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  1. Tamiya’s new tool could make an appearance in time for the GB... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-61121-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4b-phantom-ii--1328414 Item: 61121 1/48 McDonnell Douglas™ F-4B Phantom II™ Famed Aircraft in Scale! F-4Bs were the first Phantom II aircraft to see active service; powered by twin jet engines, they could carry significant ordnance and were used by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps through the Vietnam War. Here is a triumphant entrance into the extensive 1/48 Aircraft Series for the Phantom II with this model. *Images show prototype with
  2. Thanks Craig you might have to remind me of that in the future. I hope you are feeling better today mate.
  3. It looks awesome, so cool not an egg joke but... There are two fish in a tank. One turn’s to the other and says, "How the heck do you drive this thing!?"
  4. I decided to buy one, invested in an ebay’d GR.1/3 kit yesterday. Let’s see how it looks on arrival. thanks mate Well not much to report. I have just a couple of lines to etch then we can roll with paint. Unfortunately I had to pack it away today, and all of my modelling stuff. We are moving house this week so it’ll be a good week before I can unpack it and get things up and running again.
  5. Super finish Craig. Stands up to macro-photography very nicely. I do love a phantom with loads of ordnance and this one looks ace
  6. Dansk

    Hi Col. I can’t find any kinetic harrier builds of yours? Do you have any online?

  7. Dansk

    Hi Col. I can’t fina any kinetic harrier builds of yours? Do you have any online?

  8. Thanks Col theres a compliment hidden in there somewhere I’ll have to check out their Harriers and your builds, I was thinking the other day I’d like to build a harrier.
  9. Thanks Col. There wasnt much the kit is very nicely engineered but some things to fix mainly down to my fitting I think. This is always my least favourite part of any build, I’ve been sanding, filling, and scribing. I’m just not very good or patient at it but I think it’s nearly there now after a coat of primer. The external fuel tanks have took a long time but they are primed now too. I’ll reassess when all the primers dried. The starfighter now has its wings on (and flaps and slats set down, a nice kinetic touch.) The elevators are sorted too. Everything fits so nicely on this kit its
  10. Don’t feel afraid to do Chopper Popper Dave. It’s okay that two of us do the same scheme. Mine’s gonna take a while to get to also, have my hands full right now.
  11. Don’t forget the Douglas C-48 in the header also @Col.
  12. That’s really a superb result.I really like it.
  13. Nice to hear you had the impetus to work on something even if it was just a bit Craig.
  14. @Col. We’re still eagerly awaiting the photographs of your smaller kit, next to the big impressive one (to compare sizes)
  15. All the external fuel tanks are made up and primed to see how the seams look. The fuselage has been given the same treatment and I can see there’s a bunch of work needed, she has a nose now too incidentally (with a touch of noseweight in to be safe).
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