a new aircraft but not so much on a faded aircraft in the field.
  9. This model is one of the "mix up" models released years ago (B ,C ,Boston III close enough no one will know the difference) , the serial 41-3137 is for an A-20B with the stepped glass nose but has an A-20C sloped nosed fitted on the model, the 47th operated almost all A-20Bs though some late A-20Cs were delivered toward the end of the African campaign some A-20C's were delivered in Std OD/NG and some A-20Cs earmarked for RAF were delivered in Dark Green /Dark Earth but the photos I have of these the "Sand" scheme was not applied over them, I can find no info of the "Sand" applied on A-20C's on
  10. I recently purchased some sets of Peddinghaus 1/72 IDF Tank Markings decals , however they come with no instructions with positions on the vehicles, instructions on application but nothing on were they go ! I looked on the Peddinghaus site and they have no instructions either , thought it was strange to sell decal without positioning drawings . 72 1308 - M 48, M 48, M 51, Centurion, Centurion 72 2348 - M7, M4 A3, M 48, M 109, Merkava 1 EP 1309 - M 48, M 60 Thanks Syd
  11. I have been using those two Baltimore pics to disprove the idea of pattern A and B on Boston's , Baltimore's and Kittyhawk's in the Med for awhile now there was only one pattern (apart from the odd one off) and you can ID desert or TLS scheme by the shades matched to the camouflage pattern DE is light in the TLS scheme but dark in the Desert scheme but in the same place in each scheme , the fixation on desert scheme on on these three aircraft is one of my pet hates , this thread opens it up to the Beaufighter as well, as the Ic's and VIc's were primarily anti shipping I think they were in TLS
  12. RAAF B-25's were in a similar scheme, but don't use the paint scheme on the Airfix B-25 for the RAAF version its wrong , too much Black.
  13. From what I have found , 84 to 108 " seem to be the range with 102 - 108 being the most common reference.
  14. There is also a website "Caribbean aircrew in the RAF during WW2", lots of info there. If you want a really interesting subject , Britain's first Black pilot , Robbie Clarke of Jamaica , flew RE8's with 4 Sqn over France .
  15. Two books have a lot of info, "The Motherland Calls" and "Caribbean Volunteers at War" have a lot of detail, one Jamaican who should be more famous than he is is Arthur Wint, from Jamaica, flew Spitfires over Germany late 44 /45, became a Doctor after the war and won Gold in the 400 m at the 48 and 52 Olympics and silver in 800 at 48 and 52, the original Usain Bolt,went on to be the Jamaican High commissioner to the UK and ambassador to Sweden and Denmark, also became a renown surgeon. Another Jamaican Vincent Bunting flew Spitfires with Sailor Malon.
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