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  1. Dansk

    A good mitchell

    Oh p.s. @ilj @NAVY 840 guys did you use aftermarket metal gear legs to support the noseweight?
  2. Super job roberto. That cockpit looks great.
  3. Dansk

    A good mitchell

    Thanks you guys this sounds good. No warped canopy glazing or misaligning panel lines right? cowlings sounds easily manageable. Thanks. any aftermarket recommendations? did you see wills video at 13.20 onwards? - Wtf
  4. Dansk

    A good mitchell

    Ok thanks guys I ‘think’ you have put my worries to some rest but am not sure actually… If you check our Will’s builds this particularly gave me nightmares… Go to 13 mins 20 secs onwards… (fore/aft/port/starboard/upper/lower all are misaligned!)
  5. Dansk

    A good mitchell

    Thanks for chiming in Bob. I want to build one with a long nose and uncovered glazing at the front (so that’s pretty much everything except a G and H as I understand it.) I can’t face building a classic kit, I need as ‘shake and bake’ish and new as possible. And Pretty much rescribing an entire airframe as the panel lines don ‘t line up on fuselage halves is what I’m looking to avoid, but seems to be what Will had happen. (But still unsure if it’s an early bad example of the tooling)
  6. Dansk

    A good mitchell

    I really want to build a mitchell. 1/72 I feel is too small, eliminating hasegawa and airfix. so I’m looking at the 1/48 academy/acc miniatures/revell kit (or the 1/32 variant which i fear may be too big and expensive.) However will pattisons build videos on youtube have put me off - the seriously misaligning fuselage and crooked glazing and to a lesser degree the ill fitting nacelles. I’m not in the same league as will and if he finds it tough it’ll be a nightmare for me. the currently available kit i’m looking at is the revell boxing - D variant. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04977-b-25d-mitchell--1276022 is it still this bad or did will get an early bad version? Has anyone else built the 1/48 mitchell and is it enjoyable/possible/easy?
  7. I’ll +1 craigs suggestion Rich: I think I have a spare hasegawa canopy from my failed vietnam build also which you are of course welcome to. But I’m not sure of delivery speed either. edit: google tells me 10 days, but I’m not confident with that with customs
  8. Cheers Craig. Yeah, maybe theres a recent virus i can think of that was maybe up there with man-flu.
  9. Sign me up. I think it’s a really fun idea you thought of. I like the idea of factory fresh new vs old weathered worn. either split longtitudinally or two airframes, could be fun to show people how differently one can choose to make a model.
  10. A fun gb idea dennis. Do you have to split one model down the middle or can you build two? - An early version and a later incarnation
  11. All looking good dave. Love the ordnance youre planning. The hypersonic fins look perfect.
  12. Good evening chaps. Despite having the most debilatating desease known to mankind (man flu) I have bravely continued with the phantom. I’ve been building up layers of tones and colours in the aft bare metal areas. Still a way to go but it’s coming along nicely i think.
  13. Life’s so short, but thankfully there are companies and people out there risking and making the extraordinary possible (usually from passion), and this is extraordinary, i respect those of you who get it, we’re very lucky and should enjoy that this is actually happening. Cheaper than a mass produced iphone too (if i can figure out the economics above)
  14. Not long until the bunfight kicks into action everyone. We need just seven names to get this one home. so here’s a little spot of inspiration….
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