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  1. Cheers for the replies guys, glad to know it works fine. Didn't want to try it and gunk up my AB if it was incompatible. FYI......just tried it and results look great
  2. Can anyone tell me if MR Color Levelling Thinners is compatible to thin Tamiya lacquer paint (LP-21)for airbrushing. ......... or do I need to buy Tamiyas own lacquer thinner?
  3. Not the best close-ups ever, only use my camera phone, not a professional setup! @Scottey_b Just take your time and follow the instructions and paint as carefully as you are able and it will turn out just fine, that's all I do! I consider myself to be a distinctly average modeler who just enjoys sticking bits of plastic together and painting them.................far from the realms of ability of may many people you see here. @Stef N. Give it a go, it's a fairly easy kit, no build issue of note and turns out pretty good for no hassle.
  4. Hi All, A while since my last post, been busy remodeling my model-shed to make a "display" area so I don't have to keep dusting the models! Just need some lighting for the top shelf: So last week I started tinkering with this model, never did any WIP so here it is all done. Painted all in Tamiya acrylics - except exhausts which got the Alclad treatment. Enjoyed the last bike I built a few months ago so daughter got me this for my birthday last month. Been sitting on the side for a while so thought it was about time to get her done Didn't read instructions carefully enough and put the Michelin decal on before the main Suzuki one and so now have a white box with the decal underneath it! Doh!!
  5. Found this in the loft the other day whilst sorting stuff out. Well, I say 'me' but it was actually the missus who found it! Not sure how long it's been up there....maybe 15/20 years....and I had long forgotten about it. Looks like it came out 1977 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-1268-1934-duesenberg--1183524 Anyways, not many parts in this kit, a simple build and so has only taken me a couple of days to throw it together so far, not much else to do so another day or two should see it done. Fit is a little problematic in places, instructions not so clear (by todays standards), just a bit more chrome to go on and then the top can be fitted (just posed in place in photos). All in all, a little light entertainment for me whilst waiting for the postman to bring me something else to do!
  6. Thanks for that bit of info guys. Maybe I'll have to give this puppy a little go seeing as it appears I don't have very rare or high value item on my hands. Never tried a metal model before.....plastic....wood, yes, but never metal. Dads......thanks for your kind offer...........let me think on it
  7. Fellow BM'ers. Wondering if anyone can help give an approximation for this kit. Was given to me 15+ years ago and has sat burried away until this afternoon when I found it again. Was supposedly 'rare' back when I got it and can find hardly any info on it online. thought I'd try my luck here and see if anyone knows anything about it or it's value. Kit is 100% complete, instruction sheet, acetate sheet etc. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/wills-finecast-a208-mg-b-gt--983857
  8. Great job Jon, she looks really good. Hopefully you have space to display this 'smaller' one. AM certainly makes a huge difference to these ships, just wish it was not so damm expensive!
  9. Here it is, all finished up. Was a nice easy build, just right for my first bike. Fit is typically Tamiya good. Although I have no idea what the detail-up kits are like I feel that this looks good OOTB. Now then.........what do I do next as my meager stash is exhausted, maybe fall back on a cheap plane as I have a 'friend' who wants something for his house! Think the ubiquitous Spitfire may be on the cards
  10. @Tactical Badger You'll enjoy this kit. It was my first time at a bike as well and it goes together real well and with careful painting, looks real good. No need for AM stuff.
  11. So, finally on the home straight. Got the green on Saturday morning. Paid for 48hr delivery.....got 9 days!! Got everything sprayed up on Sat PM and then today spent a bit of time today starting to get the decals on.........not so easy with all the curves etc, but a good old dose of Set/Sol has got the first few down. Will finish the rest over the next couple of evenings.
  12. A couple more days tinkering on and off in the shed has bought me to this stage. It now looks like a bike Getting toward a standstill now as I am still waiting for the Kawasaki Green spray to arrive, am being messed about by the courier....grrrr Plumbing is now in, just a few bits remaining before all the cowling stuff for which I need the paint.
  13. This is where I stand today: Sorted the exhausts, Alclad Chrome then clear orange heavily thinned on the inlet end and clear blue on the other. Earlier I did the tyre decals, front end a bit iffy, rear much better. first decal trashed (but luckily they give you 5!!) and I got better the more I did! Exhausts fitted Then the radiator, Alclad Stainless with Flory dirt dirt wash. Also got the stand sprayed up as well.
  14. Thanks guys. I was being too cautious with my sanding, once I used some heavier grit the seam came off. Quick question on the Bridgestone tyre decals: Are they rub on or waterslide...........or something else? Tips on the best way to apply them?
  15. A little more progress this morning and yesterday evening. In order for a tad more realism I took a 0.5mm drill to the rear brake disc and drilled out the cooling holes (think that's what they are!) then sprayed up with some chrome Alclad. didn't turn out too bad (tho messed up one hole which you will see below about 4 o'clock) Also got the wheels sprayed up and decalled out for the green stripes. As for the tyres......they have a mold line round the outside which I want to get rid of. As they are rubber I am not having much luck sanding them. Anyone have any tricks they use that can help point me in the right direction?
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