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    Aircraft Engineer (Helicopters) by trade. Interests ; Helicopters , Tanks ,Old Planes, Bulldozers and things that go Bang! Ex RAAF,worked on Iroquois, Black Hawk, Chinook , Caribou, C-130 and F-111 and Boston, Zero and Mustang warbirds.

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  1. Sydhuey

    WW2 Depth Charges (Catalina)

    The loads with 250Ib DC varied from aircraft to aircraft, B-24's usually carried x 8, B-17 could carry x 10 , 6 internally and 4 on under fuselage hard points , when long range tanks were fitted to the bomb bays they were restricted to the 4 x external DC's, Catalina's usually carried x 4 or x6 though could carry 8, Sunderland's carried x 8 and could carry x 8 reloads if the range was shorter , Halifax as they did a mixed role of Anti Sub and Anti Shipping carried a mixed load of 4 x DC's and 2 x 500Ib bombs , Hudson x 4.
  2. Sydhuey

    WW2 Depth Charges (Catalina)

    RAF Catalinas persisted with twin .303's into 1944 when they got Cats diverted from US Navy orders that came with .50's in the waist position and finally started to fit .50's to other aircraft. The RAF also never fitted the twin gun eyeball turret to their Cats when RCAF, US Navy and RAAF Catalina Sqn's were upgunning as fast as they could. The late delivery Catalina IV flown by John Cruichshank for example had a single .303 nose turret , .50's in the Blisters and new late radar in pod above cockpit and carried 6 x 250 Ib DC's.
  3. Sydhuey

    WW2 Depth Charges (Catalina)

    Britain went to war with wholly inefficient anti submarine bombs of 100, 250 , 500 and 600 Ib, these were found to be next to useless (as shown by few U-boat kills from 39 thru 41 despite many attacks) and the need for a DC was rushed thru, the Naval Mk VII was used as the basis of the air drop Mk VII which came into service in 1941 (this is the DC fitted to the Airfix Catalina which is wrong as it doesn't match the time frame of PBY-5A's in service with the RAF or RCAF) it was only used for about a year as it had a restricted drop envelope of not above 150' and not above 150 Knts, The 250Ib depth charge was developed in 1941 and in servise in 1942 this became the std DC for the rest of the war , the Mk VIII had a drop limit of 750' and 173 Knts and was soon replaced by the improved Mk XI with drop limits of 1250' and 250 Knts bringing it into the operating realm of modern MR aircraft. The above shots Chris put up show the 250 Ib DC in the first 4 shots of B-24 and B-17 , the Catalina has 450 Ib DC in its latter nose and tail config and the last shot is a 450 Ib DC with the early crude nose and tail fit on a Sunderland you can see the basis of the naval DC in this photo. For some reason Model and Diecast model makers continue to fit the 450 Ib DC's to models when they were only used for about a year (41 into 42) and the 250 Ib DC used thru most of the war.
  4. Sydhuey

    British contract Bostons: interior colours please

    On the Aussie Modeller International site is a good set of pictures of the restored DB-7B at the RAAF museum in the "Walk Arounds" section, they may give you an Idea.
  5. Sydhuey

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    Dakota I - C-47 Dakota II- C-53 troop only variant with no cargo door Dakota III- C-47A Dakota IV -C-47B
  6. Sydhuey

    RAAF Beaufighter- Colour Film Footage

    Going by the histories of the identifiable serial numbers the film was shot between Feb and Jun 45 at 5 OTU Williamtown, good film, the only pity is 5 OTU also had a lot of UK built A19 Beaufighter's on strength in various schemes but you only see all over Foliage Green Aust DAP built A8 Beaufighter's , the A19 machines would have been the real interesting ones as most were combat vets from 30 and 31 Sqn sent to 5 OTU when they converted to DAP A8 Beaufighters.
  7. Sydhuey

    Boston Mk IV RAF 18 Squadron 1944/45

    G'day Mark, I was involved with assisting with the diecast model of this aircraft from HM, the MPM model was used as a reference (assumed it was correct at the time) there is a profile of this aircraft on Wings Palette (obviously wrong), I too have all the records of 18 Sqn and agree with you on the probable id actually being BZ464, at the time of this model getting done I didn't have the Sqn records, I have seen a picture of the front of this aircraft with its mission marks but no confirmation of serial or Sqn code letter , I will try and find it when I get home. if you send me a PM with email address I will send you some other pics of 18 Sqn Boston IV's regards Syd
  8. Sydhuey

