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  1. I'd echo the general sentiments; a couple of really tidy looking Mossies! Nice job in particular on getting the Airfix kit looking so presentable. I was mildly surprised to read that you'd used the same colours on both. The XVI looks quite a bit lighter in the pictures, so presumably down to the camera. regards, jason
  2. Two super looking models. Stripes on the Tempest (and the rest of it) look fine to me. I was mightily tempted by the SH Tempests (especially the Mk.II), but the prospect of 1/48 Eduard versions on the horizon have stayed my hand. Although I can't say that your build hasn't got me thinking again! cheers, Jason
  3. Well, the fin is a separate assembly, and there are two options. So far so good. But both have the dorsal fillet. Eh? J.
  4. Obvious innit? Ivory.
  5. Good stuff. Is your substrate flexible at all; looks like it might be a regular cutting mat? J.
  6. They look rather neat, but whether photo-etch or laser-etch the difficulty with these is always to roll the parts into a halfway decent cylinder! regards, Jason
  7. The fighter windscreen is flat across the width, whereas the bomber version is split into halves and raked. Fighter version: courtesy of Ronnie's excellent thread here on BM: cheers, Jason
  8. Guns are available from RB Model: and Master: You would also need a fighter style canopy, since the Revell kit is the bomber version. I don't know of any aftermarket canopies currently available, beyond the (long out of production) Paragon conversion set. Of course the new Tamiya Mosquito FB.VI comes with a fighter canopy, so you might find a kind soul who would vac form a copy using that as a master. cheers, Jason
  10. Now there's something you don't see everyday. I really enjoy builds that make me go and find out about a lesser known aircraft, and this one is nicely done indeed. Would love to see some more photos. cheers, Jason
  11. At the risk of repeating myself from the WIP thread, it's a super looking Fortress. Hope the sawbones weren't too rough on you. J.
  12. Great model Tony. The Fort looks rather splendidly eye catching in those colours. Hope you're feeling better post hospital. cheers, Jason
  13. Now let's see him do a sleeve valve.
  14. Got you covered!
  15. The original (and interesting) Whirlwind should need no qualifier! Subsequent imitations may of necessity be identified as such. etc. J.