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    Model hobbies did this with me, although not kits, some resin. Refunded one part as out of stock and then never got the other part. Sent emails asking when the other part would arrive, nothing back, claimed from paypal in the end
  2. Losing respect

    Don't forget everything that ever was came from America first, well in some peoples mind
  3. Tamiya 1/350 IJN Yamato

    Stunning detail, the painting and weathering is a master class of how to do it
  4. Formula one last season 2018

    The key manufacturers aren't too happy with this as they loose out of their image being shown all around the world free of charge, I watch it as the sky package I have lets me view it, but there's only so much I and I dare say a lot of others are willing to pay. I mean it's not the most exciting motor sport out there at the moment is it. As a side note it's not going down to good in Italy, their loosing their free to view coverage and Ferrari aren't too happy about that
  5. Nuremberg Toy Show 2018

    Hiroboys prices always seem on the high side to me, I'll keep a look out as and when it's released to see what and if I buy. Mind you a I do like the new Tamiya F1 Ferrari, but I'll wait for you to build and gets some tips
  6. Decent MAC valves and quick release connectors anywhere?

    Got mine from ebay and they've been fine, not sure about the MAC valve as I have one airbrush with it and never have used it, prefer to turn the one on the compressor down, then I have an idea what pressure to spray the next time with that paint/thinner mix
  7. Nuremberg Toy Show 2018

    Agreed it's high Shaun, but look what they were asking on E for them
  8. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    It's my go to for gloss coats now,I tend to thin it out 70 levelling thiners 30 clear and build up the coats. I will also go back over with just the levelling thinner between coats.
  9. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    Gunze paints touch dry very quick, but stay soft underneath for quite sometime. Have had this happen to me especially with their gloss paints, so tend to leave to harden up for a week of so before masking
  10. Pocher 1/4 Ducati

    Don't know why you think it's a anti climax KP, crop those photos down so it just shows the tiles and it could be one in a showroom, lovely job
  11. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    The MC GX100 is lacquer based clear not a Acrylic so as MIG panel line wash is enamel based will eat through the clear. You can use Gunze/Tamiya acrylic clear thinned with Gunze levelling thinner and when dried you will be ok with the MIG wash as it won't attack the dried acrylic clear
  12. hello

    Just wondered where all the posts had gone
  13. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Another BM member shocked and saddened to hear this, condolences to his family and many friends