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  1. Neither do I !!! Right from the start I had no idea where I would put it when done..........and still don't know!
  2. Based on feedback on another forum I was told the flags were the wrong size. so have searched out images and resized them. Will fit them tomorrow and then call this done. "Revell let you down a bit with the flags--those are Size 1 or 2, and a submarine would be issued Size 6 or 7 (about a quarter of the size you have)."
  3. Well, here she is. Has actually been done a couple of weeks but got sent away for work and never got round to taking any photos. I am reasonably pleased with how she turned out, the weathering is not quite how I envisioned it, dot filters are definitely something I need to work on. I sort of did it in stages, a couple of panels at time, and found it nigh on impossible to get the same results each time...........some panels I am happy with, others not so much. I think I cleaned it all off 3 or 4 times until I thought 'enough, that will have to do!' I only ended up dirtying up one side as I couldn't find the enthusiasm to do the other side!! I am happy with how the weathering turned out on the grey, but weathering the black was challenging and it is here that I am not so happy. So this is how she is.............comments and critique welcome as would help in the future. Port Side views ('dirty' side) Starboard Views (the 'clean' side) Top side views:
  4. OK, so on the suggestion of using oils (which is new for me) from @robgizlu and @airbus320 I got myself some Mig 302 in the colours Rob suggested After playing around on some scrap sheet I figured it was time to bite the bullet and have a go on the model.................not as easy as the online YT demos! Anyways, here is the result: seem about right to you all ?? Seems to take the shine off things so maybe won't need to dull coat it? Or should I to seal it all in ?
  5. I have a bottle of this: Can't find what it is made from but 'believe' it is acrylic..............................does anyone know if it is or not??
  6. @VinBizz4786_ Cheers mate, happy with paint but not with the weathering on the black hull so have removed it today and will try again. As for paint, Colourcoats paint from Sovereign Hobbies, goes down real well thru the airbrush.
  7. OK peoples, I need a little guidance/assistance. I finished up painting my model and in readiness for weathering I put down a gloss clear coat of Alclad Klear Cote Gloss (ALC310-60). That was done midweek and has been in the house the last few days to dry. Now when I have used it before it went off really quickly but for some reason seems dry but still a bit tacky and will leave finger prints if I hold it for too long! Not a great problem as I'll just wear gloves. I have some Mig Rainmark effects (Mig-1208) with which I am having limited joy with (this is just down to my inexperience, not the product!!) but my main issue is with trying to weather the large black expanse of the hull! I have tried using some Tamiya powder but the effect just doesn't look right to my eye, looks a bit clumpy and wondering if the apparent slight tackiness of my Alclad is the cause . I have seen videos on YouTube of people using watered down acrylics which looks so easy to do but I just can't do it as the water just beads up on my gloss clear coat. If I add a little Fairy (other dishwashing soap is available!) to the paint/water mix will this help out or just make it worse. Any advise or tips or other methods will be greatly received.
  8. So, a bit more work and the finishing line is in sight. Made a bit of a boo boo on the depth decals......never put a gloss underneath! Oh well, c'est la vie. Luckily, only did it on one side so will clear coat it tomorrow and put the other side on then matt it all down again. One thing I have noticed is that a matt black finish sure seems to attract the dust etc and doesn't easily brush or blow off.............anyone know of any tricks for this??
  9. A little more progress to report, not a lot..........just a little bit So here she is, nothing fixed yet, just placed to get a few photos...........bit of a beast! Can't really see from the photo but got the lower hull sprayed, Tamiya (X-18) semi gloss black. Black on the top side is Colorcoats (C02) matt black Front end: The middle.......Midships (?) The rear end: Tower is all painted up but not the guns yet. Thats it for now, more tomorrow. Missus is at work so once I've done a few bits round the house I should get the afternoon to play some more.
  10. A little more work done and the conning tower is almost complete, just one small gun assy for the rear to do (more PE!). Got a coat of primer on (Tamiya Fine Grey) and it's all looking good. One small gun assy to go on the rear here: Front gun done........a bunch of PE These binoculars were tricky to do, lots of very small PE parts Spot-light has a small clear lens that I have covered with Maskol and will remove it one finished painting. And the small radar dish (another PE replacement of kit part) That's as far as I have got. Got the paints from Jaime at Sovereign yesterday so will move on the spraying all the hull tomorrow or the day after. Ordered 5 x 14ml tins so hoping that is enough as there is a lot of hull to spray !!
  11. Thanks for the CA advise guys............and for the kind words of encouragement. Have been 'tinkering' a bit more today but no photos as not much to see really. Things came to a grinding halt this afternoon when one of the household tested +ve for Covid so have been scrambling to find LFT's, they are getting harder to find than rocking horse poop!
  12. OK......so it's been about 9 months since my last attempt at PE...........still no easier this time round I use a very thin CA and find things don't stay in the right place immediately and I have to try hold them in place for a few seconds. Am I using the right type CA or do I need a thicker one? (I find thicker ones tend to cause a 'blob') Anyways, time to give the old Mk1 eyeballs a break......MOTD on in a mo so footie and a G&T for me!
  13. Got a few more hours in this evening, at ~1.3mt (4.2ft) long she sure is a long puppy, Heaven knows where I'm gonna put it when done..........guess I'll worry about that later Got the wooden decking attached. Got all the PE on the decking. And made a start on the conning tower (think that's what they call it) That's it for today, more progress in the coming days. For those that have gone before me on this I would appreciate a heads up on any problem areas of things to keep an eye on.
  14. Well, it's been quite a while since I built anything, been out of the country working for quite a few months. Anyways, Xmas done and dusted and much to my surprise.....despite dropping hints.....nobody bought me a model! So, with the money given in lieu of a model I procrastinated for a while and then took the plunge on this baby......it arrived yesterday. Already started her and got the hull buttoned up, the nose and tail pieces built up, started on the PE for the decks. Waiting on paint to arrive from Jamie at Sovereign. Not taken any photos yet but will do in the next day or so. It's a rather big baby.......but I thought about this a while ago, about a year ago when I finished my first and only maritime model which was a bit of a slog. Most of my stuff is aircraft and usually gets done inside of a couple of weeks, not the months it took for this ship.
  15. Cheers for the replies guys, glad to know it works fine. Didn't want to try it and gunk up my AB if it was incompatible. FYI......just tried it and results look great
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