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  1. The Polar Bear was my first Ma.K build! Even though its meant to be a cold area suit, it still looks great in other schemes. Does your visor have a blue tint?
  2. This is really great work! I've built a mk44 and want to do another sometime. I think there may be another variant coming out this year.....
  3. Not been on here a while I'm sorry to say, but glad to see you tackling the Heinrich, its one of my favourites. I've got one of the black box versions and they do present some challenges, especially with the canopies. I've seen some modern garage kit versions of PKA H's but wish Wave would do a modern update.
  4. Great build! I've wanted to do one of these for a while. You know, Tamiya do a 1/48 Hanomag ss100 that Fio drove in the film (or at least looks like a ss100).
  5. Great stuff! I can hear the noise it makes, but I can't spell it........
  6. AHH great work so far! You just need to make it nighttime and be p@££ing down for full Bladerunner vibe!
  7. Ah I've seen these before. I'd just assumed that they WERE real crabs with bits glued on.
  8. God, I go back on shift and the place goes crazy! Absolutely love these! The dio makes me think "Neo-Shanghai waterfront 2045".
  9. Wow! I'm not a modern 40k fan to be honest, but I loved the original epic ones from when I got my first issue of WD (126 I think). Those and the Reaver Titans still tug a little at my nostalgia strings even now. Yours though, is literally head and shoulders over anything I remember. Well done!
  10. Ahhhh good work! I got a couple of these a while ago; they're funky enough, but not easy to get looking good. I know that the Ma.K Venus suit is basically a couple of Dorvacks hacked together with a lot of putty!
  11. Joined! But..........just for fun, I'm nowhere near good enough!
  12. Thanks all! There's a couple more things I've been finishing off, I have a terrible habit of getting to a nearly-done bit, then start on something else. I've made a point of finishing those projects now..........or at least trying to. For some reason, I'm not into the whole bristling with weapons thing, i just think its......vulgar or something! The great thing about the Sandstalker type is that it's quite a loose mould, adapting quite well to most of the ww2 German armoured cars and half tracks.
  13. Thanks, that's exactly where the idea's from, though the scale and total length are somewhat less!
  14. Texantomcat, thanks! It's one from the Tamiya US european tank crew set, he tends to just come out for photos, the tart.
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