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  1. One that stands out to me is the B-25J , its already in an Olive Drab over Neutral grey scheme without side gun packs , just as RAF Mitchell III's operated , just apply RAF roundels and suitable Sqn codes , 180 Sqn machine KJ684, EV-J with a Jester nose art and approx 18 missions would be an excellent choice.
  2. Slightly off topic but about Buffalo's, I was reading Geoff Fiskens account of various fighters , he had good thing to say about the Buffalo (he scored 6 kills in them!), he was a very experienced pilot having learn't to fly in the 1930's he did a lot of test flying of newly assembled Buffalo's in Singapore, he flew the Buffalo for almost a year, he said the aircraft while not the greatest was not to blame but the experience level of pilots in Singapore/Malaya and tactics, when 14 Sqn RNZAF formed in NZ late 42/early 43 (P-40) with a core of experianced pilots who had flown in Singapore , the
  3. A-20B run the same engine cowls as A-20C's multi port out back of cowl not single exhaust outlet with cooling holes (should be a total of 8 cooling slots in cowl) in cowl like A-20A and DB-7B and the DB-7B DU-K is a DB-7B not C, also depending on the number of missions depends if it has a Sky or Sky Blue lower colour, pre Sept 43 it was Sky , belly landed in Sept 43 and had lower surface repainted RAAF Sky Blue. Wrong engine cowls for an A-20B
  4. The RAAF and Dutch operated more than a dozen B-25D-25's between serial number 42-87254 and 87412 all had factory fit waist gun positions and single .50 tail installations (Total 12 x .50's fitted) given the serial of this aircraft and the deliveries to US/Dutch and RAAF forces in the Pacific of B-25D's in 1943 I would say there is every chance this aircraft also has the full gun fit with waist positions. Most B-25 kits and decals incorrectly have late production B-25D's (-25 onward) without the waist and tail gun positions.
  5. RAAF 40 Sqn Sunderland III's retained nose and tail turrets but removed guns , had top turret removed and retained the full ASV antenna setup and were in all over Foliage Green not Dark Green , also to just above the waterline on all RAAF flying boats was coated in Lanolin , easiest way to represent that is to apply a rough coat of clear gloss to just above the waterline, the lanolin was not applied with masking just slopped on the hull , but in most photo's of RAAF Flying boats it looks like a separate colour on the lower surface
  6. Yes it is a square tail US 500 Ib in the kit in Olive Drab, they were carried later in the North African campaign by 1a's , but in the time frame for this aircraft (shot down May 42) should be a round tail British 250 Ib bomb in Bronze Green
  7. Huey AE424 10/10/1978 delivered to Argentine Army. 23/04/82 transported to Falkland Islands by C-130. 06/1982 captured by British Forces. 06/1982 to 01/1986 used by Falkland Islands Government Air Services as VP-FBD. 17/01/1986 sold to and registered G-BMLA to Grampian Helicopters, UK. 09/1988 sold to B.H. Pacific Pty, Australia as VH-UHE. 27/07/1992 sold to PNGDF as P2-405. 01/2016 noted in external storage at Jackson's Field.
  8. Ok thanks it appears to be gun 2 removed (numbering from airframe to wing tip), I blanked the wrong one (#3) , will now correct it.
  9. I'm doing a IIB in Burma with tanks , I know the outer outer 2 guns in each wing were removed back to an 8 gun machine and am after which in the 4 gun group 2 or 3 ?
  10. I am trying to confirm if one of the guns is removed when hardpoints are fitted , I remember reading it somewhere when hardpoints/bomb racks are fitted to Hurricane IIA/IIB either the second or third .303 is removed as the ejection port is blocked by the hardpoint/bomb rack.
  11. Thanks Steve , that does look like a F not a 5, so I was right , all the Model , Decal and Book references as 5H-E are wrong, it is F6-E.
  12. I was doing research on A-20's as I do and came across an anomaly, the famous A-20G 43-9224 'La France Libre" marked on every model and decal sheet and in books as 5H-E of the 668th BS should in fact be F6-E of the 670th BS, all reference material refer to it as 5H-E of the 668th BS 416 BG , except the 416th BG web page and mission logs they refer to it as F6-E of the 670th BS, amazing how literally everything else has a different Sqn ID to the the web page of the actual unit that operated it. Does anyone have an actual photo of the side with Sqn codes and serial to confirm . I find it in
  13. Yep, that would be an interesting release, the 47th with their weird angled B-25J side gun pods on their A-20B's (Black Widder), 18 Sqn RAF borrowed one of these unique strafers, not liked by RAF crews , one crew couldn't get the hang of the angled guns and flew it into the ground.
  14. I just read the blurb from SH , there is this A-20B from the 84th BS 47th BG, an A-20A from the 89th BS 3rd BG and DB-7B A28-9 DU-K "She's Apples" from 22 Sqn RAAF, couple of errors popped up already , they have incorrectly drawn the single exhaust on the A-20B as fitted to the A-20A and DB-7B, the A-20B, A-20C and early A-20G all run the same exhaust system and engine cowls, also they talk about an RAAF Boston with 180+ missions unfortunately this is propaganda story from WW2 , the aircraft in Question "She's Apples" carried out 77 missions not 186 as the myth goes.
  15. Graham, I think you mean 459 Sqn , 457 was a fighter Sqn. 459 Sqn operated Baltimore's in the std TSS scheme with yellow codes.
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