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  1. Thanks, Brad and Tim, I made a start, and this kit is a nightmare-warpage, general bad fit, poorly moulded parts and it just doesn't fit together! So, I glued up the body (left and right halves), and did some sanding and filling where they didn't fit properly. The mouldings are quite thick, so misaligned edges aren't easy to straighten, but there's plenty of plastic to sand some away to get a fit. The bulkheads below, and behind, the front seats were the worst, and have required some filler to fair the joint! The body was attached to the chassis, and there was so much
  2. I enjoyed myself so much doing the Ambulance Jeep that I decided to have another go with another wheelie thing! I recently bought two vintage Airfix 1/32 car kits in an online auction (no, not on that "well-known auction site"), so I'll do one of them. I've chosen this one because of its open cockpit (I'd have to sort out some glazing for the other, cos Airfix didn't provide any!) So here's what I'm building Instructions (all of 42 parts, including driver!): Most of the parts were off the sprue when bought, but it seems to be all there:
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    Wot 'e sed! HobbyPhotoHost free accounts let you post up to 1000 photos of file size up to 4MB. If you need more than that, there are paid-for account options as well.
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    Had 2nd AZ jab at the GP surgery last Tuesday. No noticeable side effects . . .
  5. the chemist and optician
  6. I'm an Amazon Prime member, and their "Amazon Photos" service gives you, as you say, unlimited full-resolution storage, BUT while you can link to your photos, and can send links to family, friends, and anyone you like, they explicitly say that you cannot "hot-link" to show your images elsewhere than their "cloud". So, I'm afraid it won't work as a photo host for BM. The Amazon Drive cloud app is pretty poor as well, max file size of 40MB, so any decent-sized books are out. Prime Video (for access to "The Expanse") is the best bit of Prime membership . . .
  7. Italeri 1/35 1/4ton. 4x4 Ambulance Jeep Built OOB in one of the kit's decal options, for a jeep of the 2nd Armored Division, US Army in Normandy, June 1944. A simple build, really just a few extra parts for a Jeep . . . And that's done! I may have a go at a veteran car before this GB ends. Just depends- I've got a "Twin-engined" GB starting next week elsewhere, that I'm doing a target tanky thing for, we'll have to wait and see . . .
  8. The ambulance mods to the jeep consist of a rear support frame, a middle support frame and- yes- a front support frame! Add stretchers (litters, if you're a Colonial!), a few medic-y accessories, and it's done! More piccies soon in the gallery . . .
  9. Thanks, Brad! Work on this is proceeding. The decals are done, and she stands on her own legs! The "jeep" construction appears to be complete, there's only the ambulance adaptations to add and it'll be done . . .
  10. Thanks, guys. Lots of great info and advice there.
  11. Thanks, Paul, for this very useful info! Thanks also for the heads-up about centre-section and undercarriage struts. Looking at modern colour photos, it appears that museum SE.5/5As have the centre-section struts in PC.10. Undercarriage struts are a dark brown which may be PC.10 or possibly a dark wood colour- hard to tell! Study of photos of the Shuttleworth Collection's SE.5A shows the undercarriage to be finished, like the interplane struts, in an orangey-brown wood finish. Most of the museum aircraft are replicas, many home-built from ReplicaPlans plans, which create a
  12. I've never posted in the WW1 forum before, as I very rarely build WW1 aircraft. However, I'm currently assembling the 1/72 ESCI kit of the SE.5A, building OOB, using the kit's decals for F-943, a replica of which resides at Yorkshire Air Museum The painting and decorating advice in the kit instructions is reasonable as far as it goes, but it only really covers the camo colours. There is no information on detail painting. I can get a lot from looking at photos of the replica, but I would be grateful for advice on how to achieve a "varnished wood" effect on the interplane, cabane
  13. Painted and mounted on the chassis! Making progress. I'll keep you posted . . .
  14. According to British Warplanes of WW2 (ed. Daniel J March, Aerospace Publishing), the Dakota Mk.III was a C-47A, and the Mk.IV was a C-47B. This book also states that the C-47B differed from the A model by having R-1830-90 or -90B engines with "high-altitude blowers" and extra fuel capacity. It's quite possible that external differences were minimal. HTH.
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