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  1. Both the first and last gone now. Six of twelve moonwalkers have died since. The way things are going he's likely to be the last ever man to walk on the moon. Something I never thought I would say in the future as I watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon surface all those years ago.
  2. Never mind TV. YouTube is where it's at. My kids barely watch TV anymore. Some of the presenters are world famous and rake in a lot of money. If one of the big name YouTubers like DanTDM for example decided to build a model kit. I suspect sales for that kit would rocket.
  3. Congratulations to her and her new husband.
  4. I don't know, just going to Santa Monica seems so cool. I speak as an addict of US TV shows from the 70s and 80s. Thanks for the heads up. My wife and kids and I are planning a trip to the west coast. She's been all over the world but not the the USA and can't understand my enthusiasm for America. We might accidently find our way to Evetts.
  5. Funny you should say that procopius. When I was over in Oshkhosh. The uber driver we used pointed out to us that he and his wife loved UK TV and got a lot of what they saw. We questioned him about what he understood. My mate is English so we tended to be overly critical. Snobbish even. It really isn't fair. I really should know better from experience to underestimate Americans. It was a cheap shot.
  6. I'm surprised none of our American cousins have stepped in wondering why the heck everyone is talking about tea when they mean dinner. In the US it's breakfast, lunch and dinner. On this side of the pond it's breakfast , dinner and tea unless you're posh in which case it's breakfast, lunch and dinner. Growing up in Dublin I had breakfast then a big meal at lunchtime called dinner then tea and as often as not supper later on. But these days being all snobby and posh, (yeah right!). We have breakfast, lunch and dinner because my wife is a lady. All I know is that I do all the cooking and I like it. Tomorrow it's chicken fricassee for tea. With basmati rice. It's far from basmati I was raised! Oh yes Americans just so you know, we may not have tea at teatime. Maybe coffee or beer or wine.
  7. I don't know about Scottish pipers but like davecov I was aware of a strong tradition in the RN of certain ships being crewed almost exclusively with Irishmen and pipers are a huge part of Irish military tradition. I remember in school in Dublin in the seventies, a classmate who simply was waiting until he was sixteen so he could enlist in the RN. Remember this was during the 'troubles' where joining the Crown forces might be considered risky for an Irishman. But he gave the impression it was a family tradition and we respected that. Perhaps pipers were part of that tradition. But that was recent years. I do think that perhaps the RN particularly in the 19th century would not have been inclined to differentiate between the countries. It's a cliche but wasn't the RN essentially a south coast service. Not many Scotsmen in Plymouth. Which isn't to say it never happened. On the other hand I do find the bagpipe a stirring and almost primeval instrument. Perhaps appropriate to ships. It's an interesting idea but I fear their quest is futile.
  8. Interesting. I have to say though. I've never heard of opening cowlings to cool turbine engines. I would have that it would have a marginal effect particularly in a hot climate with short turnarounds.
  9. A while ago I read that B52 crews were flying the same aircraft their Fathers flew. At this point it has to be Grandads.
  10. Well 633 Squadron is on ITV4 as I type this right now. Can't be more inspirational than that. Everyone loves the Mossie. As it happens I saw Kermit Weeks Mosquito last summer at Oshkhosh. That was in the movie.
  11. Yeah definitely think drivers get behind so they make stuff up, knowing most of the time they get away with it. Not always, saw a UPS driver the other day try to make a delivery. He tried hard, next door as well. Went away with his parcel. Use UPS I think.
  12. Totally cynical about delivery services. Once worked for a cargo airline. One night out on the airport ramp, blustery night. DHL. Saw a parcel on the ground. It blew away. Chased it in my van which was hillarious. Caught it. No one gave a damm. One day a parcel was due. I was at home watching TV, my front gate visible as I sat on my sofa. I got a text, 'unable to deliver, no one at home'. Couldn't believe it. To be fair lately things have improved. But I do believe that drivers get pressuried into hitting targets so they cut corners.
  13. I once worked for a now closed jet engine overhaul facility in Ireland. We got a contract to convert Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines to the TF33 military standard for the KC135s but also used on B52. Anyway as tech librarian I was flooded with USAF manuals some marked secret and confidential all related to the contract. Apparently no one realised Ireland is not in NATO. Anyway I locked the lot into a cupboard avoiding the temptation to sell it to the Soviets. But they probably had them anyway. Anyway to get back to the point. It's hard to believe that the TF33 is still in service. Just how much longer can the B52 keep flying? How do they even get spares? It's like the Shackletons back in the eighties. From a bygone era
  14. Love it. Want it for my desktop. If I had one. Haven't had a desk since 1997 so probably not an option.
  15. Actually surprised that the P51 wasn't 8th Air force before. I have a few stashed with the intention of getting decals for the 8th and 9th airforce. Might just do that now. No point in waiting for Airfix.