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  1. Interesting?, all evidence and RAF comms and indeed investment indicate that the ISTAR CoE RAF Waddington will be the base? can you point me at any media that states Lossiemouth? EDIT: I'm aware the recent trials saw it operating from Lossie, but as I say above as far as I am aware, Waddington is to be the aircrafts base.
  2. An interesting aside as a long time listener of what is a great programme,, and one of those life full circle things, Guy Gibson appeared on the show early 1944, in which the theme music was written by Eric Coates, who later went on to write the famous Dambusters March and title music for the film.
  3. Or of course: BOAC - Better On A camel; and BEA - Back Every Afternoon, in deference to their short-haul network....
  4. That's a nice Gnat you've made yourself there!
  5. Happy to be corrected, but I don't think the RAF T1's were ever constructed/fitted with outer wing pylons?
  6. Wow, what great work, nicely done. Not seen one of these in the flesh but saw the similar schemed aggressor USN one at Miramar when I went out there for the Airshow at Top Gun back in '93.
  7. Wonderful model there, great rigging too, well done and thanks or sharing.
  8. Simply superb, so nicely done. Flew on the whole fleet over the years and back in the day. The 757 was always a favourite.
  9. Kuwait Air Force KC-130J and Hurricane R4118 today (along with usual stuff)
  10. What a wonderful picture, thanks for sharing. Whilst I don't know, and the rain/damp aircraft standing and grey skies leads one to believe it is a typical British summer, the trees bereft of leaves suggest it might not be summer?
  11. Pink "dessert" environments? too much blancmange me thinks.............
  12. And I was 3 years late too!.......... understood and my apologies!
  13. Wow, that is just spectacular. I've been lucky to see the two fly in the UK a lot over the years, and this just looks incredibly lifelike!
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