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  1. A great result there from a loved model from my childhood!
  2. That looks absolutely superb, well done!
  3. Wow! A quite extraordinary build there, very nice.
  4. That looks a really nice result there with great detail and tidy finishing, well done. Hope you get to grips with some of your issues and you find enjoyment in your modelling. Thanks for sharing these photos of your good work.
  5. Yep, I'd suggest any argument he had (very poorly presented though it was) he has comprehensively lost...........
  6. You must be living in some alternate universe (it's bend btw too not benf). Who would have dreamt of seeing 4 yes FOUR Mk1 Spitfires in the 80's? But we see them now, Mk1 Blenheim, the Hawker biplanes, F22, B727 etc etc etc. With the flying partners there (TFC, OFMC, ARCo etc) there is a huge variety of warbirds to see, how on earth can you say it's gone round the bend? And it's rude to say there is very little effort, a lot of people put in a huge amount of time and effort to organise the shows.
  7. Please expand I don't understand what you mean, "they" (who is this they?) 100% always fly at the airshows where they are on the schedule, there's never a case of just not bothering too? You do the hard work and commitment of the Duxford based flying organisations a disservice. .
  8. Just spotted this on twitter, think you have your answer!
  9. Spitfires, Hawker Fury, Nimrods, Hurricanes, Gladiator, Blenheim..... total garbage eh?.....
  10. Unfortunately a fact of many aviation (and I assume other) forums, although to be fair I find this forum to be far far better than many. There are those armchair experts/warriors who have no experience in marketing, sales, distribution, museum management and development, aircraft operation, historic aircraft restoration, certification etc. etc. yet feel they are superior to those working hard in these areas. And such comments are rude and offensive to those who no doubt work hard in these areas. The fact that they are sat in their armchairs and not filling these roles is all that needs to be noted. Not to say however, that of course there are some good and valid questions or comments based on being informed and sensible, but where the Acme model company hasn't done your favourite Bomber B Mk 123 series 5A doesn't mean they are necessarily mad!
  11. Don't think there was ever a plan to move the F15's, and from what I have seen, the F35's are to compliment the F15's, not replace them, they are, after all, different missions.
  12. Wow, some really stunning stuff there, really like these, well done and thanks for sharing.
  13. They can't! I think they're suggesting leakage rather than actual dumping.
  14. And you can tell that from a scan of a photo from a magazine page of a CAD rendered picture??? Give the guys a chance before you diss it, please....
  15. Slightly off topic but how rewarding and great to see a well written and mature response from the younger generation. Wonderful to see that you are enjoying your modelling and yes, as with many things (I'm involved as a volunteer at a large aviation museum), the more effort you put in, the more you get out in terms of meeting new and interesting people.