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  1. Oddities! A lot of wood turning (presentation platters, mortars, pestles, bowls, lamps), garden furniture, ceiling lamps, tables, doorstops etc. No models yet but I have made patterns for a couple of short-run kit components. Edited to add: I had completely forgotten but I did make a wooden model from scratch once. It was in 1967 and was a competition entry for the Vauxhall Craftsmen's Guild. I didn't win Not quite up to your standard but I was only 13!
  2. 'Defiance'

    Amazing. You have brought so much life to the scene. As I look at the pictures I can hear in my head the gun shots, shouting and a distant muezzin.
  3. Aviation of Japan Blog

    That's not how I'd describe him...
  4. Beautiful. It really captures the look of the original. As a fellow woodworker I admire your skill tremendously.
  5. Looks great. But I hope it's the right scale. Don't forget that the tallest stones should be 18" high.
  6. Spot of the day!

    You're going to need a lot of Tamiya tape for that project
  7. It's a rant, A RANT

    I recommend you stick to one beer. Ein kleines bier at that...
  8. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Me neither! I've just looked again on my laptop and the image hosting is working as it should. Earlier I was on an Android mobile, tapped on the pic was was taken to the tinypics site with a blank placeholder frame and a series of thumbnails of "other pics that may be of interest" - I think they were buildings and documents but I only had about a second to see them before the screen was replaced with a series of very extreme images. The URL at the top didn't change so it doesn't seem to have been a redirect. Let's hope that whatever it was doesn't happen again! It's good to see you build progressing - I'm really looking forward to the finished article! Brian
  9. 1/24 london bus diorama

    @kpnuts I just tried to look at one of your images from your most recent post and the hosting site tried to fill my browser window with some pretty unpleasant stuff. It might be wise to find a safer hosting site.
  10. Advice required

    That's very likely...
  11. 1000+ grit polishing blocks

    It's also worth trying some fabric scraps. Denim and linen work well. For a stronger effect, use them with a mild abrasive paste (eg toothpaste).
  12. Tamiya 1/24 Honda NSX (2016)

    You could have fooled me! A fantastic job.
  13. Britmodeller running slow?

    I went to have a look at Faragemodeller or whatever it's called and recognised quite a few user names from here - mainly from times past. The reason I'd noticed many of them (not all, note!) was because I'd already decided from their posts here that they were people who had problems with social interaction: the ones who posted patronising or complaining comments; the ones who thought that their way was the only way; the ones who thought they were the bee's knees and wanted everyone to know it. Good riddance to them. If you're a tolerant, social sort who posts on both sites then those comments don't apply to you! One final thought - it's a shame they didn't name their site britfixmodeller as then they'd have another court case to content with Keep up the great work, Mike and the team - it is much appreciated!
  14. Spot of the day!

    Sticky rice or sticky ribs?