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  1. Can't go wrong with a big Vulcan! Nice work, and i really like the stand too.
  2. Lovely build of a great little kit - One of my favourite mojo restorers!
  3. Lovely build, and the weathering is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looks great to me, despite your problems with it. Lovely looking brute of a thing, and i like the colour scheme too!
  5. Looks great to me. I've not built this one, but have built the Airfix offering, and i enjoyed it very much.
  6. nick32

    Airbrush paints

    I would say go with Tamiya. I've had trouble with other brands clogging the airbrush up, and Tamiya is hassle free, easily available, cheap and hard wearing. It also dries fast too. You can thin it with water, or even better Tamiya acrylic thinners. Ive got lots of Vallejo Model Air paints, but i find it dries in the airbrush and clogs the needle, and its not very heardwearing - Can come off with a fingernail mark if not careful!
  7. He's loving it mate, keeps him busy and its just fuelling his desire to join the RAF when he's old enough. Yes, that would be a great idea if you could find the markings for the JU88 and build that one - I did consider it at some point but for whatever reason (like most of my plans haha) it just fizzled into nothing. Good to hear from you too, if you ever fancy a pint just give me a shout!
  8. Cracking work mate! Incidentally i remember the Javelin at Perdiswell, and my lad goes to 1017 Malvern. If you fancy some more interesting local stories, a JU88 crashed on Malvern Golf course in 1942 after being attacked by a Mosquito. And a Spitfire crashed near Jennetree Lane, but i don't much about that one to be honest. Just goes to show, look hard enough and WW2 had an impact pretty much everywhere.
  9. Thank you. And thank you for reminding me about the milestone... That crept up on me quickly, where the hell did the last 30 odd years go!!??? Now to decide what to build! I quite fancy doing a kit released in that year, but how would i go about finding this out? Is there a handy list anywhere of Airfix kits released by year for example?
  10. Now this sounds interesting, count me in please! November 1979 is where i'm at, now off to start finding a good project!
  11. Excellent! Seeing this has stirred some memories from way back when i was about 9 or 10, this was the first kit i ever built - Might have to track one down for old times sake. Nick
  12. Lovely job, is this the recent new tool kit? I'm a bit out of touch with whats what these days!
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