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  1. Wellington XIV

    Sounds like a plan. I'm going for the single colour scheme even if I prefer the other one. I'm working on a 172 squadron machine that even now lies at the bottom of the bay a few miles from here. It came down in October 1944. So in the absence of evidence to the contrary. I chose that scheme. I too spent a lot of time looking up 172 squadron photos with a similar result to you. It's amazing how such a well documented aircraft that there should be some ambiguity.
  2. Wellington XIV

    Knowing the serial, if you could trace it's production date. That might help or muddy the waters. If it was built in '44 then new scheme. If it was an early build the better the chance of it being repainted at some point. During the transition period ....well take your pick. Given that the one in the photo is so badly faded you could mix and match.
  3. swordfish rigging

    Well my Airfix kit provides decals for the same lines. I wonder though if some versions of the Swordfish had additional rigging wires laid flat as a form of strengthening perhaps for stores? Maybe the float plane version? I wonder where Trumpeter got its reference?
  4. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    I came across the too experienced thing when I applied for a job as an air traffic control assistant. No I'm not an air traffic controller but am a pilot. The interviewers were up front about it and told me that it wouldn't suit me at all and that actually they thought I shouldn't have been interviewed at all. But they had no say in it. So an utter waste of time. Another time. I went for a job and did well at the interview but was turned down. When I followed up I was told it was felt that I was too experienced and would probably leave quickly. In the end the young woman they chose lasted two months. I came across the too old thing first aged.... wait for it: 37. It's actually illegal to age discriminate in this country but try proving it. I'm 58 now and my wife wants me to find a well paid full time job. Well so do I but I suspect stacking shelves at Tesco might be the closest thing to that.
  5. Wellington XIV

    I am also researching for a model of a Wellington XIV. The overall EDSG uppersurface was introduced in late 1943. So by 1945 your subject most likely was in that scheme by then. Here's a great resource for Coastal Command colours. http://www.hrmtech.com/sig/articles/coastal_cam.asp
  6. I put this up on Jon Byron's brilliant F4U5 RFI thread but it deserves greater exposure. Great reference and a feast of nostalgia.
  7. Evacuation !

    I have a thick coat. Russian air force issue. Donated by a Commie friend. So heavy and warm. So I'd be happy to go oot in the cold for sure. I really think I'd fit in Canada.
  8. Evacuation !

    If that happened here the country would come to a standstill. The government would collapse and all the shops would be looted.
  9. Evacuation !

    We had some flooding in the city recently, Galway in Ireland. The aptly named Flood Street getting the brunt of it. My kids were worried about us getting flooded but I pointed out that at 200 feet above sea level most of the world would be underwater by then. On the other hand we live close to the sea at the end of the relatively shallow narrow Galway bay. A tsunami would ruin our day. Looks cold in Canada. I could have been a Canadian. My Dad was offered a job there before I was born. He didn't take it up. Maybe that's good. I don't like the cold, eh? But at least Canadians know how to deal with the cold. Here in Britain and Ireland we're due a Siberian spell next week. Expect an inch of snow and utter chaos.
  10. Another classic gone. As for its replacement the Enstrom 480. I honestly thought Enstroms had all gone to the great helipad in the sky long ago. I guess I'm out of touch.
  11. Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-5 Corsair

    Came across this YouTube video of Glenview around the time of model. Would love to go back in time to that flightline with a modern camera.
  12. Evacuation !

    You think Brits? The wx forecast is not exactly sunny for next week. Here on the West coast of Ireland we are as far away from snow as Greece but it's predicted to snow. All I'm saying is get your snowshoes out.
  13. Britmodellers' X Files

    Something to do with the FAA. It's ominous. I hope the new carrier stays away from icebergs.
  14. Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-5 Corsair

    Had to wipe the drool off my keyboard before I could type this. I do love Corsairs. The impeccable finish is typical of the naval reserve at the time. Such a contrast with the scruffy operational birds. Nicely done.
  15. DH98 Mosquito BIV 1/48

    Can't get enough Mossies. Have a Tamiya 1/72 version enroute. Got excited when a post office van appeared outside but it drove on by. Maybe tomorrow.