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  1. In Warplanes of the third Reich, William Green states that a number of D-series airframes were converted to H-series by removal of underwing weapon racks, addition of dual controls and a new rear canopy "with glazed nternal blisters". So he is suggesting that there was no production of Ju87Hs, just converted Ds. He also provides a profile. But he doesn't have a photo . . .
  2. When I right-click on the link, I get a 403-Forbidden error . . .
  3. There are Republic F-105G Wild weasel kits from Revell, Monogram and Hasegawa, according to Scalemates. As for availability, who knows? . . .
  4. Fifer54

    One hit Wonders.

    Girl of my Dreams by BramTchaikovsky. (Although Bram himself, aka Peter Bramall, later played guitar on Into the Valley by The Skids)
  5. Fifer54

    One hit Wonders.

    Airport by The Motors
  6. Thanks, Enzo, I do realise that, I just prefer not to duplicate entries if I can. I think my big Mil Mi-28 Halo is calling out to be built, even though its size will make it a Major Project. If I finish before the end of the GB, I may do another helo, maybe the Flettner (what a fascinating machine!)
  7. /\ /\ /\ /\ Wot they all sed! The country as a whole needs to thank him- campaigns have been started regarding a knighthood (which he richly deserves!) and an address has been published online (not his home address) to send Capt. Tom birthday cards on his 100th birthday at the end of this month. . . Let's do this!
  8. Well, I've just checked to see if I had already signed up for this GB, and I haven't, so please count me in Dunno what I'm going to build yet, I've got Huma's 1/48 Flettner Kolibri (but I see you're doing one of those), Revell's reboxing of Zvezda's Mi-26 (if I built this I may even splash out on the Begemot decal sheet), Amusing Hobby's Focke-Wulf Triebfluegel, and a Sword 1/72 Harrier T.4 that intimidates me. So I'll build something, I think the big Mil is calling me . . .
  9. Fifer54

    Lock Down.

    And my employer, having closed their chain of stores "to protect their employees" has maintained staffing at their Distribution Centre. The entire extent of their interaction with staff to try to mitigate coronavirus was to hand out little tubes of hand sanitiser to everyone last week. Oh, and posters saying "use tissues." or "wash your hands" Otherwise not a word of leadership, guidance or advice. Hundreds of us work there, day and night shifts. In spite of my username, my health currently puts me in a vulnerable group so I can't help out the NHS. All the NHS staff, from cleaners, porters, clerks to Nursing officers and Consultants, and all in between are doing a magnificent job of supporting people through this-and my employer won't send us home from distributing clothing they can't now sell . . .
  10. Is an Arado Ar234 eligible for this GB? If so, count me in!
  11. My own favourite is the prototype Bolingbroke, with the lengthened Mk.1 nose. Iy just seems sleeker than all the others . . .
  12. I had the good fortune to meet Colonel Leonov at the "Cosmonauts" exhibition at the Science Museum a few years ago. I feel privileged to have shaken his hand. Покойся с миром, мой друг.
  13. So how come Obi-Wan aged about 40 years? . . .
  14. Porsche 356 engines have been fitted into real VW Beetles before now, so it should work in 1/24! Late model beetles have even had Porsche 911 engines fitted, but then you need to extend the rear bodywork . . .
  15. Fifer54

    Typhoon Tragedy?

    Is it possible that the aircraft's throttle has just been opened and torque reaction has rocked the 'plane on its undercarriage?
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