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  1. "Skill, Patience and Humbrol", as the slogan went. Well I have some Humbrol. That's a start! I haven't checked my box of tricks for a while but it contains many of the things mentioned and a few more oddities besides. But you certainly wouldn't need it all to start modelling.
  2. I introduced my younger brother and sister to the joys of motor racing and F1. Both of them have travelled the world following F1, now including my brother's wife. I followed it avidly for many years but for some reason I've never been to a Grand Prix, ever. Thinking about it that's strange. Perhaps it's time to change that situation.
  3. Looks real, in fact it looks exactly like Kermit Weeks Mosquito which I saw close up in a hangar last year. You have the weathering almost perfect.
  4. I did it and answered honestly. But I fear the input of a a bunch of middle aged men as is typical here might skew the result. But it turns out I'm surprisingly liberal in my views. Some of the questions are a bit oddly phrased but it's all a learning curve for the student. I've seen worse in so called professional surveys. I've done quite a few In fact 50 quids worth of Tesco vouchers is on it's way to me now for my efforts.
  5. As ever very nicely finished. Quite different from the usual NMF B17s. Sorry for your troubles. As it happens today is the two year anniversary since I lost my Mother. Still quite raw.
  6. Great thing about models is that they can evoke memories. Two come to mind. I worked for a jet engine overhaul company. We imported some engines, JT3Ds, 707 engines which came from Beirut. On the way a container full of engines fell overboard from the ship in a storm. The rest arrived dusty, several with shrapnel holes showing the effect of shelling Beirut airport. Brought it home to me. Another memory, for a few years the biggest airshow in Ireland was held at a racecourse, Fairyhouse near Dublin. One year the highlight was three USAFE F15s. For their finale, it was a fast pass followed by a typical F15 vertical climb to altitude. We watched in awe as they climbed directly towards the contrail of a passing airliner. Years later I read that the airliner was in fact an MEA 707. The Captain, no doubt influenced by years flying through a war zone, seeing jet fighters rapidly approaching, in a panic reported he was under attack. MEA went through a torrid time over the years.
  7. I was at Oshkhosh last year and there was a fair proportion of people wearing cowboy style hats. I even briefly considered buying a 'Bob Hoover' style hat but realistically I knew that I would never wear it again even if it was practical for keeping the sun off my face and neck at the airshow. So I stuck to a baseball cap. That's the practical aspect of wide brimmed hats, protection from the sun. But of course hats these days are really more of a statement than for any practical purpose.
  8. Yes indeed a quick google shows Luxembourg is closest. A quick perusal of the Ryanair website show basic fares of £15 ($18) each way from London in mid May. You pay more in taxi fares to the airport. Ok there will be add ons. But it's still cheap and convenient. It's worth doing a bit of research to see what options work best for you.
  9. I don't know about the trains but there are a lot of low cost flights to France from England. The likes of Ryanair and Easyjet. I don't know the geography locally but it would make sense to fly into the nearest major airport served by a loCo carrier and rent a car. Have a look at their websites and see if they land anywhere near the area.
  10. Have you tried any of the obvious pin numbers? 0000 1111 1234 4321. People really do use simple and obvious passwords and pins. Makes them easy to hack. Also check that it's not simply written down somewhere in the box or on the thing itself. I on the other hand would bring it back and ask for a replacement.
  11. I like it. You've done a good job on it. I bought that kit when it first came out. I hate to think how long ago that was. But I do remember that it was a difficult build. The FJ 4 is a handsome beast that deserves a modern kit.
  12. Yes indeed it's the old Swiss cheese model. All the holes have to line up for the incident to happen. The pilot on the board makes a fair point that there were systemic failures in the USN and there was an attempt to make sure the blame was aimed squarely at Dorsey. However his suggestion that anyone could make the same mistake is something I can't agree with. I think the first hole in the cheese was the fact that a man who was tempermentally unsuited to the job found himself in charge of an F14 with live missiles probably because of who his Father was. His failure to apologise is telling. Of course people getting into jobs they are unsuitable for isn't new or gone away as recent events have proven.
  13. Both the first and last gone now. Six of twelve moonwalkers have died since. The way things are going he's likely to be the last ever man to walk on the moon. Something I never thought I would say in the future as I watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon surface all those years ago.
  14. Never mind TV. YouTube is where it's at. My kids barely watch TV anymore. Some of the presenters are world famous and rake in a lot of money. If one of the big name YouTubers like DanTDM for example decided to build a model kit. I suspect sales for that kit would rocket.
  15. Congratulations to her and her new husband.