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  1. thanks jan i didnt know about that, i’ll try that should it happen again. Nice! and thanks chaps, shes done now hurrah. if i get chance i will put some bombs on but i’ll stick some shots in the gallery for now bombless but the racks are there... I lost my impetus after the decals but i think she ended up ok. Well you live and learn. thanks to everyone for the encouragement and good advice throughout, always warmly accepted and appreciated it means a lot. And thanks to the hosts for a sterling effort and super job all round! My review is utterly fabulous kit and crappy decals! see you all in the corsair gb
  2. No problem with the hijack, its all good and relevant. And thanks for the good advice vibes and help. and thanks for the kind offer steve. I had another goof on this, there was a hole in the mask on the canopy so that bit got primed painted and varnished. So i sanded it all off and polished it and with a dip in klear its looking pretty good again. Wonderful stuff again. The rest of the aircraft had a flory wash and a matt varnish and some chips and exhaust smoke and the exhausts painted and things. The gears on now as are the bomb pylons and the upper aerial mast. Still a few things to go Note the white around the tail decals too. Must remember to add the mirror here and remove the masking. nearly there.
  3. Well a mozzie in silver always looks awesome Cheers craig
  4. Keep up the great work Adrian, its super inspiring to see all your efforts
  5. You big tease Enzo, are we going to see any more F-15 action?
  6. Did you make any progress Erwin? I was looking forward to an unpainted build.
  7. Excited to see them Greg, the last shots looked great. My its big!
  8. Wow that looks incredible, absolutely stunning. Nice work!
  9. Awesome plan with the paint mark, wow. Excited to see that develop right now in black primer it suggests its the lovechild of a u2 and a b-29
  10. Exactly. I think its exciting to try it! Heres good luck to both of us
  11. Cool Bob and thanks. I’ll let you know of any pitfalls if my build is running ahead of yours. So far its been a dream (if a little detailed). My plan is to do cockpit closed, wheels down, engine shrouding closed. I think it looks prettiest that way.
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