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  1. Edouard's war

    Corsaircorp, Ha Ha that's funny, ironically Wellington was born in Dublin. There's a very impressive monument to Wellington in the Phoenix park. I'm guessing you didn't visit it with him. Yes those types do exist everywhere. I just don't get people getting worked up about history well beyond living memory. It's just history. Anyway if you do come back to visit Ireland, you'll have to take in part of the 'Wild Atlantic Way'. I live in Galway city. We could meet up. I'm sure we have shared interests. My favourite WW2 fighter is the F4U Corsair.
  2. Edouard's war

    Fascinating story Corsaircorp, Edouard's is among many stories that deserve to be told. What is also interesting is how it emphasises how war and history is not just the broad sweep people like me like to think of it with all the hindsight built in. It's all very well for people like me to see it all as having a beginning and end with an inevitable result we know of. But in France in 1940, for a simple man caught up in the maelstrom. It was not so obvious. Edouard's experience was to be messed around by his own leaders, badly treated by the British, bombed and nearly shot by the Americans but relatively well treated by the Germans. Not the narrative we normally expect. So it's no surprise he had a particular viewpoint of the war. Remember too he wasn't present for the occupation or indeed the liberation. Interestingly the poor treatment of the French soldiers in Dunkirk was touched on in the new film and I think in the older film. But many thousands of French troops were evacuated only to be returned to France via the unoccupied western ports only to suffer the same fate as Edouard once France fell. I found it interesting about the hostility of the French civilians and the relative lack of hostility from German civilians to the prisoners. This makes sense, France was humiliated and the Germans hadn't really been touched by the war yet. In contrast as shown in the new movie, the evacuated British expected to be greeted with hostility but were greeted as heroes. Of course attitudes changed as the war went on. Interestingly like Tony O T, I was in Northern Italy this summer for a bit. I too saw little enough commemoration of the war but then again Italy had a very different experience of WW2. Also I was near Lake Garda which near Salo which was the capital of the Fascist rump of Italy after 1943. Also I was surprised at the relative lack of British holiday makers and can't help wondering if it's something to do with Brexit? Most English speakers seemed to be Irish like me for a change. In contrast to Tony's comment about some Europeans wanting to punish Britain. I get the rather the idea that the Europeans have the opposite impression. Perhaps avoid reading the Daily Mail/Express! Isn't is kind of ironic that one of the movie hits of the Summer is Dunkirk, a movie about the British escaping back home after a failed engagement with Europe? I wonder what those serried ranks underneath the white crosses would think of the situation today? I was particularly moved by the ceremonies around Ypres recently. But literally in the last two days it became more real for me. Thanks to some assiduous research from my sister we discovered that not only was my Grandfather in the Great War but was a pre war regular in the Royal Artillery, not only that but one of our Grand Uncles was killed in France in 1918. None of this was known, indeed my Father went to his grave without knowing that his Mother lost a brother in the war or that his Father was a regular soldier and served in the war. Clearly it was never spoken of, perhaps in part because of the usual reason that veterans wanted to forget and partly because in post independence Ireland no one wanted to know at the time. Something that's changed recently. All of this makes stories like Edouard's all the more important. I love this kind of oral history and can't help wondering at my own Grandfather's story which is perhaps lost forever.
  3. I couldn't believe my ears

    I thought everyone had got the message by now. Without those 'wimps' flying Hurricanes the result of the BoB would have been rather more in doubt. But you know even the Spitfire often gets a backlash because of its fame. Only recently Flight Journal magazine excluded the Spitfire from its top ten fighters of all time on the bizarre basis that BoB didn't really stop the German invasion and anyway its lineage followed th Bf109. Makes you wonder why the RAF bothered to leave the ground in 1940. It gets worse back in '77, Flying magazine excluded the Spitfire from its top fifty aircraft of all time (yes I have a long memory) because it said the Hurricane shot down more bombers in the BoB. Daft.
  4. Delighted to hear a Dove is finally coming out. I have the very first Max decals sheet featuring an Irish Air Corps Dove, 72-0001. I never thought I'd get to use it. Fond memories of seeing the Doves flying back and forth when I was growing up.
  5. New Toy

    Nice bike. As a former biker I occasionally miss my old Yamaha and admire some of the new bikes out there. But I won't be acquiring one anytime soon. At my age I wouldn't last six months. Besides I just read a statistic that here in Ireland bikers are two to three times more likely to be killed than in any other country in Europe. Only this weekend two were killed. A few weeks ago three were killed in a single night. Crazy stuff. Many of them are self inflicted too. No I'll stick with the car. Much as I like them and enjoyed them, bikes are in the past for me.
  6. Hypothetical N Korean win

