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  1. Looks great - does the trailer come with the kit or was it scratch built?
  2. That looks like a super model and I admire the way you dealt with the misbehaving paint.
  3. Coming along nicely! Where did you source the figures please? Brian
  4. "And we'll have fun, fun, fun. .." It looks as if you are! Good fun and a great build.
  5. If it's anything like mine, it's just dried glue blocking the metal tube. To fix it you need a pair of pliers and a flame. You can use a match but a candle is easier. Remove the cover and carefully pull the metal tube out of the threaded plastic cap that is attached to the main body. You may need to use the pliers the first time as it's a close fit. Light the candle. Hold the tube by the pliers towards one end. Hold the other end in the flame, moving it black and forth. Watch carefully for a mini-flamethrower effect - a small jet of flame will shoot out of the end of the tube. Just in case there is a second blockage at the other end, hold the tube by the other end and repeat the process. Allow the tube to cool for about 20 seconds. When it's cool enough to hold you can re-insert in in the cap. It's easy and quite good fun if you have the slightest essence of pyromaniac about you
  6. This is looking excellent Roy. I plan to get Fireball Junior on the bench over the weekend...
  7. I also started in an attempt to be helpful but it is, I am afraid, typical of many surveys in that the questions seem to be based on the preconceptions of the questIon-setter. As with Bentwaters, a question with the phrase "when you get married" is inappropriate as it assumes (a) you are not yet married and (b) you are predisposed to think that you will be married one day. If I were her tutor I'd suggest rephrasing the questions with a more open mind. Good luck! Brian Edited to add: Please don't take my comment as a complaint. I know she is a student and that the purpose of the exercise is (presumably) to learn more about surveys. My comments were intended to be a helpful critique - definitely not a whinge! I hope she does well!
  8. A fantastic model of one of the most charismatic sports-racers of all time. Such a shame there aren't some RMB clones working for the major kit companies! Maybe your next build should be a fully functioning 1:1 RMB...
  9. I really like what you're doing here. I'm sure I slapped together a Lindbergh Q shop in the early 60's. Not quite to the same standard as yours I'm afraid! Brian
  10. Having seen this that I ordered 2 Molotow chrome pens and a masking pen yesterday. They arrived today and they are every bit as good as the video implies. They produce an uncannily shiny surface.
  11. Roy - I'm away from home for the next 2 weeks but could turn you a Fireball Junior body in wood if it helps. Brian
  12. I think it would be very noticeable: a 1:24 car will be about 30% larger than a1:35. Think of a Fiat 500 parked next to an S Class Mercedes...
  13. I didn't know you could do that - thanks for raising the subject (scurries off to look at control panel).