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  1. I have 2 BanDai Starwars Snowspeeders in the stash itching to be part of a gb, are they elligible with the first (100km) line in the rules? they have a flight ceiling of only 175 metres according to nerd sources on the web... however thats 175 metres above another planet than earth (so maybe that passes as its over 100km above earth)?
  2. Hey everyone, we have put all the polls up now so feel free and vote for your favoured builds. just one vote for each type please, but we encourage you to show support for your fellow modellers and put a vote in all sections (aircraft types)
  3. Don't worry Ant, happens to the best of us as long as you had fun thats what its all about
  4. Well we are approaching a conclusion gang. I hope everyone has enjoyed the GB to date and I hope we aided your fun along the way. personally it's been really nice to see so many examples of these lovely aircraft by you guys come to fruition, my own unfortunately will be belatedly completed in a kuta sometime soon. thanks to craig @modelling minion for being the worlds best co-host and enzo @Enzo Matrix for servicing us so well and contributing so much too and thanks to everyone who contributed to the GB. craig and i will arrange a vote in coordination with enzo for best of each type following the gb end in good time.
  5. analyzing colour and hue on web photos...
  6. lovely job John. if unhappy, Sometimes i rub away paint inconsistencies on the canopy glazing after unmasking with a cocktail stick. it tidies up magically and sharply when rubbing up to the raised canopy frame edge without leaving marks.
  7. The bathroom can wait - it will always be there. Mrs N should understand the deadline in the GB is much more important
  8. You'll do a lovely job on this craig. I love Slufs and with international orange, open panels, and the hase kit what's not to love? good luck mate.
  9. Looks like you're pretty much there H. no need to rush now and engage ludicrous speed. put the brakes on and relax.
  10. I agree with craig. You did it stu and it's a really good one, nice job. Thanks for joining craig, myself everyone in this GB we hope you enjoyed it. the outcome suggests you did.
  11. Thanks Dave mate. I'm still filling seams and sanding ad infinitum. this is the stage that usually kills my builds, build after build. but I'm determined to overcome it here. some moron painted but misplaced this. so after literally hours of trying to find it, he gave up and jnstalled the other alternative incorrect kit part and trimmed the hud to fit. as usual 30 seconds later it turns up in an obvious place. 🫣
  12. from what i can make out it looks like they went down nicely stu.
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