    A-20 photo collection

    Great pics , thanks mate.
  9. Sydhuey

    A-20 photo collection

    Agree with Chris. Doesn't connect to anywhere.
  10. Sydhuey

    P-70 Nightfighter "Dusty" Questions

    The intake is in 2 pieces, the tropical filter intake from the front edge of the engine cowl to mate with the original intake its self. C-10 is the later style for A-20G.H.J.K and G38 is for A-20A, C, Boston III, and P-70, A, A1.
  11. Sydhuey

    P-70 Nightfighter "Dusty" Questions

    You want the long tropical intake that goes to the front of the engine cowl , the shot of the "generic" P-70 shows the short std intake and the pic you have at the top of "Dusty" shows the long intake.
  12. Sydhuey

    Today's Airfix Aerodrome - Handley Page Hampden

    I can see Airfix/Corgi doing a 1/72 Hampden plastic kit and 1/72 diecast , use the same research and satisfy both markets, would be a win win for manufactures and collectors of both genes .
  13. Sydhuey

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    Good to see Danish got the Romeo, I know mates in Norway are jealous (and other countries in Europe as well), unlike the Norwegian NH-90 the Danish Romeo's were supplied on time on budget and are in service , Australia is down one Romeo it broke loose in its hangar on the Frigate HMAS Warramunga a year ago and beat itself to death is severe weather.
  14. Sydhuey

    Query - Aussie Mk21 Beaufighter's with bombs

    G'day Matt, I put a few photo's on the thread of RAAF Beaufighters , 250Ib bombs, 3 x 100Ib napalm bombs, 20 Ib cluster bomb racks , 300Ib depth charges, large home made fragmentation bombs , all on 30 Sqn Beaufighters. While RAAF Beaufighter units in the UK used the under fuselage bomb racks , Pacific based units only used the wing racks.
  15. Sydhuey

    Info on 18 Sqn Boston III HK 971 M-Mother

    Different factories used different paints Douglas used Fuller paints while Boeing used DuPont paints on the Boston's they build. The original Boston III's DB-7B's in the Zxxx and Wxxx series were build by Douglas to RAF spec and scheme's, the follow up order taken over from the French DB-73 were build to RAF DB-7B spec's with half build by Boeing (AL263 to AL500) and half by Douglas (AL668 to AL907), all subsequent Boston III's were of the A-20C variant , those earmarked for the RAF were given RAF serials as well as their US serial and were designated Boston IIIA's these were all lend lease aircraft and as per the lend lease agreement were originally to be finished in RAF Spec and Scheme but as with a lot of lend lease aircraft the RAF fit out and scheme were dropped to aid speed of production , some of these Boston IIIA's were also build at Boeing . These Boston IIIA's were in the BZ196 to BZ399 RAF serial range, while some were delivered in the requested DG/DE over Sky scheme the majority were in the std US OD over NG scheme, A-20C's that came from US stock in North Africa/Italy would have been delivered in Std US colours and retained their US serials (number unknown) , HK series Boston's came from Iran as attrition aircraft from A-20C's allotted to Russia, the Russians allowed these replacement aircraft to be released in small batches in exchange for Spirfires , approx. 57 aircraft came from Russian earmarked Boston's between Dec 42 and Sep 43. Of interest 18 Sqn who had a close liaison with the 47th BG operated borrowed A-20B's (approx. 6) and A-20G's (4) , A-20J's (1) from the 47th these aircraft had RAF markings applied and were still flown with RAF markings on them when returned to the 47th Bg , the A-20B's for training and early missions when 18 converted to Boston's from Blenheim's, The A-20G's were loaned to 18 Sqn in early 44 to see if they would like some as the US had spares, while 18 Sqn liked the nose gun armament they preferred a Nav/bombaimer for night missions and the A-20G's were returned when it was announced 18 Sqn was to get Boston IV the A-20J was lent to 18 Sqn for famil before they got their new Boston IV's. So yes the RAF did operate solid nose A-20G's after all and flew more than a dozen missions with them.