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  1. Bryan71

    What am I not getting about Acrylic paint?

    Being fairly new to modelling.I bought a decent airbrush set up.And tried Vallejo couldn’t get on with it tried all sorts lowering pressure less thinner more thinner.Then i tried Tamiya great paint but kept thinking there must be better out there.Heard about Mission Models Paint.Bought a couple of bottles and there own thinner and the poly.To my surprise it’s amazing stuff.Mixing a little thicker than the others.But sprays extremely well.No tip dry and didn’t lift when you remove masking tape.Clean up is a breeze.
  2. Bryan71

    Tamiya M40

    Unbelievable attention to detail well done.Looks amazing
  3. Bryan71

    1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank

    Quality work.looks amazing
  4. Bryan71


    Oh right never used them.I will hang on.Cheers
  5. Bryan71


    £44 toying with buying some fruil tracks
  6. Bryan71


    Thanks for your advice just ordered the Dragon 6386 managed to track one down at a good price
  7. Bryan71


    Been looking to buy a 1-35 Nashorn. looked at the Tamiya one.Any one experience with the Nashorn or is the Dragon one a better build
  8. Bryan71

    Iwata HP-C Plus

    Interms of saving it’s about £20 less than the plus.Preset handle isn’t an issue. more concerned about the seals.
  9. Bryan71

    Iwata HP-C Plus

    Thanks I will ring the shop up and ask.
  10. Bryan71

    Iwata HP-C Plus

    Been looking at one of these Iwata HP-C Plus 0.3.But been offered a new one of these Iwata HP-C 50th Anniversary airbrush Limited Edition at a good price Interested to know will the Anniversary model have Teflon seals. Can’t find any details online
  11. Bryan71

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Just to let you guys know weather is fine here.No snow bit of rain.I live a few miles away
  12. Bryan71

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Looking forward to it.Might pick a model up off Duncan.And if he has any MMP paints.
  13. Bryan71

    Difference Between

    It was the trigger I disliked.Couldn’t get use to it.Felt almost cheap very clicky and jurky.I ended up replacing it with a Iwata Custom.Yes it’s more expensive but the trigger action and the over all build quality is second to none.Everyone is different but I dislike Harder.They are good but aren’t cheap but mine felt cheap.
  14. Bryan71

    Friul Tracks

    Sorry my mistake thought it was the elefant I had asked about.Thanks I will order the ones you have mentioned.Thanks again
  15. Bryan71

    Friul Tracks

    No reason at all but that was for my elefant model.I think unless I am getting mixed up with having to many builds on the go at once.Apoliges if your correct.