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  1. I think it would be very noticeable: a 1:24 car will be about 30% larger than a1:35. Think of a Fiat 500 parked next to an S Class Mercedes...
  2. I didn't know you could do that - thanks for raising the subject (scurries off to look at control panel).
  3. Yes! And that was posted using a smart phone - I quoted your entire post then deleted the bits I didn't need. It doesn't need the brains of a Steve Jobs . Brian
  4. On the version of the forum software introduced at the end of 2016, you can drag your cursor over a block of text, then select the 'quote this' pop up (exactly as I did with that fragment of Tony's post). You can then quote just the relevant part of a post. Those lazy quotes including the entire original post are usually a complete waste of space. And bandwidth. Brian
  5. John Lahr wrote a fine biography of Joe Orton. Were I to write its title here it appears that the swear filter would turn Mr Lahr's witty double entendre into an anatomically accurate depiction of the activity to which he referred.
  6. It's looking good so far - great finish with the primer. It's an ideal candidate for a model. Whenever I see a 1:1 version it always looks like a scaled-up Scalextric car to me!
  7. Congratulations! I think that walk to the altar may be rather longer than strictly required though
  8. And that sentiment is entirely mutual!
  9. Just strum a c7 on the backbeat and you'll be good to go
  10. You're most welcome, Darren. If you're on compact fluorescent bulbs you'll be able to save anything up to £1.50 per bulb per year by running them at 50% brightness. So that's one extra Airfix Series 1 kit per year for every 6 bulbs run at 50%. Mind you, the house'll be too dark to build anything Brian
  11. If the dimmers date from the last 30 years they will reduce the amount of electricity used when the lights are dimmed as they used transistorised circuits to reduce the power being fed to the bulb. However. if you're using conventional incandescent bulbs, they will need to be dimmed to about 5% brightness to match the running costs of a modern LED bulb at full brightness. It'll be like living at the bottom of the ocean (apart from the damp, I imagine). If a darker room is what you're after, bear in mind that not all modern compact fluorescent and LED bulbs can be dimmed - and those that can will almost certainly need a modern dimmer designed for those bulbs. Brian
  12. Still slow for me. 4.5Mbps mac for me but I am in the back of beyond. Approx 6 miles from the centre of Cambridge...
  13. Hi Mike, It's the same on 2 phones (both Android) an iPad, a desktop and a laptop computer, I've tried Chrome and Firefox - FF is marginally faster but it's still slow. I've tried clearing cache/cookies etc with no difference. I've accessed via various wifi connections in England and France. It's slow to respond with every combination. Not sure what else I can change from my side... Brian
  14. Can't be them as I am wearing a tinfoil hat and a colander (and a shield)
  15. Over the last couple of weeks the site seems to have become much slower to respond. Having clicked on a topic it takes 4 or 5 seconds to return the thread. Going back to the previous page using the browser back button takes 8 to 9 secs. If I'm using 'view recent content' is a second or so slower than the above times (not unreasonably as presumably a database tall is required). I've noticed the same slowness on varia devices including Android phones, pc, laptop and ipad on several different wifi connections of speeds between 4 and 20 meg. Had anyone else noticed this? Brian