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  1. What's the discount Paul, as the link seems to be showing the full price
  2. Second the above, you can buy the expensive CA in large tubes, but you seldom get to use it before it's gone off
  3. If I'm doing PE on edge like that I tend to use Gator's grip glue now as it gives a good bond and the PE doesn't tend to fly off if accidentally knocked/caught like super glue. Not sure about the gel as I've not used it, but have used the thicker CA's and couldn't get the control right clean up wise, as with Gator's grip any excess cleans up with a fine brush and water
  4. Would they even do another 1/24, is there mass appeal for such a scale. Looking at the way the prices have plummeted on the cost of the Typhoon I'm wondering if dealers are having problems shifting them.Yes they sold well at the start I even purchased one, and sold it on I realized that I'd have trouble displaying it after I'd have built it.
  5. That would be a kit I'd rush to buy
  6. And there's the problem, it's a 20yr old design.The American's aren't thinking lets keep it, their moving on
  7. Wonder if he/she has cleared their account Ebay/paypal in for a hit on this one if they have
  8. Here we go again, lets wait and see it's all guessing at the moment, and we are getting them come what may as we have two carries and nothing else will do. And before anyone says Harrier well that would have done the job.But even were we are now the F35 will and is the more capable aircraft for today
  9. G
  10. There are so many vairables, type of paint, how much you thin it, how thick you lay it down. If your going to be priming with the airbrush you may need the bigger capacity cup, it's not essential just saves you topping up the smaller cup so much. If your doing a lot of small detail spraying like mottling then a small cup may be better as it allows you to see the area your spraying better when your close up, and tends to make the airbrush feel not so bulky in your hand. Doesn't the Infinity come with 2 cups anyway as their interchangable
  11. Was that not painful, I know people use cotton buds, but toothpicks how hards the wax , seriously though the doctor told me never to put anything smaller than an elbow in your ears
  12. First port of call would be to email Hannants direct with your order number and the photo if you can attach it.
  13. Sorry to hear that Skiny, could you set up an extractor fan to vent it outside, nothing so high power as a paint extractor fan just something to pull the fumes away from your work area.
  14. Try here, they have some 2mm ones still available and postage isn't too bad
  15. That's strange as all the DeAg photos show it in a green colour