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  1. Oh thats very very nice! Amazing attention to detail. I find the cockpit quite interesting, i take it front and back are separated by that 'windshield' (for want of a better term)? Why is that?
  2. Fantastic work, it looks to be a very good kit, and i like the scratch building. Looking forward to more, Nick
  3. nick32


    Nicely done!
  4. nick32

    Angry old men - How time catches up with us all ?8^)

    Another metalhead here (can you not guess by my avatar? lol ) I'm also very very stubborn, and have battled my way through learning the guitar and regularly gig local pubs and clubs. It never fails to amaze me just how well a few Black Sabbath tunes go down... As for old school metal, check out Judas Priests new album Firepower. Its very very good, and Rob Halford has definitely still got it even at 66yrs of age.
  5. nick32

    Vulcan XJ783 - Airfix 1:72

    Lovely build, thanks for sharing. Nick
  6. nick32

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Wow, fantastic build - looks like a cracking kit.
  7. nick32

    Westland Wyvern S.4, Trumpeter 1/48

    Lovely build, and a great paint finish. Ugly aircraft though! (In a good way)
  8. nick32

    Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Thanks guys. Not a lot more i can do before paint now so think i'll make a start on the trailer fairly soon. Then it will be paint time, and i think i will need a lot of it!
  9. Excellent link, thankyou! Nick
  10. nick32

    Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Hi chaps, i've been quietly beavering away at it, i don't get a whole lot of spare time but nonetheless i have made a bit of progress. The bulk of the tractor unit is now built, the winch (which is a complete kit in itself!) is now done, as is the a frame and tyre changing crane (not pictured, i forgot to add it lol). All thats left now are the lights, tools and a few other small fixtures and fittings. Still really enjoying the build, it's a hell of a lot of work and easily my most demanding one yet - The Tamiya 1/32 Zero is nothing compared to this.. haha. The fit of everything is perfect, typical Tamiya. I'm now starting to think ahead to how i'm going to display it, it will be big as the finished wagon is 20" long and i intend to have a few other bits and pieces too. Thanks for looking, Nick
  11. nick32

    Comet - Celerity.

    Excellent work, and i like your weathering. Looks very natural. Nick
  12. nick32

    Sherman "FURY"

    Ace job. I was lucky enough to see Fury in action (ok, trundling round a field) and you've got it spot on. The figures are great too, very very lifelike. Nick
  13. Great work Steve, you've inspired me to crack on with my build, lost all the will lately but reading posts like yours fires up the mojo again. Nick