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  1. Fifer54

    Good Four-tunes.

    about in the dark
  2. After a bit of thought, I've decided to build this as "Ding Hao!". The thought of another natural metal finish, and painting invasion stripes, has put me off "Impatient Virgin!!
  3. I realised I had an ideal candidate for this GB in my stash. It was this: It's actually been started. Last night I had the Interior Green paint out for a different model in a Movie Stars GB elsewhere, and without thinking I painted all the interior areas onthis as well! Oh, and the seat and joystick have been assembled to the cockpit. It doesn't constitute 25% complete, anyway! Let me apologise now for the poor photography, my camera skills are at about the same level as my modelling skills! The kit looks like this: Monogram's simple in
  4. For my second entry to this GB, I am once again working in 1/48 scale. I will be building this: but not in either of the kit's finishing schemes. The kit looks like this: Here are the decals, most of which I won't be using, although all those stencils appear enticing, but life's too short to apply all the stencils (except on a Phantom) There is a nice glossy 4-view paint and decal guide: The other side details the alternative scheme. The options supplied in the kit are "Missouri Armada" of the
  5. Revell do No.9 Anthracite in their Aqua acrylic range (or they certainly used to). It's my go-to colour for tyres, that or Humbrol 67 Tank Grey (which is easier to find locally to me!
  6. Oooh! It seems that I'm first finished! Here is my: 1/48 SMER Macchi-Castoldi MC.200 Saetta because she's Finito Benito! Sorry, couldn't resist because it's so appropriate Build thread can be found here. I'm about to start work on a P-51D for this GB, but it's too late to post it tonight. I'll set up a build thread tomorrow. This kit has been a warped, flash-ridden, ill-fitting monster. For a siple primitive kit, it has really tried my patience. I suppose working an MPM 1/72 Lockheed Hudson at the same t
  7. I have kept on forgetting to take pictures of this build (as usual!), with the result that this model is now Finito Benito! and for once that's appropriate! More pictures in the gallery! And that has been my first entry to this GB. I think I can feel a Mustang (or 2) coming on. I will post more in the morning . . .
  8. Fifer54

    Good Four-tunes.

    -breaking inside leg measurement
  9. Fifer54

    Lockdown Genealogy

    When I traced my family tree, I got one "branch" back to a couple who married in 1820. My family history is full of ploughmen and farmers. I'm from good East Fife farming stock, although the family name (the clan) has connections with Canmore and Stuart royalty. Three Drummond (for such my name is!) women were consorts of Scottish kings, two as wives and one as mistress and then fiancee- she was poisoned by a rival shortly after the marriage had been scheduled. Drummonds were the Dukes of Perth in the Jacobite nobility, and once rehabilitated(!), Earls of Perth in the British nobilit
  10. Fifer54

    Good Four-tunes.

    Jones! "Don't panic! Don't . . ."
  11. If this goes ahead as proposed, I'll not be able to build one of the Merit F1 cars. It seems they appeared in 1957 . . . https://velocetoday.com/merit-124-scale-model-kits/
  12. As a 1954 vintage old git codger, I'm finding the same problem that other 'senior' members have encountered: finding a suitable kit that is a) available and b) affordable. Even Scalemates falls down as nearly all of their entries for older 'vintage' kits give the introduction year as 195x, which doesn't really help. If 195x could be made 'acceptable' as a date for entries from modellers of a certain age, that would help a lot! This is a great idea for a GB, and if it should happen, it'll show a LOT of modellers just how far moulding technology (and modellers' expectations!) have
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