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  1. Thanks mate, hope it builds as good as it looks.
  2. Thanks Q I will give it a try Thank you Charlie it's impossible to contact on ebay on this buy unless its a straight return, i tried. Thanks Sam, welcome along. Thank you. What do you want me to talk about? I'm not sure. Nothing sexy to show really since the last updates chaps. The main landing and bays Iconstructed and primed, I'll photograph them once painted. Tail is constructed. It's huuuggggeeee. (Those are cm markings on the mat.) It's PE and small parts I will add later to avoid damage. I painted behind the intakes as they are hard to get to later. I used ak's desert pink and it looks spot on in the flesh to photo refs. thanks ak! the engine blades look good installed i think. not that you'll really be able to see them down the intake trunks.. i left them unglued for now so that they can adjust to the upper fuse and sidewalls being fitted and not prevent a good fit there. speaking of which i'm seem filling on those, not all the way but as far down as one can realistically see.
  3. great stuff mate. the hobby2000 (hase re pop) release should hopefully entice others into the gb too.
  4. I plan to get tacoms new 1/35 apache for this and do the qatar desert scheme. andy from andys hobby headquarters has just done a box review of it and it looks amazing! I can't wait! I think it's fair to say we are really gonna have a varied GB with all the different subjects.
  5. looking superb Anders really nice.
  6. Thanks for the advice Rob. much appreciated. If I do another of these I might be brave and test the no weight theory. 60g was a lot i put in there. Thanks mate. I am going to completely redesign from the ground up and print the decals from scratch and use the experience as a positive to learn. The buy from jadlam was from ebay and its so difficult to get in touch on ebay with the seller unless one wants to 'just' return them (and postage costs are the same as the decal so its a fruitless task). heres a few updates; The WSO's upper ip and screens have been weathered and installed. I did some minor touch ups on the seats and interior too.(seats are a dry fit temporarily). hud has been completed and shroud dry brushed. and everythings been given a little sandy powder (gulf bird). The canopies have been masked inside and out (some idiot lost all the masks?! They have literally disappeared into thin air. i have no idea how this happened) so i had to do it oldschool with a cocktail stick, knife and tamiya tape (for the main canopy). I painted the inside of the glazing with a close approximation to the outside colour first (tamiya wooden deck tan is reaaallly close to tornado desert pink refs). (followed by an overcoat of matt black and matt varnish.) - the theory being if the masking is a touch off, then the exterior colour base will disguise it as that will be seen externally. I will do the same the other way round doing the interior colour first on the exterior. the front glazing is now installed with contacta clear. Main wheel bays have been constructed primed and had an initial coat of white, engines have had initial internal paint and weathering, they have big ejector pins on the shafts but its near impossible to see once constructed so they can stay. main wheels are done (although I think I will backtrack a touch and rescribe the tire grooves), the glazing is great and clear, one can see the anyz knobs etc clearly. I will do the det cord, side walls and mirrors etc on the main canopy next, then after weathering temporarily seal it for painting. I'm really enjoying the kit I think it's a solid output from Italeri.
  7. Happy new year everyone. giving a bump here to the question posed above... ...and here's a few shots of recent work. The cockpit is all joined up now. I chipped the exposed valences of the fuse/cockpit with Mig Ammo chipping fluid and I have been working on constructing, painting and making some wiring for the WSO's upper instruments.
  8. I'm just preparing the nose section for joining up. The instructions call out for 60 grams to be added in the nose section. That seems like a LOT. (looks like this crew are smuggling bars of silver or something?) Has anyone built this kit - is 60g up front accurate?
  9. I hope everyone is having a quality christmas season. I had chance to play with the tonka a bit so the cockpit and front wheel bay are approaching a conclusion. I cut up the Pilot's IP to remove the squarer kit GR.4 display with a representative GR.1 round screen from an un-needed kit part. (It's not perfect but it kinda looks ok from a distance) then lots of bits got painted and assembled might leave the light lens until last thing to add. seats are a dry fit here and the guages got a blob of clear glue to make them glasslike after these shots. might add a few bits of oilwork before sealing the tub in the fuselage. on another note i got a 'calibre' stand and figured out the perfect device to stick on the end of the sharp legs (to make them ideal and tactile to hold steady my builds without scratching them) works really good
  10. actually john the tan colour you mention when googling is deserty. i think it passes. and these guys customised it too.. theres tons of them out there...
  11. no worries john. isnt there a desert camo version of it out there? the landy will be ace.
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