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  1. yes please v-p there's so many options but maybe a marineflieger tornado
  2. That looks like a super option Pat. Theres even desert on the box. Thanks for reconsidering mate. (When craig gets out of bed he can confirm). I kept him up all night snorring.) Super. You’re in
  3. I love this its so thoroughly Japanese great job
  4. some small updates with small parts on the small pony interior's had a matt varnish i added and painted the seat belts and installed the seat installed the ip and shroud and pedals made the floor a little dusty where the feet would mark the floor i made suggestive wires for the batteries compartment still have to add the floor fuel tank dial decals though but nearly there with the interior now my eyes are burning though 🥹
  5. anyone else up for some desert fun? for your pleasure here's a pic of craig and i going over the GB rules in detail last night
  6. thanks mate. my phone camera cant handle the detail at all. but this arma kit is easy as detailed as the eduard 48, which is super finely detailed at 1/48 and up there with 32 kits too.
  7. thanks mate thank you cheers chris the infini board took a while to source but i love it the build looks great. to be honest at that scale the camera accelarates any imperfections to a huge degree. but maybe a mask could help there. love the overlayed japanese markings over the US too. my eyes burn doing this. i cant do it without a dentist style magnifying glass. heres some more work on the pit today. its crazy small. still some way to go but etch, decals and chippping has been pretty sorted and most of the wash. dry brushing and matt coat next i thInk? gonna wire up those batteries too. even they have little decals on think you can just make it out. note rear gear is in. and some chair chipping here
  8. great jabba i'll add you to the list then. we kinda changed the GB description over the last days to focus it more. hopefully you can find something creative that fits.
  9. wake up craig - This sounds good right (i can never drag him out of bed in the mornings) welcome on board joseph it would be weird if it didnt descend into nonsense
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