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  1. Thanks Cookie. Things going okay here; schools went back last week which was most welcome for all involved. Home schooling was starting to wear a bit thin! J.
  2. I think the OP is referring to the fact that the barrel doesn’t emerge from the centre of the pod, rather than the fact it’s angled inward. J.
  3. This is one of those pedantic points, so look away now if you might get triggered. OTOH, I feel in good company on BM making pedantic points, so perhaps it's the right place for it after all. First of all let me say that this is not intended as a dig at Airfix; I've merely used them as the example since the whole tolerance thing seems mainly to come up in relation to their recent offerings. As someone who masquerades as an engineer in the day job, a small part of me dies inside every time the phrase 'tight tolerances' comes up (usually these days in relation to Airfix kits not fit
  4. Excellent set of builds there Woody; nice work! J.
  5. Really nice. Love how you’ve rendered the hand painted numerals. J.
  6. Superb work. The print quality is really impressive, and your build and paint work has turned it into a great model. Sorry if I missed it, but is the spigot mortar printed as well? cheers, Jason
  7. Interesting. What did the two in the back do? It doesn’t look like they had much space (or kit!) to perform any duties! Lovely build so far Tom.
  8. Indeed, puts a lot of newer kits to shame!
  9. The wings next. With everything else more or less lined up, there was a narrow gap at the back end of the starboard wing join. I've filled the widest portion with some fine stretched sprue, and perhaps some even finer stuff will fit into the remaining gap. Ideally I'd like to avoid much filler on this joint, as any sanding will start to obliterate the surface detail you can see in this shot. If all goes well then I should be able to disguise the joint as another panel line.
  10. Great Mustang Alan, a really eye catching scheme. Look forward to the rest of your quarantine builds! J.
  11. The Potez is a handsome plane. As for the Bloch, no comment! J.
  12. Nice work. The primer certainly brings it all together! J.
  13. Great job. Weathering looks lovely. J.
  14. And the fuselage halves together. Just a little Mr Surfacer... ...and sanded down. The small amount of filler that's left after sanding shows how nice the fit is.
  15. Comprehensive setup you have there PC. Having space for a light tent without having to fold the blasted thing up each time is a real bonus. I used to have exactly the same little IKEA tower of drawers, right down to the handles! J.
  16. Cockpit installed and ready to close up. Looking darker already. I've cut a bulkhead out of sheet styrene to fit just behind the engine, otherwise there's a good chance you'd see daylight through the front from the cockpit opening.
  17. Cool idea for a build! Love the roundel on the base too. J.
  18. Thanks for the comments everyone. Yeah, it took a while didn't it? It turns out that the answer to this question is... ice guards. Just noticed that I've omitted these from the front of the carburettor inlets. Since the Tamiya items are solid plastic, I'll need to find some etched ones I think. A job for another day! J.
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