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  1. Excellent work Steve (as always!)
  2. Excellent job, NMF arent easy to get right (at least for me anyway...), yours is spot on. Nick
  3. Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 Zero

    Looks great to me Jim, i'm all for weathering but sometimes it can be overdone. Your Zero looks (as someone has already said) like a real one in miniature - Great work!

    Nice job! And big too even in 1/72 scale.
  5. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Cheers Steve, more the merrier!
  6. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Thanks Carius, good to have you aboard! Clive, i've checked out your 17pdr build, blimey, some good ace work there. You've inspired me to have a go at reworking the Tamiya figures, and i have some Milliput at hand....
  7. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Will have a look now, thanks Clive
  8. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Cheers guys. Clive, good thinking - I'll see what i can do with the supplied crew, i hadn't thought of that! Francis, thank you. Phil, cheers, i will have a look for that one, sounds ideal. Steve, i can understand why you thought so highly of this kit, it's a stunner. You should rescue it from your mums loft, would love to see it. Nick
  9. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Cheers Phil, yeah it's going to be huge when done. The plan at the mo is to have it hauling a broken down Sherman, with a few other vehicles on the same dio, probably a jeep or two and maybe an MP outrider if i can source a nice kit. Although knowing me it could work out totally different! I also need to source some crew members for it, the kit ones are ok but they are all in the sitting position and i want my crew to be outside, having just finished loading the tank. Any recommendations gratefully received!
  10. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    I've been chipping away at this lately whenever i get the chance, i did say it would be a long term project! I've completed the interior of the cab (I can only apologise about the quality of the pics, my dlsr has been loaned out and the camera on my phone is terrible..) I wanted the cabin to look fairly filthy, these things were used in all conditions and probably not cleaned all that often. The photo's make the flatcoat look pretty rough but in reality its quite smooth. Just getting this far has been a lot of work, and i'm not even half way through the build yet. So then i fitted the cab shell, again the fit was superb with only a few runs of Tamiya extra thin needed. I could probably have not glued it as the fit was so good but did so just for peace of mind. Next up is working on the cab, there are loads of things to go on such as lights, tools, brackets, etc etc. hopefully i'll use a fair bit of the Eduard etch, then it will be working on the rear winch, 5th gear and exhaust. So plenty to keep me busy! Thanks for looking.
  11. Fantastic stuff Kallisti, sorry to hear you have been ill - There's plenty of it going round at the moment!
  12. Good to see you back mate, and you've come back with a bang lol. Also good to see how your bands come on, i'm going to have to come see you guys at some point. Nick
  13. Great work! And amazing stuff with the brass bits, i gave up on the really tiny stuff, just couldnt do it! Here's mine -
  14. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    (Hopefully) carry on and finish my Tamiya Dragon wagon that i started about 3 months ago and then left on the shelf....
  15. Nice start Stix, it's an excellent kit. I built one a year or 2 ago and it was a blast.