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  1. Wow, just wow!!!!!!! and what century have you arrived from? do you think she's good at hoovering the museum too and making the tea? I think you'll find the museum is run by a leadership team composed of people from both sexes and equally experienced irrespective of sex.
  2. I'd suggest that they wouldn't design, produce and release a new kit purely based on your request!!!! They might listen to and canvas some opinion, and if the data suggests there might be an appropriate volume of sales, and profit margin etc. etc. they might investigate. There is a lot more selecting projects for production than just peoples requests. How many times have we seen people requesting particular kits, only to then whinge about the cost when it is released and not buying it.....
  3. Think I saw some photos of a test Merlín flying with the “bag” installed recently.
  4. This looks really nice, just a quick question I can't seem to see, apologies if it is there, is this injection, resin, or both? thanks.
  5. Welcome aboard, what an interesting story and some great work done there already! It's an interesting question and a more complex situation, for me at least, than just buying a model. Like yourself, it would appear, I too spent every bit of pocket money on Airfix and Matchbox (the 2 readily available manufacturs at the time where you could pop into Woolies or your local post office and buy something for the half term. Grew up next to RAF Leeming so I always wanted to build the aircraft we saw daily which was all RAF types, all USAF(E) and a good few NATO. We'd previsously lived next to Hurn airport and again I'd wanted to replicate the types seen there too. Airfix catared for a lot of those. Some 30 years or so later and still enjoying a career in aviation I'm making models again, and enjoying it, for the challenge and finished results, but also the peace and relaxation it gives me now. Going back to the original question, I am brand loyal as a person, and also there is an amount of finding that childhood pleasure again, so yes if it's there in Airfix, I'll buy it, by way I guess of thanks for my childhood. That doesn't stop me, however, buying another manufacturers products if I like a kit.
  6. Fair point and an informed observation. My fleet planning experience is civil (airlines) and I went to the other end of the spectrum (full glass!) and I think we'd probably agree that reality lies somewhere between the two.
  7. And another, grew up in Leeming Bar, went to Bedale Secondary Modern (as it was called then!) and Northallerton Grammar before going to University in London and into a 33 year and counting aviation career!
  8. I'd hope so John B (Sc) this is (as all should be these days) more than just an aircraft, it's a complete package and should be defined in terms of total lifecycle (by which I mean contruction, delivery, operate and associated training, support, logistics etc.) and planned/implemented accordingly.
  9. Hardly! it's been a project and RFI/RFP for a sensible period now, and I'm not sure of the IOC, but this project will of course have long lead time items, so we're still a good couple of years away. I don't see that as hasty. However, I do concur in that, for once, a requirement and procurement process has taken a sensible amount of time and hasn't been managed to death at great expense.
  10. I'd suggest you stay away from aircraft fleet management if that's the maximum availability you can achieve or plan for. If I ran my airline fleets to that availability we'd soon go out of business. I'd expect the maintenance programme to account for 1 down in servicing, leaving 4 available. Whilst, as with anything military aviation wise, of course, more is always better, the number required will have been considerd by strategists to meet the demand, whilst factoring in downtime.
  11. Dunno... that profile picture .... don’t look a day over 94..... xx
  12. BA, as it has stated itself, will be celebrating 100 years, based on the formation of "Aircraft Transport and Travel" a direct predecessor. That is how it's interpreted it, it's not wrong, there's no illegal activity or breaking of law, there's no standard definition or legal entity of what this might be. End of. And the retro jets looks superb, I've seen them all up close, a great way to commemorate the occasion.
  13. No worries, I suffer from the same at times!
  14. Errrr. yes, I know..... I think that's what I said (^BEFORE 2018),... like i.e. 1, 2, 3 et al, these were RFC squadrons initially, 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the RAF. I was highlighting the pedantry of the 100 years definition (and BA have made it clear that this is the 100th year of BA tracing it's direct predecessors). These squadrons celebrated their 100th despite being uder different "ownership" at their creation.
  15. And of course all those RAF squadrons who celebrated their 100th anniversary before 2018, when of course, they were RFC then.....
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