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  1. A length of round wound guitar string? The bottom E strings I use are 0.057" which is about 1.5mm. if you want thicker you could always use a bit of bass string. I can send you an assortment of offcuts if you like...
  2. TV Show Tracker Pet Project

    Sorry - strictly no iPhones here! Interesting first review though
  3. TV Show Tracker Pet Project

    It works very well for me as clicking your link takes me straight to the homepage of Britmodeller
  4. Didn't you mention the idea of it being an abandoned mill race? If so the would almost certainly have been simple slice gates for adjusting the flow rate and they could also be responsible for different levels. Brian
  5. Clocks

    You could try pushing the hand back on - they're usually an interference fit.
  6. Smer 1/24 Alpha Romeo

    Indeed. Anonima Lombardi Fabbrica Automobile came under the control of Nicola Romeo some time between 1910 and 1920 (I think) and they have been Alfa Romeo ever since.
  7. Smer 1/24 Alpha Romeo

    I love these old Merit 1950s racing cars and yours is very tidy indeed!

    A great idea and nicely explained.
  9. Aerial line - the best for 1/72?

    A human hair?
  10. Recommend a courier for large parcels

    I tried Parcelforce and they quoted £31 which isn't bad. I had to specify the Large Parcel 48 hour service. Thanks for the recommendation. B
  11. Recommend a courier for large parcels

    Who told me it was too big? The person in the Post Office... Thanks for the UPS recommendation Sir Knight. I'll give them a go. B
  12. I've used MyHermes and their ilk successfully for some time, but I've just hit a problem. I need to send a parcel that is 90cm x 90cm x 10cm and that is, apparently, too large for MyHermes, Royal Mail and everyone else I've tried. I have found one courier who will take it but at an eye-watering £75! Going by the weight alone, most companies would charge less than £10. Does anyone know of a company who will take out-of-gauge parcels at a more reasonable cost? Thanks in advance. Brian
  13. Cannon 600d

    Hi Steve, I'd steer clear of extension tubes if I were you as you need to open up the aperture when using them and that will lose you a lot of depth of field. For the casual user they offer no advantages over the close-up lenses. I use them occasionally when I have a very high quality lens (several £k in price) that offers excellent quality but won't focus quite close enough , For that case, I wouldn't want to compromise the image quality by sticking a £10 auxilliary lens in front of my £6k lens. I'd use extension tubes and add more light. For day-to-day use, I'd go for close-up lenses. They are inexpensive, don't lose you any light and are very easy to work with. Be sure to show us your results!
  14. Cannon 600d

    You may find the auto focus on your camera will struggle a bit when you have a close up lens fitted, so be prepared to focus manually. The close up lens will dramatically reduce the depth of field (the extent of your subject that is in sharp focus). Shooting at a smaller aperture - say f11 or f16 - will increase the depth of field but you'll need to add a fair amount of light to be able to do this. I wouldn't recommend going below f16 (eg f22 or f32) as you will then start to get other effects that will reduce sharpness. Experiment and have fun! Edited to add: I've found an article on the Canon website that give a good overview of close-up lenses: http://www.eos-magazine.com/EOS Collection/shop/Resources/A383 Close focus (CU).pdf