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  1. Not a great deal of progress on my kit, but a few bits and bobs done: A few pieces of photoetch are in the cockpit. I’ve added a few extra pipes in the undercarriage bays fore and aft (reference photos show them with a lot of plumbing) i may add some more after painting. And to prevent it from tailsitting i’ve loaded up the nose with a heavy duty bolt and old white tack (just so i dont forget later)
  2. It’s gonna be worth it jan keep on going. A real pain in the proverbial with the resin reaction
  3. thanks a lot philp, wish i had the time at the end to do a base, but that hobbyboss scenario ate up too much build time.
  4. It's simply fantastic jan! just wow everytime i see an update. It's such a shame it wont be done in time. I will follow your inspirational progress onwards.
  5. All done chaps and shots in the gallery. I've gotta be honest i was losing the will to live on the final truck/trailer part it was quite a chore, but i loved making the aircraft! Thanks to everyone for their input throughout and awesome co-builds and to the hosts for a great GB. see you.
  6. Hi all Here is my 1/72 Airfix C-47 in berlin airlift guise. It is inspired by the image in the top left of the first shot and i have tried to recreate that aircraft. It sports Aires resin wheels, Eduard PE cockpit, Scratched wheel bays and customised interior, and a plethora of extras to make the truck, trailer, boxes and loading crew. The decals are illiad. I had so much fun making this and a lot of heartache too. I learnt that hobbyboss kits are just not for me they are just way too fanciful; so after getting nearly half way through the build i completely started again with a better airfix kit. I also tried chipping paint, weathering powders, and experimented a lot with airbrushing and learnt a bunch about the Berlin airlift itself. A lot of the work can’t be seen in the final few shots but the detailed build thread is here warts and all. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235050496-berlin-airlift-c-47-172-assigned-to-the-shelf-of-doom-and-reborn/#comments Thanks to everyone for good vibes, encouragement and advice throughout its been really nice! Particularly Mr DC3 Jan “the man” @janneman36 I hope you like the final result. Hurrah it’s done!
  7. Looks ace jan. you're gonna make it! keep going.
  8. Oh noooooooo. Gotta admire the commitment to utter perfection though. It’s really amazing you know.
  9. Yes Thanks tubby. The PST models 1/72 ford g8ta is the trailer i got, quite close but not 100% but it works. And the 1/72 tractor unit i got is an autocar from airfix, a perfect fit. So close to the end now. The truck is 90% done its just got a coat of klear ready for decalling. It Needs lights also and maybe a dirt wash. Then a matt coat. The motley crew are in some form of shape. (They look ridiculous, i will try and position them out of sights as much as possible on the final photos.) Matt coat is needed. And all the aerials are on so just need to unmask the windows and its done. All the aerials seem less faded on the subject aircraft so i have kept them a touch darker than the faded airframe. The subject aircraft has an odd teardrop appendage just aft of the radome. I tried to make one of these using some old unused part from a failed build kit) I think it worked ok, maybe a bit overscale though. Nearly there!....
  10. All sound great fellas theres gonna be some really nice builds. Super we have 30 participants enlisted now! what happens next? @Enzo Matrix can you help?
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