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  1. Some more developments in my camp. The Eduard PE laden tub (left) and the Quinta Studio adorned tub. (Right) A lot of my Quinta drcals were impossible to release from their backing paper they seemed dried out and a few on the front face ripped also. not sure if I’ve had them too long? Ignoring my dodgy alignment of one of the facias, need to sort that, this is the Edurd PE on the left, Quinta right.
  2. Some things have been painted grey a bit of an obtuse build order but it made sense when I was doing it: 2 vertical stabilizers and my new favourite cheapo tool purchased for the equivalent of 1 pound sterling. its so great with so many grades of abrasion from a rotation all on one stick.
  3. Me too apparently OK sorry for my absence and slackness @trickyrich to your super GB, a long story, but expect wonders from here on in. nothing sexy to see or write home about here but there’s a bunch of minor construction completed and primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 on both aircraft. interesting bits so far: Primed Kit chair left vs. primed eduard right, Tamiyas styrene effort stands up well. A favourite bit I’ve done so far oval liquid masking.
  4. … must resist doing….egg…joke…must resist…. no seriously that looks really awesome. ...done to perfection
  5. Again you’re taking this to a whole other level Rich. So inspiring to see.
  6. Congrats Julian a super buuld and a worthy winner
  7. Cool with the VP inititals thanks for signing up chaps you’re both on the list now
  8. Thanks from me too Craig. A cracking theme you came up with and your good spirits, advice, dedication and support is warmly welcomed. So when are we doing ‘Scooters Two’ ters ?
  9. cool i'll experiment with this when i get there great
  10. The reid book is simply fantastic in its detail love it. the other is good too, but theres simply too much levels manipulation on the photos so they give you a headache looking at them. Thanks rich looking forward to this. oh p.s. any recommendations for a FOD inlet cover? For the early small intake.
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