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  1. Excellent work, it looks great. I've got one of these in the stash that i picked up at Telford, so it's nice to see one being built. Will be following closely!
  2. Thanks guys. Joachim, i'm with you on the exhaust staining - It didnt quite turn out as planned, i may go back and remedy it.
  3. My first Wingnut Wings kit, its a very far from perfect build but it was great fun and i've learnt a lot, so thats what counts eh? Everything people say about these kits is bang on, they are fantastic. I've since added 2 more to the stash and i just know more will be incoming.... I used MIG Metal acrylic Matt Aluminium for fusalage, pastels for weathering and my new favourite flat coat, Windsor and Newton flat varnish.
  4. Wow.... Fantastic. I too saw it at Telford, it stood out to me because its different. Very well done too!
  5. Very very nice - Love the colour scheme and a very clean build.
  6. nick32

    Telford 2019

    I went yesterday, first time on a Saturday. Got there at 10:30 and the queue was minimal, so i think i timed it right and just missed the rush. It was like a bear pit inside though, although i found by the afternoon it seemed to calm down . Once again was blown away by the models on display, and once again i failed to meet anyone from BM. I did see Martian Hale but didn't twig it was him until getting home and reading through this thread... I went with a list of things i wanted but in time honoured tradition i ended up buying something completely different Went home with a Wingnut Ninak Post war, Zoukei Mura Raiden and some Eduard resin stuff. I didn't seem to find as many bargains as in previous years, and when i did try to haggle a bit more often than not was told no. That's just an observation, not a moan - Traders are entitled to charge what they like, it is after all their livelihood. Overall a great day, the Airfix Vulcan looked nice, and i'm looking forward to next year (When i will make more of an effort to speak to people..)
  7. nick32

    Telford 2019

    Hi chaps I'm finally able to visit Telford again, last time was 4 years ago i think. In the past i've always gone on the Sunday, thinking it may be quieter with less hoards of people to fight through. Is that the case though? I've always managed to come away with some good purchases, but i do wonder if all the really good stuff goes on the saturday... Nick
  8. Can't go wrong with a big Vulcan! Nice work, and i really like the stand too.
  9. Lovely build of a great little kit - One of my favourite mojo restorers!
  10. Lovely build, and the weathering is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Looks great to me, despite your problems with it. Lovely looking brute of a thing, and i like the colour scheme too!
  12. Looks great to me. I've not built this one, but have built the Airfix offering, and i enjoyed it very much.
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