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  1. Just a word of caution, I don't think the official statement says they will remain specifically at Mildenhall, just in the UK. Although it would seem to be the obvious outcome, there have been plans to move the RC135 operations to Fairford.
  2. Popped out to Las Vegas earlier this year to catch Red Flag 1 2020. With 30? 40? I lost count, of these take off and depart down range to the exercise and also the based jets and the RAF's first appearance was quite something to see, and as you say, hear!!
  3. Quite superb and lifelike! weathering not overdone at all but perfect for the scale. Well done!
  4. Superb models there, nicely done.……… although shouldn't that be Phascination?!...…….
  5. I've had the good fortune to fly on all of BCAL's 747 fleet and all of BA's from the 100's through to the -400's with my first flight on a BCAL 747 in 1986 and my last in a BA 747-436 in February of this year. I always liked especially in BA 747-436's to sit in J on the upper deck, 2 + 2 seating and loads of room to spread out and side storage bins too and 20 seats max, separate galley, felt like you were in your own business jet. She will be missed.
  6. Wow, that actually looks real! what a fantastic effort there! Where, out of interest, is the background on the outside photo?, I'm assuming it's a hangar?
  7. I've always liked the Alpha Jet and that is as good a build as it gets, nicely done.
  8. In your opinion. obviously, it's clearly subjective.
  9. Just for accuracy, they're called hangars, not hangers...… I've spent 35 years working in aviation and it upsets my OCD every time! From what I understand the Protector will be fully cleared to fly in UK airspace too, which will be different from Reaper Ops.
  10. Gods own county! welcome aboard
  11. What a superb build of a gorgeous airplane, thanks for sharing.
  12. Strangely I was thinking that yesterday too!, saw some photos of the whole fleet on another forum and no markings yet it appears, I hope they do gain them at some point.
  13. It's a great museum, been there about 5 times now since the 90's and into the 2000's on my travels to the USA and Ga. Will go back again one day. Nice photos there.
  14. Agree re the sentiment of having gun availability, but I think you oversimplify the procurement process, it involves strategists, operators, military and yes accountants...….. but not solely, it's a team effort from conception to specification to design and onwards.
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