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  1. I’d like to join also with either a dassault mirage f1 or a sepecat jaguar both of which entered service in 1973 (in france). only problem is the 1/48 options of all present and past kits for both these aircraft are pretty old or badly received, unless kinetic release their mirage before the group build.
  2. Not very exciting progress to report on my build here i’m afraid if anyone’s following: I have been trying to get my join lines and errors perfect but i’m so bad at it. but it’s getting there step by step with sanding and filling and experimenting. I have been attempting to elliminate the underwing tamiya tabs that hold the spars in place so that’s coming along. And ‘finessing’ the fuselage join among other things. Only after getting the fuselage join half decent did i realise the clear part should be made invisible as it’s only used on the PR variant. @Christer A watch out for this - but you're probably a lot sharper than me anyway. So that means a whole load more ‘finessing’ to do that - am starting on that... I also spilt a load of primer on the port wing upper surface from my uncapped airbrush and also got a fingerprint in that so i need to fix that next! But all in all its coming together and am sort of enjoying the boring bit. My little work-station this evening with a starfighter on the sidelines: Thanks for watching
  3. I was thinking i was gonna paint the nose like a genuine repaired nose here - but i’m thinking it might look like stevie wonder made the model if i do that
  4. The bomb bay doors don’t look like they’re a good fit from a good kit either
  5. Also quite an interesting image here - where a 1943 fb mosquito wears a h2x navigation system up front. https://goo.gl/images/3NjdKg
  6. I noticed that some versions of the lancaster also used the gee navigation system. so i have opted to get an eduard set containing the facia of it - the other mosquito unit i will give another go at scratching. The perforated side panels can also be used from the lanc set. This is I can’t be bothered waiting for aveology to release their mosquito gee set. I think the canopy will sit better all sealed up with crystal clear and painted like that rather than keeping it just tacked until the release.
  7. I just attached the spinners with white-tack temporarily Christer - it just seemed easy to prime them with the aircraft like that
  8. gonna have to wait for that damn aftermarket gee system to be released though so it could be tens of years to finish @Christer A
  9. - and now the little wooden (plastic) plane is in a coat of AK primer after some filling and sanding. I still have a little more to re-do though. they really do get dirty these things - might be fun to go this dirty on it - let's see.
  10. Thanks John! ok this is starting to look like an aeroplane now
  11. Oh wow it looks ace christer! makes mine look amateurish - looking forward to see it develop further its awesome
  12. I bet this is gonna look fantastic with that amazing preshading mark
  13. Thanks so much that’s really kind.