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  1. Nice job,looks a nicely detailed kit
  2. Thanks Rick, gutted he's out of this years TT
  3. If you coat the molotow parts with lacquer or even Gunze/Tamiya acrylic it will dull quite bad, however if you use Alclad aqua gloss it still stays bright, not as well as uncovered but it allows handling of the part. Gunz/Tamiya paints have ipa as a thinner and this eats into th motolow stuff like crazy.Have washed off motolow finish with ipa when I have made a mistake with it.
  4. Why was he trying to land so close the those buildings in the first place.
  5. My take is that AMK will do a production run of more than 5000 kits, they just want to know by getting a preorder of 5000 kits to start with, it is worth it to them stopping production of their other stuff to do this run. No point stopping production of the main stuff that pays the bills to do a run of kits and have them sat there,the first 5000 pay the bills, the others are then the icing on the cake and can take longer to sell if need be
  6. I don't think it's the vat charge but the admin charge that people get upset about, for what is nowadays mostly the press of a button. I had a fedex delivery from HLJ and had worked out and was happy to pay the vat and what I thought would be RM £8 charge. No fedex wanted something like £7.20 vat and a £20 admin fee. Now fedex deliver your parcel then send a invoice, I sent a cheque for the vat and a letter explaining that when I had ordered the kit from hlj there was no where to say that I would have to pay a admin' charge to fedex and as such they should take the cost up with them.They cashed the cheque for the vat and I didn't here anymore. Now this doesn't work with RM as they hold your parcel to ransom until you pay the charges
  7. Micro-sol is a not too aggressive decal softner, although Tamiya decals a known to be on the thick side, so you may need a few attempts with it
  8. Not getting all H&S with 2k, but you really should use this with a good extractor venting to outside and a mask, it's not something you want flying around the house, you may be wearing the mask but others in the house wont be
  9. I have the optivisor and the other ones, trouble is the working distance, the part your working on has to be almost under your chin to focus. Been looking at these, they are pricey but the working distance is far better Don't know if anyone on here are using them. there was another thread I have mentioned them on, but no reply at the moment
  10. Trying to get a decent finish on a 1/24 Ferrari I was doing was haunting me enough without watching this stuff
  11. I ues the optivisor but find the working distance to be a pain, you have to get the piece close to you eyes to focus Anyone used these Not as expensive as a loupe, but the working distance seems adjustable and far better than having to bring the piece your working on right under your chin as with the optivsor type
  12. Looks a really nice kit, question is where can I get one from and what's the cost going to be
  13. Master class of weathering Andy, simply stunning model and photos
  14. It's not wiIful, I find it quite easy really
  15. So only the victim of a crime should be allowed to use the word that discribes that crime or the action of that crime