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  1. You might like this one serge too But returning to modelling stuff.... After adjusting all the pre-shading so i was happy (applying more shading here and there, and covering shaded parts in other areas) The MiG has now been treated to a bunch of masking and airbrushing dark gray and black sections. That vallejo green in the camo is still near indistinguishable from the gray in shots, they definately made it too light but i’m going with it now to move on - its just a heavily sun-bleached look The subtle preshading on the r-60 and r-27 ordnance i think is at quite a nice level - you just delicately sense it. With washes etc later it should feel good i hope. Thanks for reading
  2. Only another 18 years to go and the new arrival will have the same priveledges handed to her
  3. Jeez 5! I found the road to having the fourth an interesting journey from the perspective of others: When you tell friends your expecting a first baby the responses are’wow’’amazing’’Thats incredible news!’’Terrific!!!’ Etc #2 gets very good responses too ‘Super news!’ ‘So wonderful!’ ‘Fantastic!’ ‘We’re so happy for you!’ #3 starts to get slightly wavering reviews ‘wow another!?’ ‘Thats great. was it planned?’ ‘Oh my you’ll be busy’ ‘good luck #4 pretty much across the board of friends and colleagues has got ‘OH SH#T!’ Without exception
  4. Muchos gratias fellas. I’ve given the ‘green grey’ areas a fresh coat this eve, it was virtually invisible when i looked at it with fresh eyes. The second coat has darkened it a touch but i think vallejos green is bit lighter than a lot of references. well anyway i like the faded subtle look theres a bunch of weathered mig-29’s out there where it fits. Am gonna add some more post shading before moving on though. i bought some brass rod also to attempt to locate and mount the horizontal stabilizers again, that’ll be a first so am looking forward to that.
  5. Thanks chaps thats really kind. I think my skills need to improve a whole bunch before i’m confident enough to have a canopy open craig but i appreciate your positive vibes Not much progress to report on the aircraft i’m afraid, the new baby and the preceeding 3 children means not a lot of time at my workbench. I’ve drilled a couple of holes for 1 rail each side holding a k-13 missile each as described in the first post. Also the canopy is mounted and ‘primed’ in clear matt varnish (so the ak cockpit turquoise had something to grab too) I have some fettling to do to get the rear to align to the fuselage
  6. Cockpit detail faffery all sorted now chaps Canopy masked This rear view mirror i’ll be adding And a little decal detail is on (There should be another one on the inner upper side of the canopy but it wont be seen when closed at all so no need for that one) Should be moving the build out of the cockpit next step! Yay!
  7. The upper half has had a lick of paint now, i love the soviet mig-29 colours I’ve been a little overzealous with the paint in areas this time craig so i’ll have to post-shade where too much preshading has disappeared
  8. Thanks so much much Dave and Dave. The BMF on the exterior is gonna be a real challenge but a fun one!
  9. Steaming ahead this evening… I love it when its time to put paint on! The underside has had a generous coat of vallejo av71277 (dark gull gray) I stopped at this level where the preshading is not too intense but is still evident. I gave the missiles a coat of DGG too while it was in the airbrush (as the white paint wont cover the black preshading so well) Cant wait to move on to the top side!
  10. Thanks craig but in the flesh its not so neat - looks like Michael j. Fox did it after a very strong coffee.
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