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  1. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    The full force of the storm hit us in the afternoon. Never seen anything like it. But we escaped without damage luckily and no power cuts. Bad as it was, it would have been worse if people hadn't paid heed to the warnings and stayed home. It's a pity the three who got killed hadn't done the same. All avoidable.
  2. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    To me modern means the late 19th to 20th centuries in line with my earlier suggestion that the internal combustion engine sparked off the technological leap. That and changing attitudes to the working classes. I think you could mark it as an era where you could go back in time with say a smart phone and a contemporary scientist or engineer would grasp the concept. I also discount, controversially, the steam engine as a dead end technology that while it served it's purpose. It also outlived it's usefulness and hung on longer than it should have. I do love a steam locomotive though. For me the 1880s onwards. Sadly the very decade the Great War generation was born who later became the first victims of the war machines of the modern era.
  3. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    No we have Spam and baked beans. If we need more we'll just loot the local shop
  4. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Galway city. All the charts put us right in the bullseye around 12. Apparently it hasn't even coasted in yet but powerlines are down already in southern counties. It wouldn't surprise me if there were power cuts here. Anyway I'm sitting here typing this under the kitchen table wearing my tin hat!
  5. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    I'm sure there's books on that very topic not to mention documentaries. On the same 'alien' channel I've seen shows describing ancient inventions which were well ahead of their time. Then of course there were the Romans and their roads, aqueducts and other innovations. It seems to me that there were several moments in time where the modern era could have begun. But if I was to pick one it would be the internal combustion engine. Once that was practical the brakes were off so to speak. The 20th century is the modern era.
  6. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Back to haunt us. ha ha.
  7. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Amazing coincidence but that 'wasn't a hurricane'. Where's Michael Fish now?
  8. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Yes I saw that the southeast of England could hit 22 degrees tomorrow. Typical example of the North South divide. Meanwhile here it's the proverbial 'calm before the storm' this evening. I have to admit to getting a bit nervous about the morning.
  9. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    No the stop sign was added later. It's a running gag in a number of online videos. I saw the lady herself only the other day complete with head! I imagine she'll be back out in the eye of the storm tomorrow during her job. I'll certainly be taking her advice and not go out tomorrow.
  10. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    No not the Hawker variety but Hurricane Ophelia. Due to hit here in Ireland first thing tomorrow morning. That wind scale is worrying as I'm bang in the purple band marking a 90% + possibility of tropical storm force winds. It is considerably ironic that we are about to be hit by a 'tropical' storm. Very unusual at these chillier latitudes. School is already cancelled for the kids and I'd say a lot of people won't be going to work tomorrow. There'll probably be a lot of tree falls and power cuts. It's a case of batten down the hatches and take the advice of our local intrepid lady reporter who bravely stood out and broadcast this during our last storm: Ok the stop sign was added later.
  11. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    You know what appeals to me straight away is the two lads sitting in the doorway, chatting. Really reminds of my time skydive flying when the weather would stop operations and we would sit in the back of the aeroplane having a laugh. That's a really nice touch. You've a great eye for detail. Sometimes modellers forget aeroplanes are as much about the people who fly in them. Nice.
  12. Paignton model shop robbed

    I see what you did there. In fact it's clearly signalled.
  13. What grabs you on a build

    As a rule what keeps me reading a WIP is simply the subject. Particularly if it's something I'm considering or in the middle of making myself. Better to learn from others mistakes and triumphs than find out the hard way myself.
  14. Paignton model shop robbed

    'Off the rails' beat me to it! Really it should be called 'The Little Train Robbery. He's obviously from the wrong side of the tracks. I suspect he'll be caught soon and that will be the end of line for him. His life of crime will hit the buffers. He'll soon find his life is a train wreck as he finds himself down at the station where he'll be fast tracked to prison. I just hope he'll be a model prisoner. But joking aside it's a mean thing to do to a small model shop from someone who quite clearly is model train enthusiast. I don't think he thought it would be featured in a national daily. Hopefully the goods will be recovered.
  15. I had a bit of fun today

    Yes I imagine a Zlin would be a touch sensitive, sneeze and you're inverted. The Airbus is designed to be docile. A Ryanair friend who has flown both says the 737 is more of a pilot's aeroplane unless flown by a cack handed skydive pilot.