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  1. Fantastic! always liked the Caledonian scheme, this model and diorama really looks superb. Great memories for me too as I spent a fair bit of time introducing the 757 E into the fleet and designing the IFE and other mods on the aircraft for the charter work as a Development Engineer at the time.
  2. Exactly! the longer the serial number, the more paint and the heavier the weapon.......
  3. No way????????????? and weather, and wind direction and speed, and temperature, and pressure etc....................
  4. Visibility, given that the aircraft was originally conceived and designed as an Army Co-operation aircraft (= Artillery spotter etc.), before it was adapted for and used in SOE and other operations. Some of the above detail takes me back to my Aeronautical Engineering Degree and I won't add to it, other than to concur and acknowledge some very solid aeronautical knowledge there!
  5. I'd like to see the figures, and the name doesn't help - advanced MEDIUM range air-air missile - but as I understand from the original A variant range of ~ 25 - 30m range through C to the D with a range of~80m it is getting into AIM54 and the longest shot territory.
  6. Wasn't the Mk 2 a (relatively) recent upgrade with new engines and a glass cockpit? notwithstanding the structure and a lot of the mechanical bits would still be original (design) I suspect.
  7. OK, hear what you're saying, although I don't think the requirement is to just replace the Puma, and by buying second hand equipment, to replace new build, you'd gain nothing perfomance or operationally speaking and incur additional infrastructure and operational expense. The opportunity exists to procur a new fleet of a new type with the inherent commonality, and up to date specification and equipment, and lower operational and support costs.
  8. I'm not sure they produce "white tails" in in the military aircraft production world, I can't imagine any would be available for immediate purchase today and would have to be manufactured just like any of the other options.
  9. Yeh aware of those and that they just completed their final sortie, which means they weren't part of yesterdays defence cuts as per the rest of that list as you say. The OP posted this just now with a list of everything yesterday. so wasn't sure if they mixed up ASTOR with AWACS (which they didn't mention) or I missed something altogether!
  10. You're not alone, very poor communication, "we've adjusted our postage service" but we won't tell you what it is...…….
  11. 30 years ago when ETOPS/EROPS started I felt the same, but engine technology, engineering and reliability and indeed power is so much better than for previous decades (as seen by.... until recently.... vast swathes of 330's, 350's, 767's, 777's, 787's etc transiting the pond and other such routes daily and safely) it's less of a concern.
  12. That's impressive knowledge for somebody from Darlo………… Joking aside that's interesting and thank you and yes a darker lower side does seem to go against logical thought.
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