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  1. To do a MLD DB-7B just use the std cowls from the kit not the tropical resin cowls , the 8 small cover plates (to form the Tropical cowl) were not removed before capture, photo's of captured DB-7B's also show them fitted and early RAAF Boston photo's also show them fitted, they were removed when RAAF Boston's went to New Guinea. Dutch DB-7B's retained their RAF serial under the tail (ALxxx) the Dutch D-xx number was on the nose , std RAF paint scheme DG/DE over Sky, Dutch triangles applied to fuselage sides and under wing over RAF roundels, not applied to upper wing, RAF roundel on upper
  2. Sorry nothing from me, never really looked much as Aussie Mossies. Boston's , Beaufighter's ,B-25's , Catalina's and Sunderland's are my main interest.
  3. Have lots of photo's Graham , OD IIIA's in UK, Night Intruders with 18 Sqn Italy, just too much of a pain to put on here.
  4. Graham , yes there were A-20A's in the two tone scheme but none I can positively ID in Australia, I'm not completely ruling it out we get all sorts of schemes still being thrown up , All the A-20A's were second hand aircraft when they got to Australia in early 42, (A-20A's delivered to the USAAF between Nov 40 and Aug 41) approx 60 of the 140 odd built A-20A's served in Aust/NG with many being worn out on arrival and needing O/H before going to NG and the two tone is not a scheme that has jumped out at me. Schemes other than OD over NG have been id's on P-39's, P-40's, B-17's operating in NG b
  5. This is a work in progress, couple of corrections to be carried out and updated info, will be updated after the 3 articles have been published
  6. If you want info on RAAF Boston's read the latest ADF Serials Newsletter http://www.adf-serials.com.au/newsletter/ADF-Serials Telegraph Vol 11 Iss 2 v3b.pdf, this is Pt 1 on DB-7B's in RAAF service , Pt 2 will be A-20C/A-20A and Pt 3 A-20G's.
  7. Personally I think his art work is a shocker , colour film and photo's of 89th Bs A-20A's show them in the std single OD over NG , some early A-20's and A-20A's were in a two tone scheme in the US and Panama but in my probably 50-60 pictures of 89th A-20A's no where would you definitely say there are any in a two tone scheme. OD when it fades gives the impression of multiple colours , look at the wrong Interpretations of RAF Boston IIIA's (A-20C's), many thought they were in RAF DG/DE (some did get repainted but the overwhelming majority of RAF Boston IIIA's where in OD over NG) when they were
  8. the colour footage is of either 12, 24 SAAF or 18 Sqn RAF , based on Sicily, 12 and 24 converted to Marauders on moving to Italy , and the Boston's scrapped the desert scheme for the original TLS scheme on landing in Italy before taking a night bomber scheme when the Boston units went to the night interdictor role.
  9. Not your fault Jes , the decal sheet represents a Ic in delivery TLS scheme to 31 Sqn not a late model X in the later TSS scheme . To do a RAAF Beaufighter unfortunately you have to ID a serial and Sqn code you want then work out the time frame as to which scheme it is in. As a ballpark the first 54 Beaufighter Ic's were in Dark Green/Dark Earth over Sky, some had the Dark Earth repainted with Dark Sea Grey at 31 Sqn and as they went for overhaul/repair had the Sky replaced with Sky Blue. 55- 187 TSS scheme Extra dark Sea Grey/dark Slate grey over Sky, Sky replaced with Sky Blue thru
  10. There was a Air Force memo that came out in late 43 stating a list of equivalent colours to RAAF colours that aircraft could stay in to save time and materials painting brand new aircraft twice, can't find it at the moment , its why A-20C's stayed in Olive Drab despite it being faded and Kittyhawks stayed in Olive Drab from the factory, only aircraft that needed the repaint for the role eg: repainting Catalina's for night operations was a repaint carried out , till after Jun 44 when the complete new operational schemes came out.
  11. The Beaufighters are a bit of a minefield, they operated in about 6 differant schemes combinations and 2-3 different sort of roundel sizes they were delivered with factory sky undersurfaces and usually got repainted to RAAF Sky Blue after a belly landing or damage (which happened a lot with Beaufighters) , they didn't get repainted when delivered as it was a waste of time and stores to repaint over a new paint job, I don't believe 177 had a repainted underside as the machine was only 5 mths old from arrival in Australia to crashing and being written off, the original B&W picture shows a s
  12. G'day Jes, the old Pentland RAAF Camouflage and Markings books while great books are more than 30 years old and full of mistakes , the ADF serial newsletter is more recent research, only the first 50 odd Ic's were ever in the Dark Green/Dark Earth Scheme.
  13. Looks good , but unfortunately the scheme is wrong , the late Mk X were in std RAF TSS scheme of Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky, 31 Sqn in particular hated the Dark Earth for over water ops and had permission to overpaint the Dark Earth with Dark Sea Grey on their early Mk Ic's, of the 220 odd UK built Beaufighters in RAAF service less than 1/4 were ever in the TLS scheme of Dark Green/Dark Earth, the vast majority were in the TSS scheme of EDSG/DSG. Until recently most decal sheets were wrong , DK decals have done sheets with the correct schemes. Unfortunatly one of
  14. Great to see a late model Kittyhawk in the correct Olive Drab/Dark Green and Dark Earth over Neutral Grey/Sky Grey instead of the usually incorrect desert schemes.
  15. The RAAF A-20G's were brand new aircraft so were in very good condition , DU-P the CO's aircraft was very well looked after so was in better condition than would be expected for a normal A-20 in the tropics.
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