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  1. WE GO LIVE ON THE 18TH OF MAY 2021!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/beacon-models/the-few-part-1 The wait is over, we can finally announce the launch date! The pre-launch Kickstarter page is now live, link below. You will have to create an account on Kickstarter and follow the project by clicking the "Notify me on launch" button on the page. You will then receive an email from Kickstarter on the 18th May when the campaign is live and you can make your pledge! As you can see, we have pre-launch stretch goals, with a prize draw and extra free goodies for all backers. To unlock
  2. Always a possibility for the future :). Warplanes are going to be where most of the money is of course, but for the sake of variety I would to do things like that.
  3. Are these 1/144 scale, or are the coins 4:1??? . Juan Villegas has done breathtaking work painting these!
  4. Fabio Santonocito has finished the in-flight Bf109's to do battle with Adam's Spitfires! Just waiting for Juan Villegas to finish the static versions of all these now, and then we'll be able to do all the photography we need :D.
  5. Hi chaps! Here are some images of Adam's "in flight" builds, as well as a WIP of the static build being completed by Juan Villegas. We have 15 modellers currently working on builds of these so lots more to come!!
  6. Brilliant job Adam!! We're going to do some photography with those and the 109's that Fabio is painting. I've also ordered that aerial gaming mat from DeepCut and some Luftwaffe/RAF themed dice. We're also having quite a few painted up as static models too of course, as that's the focus. But hopefully these will tempt a few tabletop gamers to back the Kickstarter too!
  7. We can ask if that's possible, however they are extremely small. But we'll try! Nice work Adam those are looking amazing! With regards to the flying bases, those hex shaped ones you can get in tabletop gaming shops (I bought them on ebay) however we will be making our own flying base if we raise enough money. We will have to reach a very high funding goal to be able to afford to cut the tool for the bases, so fingers crossed the campaign will be popular! This is the concept so far, it uses a neodymium ball magnet so you can pose the model in flight:
  8. Camo pattern masks are a possibility, but I think it would be a bridge too far for including with the kits as standard in terms of cost. However as an optional extra, I think it could be done without much issue. There's only the A and B scheme for the spitfire, and I think two common splinter patterns for the 109. It's something to look into, but I wouldn't make any promises.
  9. Can't wait to see the results Adam! Heroes Models in Italy will be doing some 109s for us, and Juan Villegas is also doing some painting. It was really difficult to choose who to approach with the commission work as there are so many brilliant modellers who are supporting us and we thought that lots would be interested. That's why we're doing the giveaway, as it gives everyone else a fair chance of getting a model to paint, but we also need the more closely managed commission work for photography like Adam is doing for us :).
  10. The research we've done indicates to us that it's a good selling point to leverage, and the price of the kits can still be competitive even with the inclusion at the quantities we'd be ordering from suppliers. They're only tiny as it's just canopy masks, we may do camo masks as separate items. Not everyone will want or use them, but as with any product, we're trying to satisfy the broadest range of customer needs/desires possible. These kits aren't aimed at highly price sensitive customers, there are very affordable kits from old tools out there to satisfy that market :).
  11. Masks will be included in the box and we're sourcing them from a well respected supplier, as with decals. It's an extra expense, but it's manageable and these are premium kits. Sweet, Platz and Eduard are all fantastic moulding quality, so as well as matching that we're trying to include more added value in the box with things like masks.
  12. We've already modelled the early canopy, same for the spit. We're still not sure about including the E-1 wings without the cannons as an option, and likewise the Mk1b cannon armed wings for the spit. Maybe if we do really well with the funding and we hit all our goals! We want to offer as much added value as possible and make these kits versatile. I think the open canopies may be tricky simply because of the thickness issue - but we can certainly include one piece canopy variants. It may just have to be left for the more adventurous modellers like yourself to do them in scramble configuration
  13. That's a good point. We can look into it - we're injecting multiple canopies per shot of the clear tool and it's possible we might be able to include both open and closed versions but it will depend on a few factors, not least cost. But we'd have to include a one piece canopy either way as assembling it closed from two pieces would be very fiddly indeed for many modellers.
  14. In fact I just tried to get a decent photo side by side - it's not the best, but as you can see, the panel lines are pretty much bang on with the Sweet Hurricane.
  15. That's an absolutely exquisite Hurricane! Really well done! Our canopies will be the same thickness as the Sweet kits (we bought some Hurris to measure from.) We're really hoping that extremely high precision EDM spark eroder that our toolmaker has will be able to render such fine details and panel lines but they seem very confident. The complete absence of any tooling marks from milling machine cutters indicates that the Hurri was tooled the same way. The Sweet panel lines are around 0.15mm deep and wide as far as we can make out, and we think that's probably going to be the limit of what ca
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