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  1. Didn't get the Slybird thing. Thought it was a new manufacturer. Googled it and 'aha'. But it's just Airfix and their really nice P51D. Beautiful job. I see you filled the wings perfectly. As for the clam shell doors being up and the propeller stopped you argue the pilot just landed and is about to pull the hydraulic release lever.
  2. Remember my pal building one back around 1971 or 72. Brings back memories that.
  3. Greetings from Chicago!

    Welcome but I should remind you that you're not allowed to post photos of real vehicles, pretending to be models. Tut tut. Anyways I love Chicago so you're forgiven.
  4. Monarch ceases trading

    Hi Chris, congratulations. I understand the stress of being made redundant but I didn't have a wife and kids at the time. I was got redundancy three times. To be fair two were definitely voluntary. The first allowed me to finally finish my CPL/IR. Now as it happens I ended up working in OPs for Hunting Cargo, now Air Contractors. Crew rostering. It was a well recognised route into the right seat of a 727 or even 'still my beating heart' a Lockheed L188 Electra. The Brooklands Merchantman was still in service with them when I was there and I had the opportunity to crawl all over it by myself a few times when it day stopped in Dublin. We had a lot of dealings with the DHL fleet too because we flew DHL among others too. I'd organise hotel stopovers for them as well as our guys. As for night flying, well it's a funny one. Some guys loved it. I have no idea how it is now in DHL but the roster meant no weekend work, imagine that? Christmas off as well, every year. Plus a very stable roster. It was very family friendly apart from being away for a few days at a time. Add that to some nice stopovers like Budapest, which was a favourite, ahem. I occasionally got calls from wives of pilots.... well I have some stories. Hopefully you'll enjoy your new job. Certainly there will always be a demand for parcels. Cargo is the way to go. Best job I ever had and that includes being a Skydive pilot. But it all ended badly, job cuts found me out the door with little ceremony which effectively ended my chances of an airline career. Blessing in disguise I think with hindsight. Good luck with the new job.
  5. Airfix 2018

    As one longstanding aerospace nut to another I agree that it's entirely possible to go back to the moon. But if lunar missions flew on wishful thinking they would be easy to organise. Sadly I think this announcement merely a feel good gesture to 'make America great again'. NASA's budget won't allow it. Would love a new build Saturn V too. I'd also love to get my hands on a Saturn V model that visited my school back in the day. It was huge and could be broken down to each module. I think it must have been an official US government model. There must be a few around. As it is I expect there will be a releases and re releases for the 50th anniversary. Looking forward to that.
  6. TVs best characters

    Ditto, watching re runs of the Sweeney on ITV4, actually as I sit here typing this it's on. Bish bash bosh he's chasing the blaggers again. John Thaw as Inspector Morse is brilliant too.
  7. Airfix 2018

    Like most things that man says he'll do. It'll never fly. There's no reason to go to the moon anyway. Not anymore. Ah the Scruggs Wonderplane, certainly it's designer Uncle Roger Bacon will never be dead as long as it's remembered. Actually I don't think he's dead unless his alter ego J M Ramsden has left us recently? Still we've been waiting for the definitive model of this illusive bird for years. However it is an airliner and I don't think Airfix do airliners anymore. I hope they do but a 1/72 Camel will do nicely too. If I was a betting man, wait I am a betting man, won fifty quid yesterday. I'll bet on a camel. I have to say the clues are all there. That plus a 100 years of the RAF gift set including the modern Typhoon, Spitfire and new tool Camel. Now lets see if William Hill will take my bet!
  8. The teeth are appropriate because it's likely to bite it's pilot if he fails to respect it's foibles. Great idea though.
  9. Very nicely done. A nice tribute to Hofer who is pilot I always found fascinating. Quite unlike many of his contemporaries. Reminds me somewhat of Albert Ball from WW1. You have to wonder what would have become of him if he had survived.
  10. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Whatever is happening I would envy you the time you can spend on a model. Sigh, if only! On the other hand you might want to get it checked out. I'm 'only' on blood pressure medication and well statins but of late odd things were happening. Pins and needles, headaches etc plus high BP. Anyway the Doc put me on a new medication. Problem solved. More expensive though. Always a downside.
  11. Bearcat Controls

    From a pilots point of view it makes no sense to have a system that returns the controls to neutral. In fact it could be dangerous. It would mean the pilot would have to be constantly working against the spring loading. As gingerbob says trim tabs are there to reduce the air load. Trim is adjusted depending on whether aircraft is climbing, descending or in cruise. The last thing a pilot needs is something working against him all the time. One aircraft I flew ran out of trim at light weights with only me on board. I literally had to pull back all the time to avoid heading into a terminal dive and ending up in a smoking hole. So no hands off for me. Kept me awake anyway.
  12. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Never tire of a well made Hurricane!
  13. Faultless. No more need be said.
  14. Airfix 2018

    Stayed up all night as a 9 year old to watch the big moment. Exciting days. Hard to believe my now 9 year old son will probably never see the like of it again. As for the Camel. The fact that they displayed one at Telford AND feature brand new artwork in the Airfix calendar somewhat implies a re-issue perhaps as part of a gift set celebrating 100 years of the RAF? But do we dare dream of a new tool?
  15. real Tiger moth(or what remains) in the jungle?

    Yes possibly a mock up in a theme park. Note the 'rustic' wooden rails.