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  1. Thanks for your reply I have been in 2 minds about the TH and not being able to try one.Your probably right about being a bit to much.
  2. After having a break from modelling.I’m only doing figures 1/35 and 1/16 and 1/10 Busts I have an Eclipse 0.35 which I use for Mr Surfacer 1500 But I have ordered some Stynylrez.I have an Infinity with a 0.4 set up will the 0.4 be a big enough needle size for spraying Stynylrez. Or do I need a bigger.I know I can change the Eclipse to a 0.5 but keeping that brush for Lacquer paint.I had looked at the Iwata HP-TH
  3. Bryan71


    Thanks for that
  4. Bryan71


    Sorry I know it might have been covered before.I have been priming with Mr S 1500.How ever been toying with buy some Stynylrez I know it advises not to thin and spray through a 0.4/0.5 brush Just wanted to ask what’s the best thing to clean the brush up after will Lacquer thinner be ok.
  5. Thanks for that will look now
  6. I’ve bought some 1/35 Africa Korp figures and want to replace the heads for more detailed resin ones.Tried to find some online but struggling anyone any thoughts on the best place to purchase.Cheers
  7. Thanks watch quite a few utube videos and they all appear to use Vallejo primer don’t want to use that stuff had loads of problems before.Moved onto Mr Surfacer 1500 for my 1/35 tanks
  8. Thanks guys my nest question is what primer to use.I spray my models with Mr Surfacer 1500.
  9. Thanks will have a look at them
  10. Thanks i was looking at the Windsor and Newtons.Someone recommended Artis Opus.
  11. What size brushes does everyone recommend
  12. Thanks just trying to make a list of Vallejo Model Colours I need sorted the flesh more concerned with the uniform colours
  13. Decided to have a go at figures kept putting off.So after some 1/35 Afrika Korp. So my question is what are the best ones to buy.Tamiya or Dragon.In terms of quality and detail.
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