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Agent K

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    Aviation, modelling, Endurance racing and F1, cricket.

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  1. Agent K

    Airfix 1:72 Phantom FG.1

    Very nice and nicely and subtly weathered too.
  2. Agent K

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Welcome from yet another Bedfordian modeller! there's a few of us around!
  3. Agent K

    Tornado F.2 F.3 Early Decal sheet. Who wants one?

    Count me in too, all of the above!
  4. Agent K

    RAF 100 Paint Schemes?

    There do appear, however, to be some aircraft appearing in the RAF100 brand/logo whatever you'd call it. I think a Tucano has been seen with it in the last few days. Not what you'd call a proper special though.
  5. Agent K

    RAF 100 Paint Schemes?

    Clearly my tongue in cheek reply didn't come across as such, I'm well aware of the Lancaster's current scheme and what it represents, my response was more in that this wasn't a scheme that was new and to be carried in response to the RAF's 100th....... which was the original point of the thread.....
  6. Agent K

    RAF 100 Paint Schemes?

    Ahhh.... to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the RAAF.................... And the RAF's 100th?
  7. Agent K

    Andy Hill to be charged

    I'm inclined to agree with Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies who puts some very sensible points forward.
  8. Very very nice, you’ve got a real skill there!
  9. Agent K

    No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    It's an interesting thought Graham, I know in my area of aviation, crews can train and qualify on a type as F/O without touching the real aircraft (there will be some line flying with a training Captain present). I think the benefits of simulators is that they can give excellent procedures training and can create multiple scenarios you will never see in most real world flying. The art is, I guess, getting the blend correct and I've seen figures for the likes of F35 of 50:50 or 60:40 in favour of simulator work. I'd imagine the more modern types/avionic fits would lend themselves most to a blended plan.
  10. Agent K

    No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    I think you'll find it's referred to as Tranche 1 airframes. Also the training requirement will be the same, and not tail off, introduction of the Typhoon has been spread over a long number of years so there will be pilots who were on the first Typhoon squadrons who will have retired from service and their successors need to be trained. It's a forever evolving situation. What HAS changed, of course, is the way training is delivered and with far more capable full mission and procedural simulators that are far cheaper than actual air time, which is where the need for twin-sweaters has tailed off.
  11. Wow! Words fail me, simply stunning, more so given the build, extraordinary.
  12. Agent K

    HC.4 junglie questions

    Saved by an amusing response though, made me smile.
  13. Wow that’s wonderful, it always was, as a kid (and still is), such a comforting feeling walking into your local model shop, look at the kits and just dream of the possibilities, you’ve surely captured that there!
  14. Agent K

    12 Sqn Next for Typhoon

    I would doubt very much (i.e. not at all) that creation of squadrons would be done purely to address retention. I think it's all to do with operational requirements. Most detachments (Libya, Syria/Iraq, BAP etc.) of recent years have not been to a full current squadron strength, 4, 6 or 8 strength has been more normal. Hence I'd imagine that by reducing squadron strength aircraft wise and setting up additional squadrons would give greater flexibility to meet the operational need.
  15. Do they need to be made by a "British" company to be any good? it's a global scene and a global market out there........