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  1. It's also worth trying some fabric scraps. Denim and linen work well. For a stronger effect, use them with a mild abrasive paste (eg toothpaste).
  2. You could have fooled me! A fantastic job.
  3. I went to have a look at Faragemodeller or whatever it's called and recognised quite a few user names from here - mainly from times past. The reason I'd noticed many of them (not all, note!) was because I'd already decided from their posts here that they were people who had problems with social interaction: the ones who posted patronising or complaining comments; the ones who thought that their way was the only way; the ones who thought they were the bee's knees and wanted everyone to know it. Good riddance to them. If you're a tolerant, social sort who posts on both sites then those comments don't apply to you! One final thought - it's a shame they didn't name their site britfixmodeller as then they'd have another court case to content with Keep up the great work, Mike and the team - it is much appreciated!
  4. Sticky rice or sticky ribs?
  5. And who am I? Apparently I'm still who I think I am so that's good. Probably.
  6. @T7 Models You've linked to the file on your own pc so it can't be viewed (without resorting to a bit of hacking😈). Could you please link to the file on the web?
  7. 18:58 Certainly it's seemed slow to me today and it's still very slow. I'm using an Android phone, iPad2 and a Win7 pro running as a fresh install on a fast laptop. Page load speed is roughly the same on all devices (1min-1min 20secs) Brian
  8. Excellent work on the wall. If you need any photos of well-weathered stone/render/tiles etc for references let me know as I have plenty on my doorstep! Brian
  9. Just to add how impressed I am with the degree of realism that you have created. However (and please don't take this as a criticism), while the roof has been superbly made and painted it looks suspiciously flat to me. Barns of a certain age tend to have quite distorted roofs as the supporting timbers move over time. Here's what our old porcherie roof looks like: "Trés cahoteuse" as the French say!
  10. That is a very good idea. French (and probably other) farmers used limewash on the inside walls of barns as it has antiseptic properties. It's a difficult finish to mimic though, as the calcite crystals in cured limewash have two different refractive indices giving a limewashed surface a curious 'glow'.
  11. Was that Christmas 2017 or 2018?
  12. Sorry - sloppy writing on my part! I meant tin (or tinlet, as I believe Humbrol used to call them). And the label with paint number is a good idea. I also smear a bit of the paint on the base of the tin which helps as well.
  13. No problem here. After you've put the lid back on, store the jar upside down. This prevents the paint around the rim seal drying out and 'gluing' the lid in place.
  14. A lovely build that looks a lot bigger than 1:24. Dues the kit include photo etch or are the grilles very finely moulded plastic?
  15. There's a train from London Liverpool Street Station to Whittlesford - about 1.5 miles/2km from the Duxford museum. It's on the main line from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge.