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  1. Wow the hell hole looks amazing, well it all does but that particularly is amazing - did you make an engine above it?
  2. Wow the comet looks amazing and this should be equally stunning Tony if it follows that standard.
  3. Painting is complete at this stage. I started decaling this evening the a-4m in the lo viz diamond backs scheme. let’s see how they lay down. After all the decaling i will start on postshading and weathering.
  4. nice. You’re in. If we get enough votes (30 i think it is) then we go through to the bunfight at the end of the year. then its a bloody fight for the gbs that will make it to fruition in 2022. Another chance to blatantly promote our little project here...
  5. Sounds good craig. Fingers crossed it gets to the bunfight. This is actually a good opportunity for us to use kits from the stash. This is a good chance to show todays inspiration
  6. Super job, it looks really great. That preshading really worked out well didn’t it, looks like you got just the right level of opacity on it.
  7. Ok chaps, marbling continues. All the light ghost grey parts are done, including pylons, tanks, gear doors etc and now I’ll move onto a second coat of dark ghost grey on the upper surfaces.
  8. I really need one of these in my display cupboards. Count me in VP
  9. Don’t worry too much about little detail inaccuracies if it will ruin your build. Have fun and enjoy what you’re making. It’s looking really great i like the preshading. Looking forward to see where you take it next.
  10. Exciting craig. Looking forward to see the paint scheme develop on this.
  11. Thanks for all the chiming in guys. I tested deionized water this evening and that mixed very satisfactory. But after just a quick test, like you @trickyrich I’m not 100% sold on the finish of them, they seem more fragile to lay down than a robust tamiya acrylic with x-20a. Maybe its my lack of finesse, Well, for now I will continue with my custom tamiya mixes and then return to test these vallejo and more tamiya and gunze laquers another time. That little misdemeanor on the spine i refered to last round has now been sorted and reprimed.
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