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  1. Another really superb model by you Ageel! and a great scheme too, nice to see some models of aircraft (schemes) we see less of in the UK.
  2. Just to add to the above, yes all the BA 767's (-336) had the RR engine, BA did not fly aircraft with any other combination. USAir/USAirways flew some of their 767-200's in BA livery and crew uniforms when BA owned a share of USAir and they flew the Charlotte and if I recall Philadelphia routes. These aircraft were never owned by BA. The BA 767 RR engine model was pretty much identical to that on the BA 747-436.
  3. Now if I owned/leaded/managed the hotel, straight away I'd have special airshow and event weekend packages, that includes tickets to the airshows (heck I'd have negotiated a deal with IWM for Gold Airshow passes to have a full champagne/luxury airshow weekend experience. The top floor and balcony would, I suspect be a roof top bar? with access to those paying for it/hotel guests. Doesn't take too much brain to work out what would be possible if you were charged with managing the hotel.
  4. Absolutely and having seen some of the funding proposals over a 10 year or so period from mid 2010's to mid 2020's government funding was forecast to be reduced by in excess of 50%. Whilst not always supportive of every one of their decisions, I also know what they are facing and trying to do to mitigate it.
  5. Oh that’s lovely, classic livery and a beautiful model.
  6. Market forces and price modelling. None of this should be a surprise. Hotels will not set rates that nobody will pay for, obviously. But.... when demand is up then rates will go up which will offset lower margins during quiet periods. If for example I want to fly LHR - MAD Monday morning in June (in normal times) it's more expensive than, say, midday Wednesday January. More people are competing for the seats.
  7. That was the official statement…..
  8. I have a lot of dealings with several East European countries, with operations in them, predominantly, Poland and Romania. In my case at least without doubt they are some of the hardest working, most intelligent and good people to have working for me. Whomever told you this, and apologies if it's somebody who is connected with the industry/Mercedes, as opposed to hearsay, I'm not convinced that the location of the manufacturing is the issue - if there is an issue.
  9. Not sure why you think that? hotels tend to be open year round!!!, it's not just for IWM Duxford visitors, and given the proximity to Cambridge and the M11 I'd suspect it will do quite well for business. As someone who travels a lot (or did till March last year) around the world, then a nice hotel coupled with Airspace (for events) and proximity to airports (Stansted), Cambridge city and all it's attractions and the surrounding infrastructure, the location would be quite appealing year round.
  10. Not at all and this has been in planning for 5 years or more, it's not recent news. The whole point is to provide more income to IWM Duxford to ensure preservation of the site and airfield, quite the opposite to what you suggest. The planned location will be well out of the way of the historic buildings too. Also it is there far more than to provide accommodation to airshow attendees 3 times a year. It will very much I imagine be used for conferences and other events too throughout the year. With it's position next to AirSpace then you have quite a destination venue for said conferences and such, and again this will bring in welcome funding to IWM.
  11. I'd always believed they were reflective material and there to assist rescue helicopters in spotting a downed crew. Happy to be corrected on this however.
  12. What an unusual and very original concept, absolutely love this!
  13. Spectacular! Amazing build of a favourite aircraft and squadron of mine.
  14. Fantastic result, looks superb and I was a real fan of these schemes, some fantastic art and colour. Flew on this one and the whole fleet a few times in my years, always liked J upstairs, had a real exclusive feel to it. I was never able to understand why people supported Thatcher in her views of it, but didn’t get concerned at such things as the carriers being sold (to Australia only to just be saved in time by the Falklands war), and other actions I’d not consider patriotic. Ahead of their time they got there eventually anyway with IAG.
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