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  1. Airfix 2018

    But don't forget that HH need to impress their investors, not us. From a PR point of view, one major announcement of their plans (from all brands) in January would make much more impact than 6 or 7 smaller announcements in December (when all the investment chappies are on an endless round of Christmas jollies anyway!).
  2. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale

    The rest of the thread is going to be rammed with them.
  3. Pet hates.

    Or possibly back to the last one!
  4. TVs best characters

    I offer two candidates: Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart in House of Cards. Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper in The Night Manager.
  5. They look excellent. Although it looks as if the lady with the tartan coat has put on a couple of kilos since posing for the box illustration 😁 I'd love to see a step-by-step of how you painted the face and clothes to achieve such a realistic look.
  6. Pet hates.

    Or even, heaven forfend, Paps...
  7. Some help with English towns

    You forgot the North Saxons. Of course, they rapidly became extinct for reasons that should be obvious
  8. The Grand Tour Series 2

    The Grand Tour and Top Gear are clearly competing. It seems to me that Top Gear is produced on the premise that "we have a formula that works, let's keep trotting them out." Whereas TGT's approach appears to be "we have a formula that worked, how can we add to it to make it better?"
  9. A nice, dynamic scene. You can almost hear the American accents!
  10. Don Everall DC-3 at Pendeford

    That's very evocative - and an excellent likeness. Thanks for sharing it. Brian
  11. 2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    In case it's any use, here is the Timeless Hobbies website.
  12. It all looks superb, Badder. However, I'm surprised at the lack of molehills...
  13. Walrus Middle East colours?

    Thanks for looking. The erks never seen to get much of a mention!
  14. Walrus Middle East colours?

    Thank you Seahawks: PM sent.