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  1. 12 Sqn Next for Typhoon

    I would doubt very much (i.e. not at all) that creation of squadrons would be done purely to address retention. I think it's all to do with operational requirements. Most detachments (Libya, Syria/Iraq, BAP etc.) of recent years have not been to a full current squadron strength, 4, 6 or 8 strength has been more normal. Hence I'd imagine that by reducing squadron strength aircraft wise and setting up additional squadrons would give greater flexibility to meet the operational need.
  2. Do they need to be made by a "British" company to be any good? it's a global scene and a global market out there........
  3. As he said ^ and don't forget that the magazines go to press and are published to a timetable planned many many months in advance....
  4. Airfix 2018

    What was the alleged agreement? to allow Revell to put their AEW out before Airfix? if so that would be a fundamental and gross error by Airfix and one I can't believe? and with whatever the alleged agreement was, what did Airfix negotiate to their benefit? intrigued......
  5. BBMF Grounded

    Just to clarify, Willie Walsh is head of IAG, Alex Cruz (Alejandro Cruz De Llano) is head of British Airways.
  6. Airfix 2018

    As another rural Bedfordshire "inhabitee" yes there is that wonderful local connection, but also across the border in Cambs there's the 2 Nimrods and Fury at IWM Duxford too!
  7. More on Airfix 2017

    That did make me laugh and spit out my coffee. Ultimately, of course one can start to form a view based on what you've seen, but as you say, and it's that with which I concur, the real assessment and decision can only be based on seeing the real thing, in the flesh (plastic).
  8. More on Airfix 2017

    I assume you're joking, but if not, surely wait to see reviews and/or production shots before you are informed enough to comment? Do you really base your comments on a few low definition photos and 3D CAD renderings?
  9. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    I think they've got the pressure in the mainwheel tyre all wrong.......... for that reason alone I won't be buying one..........
  10. New model 737 The 230 seat Max 10

    As long as I stay working for a large airline group then I can avoid that day!!!!
  11. New model 737 The 230 seat Max 10

    You speak for yourself! Never flown them; although I fly a lot I prefer other carriers!
  12. I think you'll find the grass is the wrong length and type for a WWII RAF airfield............ otherwise.... bl**dy awesome!
  13. Two-seat Typhoons

    I've often thought this, the workload to fly, fight and also steer a targeting device (lightning pod) must be hard at times. Maybe a dedicated 2 seater with conformal tanks etc for deep strike (like the F15E) would be of use.
  14. Day at the Ranges

    That really is fantastic the weathering and such is done just perfect not too much, and it's always amazing what a well made base can add to a scene too, even a small vignette (no disrespect, I can see this took long and a lot of effort) like this is just brilliant.