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  1. I'm really enjoying following along on this one, it looks a great kit and you are doing it justice! Nick
  2. Yep, i use mine for flight sim (DCS) and racing sims. 2 Transducers either side of my seat and it works surprisingly well, although i will add 2 more when i get chance. I also use VR, and those 2 combined makes it feel very immersive.
  3. I have made my own, using some transducers and a mini amp. Got the idea from this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K55VNaS5rZI It works very well!
  4. HI Stew, did you ever finish this? Looks a great build!
  5. I would love one, but there's no way i could justify spending that much. I would be too afraid to build it in case i cocked it up, so it would just sit in my stash (alongside my Wingnut kits ) and that would be a waste - After all, kits are made for being built aren't they? For anyone who does get one though, and builds it, you are my hero. What a kit!!
  6. I’ll follow along if you don’t mind, been eying this kit up for a while now. Gotta love the Tempest, a bruiser of an aircraft
  7. Just thought i would update this... Turns out my hand was forced in the end, long boring story but basically the dining room is being turned into a bedroom, perils of having kids moving back in! So i've converted my brick shed into a modelling den, and its very nice having a dedicated space. I don't need to pack up after a session, my tools are organised and i've even got a spray booth! Just wish i had more time (and energy...) for building now. Thanks again for all your advice!
  8. Ammo MIG is great, they do a flat aluminium which brushes on very easily. I pretty much only use these paints now, they are really good.
  9. I'm using the dining room at the moment, and while my wife is very understanding and doesnt really mind, i'm conscious that my ever growing stash of paint/tools/etc is slowly but surely taking over... Plus its a pain having it all in boxes. I have actually had a breakthrough though, i have a shed/workshop attached to the side of the house, which i was using for something but these days its just a place to store my tools. So i've decided to use that, and get rid of a lot of tools and equipment i wont use again. A change of career has put paid to that. Its brick built and has power (yay) but isnt insulated and gets cold in winter, which i can sort out. The only negative really is that there isnt any natural light unless i leave the door open, there is a small window but as it faces out on to the drive i have covered it up so people cant see in and decide they want all of my expensive tools! I'm hoping to get cracking on it soon, it will be a lot of work but not nearly as much as putting up a new shed. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice, its much appreciated. Nick
  10. Nice work, i'm tempted to have a go at one of these, it would look lovely next to my A6M2. As @jenkosays, the undercarriage is a bit tricky, you're supposed to be able to operate it, but mine is just down - If i tried to move it now it would just break.
  11. You will enjoy this build, i did the A6M2 a few years back and it was ace. As for Aotake, i did a lot of research when building mine and in the end was none the wiser!
  12. Excellent. thanks guys - Thats just the kind of info i was hoping for. I This is interesting... Realistically i'll be running a small compressor, a radio and lights. But i'll be needing some kind of heat source, probably an oil filled radiator so that might too much in the dark cold winter months? Once again thank you everyone for your help, its certainly given me a lot to think about! Nick
  13. Excellent, thanks guys - Very helpfull!
  14. Thanks Paul, will have a think and will be in touch. Nick
  15. Cheers chaps. The base is no problem, will use large paving slabs for that like i have done with the 'garden' garden shed. It will be used for building and airbrushing, the stash can stay in the house. Power will be required, so i know i'll need an electrician for that bit. I guess really the only 2 unknowns will be what size will be sufficient, and as i will be using it all year round it will need to be insulated and heated. Size wise i've just been out and measured the spot i have available (should have done that first really), i'm looking at a 10' by 8' - Should be big enough i guess.
  16. Hi guys, hopefully you can help me out here a little.... I'm currently doing my building in the dining room, but i'm getting tired of having to unpack/pack all my kit all the time and slowly but surely i'm starting to take over the room, this is not going down well with the wife.... So i'm thinking about putting up a dedicated shed in the garden and kitting it out as my modelling haven. I think i've read/seen over the years on here that some of you have done similar, so if you have can i ask - Does it work as well as you expected? Best size? Rough cost and work involved i.e best way to insulate, keep it warm in winter etc etc? Thanks Nick
  17. I've been using my trusty H&S Ultra now for a while after buying it from the very nice chap at Little Cars at Telford back in 2014. It was my first so its taught me a lot, and at the same time i've probably been a bit ham fisted with it. But it's been fun and i'm improving. I'm finding now that i'm starting to struggle with it, i think the nozzle is a bit worn and the trigger assembly feels a bit slack with not much feel. I've been looking at the H&S Infinity, what realistically would i notice over the Ultra? Its a fair amount of money but if the gains are there i don't mind shelling out. Or should i replace parts on my Ultra or indeed just buy another Ultra? i mainly paint 1/48 and 1/32 aircraft, with Tamiya and Ammo Mig paints. Thanks for any help/insight/advice! Nick
  18. You have my sympathies with the broken ribs, i'm recovering from the same at the moment and thankfully i'm improving now!
  19. I've unexpectedly gained some free time over the next couple of weeks, and rather than waste it i thought i would do something useful, dig around in the stash and start another build. Top of the pile was CSM's lovely Nieuport 17. Although not my first WW1 build (WNW's Junkers D1 got there first), this will be my first build with rigging. So first the very nice box art Lifting the lid reveals another sturdy main box 4 marking options, i'm not sure yet which one i will choose The instruction booklet is very very nice I havent photographed much of the the sprues, but take my word for it the moulding is superb, there is a tiny bit of flash here and there but nothing that wont be sorted with 2 seconds of a sanding stick. First job was to start with the cockpit. Lots of detail here to be added so i'm expecting this first part of the build to take some time. Mig Ammo New Wood sprayed on And then once dry i started with the oils, i really enjoy this part, very therapeutic! Although i dont like waiting for it to dry so much.. That's pretty much where i'm at, i have done the cockpit framing too but forgot to take any pics of that. Will crack on again tomorrow! So far i'm very pleased with this kit, seems to pretty much be on a par with WNW, lets see how it builds up! Thanks for looking!
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