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  1. Seems like ages since anything was posted about this! I have been getting on with it, it's just that, like so many, I keep forgetting to take photos . . . Painting is ongoing, or is that paint is going on? More has been done since then: On what is (to me) a big model, I thought I might try to save effort, time and materials by only glosscoating the areas where decals had to go, and mattcoating the whole model after decalling to pull the "glossed" and "un-glossed" areas together. Here she is after some glosscoat (Humbrol enamel gloss varnish, applied by hairy st
  2. The Zhengdefu will get built. I'll make it a ceiling hanger for my stepson . . . Anyway, the ESCI has some progress: she's stood on her legs! Coming together. Usually I would paint before landing gear if possible, but in this case, I could see no way of adding the legs after fitting those undercarriage fairings; the gaps for the legs to go through aren't big enough for the completed legs . . . So the legs had to be added, then the fairings built around them. Since taking the pic, the canopy has been added and masked, and the first paint is ready for application
  3. There are "exotic" schemes out there for many aircraft. Research on t'interweb or in books should let you find them, then you need to find some decals (or learn how to print your own!) But remember not to trust a profile, ideally you need a photograph as well.
  4. Revell are notorious for poor paint instructions! Despite their comprehensive lists of colours to use, they only tell you what Revell colours to mix, they don't tell you what the colour is that you are "aiming for" with a mix, e.g. "RAF Interior Green", "Extra Dark Sea Grey", "International Orange", no just 80% XXZ/10% YZX/10%ABC. Sometimes in the actual painting pattern diagram, the colour guide there will show RLM or RAL or FS numbers which is helpful but often they don't. Anyone would think that they really really didn't want you sullying their kits with other people's p
  5. Pot Noodle model kits
  6. We need a new subforum: Food Modelling . . .
  7. bunnies reproduce like rabbits
  8. My goodness, she's too big for the bench! Taking shape . . .
  9. I'm surprised anyone remembers!
  10. Have you looked into Zoukei-Mura? In 1/32 scale they tend to stick to WW2 aircraft, but the quality is superb.
  11. When SWMBO buys me a kit, it's always a helicopter! I'm trying to steer her towards a Chinook for next birthday! Construction has moved on a little . . . One thing that's noticeable about this kit is a distinct lack of locating pins, pegs etc. There are a only a few on the major components, and some careful alignment is required. Not having built ESCI kits before, I don't know if this is normal for ESCI, or just this kit? Some parts have substantial warpage too, and need fastening together while the cement sets.
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