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  1. both of those are early Tu-2 powered by M-82 engines ( no bumps) the ICM kit has the bumps for the M-82FN (ASh-82FN) engines -- you can sand them down if you are doing an early version like this my worst complaint about the VEB Plasticart kit is that the propellers turn in the wrong direction AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!
  2. here's what I recommend if you are primarily interested in the aircraft themselves. (other books are available about pilots, units and battles/campaigns) Soviet Combat Aircraft of the second world war volume two : twin-engine fighters ,attack aircraft and bombers by Yefim Gordon ,Dmitri Khazanov with Alexander Medved ISBN 1-85780-084-2 $39.99 USD Volume one is about single engine fighters and is ISBN 1-85780-083-4 and is also $39.99USD they are both from: Midlands Publishing Limited 24 The Hollow , Earl Shilton L
  3. Okay ! Thanks , Bob.
  4. is there anything in the reprint that is not in the original? in other words...I have the book ...should I buy the reprint?
  5. I have 2 copies of the Airfix Spifire FR 46/47 and a few months ago I got the Airfix Spitfire F22/24. one of the reasons I like the 47 over the 46 is the option of camera ports (although no cameras ) the MK 24 should be listed as an FR 24 as it has camera ports ,too (guess what mark I'm building) the Trumpeter MK 14 Spiteful kit has a camera port and a camera. so yes I am including it. so as you can tell I like Spitfires with guns as well as cameras. I Thank all of you for your help and interest. stay safe - don't catch that damn coronavirus !
  6. you will probably want this as a reference. it not only gives size and shape , but color. http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Ordnance/RS_Rockets/index.php
  7. I would think Nick Millman would be the man to ask. he used to have a blog devoted to SEAC aircraft , but sadly it does not seem to be online anymore.
  8. Yak-7 and Yak-9 used a different type landing gear that is not suitable for your needs. but Yak-1 , Yak-1b and Yak-3 are the same . (Yak-11 was derived from Yak-3) the other solution is to do it wheels-up ???
  9. great idea !!! now if we can just get the USA to do the same (it costs more than one cent to make a penny) did you do something to replace it? or just make everything rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents? (sorry if this is seen as thread hijacking -but I thought the answer might be valuable to others)
  10. and if that is not good enough I have two of the kits and I could send you the instrucions from one of them.
  11. HUH !!!! much of the Yak-9U program was stolen from the Yak-3. the problem in the conversion is that the two kits actually have different cross-sections ; in the end I think I will keep the ICM fuselage and will have to use a lot of filler putty and sandpaper to smooth it out.
  12. I thought about a Yak-9V conversion but in the end I decided there were more D's,T's,K's and M's that I wanted to do more. however , I am still going for a Yak-9U conversion using Eduard's Yak-3 and ICM's Yak-9T (got some nice decals for the finish of it)
  13. it's length would be the standard 8.5 meters as other Yak-9 models with a 20mm cannon (that's heavy armament for a trainer) what other specifications do you want ? my best source on Yak fighters is A.T. Stepanets
  14. same color as used on the underside of the rest of the plane.
  15. I vote for Tamiya. and just to let you know I have built 1/48th scale P-47s from Monogram ,Tamiya, Hasegawa,Academy and Promodeler. (I had to buy the Tamiya P-47M to do a P-47D-40 in order to have the fin strakes ,compessability flaps and different gun-sight and cockpit floor) so as long as you don't want a D-30 or later block the standard Tamiya "bubbletop" kit will be just fine.
  16. ...beat me to it ! you can also use the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink - I do this ,the running water washes away the dust.
  17. Thank You for the link.! I enjoyed that movie and so did my friend (he was in the Navy)
  18. .....because Lockheed owns the rights to the name "Nighthawk" in relation to the A-117 Stealth Attack Airplane. (commonly mislabeled F-117 Stealth Fighter)
  19. the Airfix Boston has some anemic engines and propellers ; you might want to beef them up. if the old Revell kit has the same engines and props as the P-70 night-fighter then you are good to go. the A-20A and A-20C have a slanted nose glazing and the A-20 and A-20B have a stepped nose glazing.
  20. PFlint

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    I did not know that. is there an online review somewhere ???
  21. PFlint

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    when I said wrong scale I meant it should be 48 both the Monogram and Great Wall kits have their "issues" hmmm....I wonder if they could be combined to fix the others mistakes ???
  22. PFlint

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    pity it is in the wrong scale.
  23. Historical Aviation Album volume XV 1977 indicates the YF-3 had T3A cameras in lieu of bombs American Aviation Historical Society Journal vol 35 no 1 Spring 1990 indicates : "The XF-3 , YF-3 and F-3A were modified production A-20 used as photo-reconnnaissance aircraft. cameras replaces guns in the nose and more cameras plus photo-flash bombs were carried in the bomb bay. 51 were modified and most were A-20J's and A-20K's" (F-3A) Douglas Havoc and Boston The DB-7 and A-20 series by Scott Thompson (Crowood Aviation Series) pg 59 "the turtledeck cover
  24. Excellent ! well done ! I think it looks good enough to be in the movies
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