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  1. I have 2 copies of the Airfix Spifire FR 46/47 and a few months ago I got the Airfix Spitfire F22/24. one of the reasons I like the 47 over the 46 is the option of camera ports (although no cameras ) the MK 24 should be listed as an FR 24 as it has camera ports ,too (guess what mark I'm building) the Trumpeter MK 14 Spiteful kit has a camera port and a camera. so yes I am including it. so as you can tell I like Spitfires with guns as well as cameras. I Thank all of you for your help and interest. stay safe - don't catch that damn coronavirus !
  2. you will probably want this as a reference. it not only gives size and shape , but color. http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Ordnance/RS_Rockets/index.php
  3. I would think Nick Millman would be the man to ask. he used to have a blog devoted to SEAC aircraft , but sadly it does not seem to be online anymore.
  4. Yak-7 and Yak-9 used a different type landing gear that is not suitable for your needs. but Yak-1 , Yak-1b and Yak-3 are the same . (Yak-11 was derived from Yak-3) the other solution is to do it wheels-up ???
  5. PFlint

    Bit of advise please

    great idea !!! now if we can just get the USA to do the same (it costs more than one cent to make a penny) did you do something to replace it? or just make everything rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents? (sorry if this is seen as thread hijacking -but I thought the answer might be valuable to others)
  6. and if that is not good enough I have two of the kits and I could send you the instrucions from one of them.
  7. HUH !!!! much of the Yak-9U program was stolen from the Yak-3. the problem in the conversion is that the two kits actually have different cross-sections ; in the end I think I will keep the ICM fuselage and will have to use a lot of filler putty and sandpaper to smooth it out.
  8. I thought about a Yak-9V conversion but in the end I decided there were more D's,T's,K's and M's that I wanted to do more. however , I am still going for a Yak-9U conversion using Eduard's Yak-3 and ICM's Yak-9T (got some nice decals for the finish of it)
  9. it's length would be the standard 8.5 meters as other Yak-9 models with a 20mm cannon (that's heavy armament for a trainer) what other specifications do you want ? my best source on Yak fighters is A.T. Stepanets
  10. same color as used on the underside of the rest of the plane.
  11. I vote for Tamiya. and just to let you know I have built 1/48th scale P-47s from Monogram ,Tamiya, Hasegawa,Academy and Promodeler. (I had to buy the Tamiya P-47M to do a P-47D-40 in order to have the fin strakes ,compessability flaps and different gun-sight and cockpit floor) so as long as you don't want a D-30 or later block the standard Tamiya "bubbletop" kit will be just fine.
  12. ...beat me to it ! you can also use the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink - I do this ,the running water washes away the dust.
  13. Thank You for the link.! I enjoyed that movie and so did my friend (he was in the Navy)
  14. PFlint

    A-20 Havoc Questions

    .....because Lockheed owns the rights to the name "Nighthawk" in relation to the A-117 Stealth Attack Airplane. (commonly mislabeled F-117 Stealth Fighter)
  15. PFlint

    A-20 Havoc Questions

    the Airfix Boston has some anemic engines and propellers ; you might want to beef them up. if the old Revell kit has the same engines and props as the P-70 night-fighter then you are good to go. the A-20A and A-20C have a slanted nose glazing and the A-20 and A-20B have a stepped nose glazing.
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