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  1. sorry @galgos we've just finished building a house and have been moving in. its taking all my time and is a huge undertaking. the spit was nearly done. i just had a few tiny things to do like aerials and such. but it had to be packed down for the foreseeable future until i have time and a hobby room to build again πŸ˜•
  2. sorry @Alan P we've been moving house and finishing the build of that and it's been eating up all my time. i think the hobby room is gonna be a while before one is back up running and i have spare time too πŸ™
  3. Bob buy a lottery ticket today. You are the luckiest man alive finding the only aires set that has ever fit. ☺️
  4. Great that will be another nice addition bob. Curious to see if aires control surfaces actually fit but would't bet the farm on it.
  5. Blimey this looks amazing! 🀩
  6. great rob, then welcome onboard and i hope we can help you out along the way. πŸ‘ and sorry P-40's (not P-47's), my bad, too busy these days 🀯. Craig knew what i meant.
  7. go for it rob you will be most welcome here whichever you choose (or both - WWEMD) blitzbuilds are tough if you are new, so a regular gb gives more chance to take your time and get plenty of good advice along the way from the other members. it doesnt matter if two builds look the same, we have 357 desert camo p-47's at last count 😊
  8. in front of the main gear legs behind the engine firewall πŸ˜‰
  9. that's gonna look great. i guess right at the front lines with the really thinned paint it would be sandblasted off easily too.
  10. This is brilliant stuff Ray. πŸ‘ Lovely to watch it develop each stage.
  11. Those belts will really bring it alive Roland. all looking good.
  12. Life has a way of getting in the way of model building sometimes so don't worry, it should be stress free and fun. Personally: Right now we're moving house after completing it's long build, my wife is bedridden with flu though, So I have 4 kids (3,6,9,13) some needing dressing and washing, and all needing waking, feeding and delivering to 4 corners of the earth with their schools and hobbies. At work running a business my right hand (wo)man (ΒΌ of our team) is going on maternity leave next week. I don't have a second to gather my thoughts never mind keep my builds rolling to deadline but when i get back to the bench probably past deadline i will appreciate relaxing. In the meantime, the little time i do get, i enjoy watching the other builds in the gb. Keeps me sane πŸ€ͺ☺️
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