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  1. That was my suspicion, I imagine that factory stencils were scuffed out, patched or painted over very quickly in the field even pre-war. I think this one is going to be a big piece of guesswork - even in the wingleader book there are notes such as "the black and white undersides are assumed based upon the fuselage underside looking white rather than aluminium." If that isn't a well phrased "" I don't know what is ! I'm going to go with no underside stencils in these early profiles, and only minimal upper ones like walkway lines on the wings as those are pretty clear in photos.
  2. Ok, another can of worms....stencilling. Can anyone recommend a good source for info on this? What I may end up doing it providing a full suite of stencils that people can use or not use as they prefer. I've read that N3200 has very accurate BoB period stencils as it was taken from the standard factory marking plans, is this true? Would these early MkI spits have had the same markings? It seems like K9795 had minimal stencilling as the photos seem pretty clear, but what about WZ-C, would these slightly later spits have had them? It's impossible to make out from the Wingleader archive photos. Looking at various builds of these Mk.Is it appears to be all over the place, so this is yet another headache!
  3. Hi all, Got some lovely photos from the toolmaker today! Here's the finished moving half of the tool: And here's the fixed half, having been machined with a 0.8mm cutter so far - they'll cut with progressively finer cutters now to bring the detail out. Speaking of detail, we're so pleased that they've been able to achieve incredibly crisp rendering of Bryan's CAD design in the steel. Those small features look neat and sharp and should result in some beautiful recessed panel lines and rivets on the plastic. When all the cutting is done, the two halves of the tool will be spark eroded to polish out the tooling marks around the cavities so that the tool closes perfectly with no flash and minimal mould lines; They tell us that we are less than a month away from test shots now, and then we can start work on the Spitfire tool! Will.
  4. That's what we've observed too - there are tiny variations but only insofar as these were hand painted. I'm going to set about making some more corrections this evening and then I'm hoping I'll be able to move on to our three Mk.Ia profiles (the twin set and dogfight set.) Will.
  5. Good spot RE the radiator, that's an easy re-colour and will be the same on all Night and White schemes. I agree about the roundel and will play around with the letters too. Most of the work has gone into making a nice B scheme template that I can use for other profiles as well as this one. I very much doubt that I'll get to a solution that everyone sees as entirely correct, there's so much guesswork and interpretation here - but if I can nudge it as close as I can then I will. But ultimately, we have 30 schemes to do so there will have to be a point where it's "good enough" and send it to print without spending too much time noodling. Also the W's all look different in those Duxford photos haha! The slightest variation in the masking seems to change the finished shape, but again I'll try to move it around until it looks right. I didn't use a font, they're vectored from scratch as there is no correct font. It probably looks completely different on the port side, but unfortunately the only port side photo of this aircraft has the hatch down obscuring the W. As long as there are no major errors due to research laziness, I hope they'll be treated fairly favourably. Like you said, most won't care and retailers will take hundreds of boxes from us whether we bother with careful research or not. But I take pride in my work, and even though I'm wearing a nearly unmanageable number of hats in this endeavour, I definitely want to try to do it right .
  6. So I've been building some templates to generate different schemes with, while also using it to build individual schemes. Here what I have so far on K9799 WZ-C, key points are: - B scheme with underside line below engine cowl panel line. - No red gun port colours. - Night and white undersides, no stencils. - Serial number shown (painted over on photos from 1939 press day at Duxford.) These are vectors taken from out actual 1/144 model, and there are some minor compromises on exact detail - for example the fastidious modeller will have to scratch build the anti-spin device on the tail, and add the panel lines to the fuel tank to be true to the early Mk.I Spitfires. This kit was designed to represent later marks but with option parts for the early Mk.I, so we know it's not a "perfect" early Mk.I but we couldn't have made a standalone early Mk.I with these tiny detail changes. I hope that modellers will forgive us when they are reaching for the panel line saw ! Colours taken from Colourcoats chips. Thoughts are appreciated as always, and at least on these images it is quite simple to make corrections, which is not the case for poor Antonis and his photorealistic renders. We think we will use these as the painting and marking instructions, and put the rendered images on the back of the boxes. Will.
  7. Also just realized that it's the wrong camouflage scheme! Should be B scheme but for is A scheme [facepalm.] I'll see what I can do about the other areas. I'm never touching early Spitfires again, honestly.
