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  1. Looks like a lot of work. At 1/350 I guess everything is tiny!! How long is the hull just to give an idea of scale?
  2. After more thought..... and trolling t'internet for ages I think I'm gonna darken the decking to be more in line with the below images and to be closer to NARN23. Given that I have full stock in Tamiya colors I think I'm going to plump for XF24 Dark Grey as it seems the closest to NARN23. Going to just spray/paint it all XF24, decks/walkways.....the lot and just leave the compass deck (that's the top bit right?) and the bit at the front (focsle?) as the woody brown as they were supposedly wooden decking.
  3. After a few more hours 'tinkering' this is where I stand. This 'ship-building lark' sure is fiddly and time consuming! The hull has been painted and sealed with a gloss coat to keep it safe. Decks have been (for better or worse) sprayed in Tamiya XF80, British Navy Grey and the walkways in XF63, German Grey. Probably not factually correct as Snowberry had wooden decks (according to paint instructions).....so maybe La Malouine did as well. Cannot find any pics to confirm this, but to my eye, didn't like the very dark grey Narn23 previously suggested. I
  4. @robgizlu Thanks, but seems Jamie is all out of Narn 23 so I think I'll just 'wing it' and go for the nearest in Tamiya of which I have loads the foredeck is still 'wood' color, ran out of primer before I got to that bit! In the pics I have found of La Malouine, none show the decks so unless I can find a pic (and I've been looking for ages) then I guess I'll go with consensus!
  5. Question to the hive mind regarding what you would expect the deck colour to be? As Jamie said earlier "As for the main decks, I've seen little evidence to be honest of people getting too excited about Line 7 (To achieve this, the following should be painted white to eliminate shadow.....7) Any horizontal surfaces that may throw light up into dense shadows). They wouldn't have been painted darker, but equally I don't recall many (any?) examples of decks painted white." So if not white nor dark grey.........would a light grey (eg XF19 Sky Grey) or mid grey (eg XF20 Medi
  6. A quick question to you all. I'm guessing that the finish on ship ship should be a matt finish? Or satin finish? I've seen a few ships as I live close to Portsmouth so I know they are not shiny!
  7. Well, it's been an interesting week. Spent the first couple of days just working out what had been done prior to the kit coming into my hands........took a while but finally figured out where I was! Next was getting some white primer down over most of it..........as you will see, a can of Tamiya white primer didn't finish the job (now waiting on more to be delivered as my local model shop is closed due to Covid so have had to go online. Had to go white because the Colourcoats paints I got just didn't/doesn't cover up the original paint scheme. Yesterday saw a coat of white go over the hu
  8. @Steve Noble 1/72 HMS Snowberry, 3ft long and started by someone else and my planned ship (HMS La Malouine) has a completely different paint job.....80% of it white! The colourcoats paint I have is not covering so good so need to get it all back to white and go from there
  9. @bmwh548 I'm looking for something to use with airbrush rather than out of a can, have lots of small parts/assys and so a can would be very wasteful. @franky boy, thanks, but Mr Surfacer 1000 only seems to be grey (and quite a dark grey at that) and not white? SF283 MR.BASEWHITE 1000, anyone familiar with this? Blurb says "Mr. BASE WHITE is useful for making a black, red or other dark-colored surface white. This newly developed product uses special pigments to completely hide the base color and aids application of detailed finishing and top coats. Because it also w
  10. Dear All, Been looking at a white primer for my current project...........but going to need a lot of it! Is Mr Surfacer any good? Seems to suggest it is a micro-filler so does that mean it will fill small details (or just scratches?) Looking for something economical............just used a whole can of Tamiya primer and got nowhere near done. Guessing airbrush is better than rattle cans. Any advice/suggestions greatly welcome whatever the brand
  11. @TomasBudweis, thanks Thomas, I just had a look, nice work! I'm building mine as La Malouine so there are some small differences. I will still check up on how you are doing as some things you do may be transferable to my build.
  12. @Old timerThankyou kindly, is just a flory wash (dark dirt) left to dry then rubbed off with a DRY piece of sponge...........just keep rubbing until you get the desired effect
  13. @nheather. It's just a length of 1" x 1 1/2" with a bunch of holes drilled in it...........nothing special, with a small home-made tray stuck on the front.
  14. And so it starts Finished up my Super Hornet this morning then had a massive clear up in the shed to make room for this 'little' puppy. Never realised just how messy/dusty the shed had got, took me a couple of hours!!, but now it's clean and tidy....................ready to start making a 'new' mess.
  15. So I'm calling this one done for the moment, everything is on except the center line tank, undercarriage/doors), and the gun thingy for the nose (also on the way from Revell as was missing from the get go). can't put them on until the new parts come from Revell in 4/6 weeks (As @Old timer suggested, I gave Chloe a call and so now it's just a waiting game. So this is 99.9% finished, until the bits arrive. All in all, this kit was not the nightmare I was expecting from online reviews. Sure, it didn't just fall together like Tamiya, but nothing so major that a little care and clamps cou
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