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  1. Bryan71

    Difference Between

    Your right Evolution is a good work horse.
  2. Bryan71

    Difference Between

    Thanks for thank might end up getting rid of my Harder Evolution CR Plus 0.4 If it covers well
  3. Bryan71

    Difference Between

    Thanks Colin for that.Been looking at the Custom for awhile now.Part of me thinks it’s over kill but just wanted to ask what people thought of it.
  4. Bryan71

    Difference Between

    As I have just got rid of my Infinity CR Plus.I still use my Evolution CR Plus 0.4 for general use But after one for more detailed work.Looking at the following Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus (V2) or Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus I know the Custom is bloody expensive but is it much better in terms of quality
  5. I have the Evolution CR plus and it’s fine but hate the Infinity CR plus just looking at Iwata’s now
  6. Thankyou thought getting rid of the Infinity and buying an Iwata.But the trigger looks interesting
  7. Cheers for that I have an Evolution and love it but the Infinity just not enjoying using it
  8. I’m finding the same problem with my Harder and Steenbeck Infinity.Not had it long works fine but just don’t like the feel of it.
  9. Bryan71

    Mission Models Paint

    Been using Vallejo model air but thought I would try a couple of bottles of MM paints.Very impressed.First impression mixing 10 drops with 2 drops of there thinner thought bit thick But worked a treat sprayed at 12 psi tip did dry a couple of times but not as much as Vallejo. Not tried the Polyurethane mix yet which may eliminate the tip dry. Thought I would share my experience at first thought it was expensive but you are getting a 30ml bottle and coverage is very good. On the plus side no smells
  10. Bryan71

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    Excellent work.Top marks on your weathering
  11. Bryan71

    Vallejo Model Air Issues

    I had a few problems with Model Air.But found even though you can spray straight out of the bottle.A few drops of there thinner made all the difference.After thinning never had any more problems.But you do need to shake the hell out of the bottle and a few ball bearings helps.Also found turning the psi up a bit. Say 18/20
  12. Bryan71

    Tankart 4

    Managed to track one down in Germany even in the sale.And not silly postage cost.
  13. Bryan71

    Tankart 4

    Cheers for that.
  14. Bryan71

    Tankart 4

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread Anyone any ideas were to buy Tankart 4 from found a place in Greece but they want more for shipping than the cost of the book.Cheers