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  1. Superb work with all of it, really like the leather effect on the headrest and seat cushion.
  2. Website down

    Just tried getting onto mjw website and just get a plusnet message saying awaiting content, anyone else having problems
  3. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Excellent Andy, the grime looks like it's built up over time, which is what it would have done in real life and not just been plastered on.
  4. Electronics Question

    The thickness will depend on how much total length you intend to run to supply the led's, to be honest I would think any off the above will be fine unless your using hundreds of led's and one hell of a conductor run
  5. Meng and Takom Panthers

    They look beutiful kits, but like ZM kits just how much will you be able to see when their built up. I wish these manufacturers would at least supply cut away hulls if they are going to all this trouble
  6. Fond memeories of shooting at Bisley in a place were time seemed to have stood still, remember doing the smallbore shoot weekend there when one of the hotrod shows was on, place was packed. By the way the shop display is brilliant
  7. T-55 mod. 1963 test-build (MiniArt)

    Miniart display at Telford was impressive, and so was the T-Shirt and pen in the give away bag
  8. Revell Omega leaking oil - any pointers?

    You can overfill them and get a leak, should be a site glass at the side so you can see the level, they need topping up depending on how much you use them.
  9. Revell Omega leaking oil - any pointers?

    Looks to be a fridge compressor type, have you topped up the oil recently and to the correct level. If you haven't done the above, the oil top up plug or the band that runs around the compressor could be the place.
  10. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Very nice indeed and a great way to display him
  11. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Yes I noticed this, wonder if people are getting wise to the queues early on and now come later hoping to aviod them, traffic still a problem, but had to leave early and noticed it was still heavy with people trying to get to the shopping center. It's a busy route into Telford whichever way you come in, and the traffic lights before the center turn just make a bottle neck so may not be all the centers fault
  12. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Just hope they scale up the new 1/72 stuff to 1/48, especially the Mitchell
  13. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    And it looks very nice on the sprues lots of nice detail, unfortunately the rear fuselage /tail are a seperate piece with the fit problems that may intail (no pun intended), but if it's the same cost wise as their other 1/32 it will sell well I would think
  14. Recommendation for needle sizes

    Quite a few of the Tamiya metallic paints have quite corse flakes in them, .3 or above maybe better Try Mr Hobby (Gunze) super metallics or Alclad if your stuck with a .2 needle, these are finer flakes