  8. Morning all! Some good news today, our toolmaker sent us some images of the progress so far. They're are now up to passes with a 0.5mm cutter on the tool, which means details are beginning to emerge. They will use progressively smaller cutters to bring out that crisp sharp detail we are so hoping to achieve. It's still hard to give a realistic release date due to the delays we've had because of material shortages in the UK, I am hoping that January will become realistic but I'll have to confirm with the toolmaker and warehouse before I can commit to anything. More info as we get it!
  9. This is a possibility, the proportions are a bit chunky for 1/72 (they're slightly stylised for the small scale) but we could look into it later down the line. Thanks mate! Andrew Harris is making great progress on our Stapme Vs Von Werra piece and I can't wait to show it off soon! Will.
  10. Those are brilliant, Troy! I just got the first test from Antonis where we used the Air Ministry chip MSG (or as close as we could get.) I must say, it does look pretty close to the photos you posted, what do you think? I'm probably going to move this over to the profiles thread now as I think we've got some good leads on the grey. Will.
  11. The side ones definitely weren't, yes. Though on the Duxford photograph, you can just about make out the wing roundel extending from the leading edge to the aileron which would make it the 56" Type B which was standard from then on.
  12. That's the conclusion I have reached to. Wartime MSG doesn't appear to be the same, though close.
  13. I think at 1/144 the result will be pretty much imperceptible, but yes I can see what you mean! Yeh I have noticed this too, the decals are being designed separately and I will be sure to match the serials as closely as possible. I'll see what I can do about the profile in photoshop :).
  14. The latest from the front! November is rapidly approaching, and progress is being made on our ten initial Spitfire and Bf109 kits. We have wonderful new artwork to show you, and are putting the finishing touches to many profiles that will be included with the kits. Decals are in development and tooling is proceeding. However, we have decided that is best if we begin to manage expectations now; due to circumstances beyond our control, the cutting of the steel tools is taking longer than anticipated. Much of UK industry is currently experiencing delays and setbacks caused by a few factors that are all coming together to make things difficult, and we have been affected. It no longer seems realistic for us to be shipping orders in November, but we will work as hard as we can to let you know a realistic timescale that we will do everything we can to keep to. We will make more announcements on this as and when we can. We will of course ensure that all pre-orders will be dispatched before the kits go on general sale through our web sore and retail partners. Our pre-order customers are our priority. As always, your patience and support is appreciated and we hope we will be able to show you some plastic in a future update! New RAF Box Art: We are delighted to be able to show off some of the box art that we have commissioned! These will be on the cover of our boxes, and are the first five of ten art pieces that we are working on. We are now starting work on the Bf109E box art pieces. The credits are: 1/144 RAF Dispersal Set - Chris Freeman. 1/144 Spitfire Mk.I Early - Antonis Karydis. 1/144 Spitfire Mk.Ia "Spitfires Into Battle" - used with kind permission from Mark Postlethwaite 1/144 Spitfire Mk.II - Antonis Karydis 1/144 Spitfire PR Mk.I Type G - Antonis Karydis. Tooling Updates: The 1/144 Bf109E is now in tooling, however our toolmaker has advised us that there are material shortages and supplier delays, which is hampering efforts. The 1/144 Spitfire data is in the tooling queue and will be next to be made. Bryan is now in the very early stages of develop a 1/144 Heinkel He111, which we hope we will be able to show you more of in the coming weeks. For now, both of us are doing all we can to move the production of these first two kits along. Website Updates: As always, we are refining and improving our website, and we are beginning to populate the product pages with better images as well as optimizing the customer experience and navigation. We hope that you are all well, and we appreciate your continued support, as well of words of encouragement through Facebook, Instagram and Discord. We really appreciate it, and it's so wonderful to have such dedicated early customers. We will have more to show you in the next newsletter, see you then! Take care, Will & Bryan.
  15. Thanks Graham! Steve from Warbird Colour has very kindly offered to send me some paint chips, colour matched to original air ministry swatches in the RAF Museum archives. He also agrees that the Air Ministry MSG is a little more blue than the British Standard MSG. I'll get them properly digitized and from that I should be able to produce a CMYK colour for screen printing that has minimal if any colour drift. I'll certainly sleep easier!
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