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  1. Agent K

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    BA, as it has stated itself, will be celebrating 100 years, based on the formation of "Aircraft Transport and Travel" a direct predecessor. That is how it's interpreted it, it's not wrong, there's no illegal activity or breaking of law, there's no standard definition or legal entity of what this might be. End of. And the retro jets looks superb, I've seen them all up close, a great way to commemorate the occasion.
  2. Agent K

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    No worries, I suffer from the same at times!
  3. Agent K

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    Errrr. yes, I know..... I think that's what I said (^BEFORE 2018),... like i.e. 1, 2, 3 et al, these were RFC squadrons initially, 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the RAF. I was highlighting the pedantry of the 100 years definition (and BA have made it clear that this is the 100th year of BA tracing it's direct predecessors). These squadrons celebrated their 100th despite being uder different "ownership" at their creation.
  4. Agent K

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    And of course all those RAF squadrons who celebrated their 100th anniversary before 2018, when of course, they were RFC then.....
  5. Agent K

    737 Max

    Just to be clear, the above is incorrect, unlike the A320 family which is fully FBW with sidestick, the 737 MAX is still conventional/mechanical control and does not have full FBW.
  6. Agent K

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    Why? Should I tell Alex to repaint the retro jets back as a member of the Britmodeller community challenges BA on it? get a life people, it's the 100th anniversary of BA which has been formed and made up over the years of a number of airlines and predecessor companies coming together. Get out more, enjoy it for what it is, and enjoy seeing those retro jets. I will however be talking to the commander of the 48FW for painting his F15’s in heritage schemes when we all know the original were operated by the USAAC and not the USAF, and ask him to paint them back………..
  7. Agent K

    LN f 15 tail code

    Lovely gesture and sentiment there Sir.
  8. Agent K

    BEA 2019 STYLE

    Which is why, also you'll note the "negative/inverse/contrast" call it what you will surround to the pax doors.
  9. Agent K

    F-16XL-1 Arrives at Edwards

    Superb photos. I like to think of myself as a knowledgable aviation type, but I'd never realised the XL proposed the underwing/body blend recessed AIM7's! Every day is a school day!
  10. It certainly had a surprisingly big following in Japan, I think becoming, ultimately, Japanese superformula. A number of the F1, WEC and other series stars of the past few decades progressed to F1 through Japan.
  11. Agent K

    Aer Lingus

    Exactly Tommo, the snares are the rewards/price/destinations, not the livery. Additionally with EI the ability to go through US immigration in DUB and treat the transatlantic sector as a domestic flight is a very big catch.
  12. Agent K

    Aer Lingus

    I have a feeling that the pax at the pointy end (who provide most of the yield) will be more than happy with the new brand, onboard product, airport product and points earnings. I do appreciate that it's not to everybodies taste, but the intended audience.... and market.... is not just the aviation hobby community.
  13. Agent K

    Aer Lingus

    Oh if they get it right then their value can be shown directly on the bottom line, look at BA, when Lord King relaunched with the Landor livery and (what I think some don't quite get) the complete and whole product were addressed, on board and at the airport. That relaunch turned BA around.
  14. Agent K

    Aer Lingus

    I think you'll find that as EI are the official airline of Irish Rigby then this promotion is part of the agreement. BA is not a partner or official airline of Scottish Rugby so wouldn't be doing this. You didn't think EI did this for free and as a goodwill gesture did you? As an aside I saw both the rugby liveried aircraft together in the hangar at DUB recently, they looked resplendent side by side.
  15. Agent K

    Tupolev Tu-22M3 crash

    I'd imagine any kind of flair or showmanship was the last thing on their mind with those conditions........ On a serious note though, I don't know with the Tu22 but does it flare on landing? or is the approach profile not unlike, for example, Concorde which didn't flare on landing?