    Great story. But they probably never heard of story where the hedgehog confronts an elephant. In the end the elephant gets a sore toe and the hedgehog gets flattened.
  7. Great find. Don't know about rivet counters Jenko. Screw counters maybe?🤔 I see they're all on microfiche aperture cards.😣 The bane of my life at one stage in my aviation 'career'. There's quite a pile in that picture. Don't envy the poor sod who's has to digitise the entire collection. But they'll be better off than the time I had print off drawings eight hours a day for several days. The fumes from the toner nearly killed me. I'll bet though the entire collection would fit on a couple of memory cards. It would be great to see those drawings online one day.
  8. Hypothetical N Korean win

    I read this statement a lot. But I wonder at it's truth. Perhaps as a matter of historical fact you'd like to provide a list of conflicts actually started by that country rather than intervened or became involved after it started. I can only think of two offhand; the attack on Saddam but arguably that was unfinished business after GW1. Grenada too, but that was something of an unseemly skirmish rather than a war. Otherwise I'm struggling. Perhaps you mean Russia/Soviet Union. Now there's a long list. It's no accident that every war seems to be fought with Russian equipment. As for labelling Kim as a dictator. I think even he would admit that if you were ever to meet him over a glass of fine French wine. Just beforenter he has you shot for disrespect.
  9. Hypothetical N Korean win

    North Korea only survived the last time because of Chinese and indeed Soviet intervention. It only survives now because it suits China's purposes. An attack on the US or South Korea would not suit China and would probably prompt an intervention to 'protect' North Korea. But not in the way it happened in the fifties. Kim like a certain Saddam might believe his own propaganda but he is replaceable. I agree with Panzer Vor, China is the key here and they will only tolerate so much posturing. Time will tell.
  10. Fairey ? Russian kit.

    Absolutely fascinating, particularly for us who grew up in that era. Like most of us in the west the USSR was a complete closed book. I do admit an long standing interest in Russia. I used to listen to Radio Moscow back in the day amazed at the American accents of the broadcasters, not that I for a minute believed the propaganda no more than I believe anything the RT channel broadcasts. But I do like Russia for whatever reason.
  11. Did they ever put locating holes for the undercarriage. I thought I was going mad when I bought that kit. I built it and it was one of my favourites but thought I got a dodgy one when I couldn't find anywhere to attach the undercarriage.
  12. 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Hmm, they're the wrong sort of rivets all 14 of them. Yes I counted them But the Hurricane looks good and if you hadn't pointed out all your 'mistakes'. I would never have noticed. I have to say I laughed at your post. Btw how many bread crumbs are on a fish finger. I need to know?
  13. Women's Euro 2017

    Actually I think the women are often more skilled than then the men. They lack the power but the skill is nevertheless obvious. I first came across the women's game way back in the seventies when I saw a woman's team from France playing an Irish team. I have no idea why I ended up watching it as I have no interest in men's football let alone women's but I was impressed by the skill on show. Lately though one of my wife's nieces plays soccer and she is frankly brilliant. Eleven years old and a complete star. The sort of player the opposing team mark very heavily because she is a match winner. In fact she explained once that during a match when her team were running up a cricket score the coach took her off just to spare the blushes of the opposing team. But even she realises there is no career. The fact is that women's football is simply of no interest to most of us, male or female. I don't follow men's football and you can be sure that most men have no interest in female football nor indeed to do most women. So despite an attempt to popularise women's football and rugby on TV, it won't work. Even people like me who are favourably disposed could care less. With most women not interested it's pointless. Sad but true.
  14. I'm back...

    Yes it is tough with a new born around. Realistically there simply won't be time for the first few months or even longer. Not only that it will drop down your priority list because having a child impacts you more than you realise. Been there and done that. Right now with mine 10 and 8 it would seem I should have more time but it simply isn't true. They still need feeding and ferrying around and all the rest. As they got bigger I tried to resurrect modelling but there still isn't time. I look back on my single days and indeed our pre children days and wonder where I found the time to spend on some rather complex models, not to mention all the other stuff I used to do. But you will find the time if for no other reason than to preserve your sanity.
  15. Nice build, even the close up photos which on my computer are two or three times bigger than the real thing stand up well. I have the same kit on the shelf of doom and I note I have the same flight deck base somewhere, bought sometime in the last century, Verlinden I think? I got to crawl over a real preserved but flying A4 last year. It really is a small jet. I really must try and finish mine now. I always like the A4. I have plenty of Pledge too, sadly these days I mostly use it on the kitchen floor.